Friday, 19 January 2018

Mauthausen Orchestra ‎– "Necrofellatio" (Peu Une Étiquette) 1983

The amplified space between radio stations,malfunctioning machinery and a nasty sounding shouty man tell me that its yet another cassette by the Mauthausen Orchestra.
I'd like to think that these 'Power Electronics' tapes all sound different,but I'm sorry to report that they don't.Its that 'Van Morrison Syndrome' again, and to these desensitized ears, good as it is, I found myself stifling a few yawns, then fumbling for my Flock Of Seagulls collection once more.


Side A (26:38)
Side B (24:12)

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Wednesday, 17 January 2018

Mauthausen Orchestra ‎– "Mafarka" (Aquilifer Sodality ‎– 1AE12017) 1984

Pierpaulo Zoppo's unhealthy obsessions with extreme sex, perversion, tortures,disease no, not Nazi's AGAIN!?.....manifest them selves in his, admittedly very samey ,but consistently brutal distorted noise collages. Any of his cassettes from 1982 to 1986 are highly recommended for any dysfunctional sociopathic loner to vent his,or rarely, her, pent up anger at the human condition and the world in general.It's a soundtrack for that moment when you really see what is served up on your dinner plate.


Side A - (25:26)
Side B - (22:09)

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Tuesday, 16 January 2018

Mauthausen Orchestra ‎– "Conflict" (Aquilifer Sodality ‎– 1AE02002) 1983

Staying in the Italian Industrial belt, here we have the extreme end of this particularly noisy spectrum with, the now very dead, Pierpaulo Zoppo's Mauthausen Orchestra project.
We are definitely entering the 'Power Electronics' zone of Industrial music here, Italy's Whitehouse compared to Maurizio Bianchi's Old School Throbbing Gristle variety.
At least he named himself after a forced Labour camp rather than one of the alleged 'Extermination'camps, so he's not allying himself with the more extreme end of Nazi politics; probably more out of ignorance rather than consciously.
The music,if thats what you want to call it, is the,now, well-trodden path of napalm intense sand blasting noise that could dissolve your ears if your amplifier could ever go up to eleven.
A true innovator.
(More Mauthausen Orchestra HERE!


Side A : (29:38)
Side B : (28:52)

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Monday, 15 January 2018

Sacher-Pelz ‎– "Velours" (Marquis Tapes ‎– MART 004)1980

The last Sacher-Pelz tape before Bianchi retreated behind his initials, reveals his penchants for mucking about with his record player. This sounds like a scratched LP stuck in a lockgroove, a la Boyd Rice's Pagan Musick stylee. Lots of speeding up,slowing down,and running the grooves backwards with the claustrophobic sibilant qualities of cheap ferric oxide, akin to a wobbly Jacuzzi of fucked up found sound.

Come on,jump in.

A Excitements
B1 Sans Sang
B2 Sapho Noises
B3 Orphelin
B4 Nilehpro
B5 Damenbinde
B6 Velours

Sunday, 14 January 2018

Sacher-Pelz ‎– "Cainus" (Marquis Tapes ‎– MART 001) 1979

Cainus?....can only think this is a biblical reference to Adam and Eve's son Cain? Who was such a naughty boy that he was exiled to the 'Land of Nod' by none-other  than 'God' himself,after murdering his brother Abel. Leaving no other male contributor to the gene pool in Eden than Adam.
Whoopeee, does this mean I can go bible bashing again!?...OK here goes.......
The fact that there was a rival land,apparently populated by rival humans as well(?), to the garden of Eden on early biblical Earth, which some dumbass cleric (Archbishop Ussher?) worked out was created on....wait for it..... Sunday 23rd of October 4004 BC at 2pm in the afternoon!!!?.....means that there were already plenty of lifeforms around before God bothered to plonk Adam, alone, in a garden.At what point he did this deed after the six days he took to make the Earth,or was it the universe(?), isn't clear.
Ahhhh,but lickle Adam was lonely. So God ripped out one of Adam's Ribs and carved it into 'Woman' and they were straight at it and had two kids.....Cain and Abel........believable yes?.......millions of so-called intelligent Humans base their entire lives on every punctuation mark that appears in this medieval English literature classic.....although nowadays its wouldn't find a publisher purely for the hundreds of bizarre continuity errors that are strewn carelessly throughout this over lengthy tome. It makes 'Naked Lunch' seem logical in comparison,and probably a more valid and moral religious guidebook too!?
So Cain was exiled to the Land of Nod, which was(don't know why i'm referring to this stuff as 'facts'?)  east of Eden,and beyond  God's influence!!!!???.....this is getting better!?.......Cain was accompanied by his wife!!!!!???? there were other women in Eden too, who apparently were not related to mankinds primary parents? And what was 'west' of Eden I'd like to know? And who created the people of Nod if God had no influence there? Did Cain need a visa? 
I'm so full of questions aren't I?.....unlike our religious buddies who accept any old nonsense as much as we(Atheists/Agnostics) all accept 'Alternative Facts'on Facebook as the literal undeniable truth.
And So endeth my Sunday Sermon.

I'm sure you know what the music sounds like on this cassette? That's right the same as in all the other hundred plus releases that M.Bianchi has shitted out since 1979. Good shit though.


A1 Crime Uberall
A2 The Skeleton
A3 Paranoia
B1 Blood And Pleasure
B2 Cainus
B3 Black Heat / My Last Day
B4 Dans L'Obscurite'...

Saturday, 13 January 2018

Sacher-Pelz ‎– "Venus" (Marquis Tapes) ‎– MART 002)1979

Now we've established that Bianchi made these recordings in his bedroom at his parents house,and that his mother dressed him.One wonders if she ever listened in to what her spoiled child was doing with his cassette recorders? And what would she have said if she had a snidey look at his track titles while he was out looking for friends? 
Almost certainly it would have been a 'Catholic' household,which would explain the borderline Nazi imagery he over-used on later releases; so even the notion of kissing open-mouthed outside of wedlock would have caused major consternation in the Bianchi household.He's a VERY naughty boy indeed!Which i'm sure his new scantily clad friends at the local massage parlour told him regularly between beatings.....probably delivered both ways.
So, I've been informed,he is now a full-time Jehovah's Witness,which also figures because Hitler had a weird respect for this cult, and the way they settled in enthusiastically to their roles as prisoners in the extermination/concentration camps during those jolly old final solution years.No fuss was given, as its all in God's secret plan.......of course it never occurred to them that their skewed interpretation of some tenuous instructions from an invisible and inaudible deity might possibly have been wrong?.....oh no!?
As for Venus,the goddess of 'Love'? Being Roman she would have been well up for the most perverted and sickening forms of sexual expression ever thought up in the cruel mind of man. Therefore, Venus is a very appropriate deity for the common themes of Industrial music ,even if it is made in the bedroom of an adult child.
At first I thought the title was another stab at Genesis P-Orridge because 'Venus' rhymes with 'Penis', which the great GP-O obviously is.It could also apply to Gene Pitney* too,but he's dead, so leave him alone.
Ahhhh...'The Music'??? Forgot about that!
Well,it sounds like Test Department playing in The Titanic after it sank(Which wouldn't be a bad idea?).A sound quality I am very fond of. 

*(see the 'Gene-P' post previously)


A1 La Cartilage Palpitant
A2 Venus
B1 Chains & Whips
B2 Numb Creature
B3 Mutant-Sex
B4 Abortion Size

Wednesday, 10 January 2018

Sacher-Pelz ‎– "Cease To Exist" (Marquis Tapes ‎– MART 003) 1979

Maurizio Bianchi, called himself Sacher-Pelz before transforming himself into the search engine nightmare that is 'MB'.
The title of this cassette suggests a liking for a bit of Throbbing Gristle,and the music suggests a distinct Boyd Rice and 'NON' influence.So expect some harshly manicured noise,terminally repetitive loops, and some attention span testing turntable abuse. All aimed to remind us all of how 'decadent' we are by making us listen to our favorite machines screaming for help....yeah, its all so clear to me now,thanks Maurizio for saving me. He must have been bullied at school.


A1 Helter Skelter
A2 In Dem Tod-tal
A3 Massacre On Cielo D.
A4 Sang Mon Amour
B1 Satan Slaves
B2 Exterminans
B3 Cease To Exist

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Tuesday, 9 January 2018

Maurizio Bianchi (MB) ‎– "Mörder Tape" (Maurizio Bianchi Self-released C-60) 1980

30minutes of hearing your cassette tape of 'The Forbidden Planet' Soundtrack being chewed up by the tape machine heads. Followed by another 30 minutes of listening to your vintage Fax machine receiving the worlds longest Fax.
A full and robust realisation of Bianchi's concept of, and I quote..."(to)produce technological sounds to work for a full awareness of modern decadence".
How decadant is that?
This is why he dresses like an off duty Postman posing for the menswear section in Kays Catalogue. It could be worse, he might have posed for the underwear section!
Mmmmmm,thats nice.....I'll take three pairs of those casual slacks please....... Trendy Italiano Bianchi relaxing after a hard mornings tape abuse........sometimes he works for half an hour, and then,sometimes, another half an hour......its a hard life being an artist y'know!


Side A
Mörder 1 part 1
Mörder1 part 2

Side B
Mörder 2

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Monday, 8 January 2018

Maurizio Bianchi (MB) ‎– "Mectpyo-Blut" (Maurizio Bianchi Self-released C-90) 1980

Oh what a surprise! We're back on the old Operation Reinhard Chic modus operandi  again, whoopee!
It's all laughs in the Bianchi household.
If only the orchestra at Belzec played music like this then everyone would have been jogging to the 'alleged' gas chamber.
No, jests. If i'd have been an incarcerated Gypsy or Jehova's Witness, I would have had to have stopped my forced labour,and risked execution, to take in the wonderful fried circuitary sound of our captors Italian allies representative, Mr Bianchi. Whom, also allegedly, is absolutely NOT a Nazi.......nor am I by the way.......but maybe you are?
We ask all the BIG questions here on Die or DIY?


A1 Maidanek Bakterium
A2 Musique Belzec
B1 Mutant Brain
B2 Mord Bahnhof

Sunday, 7 January 2018

Maurizio Bianchi (M.B.) - "Fetish Tape" (Self-Released Cassette) 1980

If there's one subject Industrial musicians like almost as much as Nazi's, it's Fetishes; the more perverted the better.
There's not much on offer on this C-60 to suggest anything sexual,unless drowning in a depth charged U-Boat is a popular pervy pastime? Although you can only do that once, so I doubt it counts as a 'Fetish' as such; but I wager there will be at least one creepy perv lurking in a PVC 'peek-a-boo' bra,crotchless panties and bollock-weight, wanking off about a fantasy such as this!?
Indeed, Side A, is like a recording from the inside of a Nazi Submarine hiding from the Royal Navy,and sinking after being pounded by some very accurate ordnance.
Side B, is somewhat less listenable.Similar to the valve frying sound of the salvaged radio from that very same U-Boat of Side A. Coughing and spluttering back into a malfunctioning existence,picking up only the interference between stations,then feeding it back through a cheapo distortion pedal.


Side A - (29:39)
Side B - (29:57)

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Saturday, 6 January 2018

Maurizio Bianchi (M.B.) ‎– "Gene P" (Maurizio Bianchi Self-released) 1980

Staying in the dodgy hinterland that is old school Italian noise ,we present more self-released cassettes from the Il Duce of the Industrial Pizza, Maurizio Bianchi, also known as" M.B."(Get more of his many tapes HERE!)
Knowing Maurizio's many flirtations with Fascistic themes and imagery;the Gene P he is referring to in the title is more likely to be something to do with Eugenics rather than a thinly veiled tribute to Gene Pitney.
Side A sounds uncannily like a version of "24 Hours From Tulsa" fed to a concrete mixer full of old tin cans and redundant church bells, before being pulverised into some weird metallic hardcore for one of Mussolini's autostrade.
Side B is a badly mutilated copy of "Somethings Gotten Hold Of My Heart" played by an angle grinder on a stormy hilltop.
Should empty a room of Gene Pitney fans in less than twenty seconds......yep, it's that good.


A Untitled (30:52)
B Untitled (30:48)

Thursday, 4 January 2018

Giancarlo Toniutti ‎– "Das Todesantlitz" (Self-Released - Giancarlo Toniutti ‎– 3) 1983

"Toniutti does minimal electronics".
You know you've made it in the modern composition world when you're referred to solely by your family name.
I think however, that Toniutti was still in the Giancarlo phase when he made these two repetitive electronic pieces. Probably only by his mama, and his rock'n'rolling mates at the Venice Conservatoire of music.I can almost hear him begging them all to just call him 'Toniutti'.
I'm sure he's made it to full-time surname obscurity now though.Bless his cotton socks.


A - Die Letzten Augen (23:30)
B - Rand (Einer Wunde) (26:00)

Tuesday, 2 January 2018

Giancarlo Toniutti ‎– Metánárkōsis (Self-Released Giancarlo Toniutti ‎– 2) 1983

Another self released cassette of Giancarlo Toniutti's student electro-acoustic compositions that fit nicely in the more cerebral end of the Italian Industrial spectrum.
These minimal electronic field recordings,with the occasional submerged speech in German (probably by some unnamed Nazi?),and found object percussion,carry that signature feel of 'Control' that wannabe 'serious composers' force on the sound. Personally, I prefer a bit of chaos theory to invade my non-music.It becomes a bit predictable after thirty seconds of each track.
Nobody's perfect, especially if you try to be.

A1 Wandnarbe 5:30
A2 Ätzete Stein 7:00
A3 Tra Piante 6:00
A4 Klar 4:30
B1 Here (Convulso) 7:30
B2 Bodenhelligkeit 4:30
B3 That Garden 6:30
B4 Zitternde Luft 4:30

Monday, 1 January 2018

Giancarlo Toniutti ‎– "Wechselwirkung" (Self-Released Giancarlo Toniutti ‎– 1) 1982

Giancarlo Toniutti was an actual 'trained Composer',studing electronic music at the Conservatoire in Venice between 1982-1985 under Alvise Vidolin.During this period there were a lot of Italians making self released cassettes in the recently formulated 'Industrial' stylee, like Maurizio Bianchi (M.B.) and the late Pierpaulo Zoppo's Mauthausen Orchestra.So, naturally Giancarlo obviously thought it'd be a good idea to get his work 'out there' with a few self-released cassettes.Although his work is decidedly bordering on the Electro-acoustic/Drone side of things,i'm sure we can lump it in with his more extreme compatriots.Yep, i'm comfortable with that.
Apart from cheesy house music, there are two areas that Italy took to like a fish to water,and never tired of;one being symphonic Prog Rock,and the other seems to have been Industrial.They were in there at almost the year zero of the genre,and continue to produce some uncompromising work.Their tanks may have been built with five reverse gears and their national flag regularly exchanged for a plain white one, but when it came to extreme music they never stopped advancing into enemy territory,and for once never swapped sides.
Anyway, this is what Toniutti says in the liner notes:

"Mechanic waters - interaction between 2 musical segments, each of which put on a channel of a stereo system.
Quertanz - interaction among 3 different rhythm segments.
Bianco (across the land) : interaction between 2 different sequences of notes of the same length.
Innenspitzen : interaction among 4 different repeated beats segments.
Nearly Human : interaction among 5 different segments of voice.

Recorded at home: 1.15. 6. 1982"


A1 Mechanic Waters 16:30
A2 Quertanz 4:30
B1 Bianco (Across The Land) 11:30
B2 Innenspitzen 5:30
B3 Nearly Human 2:30