Monday, 21 April 2014

Various artists - "Scaling Triangles" (Eustone Music ASN1) 1981

A compilation of female fronted bands included here mainly for the inclusion of The Petticoats three tracks; which are the studio versions of the tracks she recorded for her solitary Peel Session from 1980. Naturally its great stuff,especially the bits where her German accent breaks through.
Sorry for the lack of in depth analysis, but Its late,and i'm knackered, but......
The other artists involved are of the minimal electronic variety,and are pretty good in their own right.
In all, another classic UK DIY compilation you should own mp3's of.

Track Listing:
A1 Petticoats Paranoia
A2 Petticoats Dreams
A3 Petticoats    Life - No
A4 Sole Sister Waterfall
A5 Sole Sister Learner Driver
B1 Sub Verse Still Friends
B2 Sub Verse Science Of Fear
B3 Sub Verse Chance Romance
B4 Sole Sister It's Not What You Are But How

DOWNLOAD some Scaling Triangles HERE!


Anonymous said...

this is a highly interesting record, especially the non-petticoats songs are very interesting to me, does the record offer any information on these groups/projects?

greetings and thanks for all your efforts;

Juan said...

I just discovered the petticoats, 35 years late to the party as it were. Thanks for this awesome EP.

Jonny Zchivago said...

35 years is a short time to wait to eventually be exposed to such primal genius such as this,Count yourself lucky Juan.