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Henry Badowski - "Making Love with my Wife" (Deptford Fun City DFC11) 1979

Henry Badowski, jobbing musician of the south London underworld, and what a C.V. he boasted!
Johnny Moped,Chelsea,Wreckless Eric, The Damned, The Doomed (he replaced Lemmy!), Captain Sensible's King, The Good Missionaries/ATV, and then signed as a solo artist to (gulp!)...A&M!
Having earned his DIY credentials in the collective deity that was the Good Missionaries,and tasted the big time with the reformed Damned (Doomed), he released this charming single backed up by old chums from Johnny Moped and Chelsea.
Its obvious hit potential was recognised by Miles Copeland, and a contract was secured with a major label,and stardom beckoned. But as normal, anything really good was ignored by the general populous,his album sold bugger all copies,and the lovely A&M sacked him,condemning him to total obscurity.
This Mark Perry produced single, is a do it yerself pop classic,both sides of it.
But "Baby,Sign here with me" was first heard performed by King (no,not that hideous band that had hits in the 80's,but captain Sensible's short-lived post-Damned band from 1978), who did a Peel Session on this show(see download link below) on 25th August 1978, which included sessions by all the post-damned bands(White Cats,King, and Tanz der Youth).....and a great listen it is too.In King's session,you can hear parts of 'Machine Gun Etiquette' before the Damned reformed; Like 'Anti-Pope', and the keyboard bit from 'I Just Can't Be Happy Today', and Henry Badowski's song.

Click Here to Download The John Peel Show for 25/08/1978!

Track Listing:

A - Making Love With My Wife
B - baby Sign Here With Me

To Download Henry's Single Click HERE!

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