Wednesday, 23 April 2014

The Disco Zombies - "All the Singles+unreleased stuff" (1979- 80)

South Circular Records SGS106 1979

Dining Out Records TUX2 1980

Here Come The Buts

Mary Millington
Uptown Records 1979

Top Of The Pops 2:13
Time Will Tell 2:00
Punk-A-Go-Go 2:46
Disco Zombies 2:12

 More classic DIY punk rock from Leicester's near mythical Disco Zombies.This is great naive punk pop shit.Could only have been made in 1979 ,in the U.K,in a provincial Town, and never will be made again.

The Disco Zombies included bassist Geoff Dodimead, drummer Andy Fullerton, guitarist Johnny “Guitar” Hawkins, and vocalist/guitarist Andy Ross, until Dave Henderson -- who had done costume design for Derek Jarman's film Jubilee -- was added as a vocalist. The quintet recorded a four-track EP, but it went unreleased for some time; the mastering and pressing company that had a deal with their label went out of business. Minus Hawkins, the band moved to London and went through a couple more guitarists until Mark Sutherland stabilized the line-up. That version of the band recorded and released “Drums Over London” (1979) on Ross’ South Circular label; the A-side was a favourite of BBC DJ John Peel, who had to explain to Rock Against Racism that the band had made, as described by Henderson, “an ironic stab at people’s hostility to the arrival of other cultures.” The band’s first EP, The Invisible EP, was finally released later in the year. Fullerton split and was eventually replaced with a drum machine. Henderson used his own label, Dining Out, to release Disco Zombies' final piece of vinyl, “Here Come the Buts” (1980).

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Stu said...

More fucking greatness. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Download the liner notes for this release here for the full story:

XDreamist said...

Thanks much for this. Have been searching for this LP for a few years now, and just discovered today you've had it up here all along. Splendid!

XDreamist said...

Jonny, would you (or anyone reading this) happen to have a copy of the 12-page liner notes booklet that comes with this release -- the link to which is no longer available posted by anonymous on 31 May 2014? Many thanks

Honquijote said...

- Great stuff! Thanks a lot for sharing... =)