Monday, 20 May 2019

Bongwater ‎– "Breaking No New Ground!" (Shimmy Disc ‎– shimmy 0002) 1987

Ironically with a title that could grace many a modern record sleeve.Post Shockabilly, Kramer did Bongwater, with the rather fantastic Ann Magnuson.Starting with this EP, featuring, no less,avant-garde guitar legends Fred Frith and Davey Williams!
Magnuson, was a downtown scenester and actress,whose profile was raised by her dalliances with the Mudd Club and Club says here.She was also in 'desperately Seeking Susan', but best keep quiet about that one eh?
Her and Kramer seemed the perfect match,with Ann's unhinged satirical monologues and Mark Kramers rather unusual backing tracks;which actually manage to be funny and break new ground?
It all went so terribly wrong when legal action between the two cheif protagonists ended in the Bankruptcy of Shimmy Disc.
Curiously around the time your scribe attended the Shimmy Disc 10th anniversary party at the Knitting Factory (1997).I have no-idea who played at it, but they did serve Boddingtons at the bar.
Jay Zee,ie moi ,the  morning after that shimmy disc do,indulging in traditional american cusine.


1.Ride My See-Saw
2.Barely Coping
3.4 Sticks
5.His New Look

Sunday, 19 May 2019

Shockabilly ‎– "The Dawn Of Shockabilly" (Rough Trade ‎– RT 120T) 1982

Well, I might as well post the 'Dawn Of Shockabilly' EP, so you can contrast and compare this with "Earth vs Shockabilly".
As the rumour is that "Vietnam" by the very same group,is the album the Butthole Surfers never made, maybe you should compare and contrast this with that?.....or,as in my case, maybe not.
This one is good anyway.

A1 Psychotic Reaction
A2 Heart Full Of Soul
A3 Train Kept A Rollin'
B1 Hard Day's Night
B2 Good Girl Is Gonna Go Bad

Shockabilly ‎– "Earth vs. Shockabilly" (Rough Trade ‎– ROUGH 48) 1983

This got a rave review from Edwin Pouncey/Savage Pencil in Sounds back in '83,so I figured I should track it down.
No sign of it in the racks at Revolver opposite Linekers fruit and veg stall in the market place ,St.Martins Records,or Ainsleys???....I know these names will mean nothing to you unless you come from Leicestershire,but these were our local record and tapes establishments back in the day.I'd given up asking for stuff as the staff would only give a confused and unhelpful response which usually involved a pained expression that shreeked "WOT?".
I did,however, find the Dawn Of Shockabilly EP, which was a stormer!
A few weeks passed and "Earth vs Shockabilly" appeared in the 'E' section at Revolver,and I calmly exchanged my dole/welfare cash for said disc.
Needless to say; it was disappointing when I got it home.As with the opposite sex, the thrill is nearly always in the chase.
Chadbournes silly guitar twiddling tends to get on ones tits somewhat,but alas,It's still superior to most mainstream alt-rock,even if it misses thatcertain 'X-factor'.
"City Of Corruption" stands out, and of their scrambled up cover versions of 'Rock'n'Roll' classix, "19th Nervous Breakdown" is the pick. Four stars out of five,rather than the Five Edwin gave it,and not a patch on the Shockabilly EP from the previous year.
There were more albums apparently,but I've never bothered to hear them.Further proof that most pop acts,or even avant_pop acts, should stick to one album then fuck off back to the obscure gutter that they crawled from,or in this case stick to one EP.


A1 19th Nervous Breakdown
A2 Are You Experienced
A3 Psychedelic Basement
A4 Big Money Broad
A5 Tennessee Flat Top Box
A6 City Of Corruption
B1 People Are Strange
B2 Day Tripper
B3 Purple Haze
B4 Wrestling Woman
B5 Oh Yoko!

Friday, 17 May 2019

The Chadbournes ‎– "LSDC&W - The Amazing Story Of The Chadbournes" (House Of Chadula) 1987

Tom Cora also played in The Chadbournes between 1979 to 81, alongside John Zorn, Kramer, David Licht and guitar madman Eugene Chadbourne.
When Tom  and John left, the remnants became 'Shockabilly'.
Both line-ups did mangled versions of Rock'n'Roll and Country classics,and quite a few of these tracks were carried forward into Shockabillys repartoire.
The Beatles,however, were the main target for Chadbournes, unique, and ,one has to say, irritating guitar style.
I can't work out whether he's taking the piss or serious, which usually means one is either witnessing a super subtle case of Irony as music,or, its a mixture of the two.
Comedy music is an art in itself. Very few  intentionally 'funny' records actually retain this quality for very long, or, as is most commonplace, at all?
I used to find Frank Zappa funny as a yoof,but it hasn't aged well. Be that as it may,I still find "Whats the uglist part of your body" rather amusing, but that 60's hippy humour leaves me cold.
Not really a fan of Chadbournes Chet Atkins on Blue Sunshine and Whizz technique either, but I can appreciate the Classic Rock deconstructions. That part of the concept is glaringly obvious,I just can't work out if he's a subtle ironicist or not.
The band was improved by Cora and Zorn leaving,taking with them any suggestion of Avant Garde cred,which can only be a good thing.
Of course Kramer has had a glittering career since all this,especially with Bongwater,and not so especially In G.G.Allin's Super Scum.....the less said about that the better.


1- The Beatles Medley 21:59
1a Day Tripper 3:38
1b I've Just Seen A Face 2:46
1c Birthday 2:28
1d Don't Pass Me By 3:34
1e Octopus Garden 2:30
1f Taxman 3:20
1g Startin' Over 3:33

2 In A Sentimental Mood (The Duke) (Pt. 1) 0:50
3 In A Sentimental Mood (Pt. 2) 6:46
4 Winchester, Va. 3:12
5 Tennessee Flattop Box 3:44
6 Dr. Chadbourne's Ordeal In Nashville 2:01
7 Burma Shave 2:28
8 Dixie Fried 4:47
9 Wine Me Up 1:47

10 Roger Miller Medley 8:00
a This Town 3:57
b Kansas City Star 2:11
c My Uncle Used To Love Me But She Died 1:52

11 House Burning Down 3:05
12 Third Stone From The Sun 3:01
13 Funny How Time Slips Away 5:04
14 Ghosts 2:53
15 7 + 7 = 2:47
16 Burl Ives Medley 1:26
17 Wild Horses 4:58
18 W Va Spec (Zorn Tribute) 6:14
19 Nobody Loves Me But My Mother 3:07
20 No Reason To Quit 3:40

Skeleton Crew ‎– "Learn To Talk" (Recommended Records ‎– rm 02) 1984

Improvisers always end up playing with each other,and effortlessly turn out composed pieces to show that they can do it too, if they wanted.
Luckily for us ,'The Listening Public', Fred frith and Tom Cora decided to make us this Avant-pop classic.The virtuosity,the difficult ever changing time signatures,and mental ward vocals, do not distract from the greatness of this record.Like a cross between XTC and Egg, its the kind of prog-pop that could have hit some charts a few years earlier.

1 Que Viva/Onwards And Upwards 7:37
2 The Way Things Fall (Back Apart) 2:36
3 Not My Shoes 2:14
4 The Washington Post 1:28
5 We're Still Free 4:16
6 Victoryville 2:43
7 Los Colitos/Life At The Top 4:35
8 Learn To Talk 3:40
9 Factory Song 5:13
10 It's Fine 4:22
11 Zach's Flag 3:10
12 Sick as a Parrot 2:58
13 Automatic Pilot 1:27
14 Hook 2:15
15 Killing Time 2:26

Thursday, 16 May 2019

Hans Reichel & Tom Cora ‎– "Angel Carver ("Live" In Milwaukee And Chicago)" (FMP ‎– FMP CD 15) 1989

Herr Reichel,as with all of these 'experimental' guitar weilders, like a nice live collaboration,and who better to do that with than nutty cellist and multi-instrumentalist Tom Cora, who I'm sad to say is no longer with us. He's up there in improvisers valhalla, carving angels no doubt?
On these two perfomances he sticks mainly to scraping the Cello, while Hans does his usual incomphrehensible guitar tinkling and banging.
Certainly more musical than most of these free improvisations,which I think is essential to distinguish humans with instruments from chimps with instruments.Sometimes chimps with instruments do it better,but as most listeners are largly human,a human element is welcome;as is a little bit of melody amidst the funny noises. 


1 Rest Up, Premonitions 19:39
2 Miracles, To Boot 18:38
3 New Neighbors 13:01
4 Invitations To Dance 8:59

Wednesday, 15 May 2019

Hans Reichel ‎– "Bonobo" (FMP ‎– FMP 0280) 1976

Bonobo, NOT BONO!....scheech!
Bono, likes to think of himself as a true innovator and poet. I remember when he told Tony Wilson of Factory Records after the suicide of Ian Curtis, that he would 'carry on' the job that Curtis had started!?......what(?) by being the exact opposite of Joy Division?
Another Bono story was the time he wrote a letter to Don Van Vliet to ask if he was interested in working together,to which the good captain replied succinctly, "Dear Bonzo,......No."
I don't need any excuse to slag the despicable Bonzo off, so seeing this Reichel album title was too musch tempatation,and I apologise.
Germany's foremost experimental guitarist is on vigorous form, hammering at his guitar like a cross between a glockenspeil and a country and western dulcimer in a hailstorm.
Its Krautrock, but not as you know it.


A1 Gier I 2:15
A2 Peter Zweifel 2:38
A3 Lurch 3:23
A4 Tœni 1:30
A5 Moor 5:14
A6 Bonobo II 3:26
B1 Bonobo I 3:56
B2 Mariahilf 2:28
B3 Des Jägers Klage 2:49
B4 Nicht Sand, Sondern Popel Im Getriebe 1:27
B5 Gier II 7:52

Hans Reichel - "Duets With Fred Frith And Kazuhisa Uchihashi" ‎ (FMP ‎– FMP CD 36) 1991

'The Frith Reich', is the best Jeu de Mot I can come up with for this one. However, if this existed in one of the earlier 'Reichs', especially the one after the second one.It would have been firmly labelled as 'Degenerate' and burnt. Whereas, it is usually the actual 'degenerates' who are quick to reject things they don't understand and compartmentlise it as the thing they most despise about themselves.For example, the morons who leave a pub because a perfectly inoffensive Robert Wyatt record comes on the jukebox,who are the same lazy work-shy bastards who blame foreign workers for taking the jobs they don't want to do. Same People, same stupidity.
No, this don't sound like Coldplay,and that is the principle reason for its strive for something new,and move forward, or sideways,but never backward.
Yeah, there's a place for Coldplay,ying needs its yang,and nature needs balance.Sadly the natural balance is heavily weighted on the popular music, and popular politics side of the cesspool.
So start Complaining about the sundown of civilisation before its too late.


1-Stop Complaining (36:27)
 Section I 3:10
 Section II 6:31
 Section III 3:28
 Section IV 3:07
 Section V 4:10
 Section VI 5:10
 Section VII 3:22
 Section VIII 2:32
 Section IX 4:57
2-Sundown 35:01

Tuesday, 14 May 2019

Fred Frith / Henry Kaiser ‎– "With Friends Like These" (Metalanguage ‎– ML 107) 1979

Play this to your friends and you'll soon find out which ones are genuine.The ones who can't at least appreciate the experimental approach on offer should be kicked to the curb anyway, the ones that remain in the room have potential.
I've heard far more room clearing records than this one, but I thought, taking the album title into account, that it was an appropraite angle to take my speil on.
Of course I don't mean you to be as shallow as to choose your friends by musical ordeal, although it may be fun.Its best to do it to strangers in a public place.....'Wyatting' I think it has been called by some broadsheet journalist after witnessing the pub emptying qualities of Robert Wyatt's 'Dondestan' album?!...don't get it myself, as this Wyatt album is rather pleasant and mellow;although I understand that the public would have difficulty in accepting Robert's vocal abilities as listenable. Which is strange, because I frequently put forward the great mans name as my singer of preference!?
I doubt any Pub jukebox would be allowed to play the entirety of any of the tracks on this collaboration.
"That ain't Music", said the ruddy faced moron in the union jack t-shirt.
"Don't call that Guitar playing do ya?" slobbered the guy with the missing two front teeth as he salivated into the dregs of his stella Artois.
"We didn't get our fucking country back to listen to this foreign shit", said the apoplectic gammon with the 'Brexit means Brexit' badge, shaking with barely controllable rage!Which sends him into a Liam Neeson style fit of violent revenge as he storms out of the bar looking for foreigners.
The Pub is now ,thankfully empty, and the remaining three persons can now repopulate the establishment with brain cells.


AA It Moves ... 2:00
AB The Changing Of Names 5:45
AC It Sings 5:40
AD Believing What We Read 3:00
AE ...But Does It Swing ? 3:30
BF Twisted Memories Give Way To The Angry Present 3:50
BG Black Glass 5:30
BH Third Rail 3:25
BI Three Languages 9:30

Monday, 13 May 2019

Fred Frith ‎– "Guitar Solos" (Caroline Records ‎– C 1508) 1974

With an album cover set in the very English setting of a cricket pitch,and the very English take on the electric guitar, One would expect a very perpendicular angle away from rock'n'roll culture, but unfortunately Virgin/caroline stick very closely to the traditional sexual exploitation angle with the label logo featuring a naked pubescent girl.Rather like the cover of that inexcusable 'Blind Faith' album, and that fucking horrific Scorpions album cover, "Virgin Killer".Real life versions of Spinal Taps "Smell The Glove" album cover.
 All those hideous bastards were at it. Once the historic sexual abuse mob turns its attention away from Hollywood and on to the creepy world of Rock Music,there's gonna be no-one left out of jail to make their awful racket ever again....which is a good thing.
Not that Fred Frith had anything to do with it. Coming from the intelligent section of the musical pie,the music on this Solo LP has as little to do with Rock music, and Frith had to do with under-age Nothing....I hope! Its bad enough that I can't sing the praises of Gary Glitter anymore, never mind Fred Frith or Henry Cow!


A1 Hello Music 1:31
A2 Glass C/W Steel 5:35
A3 Ghosts 3:12
A4 Out Of Their Heads (On Locoweed) 8:24
B1 Not Forgotten 1:55
B2 Hollow Music 2:44
B3 Heat C/W Moment 1:43
B4 No Birds 12:46

Sunday, 12 May 2019

The Spontaneous Music Ensemble ‎– "Karyōbin" (Island Records ‎– ILPS 9079) 1968

A 'Cool' looking bunch were the Spontaneous Music Ensemble.Bailey had that geek chic look going on,and the rest had that hipster bank manager image that we all envy.
The music sticks rather too closely to that beatnik Jazz vibe daddio for me. Not spontaneous enough, and too connected to Modal Jazz to be considered 'Out There' enough, but for 1968, it was out enough to be considered music for weirdo's. Bailey would ,and already had by '68, much further  out than most would dare to follow.....all this while maintaining a strict anti-fashion image,ranging from the daper geek to the curmudgeonly charity shop pensioner we came to love in the nineties.


1 Karyobin Pt. 1 8:04
2 Karyobin Pt. 2 5:37
3 Karyobin Pt. 3 6:24
4 Karyobin Pt. 4 6:23
5 Karyobin Pt. 5 12:41
6 Karyobin Pt. 6 9:52

The Music Improvisation Company ‎– "The Music Improvisation Company" (ECM Records ‎– ECM 1005) 1970

Derek Bailey was also in some groups too!
One of which was The Music Improvisation Company,with frequent collaborator Evan Parker, and a bloke who was in King Crimson for one album, Jamie Muir on percussion.
Inside the brown paper bag cover,lies an album of challenging free improvisation.A much needed alternative to the dull dull dull hard rock that dominated in 1970.
These people existed in bubble of their own making,as if rock music had never been invented, or if it had,chopped into pieces, reassembled and smashed with a hammer. Put your Led Zeppelin, Deep Purple,and Uriah Heep records into a rotating cement mixer, and the resulting racket would sound not unlike this very record.


A1 Third Stream Boogaloo 2:36
A2 Dragon Path 10:23
A3 Packaged Eel 8:42
B1 Untitled No. I 7:05
B2 Untitled No. II 7:32
B3 Tuck 3:04
B4 Wolfgang Van Gangbang 7:05

Saturday, 11 May 2019

Bailey, Frith, Fitzgerald, Reichel ‎– "Guitar Solos 2" (Caroline Records ‎– C 1518) 1976

From the days of recommended retail prices,cut price loss leaders, and when Richard Branson released weird records (Caroline being a Virgin offshoot), instead of trying to fly billionaires into space.Here's a cheap attempt to fly spotty young men from their bedrooms into a obscure headspace of avant garde improvisation using the seemingly unlimited potential of the humble guitar.
Yes, Derek Bailey was,briefly, on a Virgin Records release, and shares this compilation with a few of his acolytes and his West German equivalent, Hans Reichel;not to be confused with Krautrock guitar hero Achim Reichel of 'A.R.and Machines'.Hans style involves a lot of hammering the strings like a dulcimer, or the thinking man's Eddie Van Halen. Achim, used Echo boxes a lot, like Pink Floyd or Manuel Gottsching of Ash Ra Tempel;not as innovative as his namesake, but rather effective none the less.
No Idea who G.F. Fitzgerald was or is,but he obviously digged Derek Bailey somewhat.
Virgin contractee Fred Frith gets the opening birth,to try and push some rare sales of 'Henry Cow' product;but shows plenty of the invention that got him on Ralph Records, and to play on some Residents records, and later with John Zorn.
Why is this solos number '2', when Solos Number '1' was basically a Fred Frith solo album, I don't know?
I expect, there would have been at least a few hairy yoofs who bought this expecting sidelong Hendrix style solos and got a terrible shock, wanting a refund of their £1.49?.....NO hairy Youth NO!


A1 –Fred Frith - Water / Struggle / The North 11:05
A2 –Fred Frith - Only Reflect 4:00
A3 –G.F. Fitzgerald - Brixton Winter 1976 9:40
B1 –Hans Reichel - Avantlore 3:05
B2 –Hans Reichel - Vain Yookts 3:00
B3 –Hans Reichel - Donnerkuhle 5:05
B4 –Derek Bailey - Virginal 6:20
B5 –Derek Bailey - Praxis 4:00
B6 –Derek Bailey - The Lost Chord 1:50

Friday, 10 May 2019

Derek Bailey & Henry Kaiser ‎– "Wireforks" (Shanachie ‎– 5011) 1995

Henry Kaiser sounds too clever by half.
What do you expect from someone who learned all the guitar parts from "Trout Mask Replica" off by heart? 
But, at least he recognises true innovation when he sees or hears it, and this is why he has faultlessly championed Derek Bailey over the years,.... the avant-guitarists avant-guitarist.
Here,or hear, they are, in a relentless improv-off, that culminates in Kaiser asking Derek if he wanted to do a 'loud one', to which the  great man replied with a succinct.....'OK'. Always open to anything was our Derek.


1 Quick Match
2 Flights
3 Red Flash
4 Silver Tails
5 Chrysanthemums
6 Hanabi
7 Flair
8 Flare
9 Ring Starmines
10 Dark Fire
11 Snake In The Grass
12 Battle In The Clouds
13 Safe And Sane

Thursday, 9 May 2019

Henry Kaiser ‎– "Domo Arigato Derek-Sensei!" (Balance Point Acoustics ‎– bpaltd202) 2006

Another Davey Williams/Derek Bailey  connection is that Davey appeared on this DB posthumous tribute album put together by Henry Kaiser, playing with Henry on "Two Of A Kind" from 1979.
Some tracks are interspersed with recollections of working with Derek, or what Bailey meant to these Bailey influenced musicians.
Andrea Centazzo also appears on here,also having worked with Bailey and Davey Williams previously.
Expect all the tracks to be from the free improvisation end of the musical spectrum.All performed LIVE with no overdubs, and minimal editing.


1 Mahalo E Derek
Soloist, Electric Guitar, Voice – Henry Kaiser 5:35
2 Gamera Tai Reptilicus 2005
Electric Guitar – Henry Kaiser Shakuhachi – Kiku Day 4:07
3 The Tsuchigumi Five-Wheel Technique Vs. The Seagull School 1981
Electric Guitar [Two At Once] – Henry KaiserPercussion – Charles K. Noyes 9:15
4 The Worst Of Times 1992
Soloist, Electric Guitar – Henry Kaiser 6:11
5 Continue On 2006
Bass Guitar, Voice – Henry KaiserTenor Saxophone, Voice – Henry Kuntz 4:09
6 Improvisation 102a 1978
Electric Guitar – Henry Kaiser Trumpet – Toshinori Kondo 1:31
7 Improvisation 102x 1978
Electric Guitar – Henry Kaiser Percussion – Andrea Centazzo 2:57
8 Just Be A SCUBA Diver 2006
Double Bass, Voice – Damon Smith Ukulele, Voice – Henry Kaiser 4:04
9 Book Review 2005
Soloist, Acoustic Guitar, Voice – Henry Kaiser 13:38
10 Two Of A Kind 1979
Electric Guitar – Davey Williams, Henry Kaiser 6:05
11 The Metalanguage Trio 2006
Electric Guitar, Voice – Henry Kaiser Piano, Voice – Greg GoodmanSopranino Saxophone, Voice – Larry Ochs 4:47
12 The Night Of Departure 1996
Soloist, Acoustic Guitar – Henry Kaiser 3:15
13 Tokyo Trio For Aida 1979
Double Bass – Motoharu Yoshizawa Electric Guitar – Henry Kaiser Tenor Saxophone – Mototeru Takagi 6:07
14 Pre-Vou 1996
Alto Saxophone – John Oswald Electric Guitar – Henry Kaiser 1:25
15 Kavichandran Salp'uri 1993
Electric Guitar – Derek Bailey, Henry Kaiser Janggu [Changgo], Voice – Sang-Won Park 5:36

Derek Bailey & Andrea Centazzo ‎– "Drops" (Ictus Records ‎– ICTUS 003) 1977

I was looking for a connection between Derek Baily and Davey Williams,and came up with this. Andrea Centazzo,played with them both.
Del-boy is in fine form, firmly backed up by Centazzo's suitably understated improvised percussion/clattering.


A1 Drop One
A2 Recapitulation, Reiteration And Rabbits
A3 How Long Has This Been Going On?
A4 Drop Two?
B1 Tutti Cantabile
B2 Drop Three
B3 Drop Four?
B4 Sing, Sing, Sing, Sing, Sing
B5 Jim Never Seems To Send Me Pretty Flowers?

Andrea Centazzo, LaDonna Smith, Davey Williams ‎– "Velocities" (Trans Museq ‎– trans museq 4) 1979

Ahhhh, the sepia tinged memories of the days when music was played by actual people.
Here, Ladonna and Davey are joined by another actual human, the Italian percussionist and drummer, Andrea (he's a male by the way) Centazzo.
So the general effect is lots of scraping noises,with general sounds of stuff being thrown into a refuse skip, pre-landfill.I'm not sugesting that this record is rubbish,oh no, i'm just suggesting that it sounds like rubbish, as in the sound of waste disposal.

A1 Velocity 10:01
A2 Velocity 10:29
B1 Velocity 6:04
B2 Another Velocity 6:33
B3 Velocity 6:40

Wednesday, 8 May 2019

Davey Williams ‎– "Criminal Pursuits" (Trans Museq ‎– trans museq 8) 1983

Here's Davey Williams on his own, with no collaborators, just him and his guitar.Which he makes sound like a cassette recording of himself being chewed up by a cassette player.
Improvised stacatto picking ,harmonics and whammy bar abuse,cause the listener to check their equipment to see if there is anything malfunctioning;but alas, your equipment is just fine,it's meant to sound like this,with little or no effects. Even when Davey whips out the violin bow to further attack his guitar with.
A criminally unpursued guitarist,who will be much missed....yes he died recently,so discover what you missed to know how he will be missed,and remembered.


A1 Apotheosis Of The Whimsy Horse 3:06
A2 Home, The Razor's Edge 2:23
A3 Violin Concerto 3:30
A3 Prehensile Legends 4:15
A5 Call Of The Chlorophyll 6:46
B Criminal Pursuits 22:09

Tuesday, 7 May 2019

LaDonna Smith / Davey Williams ‎– "Direct Waves" (Trans Museq ‎– trans museq 5) 1980

More a-scraping and a-scraching of guitar and violin strings, accompanied by someone rumaging through a christmas hamper full of pots and pans.
A lot of the music I listen to is frequently refered to as 'Rubbish' by the casual observer. Most of the time I can see what they're getting at, as with most of this free-improvisation stuff;but, I kinda enjoy listening to it,and the fact it gets comments like 'This is Rubbish' from a passing random drone, makes it even more enjoyable. Drones,normals, Trump supporters,Brexiteers etc don't like concepts such as freedom, and the abstract.Much less,things that are beyond their comprehension and seem to have no rules,or control mechanisms. These concepts can destroy society, so this is dangerous music.It is not Adult Orientated Rock,but it is adult orientated,yet retaining that childlike sense of exploration and adventure.
Here we find Davey Williams with one of his regular collaborators,unhinged violinist LaDonna Smith,exploring further abstract adventures with stringed instruments.
Whats so good about this record is that the pressing is so bad that between the tracks the needle makes a noise not unlike an early Boyd Rice/Non locked groove number.


A1 Early Balloon Tires 5:48
A2 Divining 2:32
A3 Aerial Farm Machinery 4:55
A4 Silent Observer's Relection 2:58
B1 Radial Steam Instruments (To Benjamin Peret) 8:14
B2 Analogous Folk Tale 5:58
B3 Big Steel Bison 4:55

Monday, 6 May 2019

Mary Horn, Davey Williams, Wally Shoup, Doug Carroll ‎– "No Way" (Cassette Documents ‎– CD 5) 1984

A full C-60 of "Not Yet Wave Music" from Davey Williams and unhinged cohorts from Birmingham Alabama.....wasn't that where Sun Ra came from? As opposed to Birmingham UK (Heavy Metals birthplace if you didn't know) which produced an opposite music (HM)to this barely structured improv, with hints of No wave.
This is one of the better recordings,featuring Davey Williams from this epoch, mainly thanks to Mary Horn's stream of consciousness vocalisation.


1 No Way 1 (25:02)
2 No Way 2 (27:35)

DOWNLOAD wavey davey and crew HERE!

Sunday, 5 May 2019

LaDonna Smith, Davey Williams, Theodore Bowen ‎– "Folk Music" (Trans Museq ‎– trans museq 2) 1978

Looking for American Derek Bailey equivalents sent me desperately clutching at any vague similarity. So,after my attention was diverted to the sad fact that Davey Williams had died, I thought this must be a's an early vinyl appearance of said miester of the improv guitar stateside, the late Davey Williams, and friends,doing some folk music from another new and improved alter-dimension through a ragged piercing in the membrane that separates us all from all that isn't shite!
Its a kind of a cross pollination between AMM, The Spontaneous Music Ensemble, and a quieter Nihilist Spasm Band;but without the chin-stroking.Folk music it is not....yet,but the Irony is appreciated.


A1 Untitled 6:33
A2 Untitled 9:30
A3 Untitled 1:20
B1 Untitled 5:45
B2 Ditches And Cheesecake 5:50
B3 To Tristan Tzara 5:30
B4 Mishum 1:30

Shoji Hano / Derek Bailey ‎– "Fish" ( P.S.F. Records ‎– PSFD-8009) 2001

Like the time when Lenny Kravitz and Iggy Pop bust several blood vessels trying to 'out-Rock' each other on the BRIT awards show some years ago;a similar thing to that taste by-passing duet by Jagger and Bowie for Live Aid.Free improvisation duels can result in the players involved scrambling to stand out in the melee like squabbling children. Whereas Iggy and Lenny, gurned increasingly absurd rock postures, David and Shoji thrust increasingly louder abstract chords and wildly undulating drum fills.There are, however plenty of quiet moments as they run out of ideas briefly,but generally this is a fine example of Spontaneous Music in action.
Thanks to Japan, Bailey found a new acceptance and resurgence for his career in his twilight years.A different story to the time in the early sixties with his attempts to adapt the Free Jazz style, usually the domain of saxophone players, to the electric guitar.
A true original.


1 Sea Bream (鯛) 18:41
2 Bonito (鰹) 6:49
3 Sardine (鰯) 19:40
4 Angler (鮟鱇) 5:30

Saturday, 4 May 2019

Derek Bailey, Keiji Haino ‎– "寄り添い合いし 秩序と無秩序の気配かな = Drawing Close, Attuning - The Respective Signs Of Order And Chaos" Tokuma Japan Communications ‎– TKCF-77017) 1997

No, this isn't two chimps playing deulling banjo's on guitar!
Its Keiji Haino in yer left ear and Derek Bailey in yer right ear,or the otherway round depending on which direction you placed yer earphones.
Derek Bailey,as you know,was thee pioneer of the free jazz guitar, and Keiji Haino was....well.....Keiji Haino!? They both wear glasses,one of them perscription, the other off the rack shades that seem permanently sellotaped to his head.
Both have a tendancy to flesh out Chaos Theory on the six strings of a guitar,but without conventional chords,notes, or technique.
This was their first collaboration, or abberation, depending on your point of view,and I personally find it inferior to their second, called,ironically,"Songs", which you can find HERE!
I dunno, maybe this really is actually two chimps, and we've read too much into it,which is basically an artistic statement within itself?


1 Untitled 1:19
2 Untitled 2:15
3 Untitled 1:47
4 Untitled 3:58
5 Untitled 9:40
6 Untitled 26:01
7 Untitled 30:28

Friday, 3 May 2019

Keiji Haino ‎– "わたしだけ?(Watashi Dake?)" (Pinakotheca ‎– PRL#2) 1981

Never seen without a pair of sunglasses on,(but unlike Bono, he can actually carry it off!), Keiji Haino, late of Free Rock pioneers Fushitsusha, entered the solo arena with this unhinged work called "Watashi Dake?", or ,for our japanese readers, "わたしだけ?".
For the majority of this record Keiji sounds not unlike an amped up Jandek on a really,really, bad trip.
This being the expanded CD version, we are treated to a half hour long bonus track of Hainos famed guitar noise and feedback onslaught, where his Gibson SG sounds like its being raped,while a sqaudron of kamikaze guitars smash into music retail establishments everywhere.Jimi Hendrix this is most definitely NOT!
Rather marvellous.


1. Ore no arika
2. Yurusarezaru monotachi
3. Yomigaeru
4. Rowa ni sasero
5. Owari ni sasero
6. Umaku dekinai
7. Motto motto motto
8. Tsuki nukete mo
9. Kuzurete yuku
10. Koko made kite miro
11. Waraitai no ni
12. Kaeritai
13. Sasageru 

DOWNLOAD and live for the emperor of noise HERE!

Thursday, 2 May 2019

Keiji Haino / Loren Mazzacane Connors ‎– "Live At Downtown Music Gallery, New York City, August 1, 1992" (Persona Non Grata) 1995

Another of my favourite guitar abusers,as if anyone cares, is, obviously, Keiji Haino, late of Fushitsusha.
So, when this improv performance with Loren Mazzacane Connors came into existence, one had to hear it. Two guitarists with intrinsically opposite styles don't make obvious bedfellows,and in this case, it shows. Haino seems to struggle to adapt himself to the quieter understated style of Connors, rather than do what he does best,ie making a soul shattering racket,inbetween the quiet patches,with the odd death rattling scream.
Nah, doesn't work, for me anyway;Despite what it says on the sleeve notes ,but well worth a try.
There's a second record apparently,maybe thats better?

DOWNLOAD this downtown improv dynamic duo HERE!

Wednesday, 1 May 2019

Haunted House ‎– "Blue Ghost Blues" (Northern Spy ‎– NSCD 012) 2011

Ten years elapsed between Haunted Houses first and second albums, but nothing much changed,as didn't in the world of pop music in general,except that it probably got more lost in its own stasis.
Loren Connors' attempt at alt rock I suppose,but, as opposed to this very american genre, the emphasis is put on the 'alternative' rather than the 'Rock' bit.
Lets face it, a record recorded at any studio called "Seizures Palace" has to be, at least, good?


1 Millie's Not Afraid 9:56
2 Blue Ghost Blues 12:29
3 Grip My Hand 3:42
4 Thomas Paine 9:13
5 Hard Roads 3:06

Tuesday, 30 April 2019

Haunted House ‎– "Up In Flames" (Erstwhile Records ‎– erstwhile 002) 1999

Loren Mazzacane Connors wasn't always alone,or in a short lived duo with various scenesters,he was also,occasionally, in a group. Haunted House was the appropriate moniker for LMC's ghostly guitar apparitions, but this time enhanced by some slow motion Psychedelic whig outs. Its kinda like My Bloody Valentine or Loop played at 16 rpm,over the more sublime moments from that This Mortal Coil LP,but improvised.This could have been on Creation Records if they had a less nebulous singer,or a drummer, and the Label owner wasn't such a ginger twat.

DOWNLOAD these haunting tunes HERE!

Monday, 29 April 2019

Loren Mazzacane Connors ‎– "Red Mars" (Family Vineyard ‎– FV69) 2011

Not only is Mars red, its dead also. Its been probed,and explored by robotic vehicles for decades now,and the best they can find is the odd jet of Methane escaping from the deeply frozen martian dust.
Lets face it, there is no life anywhere in the observable universe,well, at least within a few light years of our blue oasis floating in a very narrow goldilocks zone,and an endless series of good fortune.Our little Earth, you know,the one that we're destroying? And the inhospitability of our dead twin further emphasises that there is NO planet 'B'. We're fucked, and there's Fuck all we can do about it because the ,major cause of our demise is capitalism,the unsustainable manifestation of our own greed and short-sighted stupidity.
In extra-terrestrial life terms we are,supposedly, in the 'Intelligent' bracket,but, if there was 'Intelligent life surviving on any exo-planet within 50 light years in any direction we would know about it. There have been no, zero, alien transmissions detected from any of our neighbouring star systems.And none of the closest exo-planets that have been spectrum analysed, have any polluting or unantural elements. like CFC's, in their atmospheres.Suggesting that if there is any intelligent life on these bodies,they haven't yet achieved any equivalent of the Industrial revolution as of yet.....lucky for them.Of course, there is a very real prospect that there is a natural limit of tecnological advancement that if reached, leads to the inevitable self-anihilation of the incumbant species.A process that seems to have been triggered on our planet,and is currently advancing like a runaway train with no-one manning the brakes.
The odds of the Human race being alone ,at least in this Galaxy, have been slashed to odds-on favorite. And nobody can encapsulate that stark reality better than Loren Mazzacane Connors.
In space there's no-one to hear you scream, or anybody else screaming that we can hear to give us hope we're not alone after all.


1 On Our Way 10:24
2 Red Mars I 1:56
3 Red Mars II 10:46
4 Showers Of Meteors 6:52
5 Little Earth 4:34

Sunday, 28 April 2019

Loren Mazzacane Connors ‎– "The Departing Of A Dream Vol. III: Juliet" (Family Vineyard ‎– FV34) 2004

I'm world renowned for my incisive insight and i'm gonna take a wild stab in the dark and say that the Juliet mentioned in the title is none other than Juliet Capulet?.....I'm on safe ground there methinks?
Like an insurance advertisement, the fictional life of the prettier half of the star crossed lovers, whizzes by, leaving her wishing that she had taken out adequate life insurance to cover her funeral expenses for loved ones left behind. Still a teenager, I doubt that such responsibilities, post-mortem, had crossed her love addled mind.......but then again her family were loaded weren't they, so no problems there then. This was undoubtedly the whole point behind Bill's most famous play.Not unrequainted love doomed by was to get youngsters planning for retirement and unexpected funeral expenses. She would have got the famed 'free Pen' and some argos vouchers just for inquiring.....although back in elizabethan times it would have been a free Quill and Ink, plus a token for a sack of turnips.
There are actually thousands of romantically inclined fuckwits who actually write to Juliet in Verona every year, for advise on affairs of the heart.There's even a person employed by the city of Verona, to write agony aunt style replies to these sad individuals!?
These people must not be the sharpest tool in the box,and can't have read the play to its tragic conclusion, then they'd know that Juliet killed herself and in no known circumstances could she give out advise on how Donna can persuade her 58 year old lover, Cedric, to leave his wife.
Loren Connors, manages to en'capulet' (sic) the tragedy of these doomed lovers, while at the same time reminding us that our life is speeding past us before our eyes, in thirty minutes of minimal guitar atmospherics.Drenched in lo-fi amp reverberation and tape hiss.
"Yea, noise? Then I’ll be brief. O, happy dagger,
This is thy sheath. There rust, and let me die." (Not a quote from 'Sid and Nancy' by William Shakespeares smarter brother).


1 Her Love 20:39
2 Her Fate 4:54
3 Her Death 1:47
4 Juliet... 1:26
5 In Lovers Eyes 1:46

Saturday, 27 April 2019

Loren Mazzacane Connors ‎– "The Departing Of A Dream Vol. II" (Family Vineyard ‎– FV22) 2003

From this side of the barbed wire fence, we stand and watch the dream of our lost childhood trapped in a past.While we drift away into oblivion until those days before disappointment and experience become nothing more than a blurred dot viewed from the wrong side of the event horizon.
There's a moment in life,or an event, when innocence dies,and we are irreversably sucked into a black hole with no prospect of mercy.All that is left are foggy recollections of what it was once like to have hope.
This fuzzy minimalist classic evokes a series of black and white images that flash across your mind as one floats in a black and starless void waiting to cease existence.We are essentially alone with our own personal illusion,then without reason, it stops.
But, on a brighter note, at least we have music and football you cry!!?? wait, football has been stolen by the elite, and music has been killed off as a creative and relevant force by....oh yeah...the fucking Elite again!!.....we certainly need some kind of Event Horizon! Something like reclaiming the wealth that has been stolen from 99.9% of the suffering population of the Earth, and jailing the perpetrators.
The politics of Envy they would label this while they flaunt their fleet of Bentlys in front of TV screens full of starving children advertising charity causes to further heap the guilt on their slaves.
The Politics of Envy?...I'm cool with that, as long as they don't mind the Politics Of Violence which will inevitably come in their direction.
I hear JayZee, has had discussions with survival experts on how to pay his security staff after the system collapses, and money is worthless.He already has a fully stocked bunker system under his mansion for his fat arsed wife and himself.
The answer is,Jay Zee....hang on isn't that my Initials too???....the answer is, that your security staff are gonna kill you and take your stuff.
In fact who wants to survive in a world where the only survivors are useless fools like Kanye West and I wanka Trump.
Well, I'm off to my Bunker now, to listen to Loren Mazzacane Connors, and await the arrival of Planet Niburu......and NO, I AINT GONNA LET YOU IN.....not even Jay Zee when he's screaming for his life.I'd have to think a few seconds about Beyoncé though....then, still say NO! Anarchy is a great leveller isn't it?
Oooooooh the basic thrill of power!(Tee Hee Hee Hee).....but alas, it is just a dream.Life is not a Disney movie after all,especially if you were sexually abused by the hosts of the Mickey Mouse Club,like mind-controlled trauma-bots Britney Spears and Justin Trousersnake.


1 The Departing Of A Dream Vol. II, 1 10:51
2 The Departing Of A Dream Vol. II, 2 1:44
3 The Departing Of A Dream Vol. II, 3 1:29
4 The Departing Of A Dream Vol. II, 4 1:54
5 The Departing Of A Dream Vol. II, 5 1:10
6 The Departing Of A Dream Vol. II, 6 1:39
7 The Departing Of A Dream Vol. II, 7 10:15
8 The Departing Of A Dream Vol. II, 8 2:24

Friday, 26 April 2019

Loren Mazzacane Connors ‎– "The Departing Of A Dream" (Family Vineyard ‎– FV11) 2002

This maybe Loren Connors' best,most melancholic, work from a vast canon of unique nebulous guitar experimentation.
This is the sound of drowning, the sensation of falling, or recovering from an anaesthetic.A stark dream disappearing in a slowly swirling vortex of mist as reality pulls you away back into captivity after an all too brief escape.
The two requiems for the 9/11 attacks are particularly moving,shrouded in amplified tape hiss.
No need to mention the hundreds of thousands of post 9/11 victims that are rarely mourned to the tribute. As the lives of bankers,and stock traders seem to count for far more than any innocent muslim family vaporised by a Drone looking for 'Terrorists'.
I shall resist the temptation to go on a tiresome monologue about the 9/11 conspiracy,despite my earlier flirtations with the theory.I have looked into it a lot more, and all the paranoid theorums have been more than adequately deeeeee-bunked.....especially Tower fucking Seven!!!!
Yep, as unbelieveable as it may seem to an increasing number of persons under the spell of social media reverse mind control, a bunch of Islamic Terrorists....sorry...I mean terrorists!!!....flew some jets into some buildings, whose structural integrity was compromised, clearly, on live TV from many angles.....and, Collapsed into their own footprint, slightly slower than freefall speed.
No Hollograms,No free energy weapons, and above all absolutely NO controlled explosions.
The Paranoid Dream has definitely departed.
Feel free to argue otherwise in the comments section.

1 The Departing Of A Dream Pt. 1
2 The Departing Of A Dream Pt. 2
3 The Departing Of A Dream Pt. 3
4 The Departing Of A Dream Pt. 4
5 The Departing Of A Dream Pt. 5
6 The Departing Of A Dream Pt. 6
7 The Departing Of A Dream Pt. 7
8 The Departing Of A Dream Pt. 8
9 The Silence (For NY 9/11/01)
10 And Sorrow (For NY 9/11/01)

Thursday, 25 April 2019

Loren Mazzacane Connors, Jean-Marc Montera, Thurston Moore, Lee Ranaldo ‎– "MMMR" (Xeric ‎– x 99.5) 1997

Although the sight of the names of the two most prolific Sonic Yoof Bores emblazened across the cover would put anyone off this record, it's actually one of the better Mazzacane Connors collaborations.
The MMR vaccine scandal, in which one doctor said it gives your kids Autism, therfore no-one on the entire planet vaccinates their kids against anything anymore,has nothing to do with this record.But if you play it long enough to any 'Anti-Vaxxers', while forcing them to watch clear evidence that MMR has fuck all to do with Autism, it could well,potentially, save 1000's of kids lives every year. So this album is potentially an anti-MMR aural vaccine......lets call it the 'MMMR' vaccine.
Loren Mazzacane is probably over powered by the 'experimental tuning twins' Renaldo and Moore, so it's mo(o)re their album than his. Whereas Mazzacane's solo work is more Novacaine than Mazzacane, here we are treated to much scrapping and banging, and doubtless, the two eternal teenagers with record collections on the album, would have whipped out their drumsticks to abuse their wildly customised guitar collection,and show off to their avant garde chums.
The first track is the more tunful, and mannered of the three,and is ,by coincidence(not),the track where the Sonic Yoofs are strangely abscent!
I'm only jealous.....its a great record, and I love Sonic Youth really........I think!?
Lets ask John Fahey,Grammy award winner, guitarist, avant-folk legend from beyond the grave, what he thinks eh?

"This is great improvised music. It is beautiful and complex and, most importantly, it breathes. As good and as moving as anything you'll hear this year."
John Fahey

A1 Mazzacane Connors / Montera 11:11
A2 Mazzacane Connors / Montera / Moore 10:07
B  Mazzacane Connors / Montera / Moore / Ranaldo 20:35

Wednesday, 24 April 2019

Loren MazzaCane Connors ‎– "Lullaby" (Carbon Records ‎– CR045) 2001

Someone who evokes a similar atmosphere of isolation and loneliness as Jandek,but without the pain, and has indeed appeared on a couple of Jandek records; is Loren Mazzacane Connors.
He has even out-produced the revered corwood representative, by more than two to one, in terms of album production.
He seems to be motivated only by the need to make music in an endless desire to get something out of himself.Even though he has had Parkinsons syndrome since the late ninties.
This probably helps in creating his unique haunting style.
Undoubtedly Post-Rock before either Post,or Rock.He's one of those 'Guitarists Guitarist', with all and sundry scrambling to do a collaboration.....and yes, Thurston fucking Moore has done at least one with him!
These collaborations usually sound like someone else playing over the top of what Loren Mazzacane normally plays,like two records playing at once...sometimes it works, mostly it doesn't.So my recommendation is to stick to the ,very,solo works,like this one.
The title of this ethereally melancholic collection of guitar lullabies, gives it away.A very pleasant and relaxing way to fall asleep.....forever, if necessary.

DOWNLOAD to fall asleep,but in a good way HERE!