Monday, 7 April 2014

Die Tödliche Doris ‎– "________ " (Zickzack ‎– ZZ 123) 1982

"___" is their best record. Its a more colourful multidimensional version of Teenage Jesus and the Jerks, via the untamed urban prison of Iron Curtain era West Berlin.
I hate to say it, but, this definitely benefits from an increased recording budget,revealing the true beauty of the dull thudding cheapo drum kit, and the clawed and battered Bass guitar. The screamed vocals sound even more desperate in the natural acoustics of ,what sounds like,to my trained ear,the famed live room at Hansa studios in West Berlin.
A studio bound field recording of the Modern Primitive in action.
Guaranteed to piss off any drones in the vicinity, and may lead to the less enlightened amongst us to utter the inappropriate phrase;" Turn that bloody rubbish off!"
Its not their fault, they have been brainwashed, with added conditioner. Force them to listen to the deadly Doris, and they should be deprogrammed after about 24 hours exposed to the entire back catalogue in a darkened room.
This is Music for an anti-matter Guantanamo Bay.
I'd Love to see some trigger happy redneck GI subjected to this after a lengthy bout of water-boarding, at extreme volume. They'll be joining  the Taliban by the end of side one.
Whoops! I typed at least two keywords to trigger the NSA and GCHQ to view and store this page!
So they can read this too....Fuck off you clandestine Nazi wankers.There's a wall being built somewhere for you fuckers to face the inevitable judgement from us Untermensch. Sleep well.


A1 Stümmel Mir 3:37
A2 Posaunen Der Liebe 1:40
A3 Der Tod Ist Ein Skandal 4:29
A4 Panzerabwehrfaust 0:13
A5 Wie Still Es Im Wald Ist 2:21
A6 Sie Werden Nicht Beobachtet 1:50
A7 Haare Im Mund 3:35
B1 M. Röck: Rhythmus Im Blut 2:27
B2 Kavaliere 3:42
B3 Fliegt Schnell Laut Summend 2:48
B4 Robert 3:09
B5 Über-Mutti 2:21
B6 In Der Pause 4:25



António Mora said...

Thank you!!!

People who hate this music are almost certainly enemies of every meaningful freedom.

Jonny Zchivago said...

You speak my language Antonio.Having replayed liveplaybacks last night, i have Zipped it for posting.A fine concept deserves more exposure.

Tayo said...

Absolutely ace! Many thanks for this and all the other Deadly Doris releases you've upped Jonny.They're all great.

Anonymous said...

Hi, absolutely lovely blog.I used to call this album No 1 ntoffeltieramöbe, bluntly reading it off the cover. I never thought about calling it nameless. One of my all time favourite albums.

Do you know the 1980 double album Das Ist Schönheit which has 4 sides of german diy as I love it.

Thanks Richard

Jonny Zchivago said...

Hi Richard, yes i have "Das Ist Schönheit"....probably will post it soon,with a bit more german DIY.

Anonymous said...

Great, Maybe you also have the 3x12" Massa on Klar with Rote Stern Belgrado. anyway, looking forward to a neu german chapter

greetings Richard

Jonny Zchivago said...

hello again,...yes I have that too!!!...I will be sure to include that at some point as well.
Anything else?

Anonymous said...

I had a long thought, and do you have bat, an album by Die Tödliche Doris, that you have not shared (or have I mislooked). Or Deutschland Terzett/ORAV Liedermachos a pre-daf album Zick Zack ZZ60. or Z-Pasta, The Pussy Krull Band, Ma Gita.... yeah a long list of german stuff.....allthough I am from the Netherlands where there are a lot of serious diy and also less serious. Like Four One and Onlys, Golden Strings, Buy off the Bar (who have 2 Peel sessions) Eton Crop and lots more.
I do not want to push you so I shared a lot of names, in the hope it will be impossible to do them all.

many greetings, and thank you for your music

Jonny Zchivago said...

You got me on a few of those Deadly Doris LP,that one has eluded Z-Pasta, got that Deutschland Terzett/ORAV Liedermachos due to the DAF connection...not a couple of Buy Off The Bar peel sessions...again not a fan. I like the name 'The Four One and Only's' but never heard of them.
Keep on challenging me though,its interesting.

Anonymous said...

I gave you some titles I have, and I bought a lot without knowing what I was buying. They were cheap, different, and in some cases mock-gifts (Deutschland Terzett) Allthough there is the infamous Loch in mein Emmer. that is the Hole in my Bucket, I guess ebvery country has its variations. That is what I love about blogs, I get to know music before I buy it.
The first LP by Four One and Onlies (The end is searching) is in my opinion truely great. Other bands of interest : The Minny Pops, Eton Crop (A John Peel Favorite) , Mecano, Mam, Mission Papua Holland, Nasmak (Nasmaak) (one of my favs), Neon, New hip stielen , motops (remotops), Poppi UK, Schlaflose Nächte, Soviet Sex, Das Wesen, Sufgerukte Wallies
and these are but a few 12" and Lp acts from one part (Dutch)of my collection.And I tried to get the DIY orientated
Many greetings Richard

maybe I should rip some stuff and send you things

Jonny Zchivago said...

Well, I've got lots of Nasmak,some Soviet Sex,but i may be lacking a few of the others you listed.....i can feel a Dutch week coming on.

Anonymous said...

Well then, do not miss Pandemonium (Fav punk band from Limbabwe) Melting Eskimos, Van Alle & Nog Watt , the label Kelt Records (for 60s revival), Monomen (Come in habdies all the time) Anything on the Gramschap label, The vernon Walters , Andre de Saint Obin, Morzelpronk, Electic Hannes , A Princess of Peace , Tits , de effenaar ep, Muziekvereniging Ons Genoegen , It Dokkumer Lokaaltje, Zowizo, Svätsox

and many more, these are the not so industrial types. In a lot of countries you can drown in Diy, it is a joy to keep digging for the goodies.

Really hope to get a durch, german or even belgian week

Greetings Richard