Friday, 18 April 2014

Skrewdriver - "All Skrewed Up" + three singles (Chiswick CH3 1977) + (DJM 1979)

A Antisocial
B 19th (Nervous) Breakdown

A1 You're So Dumb
B1 Better Off Crazy

A1 Built Up, Knocked Down
B1 A Case Of Pride
B2 Breakout

It's been some time now since I've been accused of being a Fascist, so I will remind these simpletons by posting this retrospectively controversial Pub Rock combo's excellent 1977/9 output on Chiswick records.
But, hang on, these records contain no racism, no peons to uncle Adolf, lots of simple working class politics, and lots of raw grinding Street Punk. Aren't Skrewdriver those nasty neo-nazi skinheads that invented Hate Rock?
No you fuck wits, that was Skrewdriver mark 2 from 1984, the majority of this band (which included,on Drums, BBC Radio 1's very own Mark Radcliffe!?) were not national front supporting scumbags, they weren't even real Skinheads (a marketing idea from some lame brain in the Chiswick offices was that they should become skinheads to cash in on the skinhead revival of 1977!).They broke up in 1979, after the Lynard Skynard-a-like single, "Built up,Knocked Down".
Ian stuart would be the sole remaining member from the original band, to resurrect the Skrewdriver corpse in 1984, but this time with the infamous racist agenda.
Check out the covers to "Anti Social" and "You're So Dumb" to see what they really looked like before the hair clippers were donned so tragically.
These records were classic no-nonsense street punk inspired pub rock,
So I am waiting for the standard hail of abusive comments from the usual dim-witted thought police out there.......the 'we're not racist,...honest' crowd. Ever vigilant to show the world that they aren't part of the problem........altogether now...."You'!"
Try listening to Skrewdriver mark one, before you leap in please.

DOWNLOAD this Skrew Up HERE!


yakuzapunk said...

The Skrewdriver that recorded the infamous "Hail the New Dawn" LP was like the fourth incarnation of the band actually. The Built Up Knocked Down EP was a different band, so was the one that recorded Back With a Bang and Boots and Braces. All the best, Peter

Anonymous said...

Slade werent real skinheads either. Arent all famous people related to each other and use music to control the masses and divide and conquer.

Anonymous said...

Thanx a lot!

Ima Kunt said...

Liked this version of Skrewdriver, the Nazi version weren't good at all, the music was shite, the lyrics were bollocks and Ian Stuart Donaldson was a thick twat that ultimately met his maker, unfortunately at the hands of a committed anti-racist. Didn't realise that Mark Radcliffe played with them, that's a turnup ... ha see what I did there

Unknown said...

Nope ! I know a bunch a shit and I'm not tellin