Sunday, 27 April 2014

Sun City Girls - "Fruit of the Womb" (Cloaven Cassettes 08) 1987

More noisy improv at a tangent to what is 'normal' made up stuff. Scratchy, scrapy, atonal mania, recorded in 1984–85 between the first and second Sun City Girls LP's in glorious mono. The performances on this tape are beyond superb. Near (far) Eastern (bloc) instrumentals, extended improvisation, ostracised jazz diffracted through a sound prism; scattering its light on abstracted versions of Sun City Girls 'standards', as if channelled from some demonic wormhole. Repetition is not on the agenda, as the music twists and turns in a desperate attempt to escape from your expectations; and for the most part succeeds with an unerring predictability. This is music made for explorers, and not for those who exist purely for the squishy home comforts of such absurd relics as, a beat, or a melody,or even a song? Mr and Mrs Henry Normal (or Simon Cowell) would label this music as 'self -indulgent rubbish' , but what is more self-indulgent than slouching in your 'lazy-boy' ,absorbing the latest easy-on-the-ear 'pop' purely for your entertainment. 'Thought' is a much under-rated process, and one which brings great rewards for those willing to train the brain to accept such wonderful sounds as these.

Track Listing:

Side A:
  1. When Will It End?
  2. Blue Mamba
  3. Damcar
  4. When the Jewels Roll Out of Yer Eye
Side B:
  1. Envy Leaves Home
  2. Mystery of Death
  3. Mamas Milk
  4. Abydos
  5. F and F
  6. Nites in Tetuan
  7. Trippin on Krupa
  8. Rappin
  9. Jokers on a Waltz
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Bruce the Moose said...

I had commented elsewhere that some of the SCG downloads had problems. Here is what I got for this one (file names and numbers, except I added the "/" in track 06:

01 Damcar
02 Envy Leaves Home
03 Searcher
04 Blue Mamba
05 Trippin' on Krupa
06 Rappin' Head / Jokers on a Waltz
07 When Will it End_
08 When the Jews Roll out of Your Ey

Note order change and missing tunes.

Will get back to you later on other SCG releases. I had 4 or 5 total, that had issues.

Heinz Renfield said...

This is not the tape version of "Fruit of The Womb". It's the vinyl reissue, hence the missing tracks and different running order.
You can even hear the vinyl crackling.
Same thing with "God Is My Solar System", "Superpower" & "Bleach Has Feeling Too"

Jonny Zchivago said...

Someone reallly needs to get out more!

Bard Johnson said...

This is fantastic stuff. I missed out on the Eclipse releases, and now they're impossible to track down. Thank you.