Friday, 18 April 2014

F.U.2 - "Depressions / Punk Rock" (Beat Records ‎– BEA 7094) 1977

Australian Edition

French edition

Italian Edition

Spanish edition

As mentioned in the previous post about the Vacants; The Downliners Sect helped out, then took over the rest of the recording deal with RCA, and made this second Punksploitation miesterwerk, also called "Punk Rock in several european countries, but NOT in Australia! Australia being one of the world capitals of untrendy punk groups, like the fantastic Saints, the marvellous Victims, and The Thought Criminals. This record is a "Punked" up version of the Sects own tunes, high on garage punk electricity; the best Downliners Sect record, and it doesn't even bear their moniker! They even churned out an LP for the legendary Raw Records, called "Showbiz", but that sounded insipid in comparison to this pub punk monolith. Some would call it "Fake Punk", an accusation that cannot be levelled at one of the originators of the ,so-called, "Punk" attitude, The Downliners Sect. Record companies are so fucking stupid,that even when they are trying to do something deliberately fake, they fail, and make something intrinsically opposed to what they wanted. And this , along with the magisterial Vacants disc, is the very opposite of Fake. This is high octane 100% Punk Rock and Roll.

 Track Listing:

A1 Playing My Guitar
A2 Tax Exile
A3 Manic Depression
A4 Mean Evil Child
A5 Come On Strong
A6 You Don't Love Me
B1 Star In The Streets
B2 Sniffin' Glue
B3 Move Around
B4 Rock Club (Down The Roxy)
B5 Out Of School
B6 F.U.2  


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