Sunday, 6 April 2014

Die Tödliche Doris ‎– "Ohne Titel" (Zickzack ‎– ZZ 35) 1981

Experimental minimalism from west Berlin dwelling arty trio. A music that adequately represents the madness of the cold war era so well, that we want those days back again.One knew where one stood back then,just one bitchy argument between inadequate world leaders away from total annihilation. Them were the days.
There's nothing like a constant threat of nuclear obliteration to focus the mind,and replicate this with bowel wrenching creativity like this.
Happy rich people in peaceful environments make crap art....Fact!


A1 7 Tödliche Unfälle Im Haushalt 3:45
A2 Tanz Im Quadrat 3:38
A3 Avon-Gard 1:10
A4 Stop Der Information 1:53
B1 Der Krieg Der Basen 4:58
B2 Der Astronaut Und Der Kosmos 4:13

DOWNLOAD ohne Verzögerung HERE!


A. S. said...

Thanks and keep these coming!

My favorite from this lot was always " ", though I also liked "Liveplaybacks" - in concept, if not necessarily in execution.

Jonny Zchivago said...

" " is the best indeed. I dunno weather i'm gonna post 'Liveplaybacks',but i may post 'The Invisible LP';at least a version of it anyways.

Unknown said...

I actually found this once at a swap meet many years ago for like 50 cents or something but when I popped it in it was some sunday sermon lecture bullshit somebody had taped over or switched out all together. Though I was never hundred percent sure it wasn't the actual intended recording until now! haha Thanks for clearing that up.

Unknown said...

I just found the case it wasn't actually this album but the covers are similar. Though the tape inside is defiantly not them after hearing this. Thx again, cheers!