Saturday, 26 April 2014

Sun City Girls - "Superpower" (Cloaven Cassettes 02) 1987

An equatorial collective improvisation recorded live in 1982(at Merlins?) and informative disinformation financed by short-wave overload with text excerpts from Myron Fagen circa 1967. Superpower shows the Girls better getting the hang of never getting the hang of it. “Alien Freedom” is psychic jazz extemporization, featuring Alan Bishop and J. Akkari on dueling alto saxophones. Not complete without Eddie Detroit’s “goat calls and troubled conga play,” it’s a very enjoyable and a considerably palatable mess .
The pretzel logic of Sun City Girls un-compositional style, is something to admire in its total lack of commercial potential, and the Girls obvious lack of interest in compromising their own musical explorations in search of an......Gulp!"....audience?
Who wants an audience?...those toe tapping ,head nodding, chin stroking bunch of under achievers. You shouldn't be standing there watching someone else for your shallow entertainment; you should be getting out there and doing it yourself (DIY). Or is this a dividing line that is as necessary as the division between intelligent life(Humans?) and the rest of the animal kingdom, left to squirm in the mud for stray plankton whilest we (the Humans!) enjoy the easy livin' of the supermarket. Yes, Audiences are necessary after all, or there'd be nothing special left in this crumbling planet to want to stroke your chin at. We need audiences/consumers like we need factory fodder to do the shit jobs. You music consumers out there are nothing more than glorified shit shovellers.......and U2 love you for it.
Oh, and 'The Illuminati?' is pretty good too.

Side A:
  1. Alien Freedom
Side B:
  1. The Illuminati?
DOWNLOAD a superpower HERE!


VULTURE said...

Thanks for all the sun city!
Man, your blog is great!

Jonny Zchivago said...

Thanks Vulture.I like your blog too.Tried to link to your site, but my blog list says address not recognised? Can you explain this?

Anonymous said...

Thanks, but the download was for tracks on the "God is my Solar System" cassette.