Sunday, 6 April 2014

Die Tödliche Doris ‎– "Tabea und Doris dürfen doch wohl noch Apache tanzen" (Das Cassetten Combinat ‎– 81022) 1981

A valuable lesson in German Syncopation? Or a rejection of the yoke of the Teutonic marching beat that manifests itself, still, in that brainwashing tsunami of German Techno evil. This is the real Deutsche Tanzmusik, otherwise known as music for people who can't, Germans.
This music ain't got the Funk; totally devoid of any african-american influence whatsoever!  A warped kind of first world ethnic urban folk for the white north European intelligentsia. And,oh yes! don't know if you're into this,or even if I's ever so "arty'.


A1 Privatparty
A2 Apachentanz
B1 Futuristenparty
B2 Fleischration

DOWNLOAD doris and tabea by doris HERE!


Anonymous said...

Unfortunately, it appears UbuntuOne's file services have been closed. Any chance of transferring these DTT files to Google Drive?

Thanks for all you do.

Jonny Zchivago said...

Now re-upped to mediafire.