Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Mark Perry - "Snappy Turns" (Deptford Fun City 1980)

The fabled 'solo' lp from Mark Perry.Recorded at Street level in the summer of 1980 has several of the known Perry associates helping out with the recording. Dennis Burns, Nag, Tyrone Thomas, Anno and Grant Showbiz. The tracks are great, although ‘The Object Is Love’, ‘You Know’ and ‘At War’ are the stand out tracks.
But its another brave example of Perry's anti-rock stance of the time. He must have endured a tumult of slagging for these records, which makes them sound even better for it.
A Superb ramshackle glorification of amateurism,topped off with perrys brand of faux-naive poetry which is both at once endearing and challenging. Another classic!


A1 Snappy Turns
A2 The Object Is To Love
A3 You Know
A4 Inside
A5 At War
B1 Death Looks Down
B2 The Game Is Over
B3 Quagga's Last Stand

DOWNLOAD some snappy turns HERE!


Arizona Phossils said...

thanks for this, it really is a wonderful mess of a thing

Lou Coun said...

Thanks a lot for the review, mate, you did honour to this incredible LP. Love it. All the best from a French anglophile.