Tuesday, 14 November 2017

Galen Herod ‎– "Patterns for the outside surface of a cube" ( pegna 5) 1981

Galen Herod's pre-Tone Set escapades date back to the days when infinite synchronization wasn't available to destroy the human in the machine.The rhythm units didn't try to sound like drums or even like other drum units.No Overdubbing, a very 'Punk' concept rarely used by 'Punk' musicians, is a under-utilised method for keeping it real, as is No Keyboards; read as, used no conventional instruments.
Above all, it sounds great; primitive electronics laid down on slightly muddy analogue tape that you can't really dance to, unless as a soundtrack to a contemporary ballet.
It's the kind of electronica that presaged the work of Panasonic in the 1990's.

DOWNLOAD from inside the outside surface of a cube HERE!


J Harrell said...

yes. more. please. thank you.

rev.b said...

I loved Tone Set. Later when I was writing reviews, I was sent a cassette of "Bite the Wax Tapole" and was VERY impressed. I hadn't heard this one, so I'm lookong forward to this. Multi-thank yous for this.