Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Lemon Kittens ‎– "Cake Beast" (United Dairies ‎– UD 07) 1980

There are few musics that sound like they were made in a mental asylum. Mostly we only hear music that sends you to a secure unit, like Dire Straits,or Beyonce.
The Lemon Kittens are the sound of padded cells.An electroencephalogram made aural of a troubled mind. 
They inhabit a world where playing 'in time' is strictly for 'Normals',and melodies make adults scream for their mothers and children weep for joy.
The music is a feral mix of every bizarre pop and channelled experimental impulse the pair could manifest; bursting forth with all the skewed syncopation  of breaking glass. Somehow pulled through a distorted wormhole from a parallel, inverted existence, into the UK DIY scene. Poof!
So throw on that Electro-convulsive therapy kit you were saving for special occasions , set it to max, and dance to Cake Beast!

Track Listing:

A Kites
A2 Only a Rose.
B1 Popsykle

DOWNLOAD this beast of Cake HERE!


Anonymous said...

cakey! don't suppose you have any gland shrouds recordings?

skitter said...

i agree... any gland shrouds tapes around anywhere?

Jonny Zchivago said...

I wish.....i want some gland shrouds! Anyone out there got any?