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Sun City Girls - "God is my Solar System" (Cloaven Cassettes 01) 1987

A collection of early Sun City Girls recordings, mostly improv-diverse.... a sign of things to follow although unique in comparison to later works.On God Is My Solar System, the title track sounds a bit like listening to a recording of that same drunk jazz trio on LSD-25 with a trigger finger on the mute button. Gaping pauses separate staccato bass notes and guitar squawks before the song settles into a messy, improvisational groove.
Some of God’s material is slightly more meditative, like “Mosquito” with its buzzing, nominal drone underpinned by tabla-styled percussion, but at heart it’s all pretty art-damaged and coarsely messy. There’s a heap of novice spazz-rock (“Komodo”, “561B”), and “Invocation,” marks the first track that includes a style that would later become a hallmark; – a sing/speak narrative style – rages atypically before evolving into a skewed 'carnival barker' growling over a drunken merry-go-round melody. The chant morphs across 14 dream logic minutes, and its bloated irreverence marks the tentative, though not unsuccessful, beginnings of the SCG epic poem.

Side A:
  1. Invocation
  2. Glass Globe
  3. Demon on the Beach
  4. Suck Suntown
  5. Improv Murder
Side B:
  1. Sun City Girls from Ipanema
  2. Mosquito
  3. Three Blind Dice
  4. Golden Cage
  5. God is my Solar System (GIMSS)
  6. Way Left North Out
  7. 561B... for Alexis
  8. Over the Rainbow
DOWNLOAD God as your solar system HERE!

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Anonymous said...

Top class upload, but did you source it from the later CD reissue because a lot of the tracks you've listed aren't included? If you have the rest it would be great to hear them! Cheerzzz...

Moonee Ponds.