Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Lemon Kittens - "The Big Dentist" (Illuminated Records JAMS 131 ) 1982

'Those that bite the Hand that feeds them sooner or later must meet.....THE BIG DENTIST'; to give it its full title,- is pop music filtered through an aural equivalent of a funny fairground mirror in a shadow earth from the 9th dimension.Yes, this is experimental rock's version of String Theory; but I understand string theory more than this.The Lemon Kittens are beyond rational thought,and exist in a parallel reality to utter shite like U2 and Kasabian. They drag you into places you don't wanna go, screaming and kicking;then like the reason Hell cannot exist,you get used to it,and then get to enjoy it.Unfortunately though,The Big Dentist only lasts 38 minutes and not Eternity. (Click the sample below)


1. They Are Both Dirty (11:19)
2. The Hospital Hurts The Girl (4:30)
3. Mylmus (4:09)
4. No Night Not Shared (4:55)
5. Oath (4:08)
6. The Log And The Pin (4:00)
7. Nudies (3:17) MP3 sample
8. An Untimely End (2:11)

Download The Big Dentist HERE!


Philip Johnson said...

Battered-looking album covers you've got there! The Big Dentist came out after they'd broken up, and more than a year after an album called "Kiddiewinkies" had been on a pre-release list and failed to appear. Presumably the two albums are one and the same. I've often wondered if the change of title was made by the people at Illuminated, as a comment...?

Philip Johnson said...

P.S. I think "Kasabian" is the dumbest band name of all time.

abramson michael said...

I must say this last month die or diy has become essential reading, I much prefer diy vinyl as apossed to cassetes. Do keeep up the good work.

Jonny Zchivago said...

Quite dumb people too. And they come from my home town of Leicester too! On behalf of this east midlands town I sincerely apologise.

Jonny Zchivago said...

You mean DOD wasn't essential reading always????? I'd write LOL but its an acronym that makes me quite ill indeed.
Instead, ILH.(I laugh heartily)
A slight exaggeration, but.....!

Jonny Zchivago said...

I wanna nick that album title(Kiddiewinkies).