Friday, 18 April 2014

Slaughter and the Dogs - "Live Slaughter/ Rabid Dogs" (live bootleg 1977)

My favourite 'Punk' band was/is the gloriously Stupid Slaughter and the Dogs. These yobs were like the real people I knew, and they wore scarves! Not a jot of Kings Road finery to be seen, and absolutely no pseudo-situationist bollocks to be heard.
This is Slaughter's version of 'Spunk', a fairly awful live performance, but that's its charm.
Punk rock could have gone all the way if all the groups by-passed the record labels and put out bootlegs for the fans, and ignored the charts completely. A missed opportunity.


You're A Bore
Mystery Girls

Johny T

Where Have All The Boot Boys Gone

We Don't Care

Waiting For The Man

Victims Of The Vampire

Boston Babies

I'm Mad

We Don't Care (Reprise)
DOWNLOAD these Rabid Dogs HERE!

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