Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Alternative TV - "Vibing Up The Senile Man (part one)" (Deptford Fun City DLP3) 1979

OOOOOOO this caused a lot of trouble.Made people angry this did. Especially those open minded chaps.....the "Punks". In fact it exposed so-called "punks" as probably some of the most closed minded fools that there ever were!
The safety net of rock was ejected totally for an semi-improvised live sound,where band members played instruments they were unfamiliar with, at live gigs they even drew lots to see who played what. Of course this caused riots,and Mark Perry was in fact knocked unconscious on a couple of occasions by missiles threw from the crowd. This led to a change of name to "The Good Missionaries" on the Animal instinct tour with the Pop Group.
This is confrontational music, challenging and uncompromising. This is a different group to the one that recorded Action Time and Vision,and other punk anthems.Love It!

A1 Release The Natives
A2 Serpentine Gallery
A3 Poor Association
A4 The Radio Story
A5 Facing Up To The Facts
B1 The Good Missionary
B2 Graves Of Deluxe Green
B3 Smile In The Day

DOWNLOAD a senile man HERE!

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for all the Alternative TV, truly a blast and very glad to hear it again