Saturday, 19 April 2014

Alberto Y Lost Trios Paranoias ‎– "Snuff Rock EP" (Stiff Records LAST 2) 1977

Resting actors make rock satire band between walk on parts and adverts. I do these chaps a dis-service, 'cus this is a near perfect Punk Pastiche that is enjoyable on several levels. I like it as Punk/pub rock style music, I can even distance myself from the punk cliché piss take lyrics and reinvent them as 'real' rants about dehumanisation and apathy; subjects close to my heart. This band were a good version of The Tubes who were in themselves a really shit version of post-mothers Frank Zappa. "Snuffin' in a babylon" is a great send up of every Punks most hated trait in their heroes...... the Reggae song in the set list! They all did it, even ATV! Sickening, especially if they were 'Good' at it, like The Ruts; great band,but far too smooth on the old musicianship front.....oh God, "Jah Wars", fightin' fightin'! You never found any reggae band playing rock numbers(they'd be as shit at it anyway), so why the need to go on about 'Babylon', when it was your ancestors who were probably the slave traders?....;"Need No Caucasian Guilt", pleeeeze! (Noh Mercy, 1979)

Track Listing: 

A1 Kill 1:30
A2 Gobbing On Life 3:55
B1 Snuffin' Like That 1:23
B2 Snuffin' In A Babylon 1:47

DOWNLOAD snuff rock HERE!


abramson michael said...

The spinal tap of punk. 11/10.

Jonny Zchivago said...

Potential film script maybe?

abramson michael said...

At leat a stage play