Friday, 25 April 2014

Metabolist - "Goatmanaut" (Drömm Records Cassette ) 1979

Sort of a mini-album/cassette filled with the trademark Metabolised Zeuhl Industrial Prog that Metabolist isn’t famous for. But given time, lots of it, they will be........won’t they?
I'm pleased to say that once upon a time Malcolm Lane, the main man in Metabolist, was once so kind as to praise my group, Scouts of Uzbekistan('s), track "Je M'en Fou", with this flattering critique: "I think I just Shit myself!". High praise indeed!?


A1 Zordan Returns 11:00
B1 Chained 7:18
B2 Thru The Black Hole 6:00

DOWNLOAD goatmanaut and shit yourself HERE!


Veronika said...

Je M'en Fou gets a slow claps which turns into a standing applause, especially for the industrial samples and whomever pushed the drum track into the fucking red at the mixing boards. Fucking ace.

Oh shit I gotta listen to Metabolist now my bad

Jonny Zchivago said...

I'd like to say i did it deliberately but,it was accidental.Someone must have leaned on the mixing desk. But I love accidents,except car accidents with me in the car.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the Metabolist feast, Jonny; I still have 'Goatmanaut' on original cassette somewhere, unlistened to for 30+ years although your post instantly brought the rhythms of 'Curly Wall' (on 'Hansten Clork') back.