Monday, 28 April 2014

Sun City Girls - " Cloaven Theatre 1 " (Cloaven Cassettes 14) 1987

If this was the first Sun City Girls record I heard, then it would probably have been my last. It sounds like one of those local council sponsored 'Art' events put on in their latest architecturally cutting edge theatre that the local tax payers paid for; meanwhile outside the foyer doors sits a homeless youth begging the black polo neck wearing punters for loose change.
I can cope with and even enjoy improv rock,it has its feet rooted in reality, but improv theatre is the stuff of the art establishment which wouldn't exist without arbitrarily granted subsidies. State funded pretentiousness for the swollen bourgeois masses, aka (more french words) The Nouveau Riche. Don't get me wrong, I ain't no philistine, but this belongs in some kind of degenerate art exhibition, and suppressed. Give us some Real theatre.
Musically this bizarrely seems less 'out there' than almost all of the other SCG releases, almost unadventurish, and recorded in glorious hi-fidelity, which is a crime in itself.Although,granted, some of the surreal dialogue is excellent.
Recorded live on KASR Radio (at ASU) on Oct. 1, 1986. Try to imagine sitting in your dormroom reality tunnel listening to the campus radio when all of a sudden a renegade illuminati sect hijacks the station... THIS IS IT!. But ultimately an irritating experience, but if you like the chin stroking atmosphere of avant garde theatre, then this is for you. Unfortunately I hate this record.Link
Side A:
  1. Introduction
  2. I Protect You From Me
  3. I Deal a Stick
  4. Professor
  5. Eyeball in a Quart Jar of Snot
  6. Left Side
  7. Ritual
  8. Voice of America
Side B:
  1. Beelzebub Visits West Virginia
  2. Right Side
  3. Jonestown
  4. Mirage
  5. Spaceman
  6. The Men in Black
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