Tuesday, 29 April 2014

Ya Ho Wha 13 - "Penetration - An Aquarian Symphony" (Higher Key Records ‎– HKR3307) 1974

Peace ,Love, and Understanding?... my Arse!.....All those hippies were about was how to invent some pseudo-philosophy that will seduce young women into bed......and what happens then is pretty well summed up in the title of this lp.
As awful as these misguided sexual predators and their victims were, they made grade "A" aural loonicy that is a shear delight......no-one is allllll bad. This record should have made history as the first music to be sectioned.
The Gong sounds alone on "Ho" should be presented with an award for the best aural experience since Godzilla screeched his(or was it a her?) first gut scraping vowel sound."Yodzilla" seems an appropriate noun for that gong.
'Penetration: An Aquarian Symphony' was intended to be Ya Ho Wha 13's masterwork, acting as a Merkabah of sorts to elevate its listeners to a heightened state of consciousness - & I must say, it does the trick!
Take your meds and revel in the Outsider DIY joy that is "Penetration - an aquarian symphony"! (That Title!!!....ugh!.....Shudder!!!!)

Track Listing:

1. Yod He Vau He (11:25)
2. Ho (5:32)
3. Journey Thru An Elemental Kingdom (9:23)
4. Ya Ho Wha (13:24)

- Father Yod / Vocals
- Djin / Guitar
- Sunflower / Bass
- Octavius / Drums
- Zinuru / Sound

DOWNLOAD some hippie cult leader penetration HERE!


Unknown said...

thank you so much you just saved me 10 bucks that i would of spent at the itunes store thank you and keep posting dope shit

Jonny Zchivago said...

Absolutely, wouldn't want you contributing 10 bucks, or even a dime to the evil machine. Father Yod wouldn't get any of it,nor would he have wanted anything.......I Hope. Any artist who wants money for their work isn't an Artist....they are businessmen.