Friday 28 August 2020

7 From Life ‎– "Coral Assault" (Inner-X-Musick ‎– XXX-21) 1985

In a time when Coral is under assault from all angles due to the stupidity of the human race, it seems Lawrence Van Horn, of 7 From Life, wanted to draw this idiotic anti-life violence to our notice thirty years before it was even mentioned? Well maybe not,maybe he just wanted to creep us out, and make doomy music? It does have a tune about the bombing of Dresden on it,of which my father was a very rare witness.He was on a forced death march from poland back to the fatherland,when they rested on a hill over looking Dresden on the evening the British were bombing it flat.I could add the relevant section from his memoirs,but it would take over the post, and poor old Lawrence would feel ignored.....just like he must have been by all of woman kind......(you can download the entire memoir HERE if you're so inclined. He described it as being a "lovely display of colour's like a firework display";not a mention of the innocent civilian life being lost in the ensuing firestorm. That's what he was like,stoic and emotionless,which were the talents that got him through the whole of the war.
Oh Yeah, the tape!?
I dunno about you's but by 1985 I'd had enough of all this industrial and Punk shit,and had adopted an ironic Miami Vice look,and was starting to get into easy listening. But in america, they were only just getting into this Industrial fad,and duly claimed ownership,just like they did ten years after Punk Rock had died. Richard Hells' haircut wasn't enough evidence,especially when confronted with a picture of Bowie on the cover of Space Oddity's re-released version in 1972;when RichardMeyers was still in reformed school with Verlaine,who also didn't invent symbolist poetry,and also wasn't in Quicksilver Messenger Service,which was basically Television in bad clothes. The USA did in fact invent Rock'n'Roll,but why aren't they satisfied with that?
We may have all been bored with Industrial by 1985, but 35 years later we can now appreciate the late-comers contribution ,and it seems to have come from so far back that it all sounds as thought they had invented this pop-fad after all; and in the future, with all this revisionism going around, who knows, but maybe "7 After Life" did invent it all after all?...maybe he even invented Rock'n'Roll..I dunno anymore, or, care!?


A1 Tombs Of Maya 5:41
A2 Shroud Of White Darkness 7:21
A3 Fome And Tide 4:13
A4 Hash Of Masks 6:07
A5 Cobra Dance 1:50
A6 Dresden 1945 4:05
A7 Insolation 2:15
B1 Invocation 3:07
B2 Stigma Machine 5:14
B3 Beyond Worms 4:21
B4 Chello Tango 2:18
B5 Nous Sommes Tous Sauvages 2:15
B6 Light Vector 4:31
B7 Mental Anguish Psyhic Reflex 5:31
B8 Withdrawl 3:07
B9 End 0:16


Anonymous said...

WIKKED!!! thanXXX!!!

Discipline Über Alles said...

Dresden was a warcrime. There were no military assets other than the Gestapo records or was that the target?
There were hundreds of thousands of refugees in transit heading for the train yards in an attempt to move west and escape the raping Russian mongol hordes.
It was more about a show of force to comrade Stalin who already had spies in the glorious people's republic of America working on the Manhattan project.
The RAF night bombing created a tornado of fire that sucked up all oxygen.
As for coral the earth will still be here long after manboons are bleached bones in the sand.

kevinesse said...

can''t believe you offered up your dad's book......thanks for that!

Jonny Zchivago said...

erm....Discipline Uber Alles.....interesting pseudonym you have there?...The raping mongol sound like me,except you're not joking are you?

Yeah we know it was a war crime thanks,let's call it a late equaliser on that score. My father was lucky enough to have not entered the city on the night,but he was being marched in circles to his death,until the raping mogol hordes found him unconscious in his own shit and saved his life.

Jonny Zchivago said...

Hi Kevin, indeed, its had a lot of downloads incredibly.I thought no-one would give a shit. The best part is obviously the action parts,escaping his doomed plane ,the polish prison camp, the death march etc.....I dunno if you remember but i did a post on my holiday to Brittany, where he was in prison for a few months,to spread his ashes on his crews graves,and seek out his prison cell accomodation...check it out here:

Henk Madrotter said...

Kurt Vonnegut was locked in a place for storing meat in Dresden the night they bombed it and he wrote his wonderful Slaughterhouse 5 about it, but you probably knew that already :)

Anonymous said...

"I dunno about you's but by 1985 I'd had enough of all this industrial and Punk shit,and had adopted an ironic Miami Vice look,and was starting to get into easy listening. But in america, they were only just getting into this Industrial fad,and duly claimed ownership,just like they did ten years after Punk Rock had died."

JZ please! You don't know poop about america and the Industrial fad (that never was). The Sleepcamber/John Zewizz crap is only recognized by those late-comers and revisionists, much like yourself JZ (or your tongue in cheek(?maybe?) blog persona). It was ignored in america or at least on the west coast in a way similar to what Boston punk rock was to LA punk rock. It is hard to know about something with which you weren't involved, though your aping of Trump projection tactics is amusing and very time-relevant facsion-wise.

"We may have all been bored with Industrial by 1985, but 35 years later we can now appreciate the late-comers contribution,and it seems to have come from so far back that it all sounds as thought they had invented this pop-fad after all; and in the future, with all this revisionism going around, who knows..." says the late-comer revisionist who was/is listening to this shit instead of LPD/Ed Ka-Spel and the other artists on the Elephant Table / Three Minute Symphony / Rising From The Red Sands / The Fight Is On / Devistate To Liberate / etc.... i.e. the comps that introduced these artists and this type of music to the world (which was incorrectly categorized as Industrial because it wasn't punk or post-punk and it had to have a label!). These artists presented very different sounding music from each other. Even Portion Control is on these compilations and please try to argue that the Portion Control sound is not the one that was plagiarized by the next generation(s) of "Industrial" bands who were first recognized by those who were unaware of the sounds' origin.

Thanks for posting this as it was ignored in the era of when you had to buy what you what music you wanted to hear as it was not played anywhere or given away as it is today. For free it is worth a curiosity listen. It's ok that you are a late-comer, nothing to be embarrassed about. I had the L Voag record 35 years ago, but wasn't aware of the all the "Jim Whelton/Amos/L Voag of the Homosexuals/Milk From Cheltenham ,and various buddies" other releases until I read your blog. And you made me realize the genius of This Heat that I overlooked for years. Thanks JZ, XXOO

Jonny Zchivago said...

Whoops, someone's upset.
If you think that Elephant Table / Three Minute Symphony etc introduced this music to the world then its you who don't know poop sonny.
However its well known that I can't stand the LPD's.
And it was noticed that the almost complete lack of US Industrial bands(for want of a better word),it was around 1985 that a slew of US industrial cassettes appeared,with obvious influences,and was also the beginning of US cassette last.
Yep Portion Control,the first strain of that heavy electronics stuff...well spotted. i got their first tape on here, sounds like some less silly version of Danny and the Dressmakers,but by 82 were doing similar stuff to belgian new beat rather than awful late comers skinny puppy and chums.
LPD's as far as i could see were just syd barrett fans with cheap keyboards...obviously nothing to do with Industrial music at all.
Theologically the US did give us W S Burroughs and Monte cazzaza,to provide some further substance and an ideology.
But at least you're hip to The 'heat' and Whelton,now.
Thanks for your vociferous comment, we need more of this, to justify my alledged Devil's Advocate role.

Jonny Zchivago said...

@ Henk indeed now you mention it, i recall this fact. Thanks for reminding me.Must check it out.

Henk Madrotter said...

They also made a movie out of it which was decent and at times quiet funny as was the book, funny that is the book wasn't decent the book was really fantastic :)

Very different from Come And See and Wolyn (Hatred) which are the two most in your face war movies I have seen (And Psaolini's Salo, The 120 Days Of Sodom of course :) )

Jonny Zchivago said...

I think remember seeing the film as a very late night movie,my father went to bed to avoid awkward issues.......just saw "Come and See" for the first time the other seemed to whizz by, i wanted more by the end.Didn't enjoy the cow being shot for real,but this was before the days of CGI i suppose? I hope they ate her,rather than dump her there where she lay....I like cows.

Next up...Wolyn!

Henk Madrotter said...

I actually downloaded your dad's memoirs :)

Come And See....

Story goes that they hypnotized that boy for that long last scene, I can believe it! It's amazing how he changes from a 14 year old boy into a broken old man by the end of the movie....

They did that in hundreds of villages, burning the church with the whole village in it.... Those nazi's and their collaborators seem to have enjoyed fire torture, I remember reading Guy Sajer's incredible The Forgotten Soldier, how he remembers how the SS would pour air plane fuel into Russian prisoners mouths and then let them run around with the fire coming out of their mouths, human torches....

I like cows too....

Check out WolynVolhynia (Hatred), if you can stomach it, I couldn't shake it for days, weeks even, it's about the slaughter of Polish immigrants in the Ukraine during WWII, by the local Ukrainian population, it's horrendous, especially the slaughter of little kids and the truth of what happened was even worse....

Pffff.... Was watching a docu on Al Jazeera yesterday, about the partition in India.... Western journalists who were there at the time, who were reporting from the German death camps before that said that it was way, way worse than those death camps.....

Think I need to watch some comedy or something!

Jonny Zchivago said...

The News is the comedy to watch these days mate!

Indeed I've been insode one of these churches that they torched in France...Oradour-Sur-Glane.....there was a blob of moltenn metal on the floor next to the altar...i was informed that this was the church bell, from ehn they nurntt the women and children as punishment for french resistance activity near-by in 1944.....i was pretty chocked in that museum....i repeated the visit with my new girlfriend on that same jolly holiday to repetriate my father ashes with his crew.

Hope you read my dads book....he would have loved that...he especially always had a good word to say about the Dutch, because they never forgot the scrifices made by strangers to liberate them from 'evil'?
The Franch?...he said they were "A Shower Of Shite".

Downloading Wolyn now...if i get traumatised again I'm holding you reponsible!!!!

Henk Madrotter said...

I'm reading Dmitry Medvedev's Stout Hearts now, Russian partisans in the Ukraine, it's pretty good, soon as that's finished it's your dad's book, I already saw that he was a gunner in bomber's and how that role is always overlooked Have "fun" watching Wolyn :) It starts slow but once it gets going.... Bloody bloody hell.... It's banned in the Ukraine by the way....

Jonny Zchivago said...

Wicked man!..hope you enjoy....forgeot to mention his prison camp was slap bang next door to the Russian one....lets just say, my fathers section got to play football,cricket,and had a theatre group.....the Russian part...just no food and a slow by Ukrainians. Ukraine Joe gets a lot of mentions...he was the evil bastard of the goes Wolyn.

Henk Madrotter said...

Curious what you will think about that movie :)

parmalee said...

Couldn't care less about all this Zewizz-related crap, frankly, but your dad's memoirs--thanks for that! Americans have a very different relationship to WWII than you lot, being as how we, uh, profited immensely from it. Then there's the simple fact the we Americans don't really "do" nuance, subtlety or ambiguity: our motives are always pure and good. If we bomb the crap out of an orphanage or wedding, they had it coming!

Anonymous said...

So true see the recent book on Cassette Culture by Jerry Kranitz on yr favourite label VOD it devotes. a handful of pages to the UK scene from 78 to 82 and then etc rest of the book is about Johny come lately (post 1985) US tapers that nobody ever heard of

Jonny Zchivago said...

Yeah, burn Jerry's book for the casual bourgeois record collector.
This book is the direct opposite of what cassette culture was trying to achieve. The fact that only a handfull of pages are on the UK in 78-82 is a joke...that was the scene that defined cassette culture..its like writing a book on the sixties and not mentioning the beatles!....and its on fat kraut rich boy's music for the higher income bracket.....they stole our music,and they accuse us of stealing from them when we offer MPfree versions of their
booty. All you wanna know about cassette culture is on here.....for free.

Jonny Zchivago said...

@parmalee...yep, i like how Britain got a five billion dollar LOAN..paid back in the mid 2000' fight off the worlds greatest evil,singlehandedly for a couple of years.and former Nazi Germany and imperialist Japan got masses of free cash to rebuild,while Britain was bankrupt,with rationing for well over a decade after the whole shebang ended....and still had to pay our special allie full!....while all that 5 Billion(an immense amount in 1940) was spent in the USA on weaponary and food supplies. Maybe we should just have made peace with Hitler after all and reaped the obvious benefits?...there were a few high up politicians who thought that way..Churchill's rival for PM Lord Halifax for example?

Jonny Zchivago said...

@ Henk Madrotter.....oh my fucking god!!!...i'm traumatized.I was shaking by the end of this movie (Wolyn/Hatred). Forget Cannibal Holocaust and shit like that.
I ran a gamut of emotions that left me drained.
What makes me laugh is that mankind has spent centuries inventing monsters to try and horrify us, when all we had to do was look at ourselves for the real Horror story.....the only monster needed is a mob of barely human idiots with axes and scythes coming for people like you,because you're slightly different.
Those killing scenes are probably thee most brutal thing I've ever seen in cinema......and now I'm traumatized...again....and its all your fault!!..nice one.

Anonymous said...

All this 7 from life is giving us a stain. Thanks Jonny. We love you. (Not that there's anything wrong with that).
Signed, The Anonymi