Saturday, 26 April 2014

Sun City Girls - "The Fresh Kill Of A Cape Hunting Dog" (Cloaven Cassettes 12) 1987

"We ain't gonna play sun citehhhhhhhh yeaaaaaayeahhaahhhhhh!" , so sang Little Steven and his 'right-on' rock chums sometime in the eighties, after having a problem with the mighty Queen playing the rich white man's playground in Apartheid era South Africa.
I have 2 problems with this noble political awareness single: - 1/ Queen could do anything they wanted in my eyes, as I've always admired their effrontery to good taste.This is a fine example of what art is,and should always strive to being.
and 2/, Yes we are gonna play Sun City, as in The Sun City Girls because they are brilliant, like Queen, challenging the listener to question his very existence, physically and mentally.
"The Fresh Kill of a Cape Hunting Dog" is a great sampler of the Sun City Girls colourful spectrum, from cut-ups to ambient genocide to Wagnerian trash to tropical hallucinations. This "music" was captured from a moving truck in a Sierra Vista on a cloudy day.Enjoy?!

Track Listing:

Side A:
  1. Amphitheatre of Pause
  2. Avoid the Hyenas
  3. Carri-On
  4. I Told You So
  5. Entrail-Littered Savannah
Side B:
  1. Diet-Blue Morbid Attraction Soda
  2. Ya Raitni
  3. Ajax Flood Lamp
  4. Casa Loma
  5. Poppies
  6. Nile Hilton Burning
  7. Dolores
  8. Atomic Jackals
DOWNLOAD some Fresh Kill HERE!


ROOKSBY said...

Excellent! I've been waiting for somebody to start posting SCG's cassette works, the more the merrier, rest assured I'll be DLing every last one of 'em... (cheers) :)

Jonny Zchivago said...

There's plenty to come. I didn't realise there was a dearth of SCG on the web? This explains the torrent of new traffic for these posts.