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Sun City Girls - "Hatchet Rain" - (Cloaven Cassettes - 03 ) 1987

The Sun City Girls released a skip load of records and tapes from the early eighties to the present day. The main area of interest for this site are the 23 cassettes released between 1987 and 1990, on their own "Cloaven Cassettes" imprint.
Hatchet Rain being the third such release,from 1987.
The Sun City Girls sound not too dissimilar to a lounge jazz trio who've been slipped a mickey of LSD-25 and Peyote in their cocktails at the interval, and this is the resultant performance thereafter.
This happens to be my favourite Cloaven release;full of completely unhinged improvisation, and some glorious stream of consciousness guitar vandalism.The Amuck Theory in Full Bloom a la twisted Jihad, served on a platter of chopped Goat hooves. Crystallized excerpts from the revolution of guitar, bass, and drums. A very satisfying racket,with some of the best visceral unlogick guitar abuse this side of Keiji Haino.
"Let's Just Lounge" was written by Clear Bob. "Immortal Gods" was written by Eddie Detroit. Recorded between March 1983 and November 1983.

"The Sun City Girls were an American experimental rock band, formed in 1979 in Phoenix, Arizona. From 1981 the group consisted of Alan Bishop (bass guitar, vocals), his brother Richard Bishop (guitar, piano, vocals), and the late Charles Gocher (drums, vocals). Their name was inspired by Sun City, Arizona, an Arizona retirement community. Charles Gocher died after a long battle with cancer on February 19, 2007, bringing an end to the group.[1]"

Track Listing:

Side A:
  1. Let's Just Lounge
  2. Caravan of Scars
  3. Black Tent
  4. Emuqidanse
  5. Komodo
  6. TNTNT
  7. Levitating Orchards
  8. Gun Cum
Side B:
  1. Circus Hassam
  2. Immortal Gods
  3. Trippin on Krupa
  4. El Mirage
  5. Hitman Boy
  6. Don't...
DOWNLOAD some Hatchet Rain HERE!


neilc said...

A grateful nation sings your praises. Please keep the madness coming.

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I assure you all.The madness WILL continue.