Friday, 11 April 2014

Die Tödliche Doris ‎– "Unser Debut" (Ata Tak ‎– WR 33) 1984

Another zany avant garde-ish concept from these Teutonic nutters ?
This is intended as part of an 'Invisible' album, which exists only when one plays "Unser Debut"(our debut) alongside the later LP "Sechs".
Both LPs have tracks the same length and were recorded at the same time.
If you play both records at the same time you will hear "Die 9. Unsichtbare LP" ("The 9. Invisible LP"). You sit between two turntables and then this invisible work materializes? Each Lp sounds good enough in its own right,but when played simultaneously,the invisible  album does actually take on an identity of its own.
"Sechs" will be posted next,so you can have fun splicing them together. I have a version of  "Die 9. Unsichtbare LP" already spliced if you can't be bothered, which will be included in the next post.
What does it sound like you ask? Tödliche Doris; but not as good!?
If you are new to the wonders of Doris, think minimal industrial tinged primitive avant-pop, overlaid with harsh German vocalisation, some screamed, some spoken. Mmmmmm nice?


A1 Südwestwind - The Sound Of Bells 4:45
A2 Ungerechtigkeit (Hinter Glas Oder Folie) 3:09
A3 Noch 14 Vorstellungen 4:29
A4 Nachdenken, Gedächtnis Und Gesang 6:44
A5 Auf Dem Lande b) Tatsachen 2:31
B1 Unser Debut / Dtsch.-Engl. 7:51
B2 Ungerechtigkeit II (20 Pfennig Finderlohn) 3:02
B3 Lieblingslied / Verunglückt (5) 3:25
B4 Weltkonferenz Hochalpen 7:42

DOWNLOAD Ihr Debüt(their debut) HERE!

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