Friday, 17 April 2020

Larry Wendt - "New And Slightly Used Text-Sound Compositions" (1977)

Would you buy a used Text-Sound Composition from this man?
Well,yes, but you don't have to,because in this new,and very brief caring economy that we find ourselves in due to the virus pandemic, it's free to health fact everyone,and not just for doing your job either!
Don't wanna piss on anyone's bonfire....well in fact yes I do.....but the sheer hypocrisy and condecending nature of this applauding of the state employees,and other care workers for doing what they are employed to do.Instead of actually paying them what they are worth is,...well... sickening.
Then there's that 99 year old WW2 vet who has raised 20 million quid, so far, for the NHS staff in the UK by walking round his garden 100 times.....shouldn't the Government be doing that? Then we have Kevin Bacon appearing on an advertisment for the mobile phone company for whom he is the 'face of'.....can't think of a prettier face to front your product brand can you?.....playing 'sincere Bacon',as he informs us that this very company that rips us off every week is providing FREE unlimited internet access and calls for Health Workers. Don't it just make your heart swell with pride at how wonderful us humans are when our lives are...allegedly danger.At least the Heaklth Workers have a job....there are millions unemployed who can'y afford to eat!How about raising money for them? Meanwhile Charities are going out of business.
Nothing like this support for the people we rely on to survive happened before the Virus miraculously popped into existence, and it'll be straight back to normal after this nebulous 'vaccine' appears in ten years time or so.
So, health workers, in fact everyone, in this new 'sharing' society that doesn't exist outside a crisis(Thatcher was right again!)'s my some Larry Wendt for FREE, and play track 5,"The Secrets of Life and Death", over and over again until the Virus infects itself with our simpering,self-congratulatory fakery and disappears up its own arse.If it has an arse,which is debatable because no-one is really sure if they are classifiable as 'Alive'.They don't grow, or have cells,and are simply made up of a set of genes bundled within a protective protein shell. They can't reproduce without a host cell,don't respond to stimuli,and can't make its own energy,but can adapt to their environment. The juries out,but the best that science can come up with is that they are 'Not Dead'.
"The secrets of the Dead and the Not-Dead"
Maybe its just that we humans are the real,and most lethal Virus, and as smaller viruses can in fact infect larger Viruses, this is just Mother Nature attempting to redress the balance and remove the part of the ecosystem that is endangering the existence of the whole? What more noble a gesture would it be if we sacrificed ourselves for the planet. I'm gonna start raising funds now by walking up and down my staircase for the noble nature saving cause of mass de-population...I got Bill Gates onside anyway.
But,you can't actually Kill a Virus,as it's barely 'alive'.One can only stop it from maybe that's the answer to this human infection.....mass sterilization,or a more deadly Virus...Covid20.We are "Lost Among Dead Viruses"
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I'm not hearing any applause!!!???


A1 Annabelle's Song
A2 Adaba
A3 How to Cook A Duck
A4 Lost Among Dead Giants
A5 The Secrets of Life and Death
B1 I'm Back
B2 Spiral
B3 In The Beginning Was The Whale
B4 The Spring
B5 There

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John said...

Thanks so much for these! I've been obsessed with the tape Wendt made with fellow sound-poets Ernest and Marion Robson since I got it off Mutant Sounds years ago, featuring the should-be classic "Seventeen Noises In The Testicles Of An Old Giant".

Shug Hanlan said...

Only 17! Still, I need to hear them.

Jonny Zchivago said...

I was only aware of 13, or an even bakers dozen's worth of noises in my own giant testicles.... i'll work on getting a few more,then record them on a cassette and get it on that new Mutant Sounds radio show.