Tuesday, 25 November 2014

This Heat - "Live in Zurich 15.04.82" (Live Bootleg) 1982

Sorry about the lack of posts of late,we're just getting over the death of a close family member,so not really into preparing files etc. But,i had managed to edit this before that hammer blow. How about more live This Heat?
Dug up from his extensive live tape library, Shiva Descending has found a This Heat tape I haven't heard before! This is another from the last tour,sans Gareth Williams, in 1982. This time in Zurich, and probably broadcast on radio,which would explain the FM bit in the title. Certainly sounds like it was recorded from the radio,for it be of a fairly high standard of stereo fidelity. The set list is exactly the same as the Hamburg gig from the previous week in 1982.
The highlights include an extended 'Twilight Furniture' with improvised section, and maybe the best version of 'Greenfingers'? Dunno if I want any This Heat played at my funeral?Such a fine body of work deserves to be played in full. Although Camberwell Now's “Know How” makes the death list short list, followed by,maybe kiddie Fiddler, Roy Harper's, “When an Old Cricketer Leaves The Crease”,then two tunes that sum me up nicely,"(People laugh at me)cuz I like Weird Music" by the Instant Automatons,and to finish on a lighter note,"Part-Time Punks" by the TV Personalities". But now I've gotta compile four tunes for Sanny's funeral......that ain't an easy task,choosing from the near perfect canon's of PiL(mark one), Joy Division, and The Fall? (How 'bout 'Death Disco' ,'Dead Souls' and 'Bill is dead'?) Please feel free to leave your own funeral lists in the comments section.When This Heat died I don't think music ever recovered? 1982/3 being a water shed epoch for the end of the mid to late twentieth century renaissance.(i.e. it was all downhill from there,still descending today)
I digress, ladies and gentlemen,I give you the fantastic This Heat in Zurich, 1982.

Track Listing:

01 Greenfingers 
03 Working Night
04 Makeshift Swahili
05 Twilight Furniture
06 Music Like Escaping Gas
07 A New Kind Of Water
08 Cenotaph

Wednesday, 12 November 2014

Throbbing Gristle with Albrecht/d. ‎– "Music From The Death Factory" (Kinky Beaux Arts) 1976

More pre '77, pre Sleazy, noodlings from a pre-pubescent Throbbing Gristle, plus German Arty type , Albrecht ,D. What the D stands for I could search on the internet, probably Devilishy Artistic, or some other unassuming reference to his genius that would make even Oscar Wilde blush. Albrecht's role is restricted to twiddling a few knobs here and there; especially with Genesis,P,(what does the 'P' stand for?Answers on an envelope,and you get 'Nil Points' for Penis!) in attendance;I shudder to think which 'Knob' was twiddled the most. The main thing that G P.O whips out here, is his Violin, a talent learnt in his public school days, and when fed through our German Artist pal's effects box it seems that Pater never wasted his money. The German connection doesn't end there,as this sounds uncannily like some undiscovered Krautrock out-take, mainly Kluster's back catalogue of out-takes,compressed onto one C-60. Pretty interesting noodlings at that, but this amounts to nothing more than a jam session with a Roland Space Echo. What they needed at this point in their gestation, was Peter Christopherson to give them some much needed focus.


A  Untitled
B  Untitled


Recorded live on the 30th July 1976

Tuesday, 11 November 2014

Throbbing Gristle - "Best Of....Volume II" (Industrial records IRC 1) 1979

Originally released in 1976 in an edition of approximately 50 copies, this is from the more commonly available re-released from 1979.A ruthlessly edited digitally remastered version was released as “The First Annual report of Throbbing Gristle”;but if you want the original, long, muddy cassette hissed fuzzy version, download it ,and revel in the Smog of the original release. It contains the definitive version of “We HateYou Little Girls”, a few highlights from the inaugural TG gig at the ICA,and some tracks unique to this tape. This is how Industrial music should sound, drowning in its own murky sewage under fathoms of polluted water.

Track Listing:

Side One
1) Very Friendly (Studio) 11:06
2) Very Friendly (ICA) 4:01
3) Scars Of E (Studio) 5:28
4) Slug Bait (Studio) 4:41
5) Short Instrumental (Studio) 3:28

Side Two
1) Slug Bait (ICA)  4:19
2) 10p For A Pack Of Cigarettes (Studio)  2:58
3) We Hate You Little Girls (Studio)  2:03
4) Dead Hed (ICA) [MP3] 4:03
5) Dead Head (Winchester) 1:29
6) Whortle Of Sound (Winchester)13:17
7) The End (ICA) 1:28

DOWNLOAD the second best of TG HERE!
DOWNLOAD the second best way HERE!

Monday, 10 November 2014

Throbbing Gristle - "Best Of....Volume 1" (Industrial Records IRC 0) 1979

Catalogue number ZERO???
In fact the ironically titled,"Best of ...Volume 1", was never listed in the Industrial records catalogue at all;which began with ,the ironically titled,“Best Of.....Volume II”?! These mono recordings were made early in the evolution of TG (early 1975), a primaeval soup out of which would crawl the first air breathing Industrial group a year later.(Or was it Cabaret Voltaire?) Early versions of 'Very Friendly' and 'We Hate You Little Girls' can be found here along with a variety of improvised material,pointing towards the future TG formula that would launch a million less inspired sound-alikes.
Believed by some not to exist at all(wrong),these are the Earliest recordings by Throbbing Gristle.Only a handful were made initially,and distributed to 'friends' in 1976.Then, made slightly more available in 1979 on Industrial records.

I attempted to edit this into tracks,but gave up at the shear scale of the task,just to identify where one track ends and another starts. I retrieved the track listing from might be correct, it most probably is not. It works fine as two pieces of continuous non-music,so one has opted for that option. Feel free to have a go yourselves?

Track Listing:

Side One


1) Untitled 1 1:13

2) Untitled 2 2:24

3) Untitled 3 0:56

4) Untitled 4 1:45

5) Untitled 5 15:37

6) Untitled 6 1:45

7) Untitled 7 1:13

8) Untitled 8 3:06

9) Untitled 9 1:13

10) Untitled 10 1:01

11) Untitled 11 9:09

12) Untitled 12 (with vocals)6:39

13) Untitled 13 0:27

Side Two


1) Untitled 14 1:00

2) Untitled 15 0:40

3) Untitled 16 10:30

4) Untitled 17 1:13

5) Very Friendly (Part 1) 11:55

6) Very Friendly (Part 2) 10:13

7) We Hate You Little Girls (ver. 1)2:47

8) We Hate You Little Girls (ver. 2)2:50

9) American Magician Talking 1:01

10) Neil Young - New Mama / Look Out Joe 2:59

notes: "All material previously unreleased. This

: tape was originally hand copied and sent to friends"

: Incorrectly marked as a C60 on the tape linear notes.

: The second last track on the tape is a recording

: of an American magician explaining a trick.

: The last track is a very distorted recording of two

: Neil Young songs - 'New Mama' starts, then is restarted

: and runs into 'Look Out Joe' - the recordings is taken

: from Young's 1975 album 'Tonight's The Night'

Saturday, 8 November 2014

Agony For Pleasure - "Complete Agony" (Die or DIY? Compilation) 2014

To continue the long and continuing saga of underground legend,Stephen Surreal; we have the post 1986 revival of Agony For Pleasure ,which released many cassettes,from which one has compiled this joyful “Best of” compilation. A wonderful celebration of Hopelessness which you can relax to of an evening, after a hard days slave labour at your shit job. Come home to your neurotic life partner, kids who ignore you, then slip on 'Ambient Nightmare' and drift back to the days when entertainment reflected real life. Sip on your cup of hot steamy Horlicks (not 'whore licks', its a hideous bedtime beverage popular in the UK in the 70's), and lose yourself in this distorted nightmare,knowing that all you have to look forward to is eternal oblivion.
The K-Tel advert that never happened! This is definitely not available in shops, fuck that! Burn the shops down and reclaim the streets before its oblivion time!

Track Listing:(

14 N.U.K.O

Friday, 7 November 2014

Unune - "S.K.U.M. (1976/1986)" (private release)

Unune is a household name in the Industrial world? Is it not? No? This is a shit answer, because this music/non-music is some of the best real estate in this much abused brown field site. It relies on power, not by beaming unlistenable noise in your direction for too long, but by hanging the noise in space, allowing it to breathe. Doesn’t try to shock for the sake of SHOCK value, inhabiting the much neglected no-mans land of hopelessness and mental illness,ness. A kind of early SPK without the please notice me angle.A slow tumbling noise, like a relentless mudslide of reality, a sodden slagheap crumbling towards a school,a sound-scrape of a disenfranchised population trapped in a derelict sink estate. Its that good?
S.K.U.M is a collection of the first ten years of Stephen Surreal's long career of sonic abuse,from 1976 to 1986. And he's still doing it today! (check out “Despondence”, on Year Zero Records).

I'll let Mr Surreal give you the backdrop to the SKUM story in his own poetic words:

"'S.K.U.M' came about around 1979,I indicate that,as although only 15,I found it enjoyable standing on a stage making strange noises & screaming at people (nobody else had even dared do anything akin in the far reaches of the Scottish West Highlands,to the extent - at the age 16,visiting,then living in Oban,the overbearing mainly catholic & still prominent God squad would 'show the sign of the cross' then take a detour to avoid me in the street) - highly amusing.
Built my first 'synthesizer' aged 12,using an early electronics kit & things scavenged from the local dump,slowly starting making things like distortion boxes from old valve amps,microphones from inverted speakers & possibly the only thing I still have 'pride' for - getting hold of 4 recordable 8 track cartridge players,inserting a single loop into each cartridge,recording sound and using all the track buttons as a rather difficult keyboard.
Phew ...
So - around '78 I had started using 2 old stereo cassette recorders in the Cabs fashion to 'create' albeit badly sounding multi layered tracks - there were no 'official' releases - just given to friends etc,until moving back down to England in '87 - although that's when the reversion to my 'agony for pleasure' thing,that I'd tagged my little releases with previously, became the name,due to finding the albeit brief 'skum genre' had similar attributes to what I was doing. END!"

DOWNLOAD this classic scum HERE!

Thursday, 6 November 2014

Richard H. Kirk - "Vietsong" (unofficial release) 1976(?)

We have James T. Kirk, Jesus H. Christ, and of course, Richard H. Kirk. Is he(RHK) a combination of these two world icons, or are they the result of Richard H being beamed up and split into representations of good and evil; James T. Kirk being the good one of course!
Frankly this dilemma is beyond my frail intellect to decipher,so we'll stick to the music not the man,or men.
“Vietsong parts one and two” are very early solo outings for the bloke who played that echoey guitar in Cabaret Voltaire. Allegedly recorded in 1976 ,it sounds Voltaire? Lots of swirly synthesiser kit noises,short wave radio dialogue cut-ups,and plenty of WatkinsCopycat echo* set to maximum feedback.
Very rare,and provided for your predilection by the remarkable Shivadescending. We thank you.

*The cheap British version of the Echoplex tape echo and precursor to the Roland Space echo.

Track Listing:

1. Vietsong part one
2. Vietsong part two

Monday, 3 November 2014

Throbbing Gristle ‎– "Alien Soundtracks(Radio Special)" (unofficial release) 1981

Here we have a two hour Canadian Radio Throbbing Gristle special from 1981. A veritable greatest hits package interspersed with dated TG for beginners banter between the two Schlock Jocks (Alex Douglas and Peter Morer)on the “Alien Soundtracks” show based in Vancouver BC.
As radio waves travel at the speed of light,this will have travelled 33 light years by now, reaching Exoplanet UCF 1.01. So these really would be Alien Soundtracks if any lifeform out there has a radio antenna, tuned to 102.7FM, pointing towards Earth.
Nevertheless an interesting selection of Live and studio material, that appeals to TG veterans and TG virgins. Jesus, this sounds like a Ronco advert; but at least this gives me a once in a lifetime opportunity to say.....”Not available in shops!”.......but it is available here. Thankfully not by Ronco or K-Tel,but by Die or DIY?

Thanks again to Mr Shivadescending.

(fittingly this is post number 666 on Die or DIY?2)!


A Radio Special (parts 1&2)
B Alien Soundtracks (Parts 3&4)

DOWNLOAD before exoplanet UCF 1.01 hears it HERE!

Sunday, 2 November 2014

Throbbing Gristle - "IRC A & IRC B (Radio Interview parts 1&2)" Industrial Records 1980

Here's the incredibly rare Throbbing Gristle Interview Tapes,up until now missing from the Die or DIY? TG“24 Hours” box set post. Provided for us by that nice gentleman Mr Shivadescending.
Tape A starts with a John Cooper Clark number (?),dunno about that?then we get Gen talking in his best telephone voice about being misrepresented in the press, and ending up bessie mates(best buddies) with a gutter journalist,interspersed with a few TG hits. Like the records, there's no laughs here,just very serious conceptual explanations, Tangerine Dream liking admissions,and lots of Genesis pronunciating hhhhhis words correctly in that permanently adolescent timbre we all know and love.

Tape B starts with that computer digital noise one used to hear when your Spectrum ZX was loading Donkey Kong,and later became that Drill'n'Bass stuff that Squarepusher made in the 90's. Then its “United” for the second time in two tapes! Carter talks about how certain sound frequencies can open yer bowels and stuff; a talent perfected earlier by that bloke in Hawkwind, who could target individuals in the audience at will. They go on to liken Muzak to atomic energy, swap anecdotes about our cool mate Billy Burroughs, hear the Velvet Underground do the Wedding Present,quaint predictions of future technology and plenty more explanations.
The thing about the wide rock'n'roll era of popular culture is the need of explanations; and the need for the artist to explain their work rather than understand it, or feel it, for yourselves. Its has the same effect on art as the pocket calculator had on maths. You get the answer, but without the workings and ,more importantly, the effort. A parable for our totally fucked up,lost times. Rule 1, “Don't Explain Yourself To Anyone”, what is life without mystery? Would anybody give a fuck about the JFK assassination if we knew who did it, unexplained phenomena are the greatest art of all,and the most subversive.

Track Listing:

Side 1 - 43:17
Side 2 - 23:23
Side 1 - 42:40
Side 2 - 43:04


Saturday, 1 November 2014

Prutsers - "Volume 1" - (Year Zero Records YEAR016) 2012

Prutsers recorded in the living room from Jan in Rotterdam between 1983 and 1987. This is classic and hopelessly obscure DIY, intended only for the ears of those close enough to get a free cassette copy, and essentially lacking in any ambitions to get anywhere in the rock and pop treadmill.
They sound rather like  the motherless sons of The Residents and an Oompah band. Obscure Inspired Insanity at its most obscure and inspired.
Especially fine are the cover versions of rock and pop standards, which firmly put those upstarts in their place, and then piss on their smoking entrails.

Henk Madrotter explains the Prutsers Raison d`etre....."we used any kind of instrument we could get our hands on, kids toys and sometimes a commodore 64, mostly recorded with a mic to a cassette recorder with the "ping pong" method and later with a 4 track cassette recorder.... we did weird covers and we also did covers as cheesy as possible and lots of our own songs in all kinds of styles depending our mood and who ever was there for recording, but mostly it was me, jan, patrick and robo."
He continues on the tenuous subject of influences!!!!....."most of us came out of the old Rotterdam punk scene and we were heavy influenced by bands like snakefinger, einsturzende neubauten, this heat, throbbing gristle, the whole neue welle you name it. We made music on any instrument we could get our hands on and the cassettes that we made, we never sold them but plenty of people were copying them."


Track Listing:
1   Countdown
2   Nice`n`Sleazy  (mp3)
3   Love in the old Fashioned Way
4   Tijdens de Ramadan Geen Alcohol
5   My Generation
6   Ik Dank U Allen
7   Wir Gehan Kaputt
8   Speedking(mp3)
9   De Chinese Thee
10 Een Goed Ontwikkelde Baby
11 De Tekst is Nog Niet
12 Eens Gaan wij Verrot
13 Helter Skelter
14 Woordjes
15 Ochtend Humeur
16 Martha
17 Hopelessly Devoted To You
18 Ben Ik Het Monster Uit Jouw Drome.


Des Duyvels Doedelsack -"Het Duizelt De Staketsels & Snerpt Door De Kathedralen, Het Ruisen Der Vleesch" (Pidoewa P1/P2/P3 , 1983)

More classic post punk, communal free form improvisation from Hans Boogmans and chums. Three c-60`s in one lovely package released on their own Pidoewa label.
This is the Netherlands answer to Danny and the Dressmakers` 4 and a half hour long rock opera, "200 Cancellations", which was also a three Cassette release; although the Dressmakers were far more serious about their music than these fellows were. Which is probably why Hans commited suicide in 1998.

DOWNLOAD het duizelt de staketsels (P1)HERE!DOWNLOAD snerpt door de kathedralen (P2) HERE!DOWNLOAD het ruisen der vleesch(P3) HERE!

Friday, 31 October 2014

Des Duyvels Doedelsack - "De Brug Der Zuchten" (Pidoewa Cassettes P7) 1983

Those liberal layabouts from the Benelux countries also get high marks when it comes to understanding and producing good clued up product fit for your record players.
Hans 'Boogieman' Boogmans, Anthony Blokdijk and friends, recorded lots of improvised post-punk stylings in and around Den Haag, Holland, between 1982 and 1984.Pretty typical commune dwelling type free rock, framed by a lack of technical ability. Some would call this "Hippie Music", and I can`t disagree;but hippie doesn`t always mean fake peace and love, sexual repression of women, lazy middle class dropouts, soap dodgers,(this list could go on).....etc.
Lots of hippie culture was punk as fuck, and an awful lot of punk was more hippie than hippie (Crass and their legion of washed out black clad clones).
On continental Europe, the hippie stuck around, and Punk Rock was generally absorbed into this smelly morass(no matter what the European "punks" tell you) so change never really filtered through in the rock world; although euro-electronics were a different matter entirely. This tape is a prime example of the resulting cross fertilisation; and an intriguing mess it is too.
We love hippies really.


A1 Neem Me Mee
A2 Als De Zon Ondergaat
A3 Buiten Spelen
A4 Improvisatie Nr Twee
A5 Het Licht Van De Maan
A6 La La La
B1 Praagse Lente
B2 De Gorillaas
B3 In Jou Wit Met Gele Keuken
B4 Macaroni
B5 Warm En Zacht
B6 Pippi Langkous

DOWNLOAD  sound of dutch commune dwelling HERE!

Thursday, 30 October 2014

Various Artists ‎– "Kassettentäter Vol.2 - Deutscher-Kassetten-Untergrund 1980-1983"

Unlike France, our old chums in Germany sure know how to this modern music thing. Not having once visited the place, I cannot spew the same vitriol I have for the country I am trapped in.Even though,my Father was force marched in circles there at gun point by the Volksturm,and witnessed the Dresden bombing atrocity at first hand, I cannot hold anything but affection for Germans.Yes, they have the worst table manners of any nation state,and the dress sense of an Albanian with a Versace voucher, I quite like their tortured arrogance. One of my German acquaintances once ,like Harry Enfields character Jurgen the German, apologised to me for his country's conduct during the war (no joke!).

Kassettentäter vol. 2 reveals one of the favourite German pastimes (resists war reference),mucking about with technology. A panzer full of synths , like a squadron of Stuka's ,dive bombing their lo-fi analogue beauty onto a Telefunken cassette deck loaded with a BASF ferric C-60.(sorry, I couldn't resist ,”I mentioned it once but I think I got away with it!”). The result is a clutch of a bizarre, fuzzy,minimal tunes straight from some murky U-Bahn to Kassette Himmel.

Apology's for my German,it was all learnt from the hundreds of War magazines my father bought me as a child,so its pretty limited.This is why I was always the German when we played War games as a kid........well they had the best uniforms didn't they; designed by Hugo Boss. Sartorially, all downhill from there I’m afraid.

(Check out Volume 1 Here!)


A1 Vexierende Textur Industrie-Tanz
A2 Bill Bo Plitsch Platsch
A3 Frauen Von Avignon Meine Liebe Mit Den Gelben Haaren
A4 Hans Kim + Die Schwarze Hand Moped Fahren
A5 Inex Tremis Kukuxklan
A6 Bodenpersonal Tote Räume
A7 Die Unerträglichen Zerstörung
B1 Tic, Tric & Trac Bewustseinstörung
B2 Heute Kinder Der Ohnmacht
B3 Kanalwasserspaziergänger Turbo (Formel1)
B4 Treibeis Vinylbabies (Die Telefonpüppchen)
B5 Ich Letzte Gedanken
B6 Säurekeller Amerika Führt Krieg

DOWNLOAD der ubermensch of the untergrund HERE!

Wednesday, 29 October 2014

Various Artists ‎– "Skydog Commando" (Skydog ‎– SGSC 0018) 1978

To keep up the tentative French theme I was going to post a Zoviet france tape,"Garista"; but i remember them throwing a geordie hissy fit the last time I posted their stuff.This is a rare thing, with only Psyclones,Dog As Master,Noh Mercy,and Crawling Chaos,whinging about it(all americans,with a little 'a'and geordies with a little 'g' I notice!).
You can check out what that prick from the awful crawling chaos(two little 'c's) has to say about me here!
As Zoviet France are banned from the free publicity of try before you buy, from bands you haven't heard of,thanks to this blog.I will have to stoop to this fine example of French cluelessness when it comes to La Musique Moderne.
Please excuse my thinly veiled venom ce soir,especially if you are French (they can't help it y'know);but i'm feeling particularly bitter and twisted and I wanna vent it,because I can....and France is the victim.

Yup, I live in France.A land with a great past of great military defeats,boring unadventurous food, bland dress sense, and pubs that look like train station waiting rooms. Then rock'n'roll happened and it was downhill from there!

A place such as this, with entrenched behavioural patterns,where the cops don't work between 12 and 2pm, where the shops shut just when you need them,and no-one ever leaves their region, never mind the country. Got left standing by “les Anglo-Saxons” at the starting line, with Johnny Halliday (who every Frenchman thinks is a Global Megastar,and even he is now Belgian!?) their only incredibly naff contribution. A population who are obsessed with apple based desserts,chocolate flavoured everything, and tuck their sweaters into their trouser tops,tightly tethered by a shiny belt, could not compete. The language didn't fit into a standard rock song,with its monotonous one note delivery, and over syllabled spittle scattering words. France is famous for its cheeses, of which it proudly boasts of 500 plus varieties, of which French Pop music is one. The post 1956 era was about modernisation,from film, to music,to food; the French can't see why something as perfect as frenchness needs to be modernised or even changed at all. I can think of a thousand reasons,and I can't wait to get out of this creative cul de sac(literal translation 'arse of the bag') of a has been land.

There, of course ,were some good Frog ,I like Stinky Toys anyway.

This compilation of French 'Punk Rock', is a fairly standard example of how they usually find a way of making anything from the modern world sound fairly atrocious. Lets face it, they made a better attempt at Punk Rock than they did any other genre from the modern idiom of Pop, especially Reggae (They still think Bob Marley is alive and serving Ratatouille in some shit provincial restaurant, that thinks its food is the best in the world, like all of them do.)

Its a uninspiring serving (Like in their deluded restaurants), of weedy pub rock, retro-rock'n'roll,Schlager and swarthy,anaemic punk-a-like bands,in loafers, and C&A leather jackets, with tassles. The French's inability to shout without sounding like a cheese grater on your teeth, is also a big drawback in the world of Punk rock;and are arrogant enough to claim inventing the genre,they did after all contribute he typically pretentious nonsense that is Situationism into the mix

Yes, I hate this crap country, but there is something charming about the music on this compilation; like watching your children playing a instrument in the school symphony orchestra. Ah Diddums, bless their little white stockinged feet,and their rancid B.O. Problem (who says racial stereotypes aren't true?).

I do have some sympathy for them, even though they laugh and point at every other country, race, and disability , but cannot take any joke about themselves in return. Arrogant to the point of self-deifying, they are human too.....even though they think Napoleon is a national hero(Hitler mark 1 or what?), and enthusiastically collaborated in the Holocaust; you gotta be glad that this place is around. If only to show everyone else how NOT to do it. One of the greatest living museums on the planet. And this record is a fine example of one of its exhibits.


A1 Rockin' Rebels Water Wheel 2:37
A2 Puravida The Last Night 3:08
A3 Electric Callas Kill Me Two Times 4:10
A4 Calcinator Electrifié 2:00
A5 Asphalt Jungle Money 2:55
B1 Dogs Here Comes My Baby 1:58
B2 Kalfon Rock Chaud Camion 3:05
B3 Controle Depression 4:32
B4 Lou's Back In The Street 2:32
B5 Scooters Hygiène 3:40

Tuesday, 28 October 2014

O'Nancy In French ‎– "O'Nancy In French" (AQM ‎– AQM104) 1984

Like my mother used to pick which Race Horse to bet on by virtue of its name, and what possible family connection it could have.I was drawn to this cassette because my Daughter is called Nancy, and she is a French Speaking Brit in France (Check her blog and do me a favour and leave some encouraging comment,without mentioning me please?). So , as my mother always won on the horses, it was no surprise when this tape turned out to be fantastic!
O' the beautiful noise that is scraping steel, feedbacking rice storage containers,and Oil Drums! As if played by a sabre toothed violin bow,these everyday objects emit a wild variety of sustainable grating tones only previously available from a Cello with razor wire for strings. Imagine the rim of a giant wine glass rubbed by a giant calloused finger,then feed the resulting racket through a distortion unit; what a party trick that could have been.
The bizarrely named, O'Nancy in French, are in fact Japanese duo Yasunori Taniguchi, and Katzu Mizumachi, under the LAFMS auspices of John Duncan in the producers chair. They appeared a few times on other John Duncan related releases,but never again as O'Nancy in French!? Leave 'em wanting more I suppose, as the old showbiz saying goes?


A Untitled
B Untitled

DOWNLOAD thankfully not in fucking french HERE!