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Various Artists - "Where The Hell Is Leicester?" (S+T Records STAB 1,1981)

1 Leicester 44 37 96
2 Burnley 44 34 89
3 Derby 44 30 81
4 QPR 44 15 76
5 Wigan 43 15 70
6 Reading 44 12 67
7 Brighton 44 12 66
8 Nottm Forest 44 7 65
As I type this, my Favourite Football team, the magnificent Leicester City FC, are seconds away from claiming the Championship Trophy, following their well deserved promotion to the English Premier League.
As a Football club, Leicester have a lot in common with the DIY music genre, like; Lack of Ambition, working on a minuscule budget, poor skills made up for by honest passion, all played out in front of a small but fanatical audience.
Unlike DIY music, following Leicester City is not a choice,as this is the place of my birth.Choosing to support Man United,would be like buying One Direction singles above a Danny and the Dressmakers cassette,just a no-brainer!?
Especially now that Man United will never win the Premership for at least another twenty years!
YEEEEEEEESSSSSSSS!......its full time, Bolton 0 - 1 Leicester!
We are the champions.......and as you can see from the handy table above, local rivals Derby are stranded in the play-offs, and the reprehensible Forest are doomed to stay in the Championship for alllll eternity...Pleease!?

Therefore, I will now dedicate the following days to Bands/artists from this fair city, as a celebration.Starting with the legendary "Where the Hell is Leicester Compilation from 1981.

(Note for Americans: Football = Soccer, and Leicester is pronounced - Less- ster, not, Lie - cest - er!)

At the time of this compilation lp,Terry 'the housewives favourite Radio 2 DJ' Wogan's current running joke was........ ,and it is hilarious, that nobody knew where Leicester was! As with most 'jokes' there is a certain element of truth involved in this, as most people don't really know where it is,and they all think we (yes i am from Leicester,and i know where it is), speak with a Birmingham accent(the brummy accent stops after Coventry at the end of the M69 ,and before Hinckley). Hence the title of this record.
Leicester always had a thriving music scene, producing such greats(*I'm being ironic here) as Family, Kasabian*, Yeah Yeah Noh, Prolapse, Gaye Bikers On Acid, Crazyhead, Volcano The Bear, Bomb Party, Basement Jaxx, Englebert Humperdinck, Scouts of Uzbekistan, and the greatest of the lot, Showaddywaddy. Also represented on this comp are the groops on the edge of it all, including DIY legends, The Deep Freeze Mice; who even feature on the annoyingly trainspottery Nurse With Wound list. But i am mystified at the absence of anything from cassette legends The Midnight Circus ( see previous post of Angst In My Pants)and,or, The Barron Balls!. Not quite in the league of the two Manchester compilations posted earlier,but it has its moments, like the 'Modern Living' track, and Ronnie Slicker and The Banditz,etc.

"Where the Hell is Leicester?" the facking Premier League Mate!

Track Listing:

The Danceable Solution - You Don't Know My Name
Tribal Games - Plastic Jah
Amber Squad - Six Of Me
Deep Freeze Mice - Minstrel Radio Yoghurt
Ronnie Slicker & The Banditz - Disco Music
Mental Notes - Is He Such A Fool?
The Silent - Ambition
Modern Living - Drink Is A Drug
Last Resort - Stepping On The Cracks
Observers - Crisis
New Age - Can't Get In
Future Toys - R.C.U.


Subway Sect - "We Oppose All Rock & Roll" 1976 - 1980 (Overground Records) 1995

“No Elvis, No Beatles, No Rolling Stones”, slurred diplomat’s son and ex-public school boy Joseph Mellor. The Clash wanted to destroy rock’s history book by rock??
The Pistols wanted to do the same by becoming rock clichés and playing a more sneery version of heavy metal.
"We oppose all Rock'n'Roll".......except our version of it
Now, the Subway Sect, there’s yer proper reactionaries. No white Gibson Les Pauls for them, they went for those weedy fenders that no-one wanted, mustangs, jaguars,and jazzmasters. No designer gear, they preferred grey jumpers and slacks. They seemed to have the necessary lack of ambition also to reject the chart bound treadmill of their contemporaries. Recorded an album, but never released it, the ultimate adherence to N.Senada’s theory of obscurity as per the Residents “Not Available” album; except that this really wasn’t available, and still isn’t.
Their rejection of the butch world of punk orthodoxy makes them more punk rock than the punk rock of their supposed superiors in the genre. Rotten would absolve himself with the beyond great PiL, but the rest of the hierarchy would become part of the rock royal family that they pretended to despise.
The Sects greatest legacy, I hesitate to suggest, is laying the foundations of Indie pop; but maybe that was the real punk music,.......that is, without the rock bit. Also showing the budding cassette underground the right attitude; the lack of ambition, the non-rock poses, the weedy guitar sound. A sound that created as many DIY hero’s as did the Pistols myth.
Vic Goddard went on to make some real shit records in the 80’s. Especially the northern soul stuff. Then again i do have a problem with the wigan casino crowd, as I grew up surrounded by these Soul Boys(or Arse'ole Boys). And being the only weirdo on my street I got plenty of shit. One of my mates jumped ship from Punk to Northern Soul in 1978, saying that it(punk rock) ,had gone commercial(?). This was good ‘cus he sold me all his records for very little dosh, haha! Pretty soon he was the butt of the jokes when he wore his 100 inch flares(not joking here!) to school; Oh the ridicule, it really looked like he was wearing a skirt, at least a calotte! What a Tit!

Monday, 21 April 2014

Various artists - "Scaling Triangles" (Eustone Music ASN1) 1981

A compilation of female fronted bands included here mainly for the inclusion of The Petticoats three tracks; which are the studio versions of the tracks she recorded for her solitary Peel Session from 1980. Naturally its great stuff,especially the bits where her German accent breaks through.
Sorry for the lack of in depth analysis, but Its late,and i'm knackered, but......
The other artists involved are of the minimal electronic variety,and are pretty good in their own right.
In all, another classic UK DIY compilation you should own mp3's of.

Track Listing:
A1 Petticoats Paranoia
A2 Petticoats Dreams
A3 Petticoats    Life - No
A4 Sole Sister Waterfall
A5 Sole Sister Learner Driver
B1 Sub Verse Still Friends
B2 Sub Verse Science Of Fear
B3 Sub Verse Chance Romance
B4 Sole Sister It's Not What You Are But How

DOWNLOAD some Scaling Triangles HERE!

The Petticoats - "Peel Session 15/10/1980"

Now I realise that the caps lock was on, I will remove it, and marvel at the three tracks that were broadcast twice,and then lost forever in the vast vaults of the magnificent BBC archives. The sound quality is not hi-fi standard, but that was never the objective of Stef petticoats' solo band anyway.
She plays all the instruments, which is probably why she only managed three tracks in a day at Maida Vale Studios.
And to further enlighten you all to the mechanisations of Stef's brain, there now follows an interview with said lady, that she gave to No in 2008:

What's your favourite punk rock song?
There are so many! I cannot decide. I think Patti Smith's Free Money was the first who blew my mind. Then The Sex Pistols, Ramones, Fall, Au Pairs, ATV, etc.

Can you tell me about any interest from major record labels?
Nothing received.

What did your family think of your records?
They were happy for me but at the same time worried over my financial future. Rightly so!

Is the world ready for a Petticoats revival?
Some people tell me yes, but I don't believe in a revival. I am surprised though, about the amount of fans I have, especially in the USA.

Who do you listen to, musically?
A wide variety of music, old punk stuff - I love my old John Peel tapes, old soul, Amy Winehouse, indie stuff like Times New Viking, The Gossip, newer Women's music like Le Tigre, etc., swing.

Are any of your old records still available?
The Petticoats single is. I am currently selling them to various record shops and individual people. A few Scaling Triangles are also around.

Will you gig again?
I sing in a soul choir and have gigs with them. I hope to do the occasional gig with my last band 69 Lies.

Do you remember the Androids of Mu? Are you still in touch with anyone from the band?
I do remember them. Their singer Corrina had the idea of the Making Waves compilation. I have lost contact with them.

Check out Stef's Website Here!

Track Listing:

1 Paranoia
2 Dreams
3 Life/No

DOWNLOAD peel yer Petticoat session HERE!

The Petticoats - "The Petticoats" (Bla Bla Bla Records 01`) 1980

A DIY classic recorded at the mecca of 'weird noise', Street Level. Its doesn't say if Grant Showbiz or Kif Kif were at the controls, but its sounds like they were for these three B-sides of sublime year zero pop. German bird,Stef Petticoat plays all the instruments, Mike Oldfield style, and manages to sound uncannily like a proudly untutored group of strangers. The ease in which she totally de-prog's the Who's rock opera classic, 'I'm Free', is beyond admiration; in which you can actually believe that she is Free, as in free from the manacles of rock cliché. ( I never really believed Daltrey when he screeched the same words in Tommy). Also looking at the photo's, she seems to be a bit of a Nutjob, which I like, if genuine.So often they turn out to be University Lecturers or something even more Terrible.( Did you know Genesis P.Orridge was some kind of University Lecturer in History, before TG!...shocking huh?)Link

DOWNLOAD and be Free HERE!

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Warsaw Pakt - " I'll See You In Court" ( self release cassette) 1979

Pub Rock was a very satisfying early flowering of the DIY ethic. If you didn't like Led Zep, Mike Oldfield, or ELP in the mid-seventies you had no option but to do it yourself, if you like high octane unpretentious R'n'R.
Some reckon that Warsaw Pakt were a punk rock combo, but I don't hear that on this high speed amphetamine fuelled collection of studio demo's and out-takes from their fantastic 'Needle Time' LP from 1977.(Which got in the charts for one week before inexplicably being deleted by Island after selling 5000 copies in a few days(Mmmmm the 'Entertainment Industry'????).I assume they were still contractually obliged to Island in 1979,who refused to issue any more stuff from the group,so they released it themselves, hence the title?
Record companies?Fuck the lot of 'em!
Even Money
Sick N' Tired
Fast Eddie
Breast Beating (More Like A Man)
Believe Me Honey
Cut Glass Jaw
Safe & Warm

DOWNLOAD and i'll see you in court HERE!

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Various Artists - "Come and get yer Punk in Woolworths" (a Die or DIY? mixtape#5) 2013

Now, this isn't the first "Fake Punk" compilation ever. That honour goes to "The Great Rock'n'Roll Swindle" soundtrack,but even that pile of exploitative shite contained at least one absolute classic in the live "Belsen Was a Gas";thanks mainly to the 2 seconds of silence that greeted the ending of the song before the wild applause kicked in. Punk Rock in general is an abject lesson in how the powers in the unelected real government orchestrate events to stifle dissent. First 'they' demonise the dissenters, turn them into a monster that's gonna take away your children.This creates a climate of fear, and the natural animal response is to attack without really investigating what you are attacking. So messages are ignored, lies are believed and the subject of your implanted fears are immeadiately marginalised. Second comes the ridicule, when you get establishment figures,popular comedians, making "funny" punk songs. Its slowly becomes a joke that nobody takes seriously. Caricatures of drunk leather clad morons with dyed mohicans, spitting and moaning about being on the dole; become what "Punk" is all about (The Exploited in fact!). Thirdly, comes the absorbtion into the system and culture. Now the subject has been pacified it can be commercially exploited,and a sanitised version can be piled on the shelves and distributed to the people. Don't listen to those prats who say that Music can't change the world! The world we live in today is unrecogniseable to the pre-rock'n'roll society. Culture and attitudes were exclusively shaped by pop culture. The philosophers of the past, were replaced (note the past tense here) by the Pop stars of the 60's through to the 80's, and the alternative underground figures linked to the new rock inspired counter culture. You don't need to argue this fact to the intelligence agencies, they have released declassified files on The Sex Pistols and John Lennon; albiet only the harmless ones. They know the power these messianic figures can have over the masses. You could link the flood, and ready availablity of CIA developed 'Mind Control' drug LSD in the sixties, to a recognition of an opportunity to test the euphoric effects of these drugs on a large number of willing victims; at the same time as the military was spraying it over the Vietmanese jungle. And, somehow, nearly all the US army was dosed up on the very potent 'Orange Sunshine' variety of acid. This leads to a suggestable state of mind, and a feeling of euphoria that rarely leads the subject to question life in general.Alternatively it can lead to the Syd Barratt effect, and you can see what a danger to the status quo he became! Aldous Huxley, advocate of LSD, and member of the Tavistock Institute (MK Ultra experimental centre), provided a rather insight giving quote about this dodgy drug: "There will be, in the next generation or so, a pharmacological method of making people love their servitude, and producing dictatorship without tears, so to speak, producing a kind of painless concentration camp for entire societies, so that people will in fact have their liberties taken away from them, but will rather enjoy it, because they will be distracted from any desire to rebel by propaganda or brainwashing, or brainwashing enhanced by pharmacological methods. And this seems to be the final revolution." (Aldous Huxley, Tavistock Group, California Medical School, 1961) Check out the excellent books by Neil Sanders for more detailed analysis on the subject, HERE!   The same three steps were equally applied to Psychedelia,as well as Hip-Hop,Punk,Original Rock'n'Roll,and (cough) Grunge. (I am discounting Acid House and subsequent "Dance" culture,as I believe that to be another drug feulled crowd control experiment, that was far TOO sucessfull, they have your children). It all can be rather eloquently summed up by "Punk Poet", Patrik Fitzgerald, which opens this compilation and donates the title from the first line of "Make it Safe": "Come and get yer Punk in Woolworths, Bondage trousers 12 pounds, Mohair jumpers sold next to cardigans, It always comes around. They turn it into a joke, anything that threatens them. They turn it into a dog or cat, that they can stroke, but couldn't bite its own tail. They make it safe." Such insight, from a marginalised punk figure!.......but he did sign to fucking Polydor i suppose.Unfortunately very few people are perfect. The records on this compilation range from the Fake Punk bands that went wrong for the record companies; like The Vacants and FU2, who were actually very authentic. Then we have the bandwagon jumping watered down clichéd "Punk" of The Drones and Satan's Rats, who were the first wave of the cultural absorption bands. This was betrayed when Satan's Rats become the awful Photo's with pop android Wendy Wu. The Drones were just a joke basically; opportunistic pub rock also-rans, spewing out punk platitudes about the queen and being "Yourself"; they helped to turn it into a joke without the help of third rate comedians like the despicable Charlie Drake.
Then we have punksploitation that is actually rather good, like the Alan Milman Sect and Alberto Y Los Trios Paranoias. They looked great and they sounded great; but can't discount them from the culpability of helping to turn it all into a joke. Next we have the Fake Punk's of Horrorcomic, who were formed from Record company back room staff, to fill the Punk band slot on their label.And the fake Punk of The Exile, who looked like the cast of a 1970's London Pub in The Sweeney. This is probably a good look, considering that Dr. Feelgood looked that that too; but I rather suspect that they actually were four blokes from a 1970's pub, albeit one from Glasgow. The godfather of Fake Punk was Stewart Copeland, ex-progger and member of Fake Punk royalty, The Police. His irritating alter-ego was Klark Kent, who released several coloured vinyl recordings around 1978/80; disturbingly with the help of his CIA connected brother Miles.In fact their father was a long serving CIA agent! Wouldn't surprise me if the lovely Stewart wasn't in the club too! That'd explain a lot.Cunt! Then you've got the inadvisable cheese of Fakery, in The admittedly entertaining Plastic Bertrand (one of the Five famous Belgians of folk lore).With the moronic and repetitive "Pogo Pogo", which is great stuff. And the unashamed cash-in of Pistols demo maker,Chris Spedding(s), "Pogo Dancing", which is loveable pop cheese of the highest order; and the Vibrators were his backing band for this single bizarrely enough. There's American Punk cheese from various prostitutes and exotic dancers, the marvellous Mary Monday (one of thee greatest singles ever or what?), and the laughable Cherry Vanilla. Dunno what the Americans have got about cross-dressers and pole dancers, but it certainly helps marginalise the more meaningful part of the counter culture.Some people find this fun, but it bores the shit out of me. Last, but definitely not least, come the god-awful Novelty Punk discs. These are the 'Man's' secret weapon. How to turn dangerous ideas into a lame joke with even lamer jokes. Fuck me, there are some shit, unfunny, and interminably irritating bollocks on display here. I left the most unforgivable examples for the last four tracks. Which include, two complete Twats (Buster Gobsmack,ha fucking ha)from the even twattier TV lowest common denominator rubbish vehicle called "That's Life" (on UK Tv from 1973-1994). Admittedly it did once feature a dog that said "Sausages" to order (check out his single,yes!, HERE); But these hideous pricks were so off the loop, that they did this crap punk parody in 19 fucking 88, when punk had been long sanitised and forgotten.This is how unbelievably shite this show was! Alvin and the Chipmunks, from their lp "Chipmunk Punk", give us their rendition of some soft rock tune called "Refugee", and recreates what it must feel like to be trepanned by a rusty spike.A definition of Evil if ever I heard one! Talking 'bout EVIL, the closer is an infinitely unfunny piece of utter shit, by career paedophile and record biz insider, Jonathan King. With a response record to the Pistols "God Save the Queen", with him doing a shit impression of her majesty thanking the pistols for their good work.This creature is a perfect example of an establishment insider defending his bosses; and god knows what sexual deviancy he was involved in with his public shool chums in MI5/6. This fellow is a total cunt,and execution without trial is probably too good for him! On a lighter note, we have  Los Punk Rockers album "Los Exitos de Sex Pistols", which is a hilarious cash in remake of Never Mind the Bollocks, where the singer hasn't even bothered to find out the lyrics; so he just makes up stuff that sounds like what Rotten is singing. Ranks up with William Shatner's "Transformed Man" as one of the best good/bad albums ever made! "I'm a Lazy seeeeven" (Seventeen, by Los Punk Rockers).  

Track Listing:
1- "Make it Safe" - Patrik Fitzgerald
2- "Fuck You" - Alberto Y Los Trios Paranoias
3- "Pretty Vacant - Paul Jones
4- "Pretty Vacant" - Los Punk Rrockers
5- "Pogo dancing - "Chris Spedding
6- "Pogo Pogo" - Plastic Bertrand
7- "You Make me Sick" - Satans Rats
8- "I've Seen it Vomit" - Bog Ugly
9- "I Just Want To Be Myself" - The Drones
10-"Punk Rocking Granny" - Duggie Briggs Band
11-"Beat on the Brat" - The Vacants
12-"Sniffin' Glue" - F.U.2
13-"Don't Care" - Klark Kent
14-"The Punk" - Cherry Vanilla
15-"I Gave my Punk Jacket to Ricky" - Mary Monday and the Bitches
16-"Down at the Vortex" - Yellow Dog
17-"Seventeen" - Los Punk Rockers
18-"England 77" - Horrorcomic
19-"Jubilee 77" - The Exile
20-"I Wanna Live in NW3" - Johnny Rubbish (disturbingly, a mate of Hugh Cornwell!)
21-"Johnny B. Rotten" - The Monks (These idiots were The Strawbs, and definitely NOT the Monks of 'Black Monk Time' fame;-shifted a lot of units in Canada????)
22-"Kill" - Alberto Y Los Trios Paranoias
23-"Stitches(demo)" - The Alan Milman Sect
24-"Gob on you" - Not The Nine O'Clock News
25-"Gimme that Punk Junk" - The Water pistols
26-"Punk Strut" - Kevin Short and his Privates
27-"I Might be a Punk(but I love you)- Norman Gunstone
28-"Punk Bashing Boogie" - Don E. Sibley
29-"Going out with a Punk" - The Punkettes
30-"I'm a Punk" - Norman and the Hooligans
31-"Punky Christmas"- Matt Black and the Doodlebugs
32-"I want to be a Punk Rocker"- Andy Cameron
33-"Punk Prrincess" - Dave and the Derros
34-"We Wanna Be Famous" - Buster Gobsmack eats Filth
35-"Refugee"- Alvin and the Chipmunks
36-"God Save the Sex Pistols"- Elizabeth R.

DOWNLOAD direct from woolworths HERE!

Alberto Y Lost Trios Paranoias ‎– "Snuff Rock EP" (Stiff Records LAST 2) 1977

Resting actors make rock satire band between walk on parts and adverts. I do these chaps a dis-service, 'cus this is a near perfect Punk Pastiche that is enjoyable on several levels. I like it as Punk/pub rock style music, I can even distance myself from the punk cliché piss take lyrics and reinvent them as 'real' rants about dehumanisation and apathy; subjects close to my heart. This band were a good version of The Tubes who were in themselves a really shit version of post-mothers Frank Zappa. "Snuffin' in a babylon" is a great send up of every Punks most hated trait in their heroes...... the Reggae song in the set list! They all did it, even ATV! Sickening, especially if they were 'Good' at it, like The Ruts; great band,but far too smooth on the old musicianship front.....oh God, "Jah Wars", fightin' fightin'! You never found any reggae band playing rock numbers(they'd be as shit at it anyway), so why the need to go on about 'Babylon', when it was your ancestors who were probably the slave traders?....;"Need No Caucasian Guilt", pleeeeze! (Noh Mercy, 1979)

Track Listing: 

A1 Kill 1:30
A2 Gobbing On Life 3:55
B1 Snuffin' Like That 1:23
B2 Snuffin' In A Babylon 1:47

DOWNLOAD snuff rock HERE!

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The Mentally ill - " Gacy's Place 7" " (Autistic Records 1979) + "The Undiscovered Corpses " Lp

Depraved!?...I hear the ghost of Rough Trade screaming!, don't be afraid of confronting your own discomforts. Hearing The Mentally ill vomit up phrases like " They're F##king your kids" with the glee of a closet paedophile does not make an intelligent person wanna go out and do an Ian Brady.
Instead enjoy flirting with the taboo , and worry about the Paedo-mania that has destroyed genuine man/child relations. And beware the ones who doth protest too much, for they be the ones you should keep away from your the thick scumbags who beat seven shades of shit out of a Paediatrician because they either couldn't spell(like me?),or were too stupid.(real event).
As for the record,its an excellently offensive slice,not slab, of chainsaw guitared buzzy fuzzy schlock punk from Chicago; probably recorded in a coal bunker somewhere that has been long demolished. Sample the joy below:
1.Gacys Place Mp3
2.Padded Cell Mp3
3.Tumor Boy Mp3
You'll be pleased to know that the whole of this session has now been uncovered and released on a CD; plus everything else they recorded:

THE MENTALLY ILL - Gacy's Place: The Undiscovered Corpses

Starbeat Sessions
01_Gacy's Place 1:28
02_Tumor Boy 1:34
03_Doggie Sex 2:00
04_Not Quite Dead Yet 1:46
05_Padded Cell 1:54
06_Split Crotch Straight Jacket 1:14
07_ All Mixed Up 1:44
08_Stalag Thirteen 1:54

Basement Sessions
09_Ballad of the Mentally Ill 2:26
10_Dry Heave 2:36
11_Tumor Boy 2:46
12_Bathroom Gaze 1:17
13_Cum Twat 2:52
14_Smelly Boys 2:35

Crawlspace Sessions
15_Gacy's Place 2:09
16_I Don't Need (You're Shit) 2:57
17_Aryan Rock 1:15
18_All Mixed Up 2:16
19_Stalag Thirteen 2:23
20_Split Crotch Straight Jacket 1:49

Download this Classic Insanity Here!

The Alan Milman Sect - " Stitches (1977-1978) " - (Bedazzled BCD007) 1995

Here is the career anthology of the stratospherically brilliant Alan Milman Sect. Famous for one of the best three Punk Rock singles ever made....yes i refer to the great "Stiches/Iwanna Kill Somebody" track.

 "A-Dolf Hitler and Son of Sam, Manson Family That's who I am. I wanna Kill Somebody, I wanna Kill Someone. I wanna Kill Somebody..........Just for FUN!"

I think that charming couplet sums up nicely what you are in store for on this near-legendary two minutes of brain exploding punk rock thuggery. Which is really two tracks seamlessly glued together to form the most perfect punk tune ever invented. Aggressively offensive,and totally non-P fucking C

Near perfection is this record, Great Band name,great band photo, great songcraft,musicianship,great performance.....i could go on.Hey why don’t you hear it for yourself?
But, what are the other two greatest Punk Rock singles ever, you ask?
Obviously, The Users "Sick of You/I'm in Love with Today" and Some Chicken's "New Religion/Blood on the Wall". Didn't you know that?
This is the best American fake Punk Group, by miles.So do yourself a favour and download their career overview.
I know this is gonna bring forth a torrent of incensed punkers telling me that I don't know what I’m talking about.I'm glad to say I don't, and nor should you; for therein lies the essence of pure Rock'n'Roll. Feeeel, don't think, and Punk Rock yee shall make.

This is on Alan Milman's own Bedazzled Label, which was the name of his post group record store in Seattle,where he still resides.
Some of these tracks were released as Man-Ka-Zam......but we'll forgive that faux pas and pretend that it never happened.

Track listing:
  1. Stitches In My Head / I Wanna Kill Somebody
  2. Punk Rock X-Mas
  3. We Don’t Bury Our Dead
  4. No Boys Allowed
  5. Veil of Strange
  6. Child of Mercy
  7. Dead Heat on a Merry Go Round
  8. The Brain
  9. Spankathon
  10. Happy World
  11. Love With Machinery
  12. Razorblade Lemonade
  13. Nicotine Caffeine
  14. California Dumb
  15. Transcendental Medication
  16. Stitches (Khazzam basement)
  17. Stitches (Milman basement)


Los Punk Rockers ‎– "Los Exitos De Sex Pistols" (Nevada ND-1.276) 1978

The next time some sad middle aged "Punk" asks you to put "Never Mind The Bollocks" on at your next soireé, slip this into your iPod playlist. If this classic was the real Pistols second album it would have been perfect, but alas real subversion wasn't ever really on the agenda,and the "Punks" all got a future. If you don't know what this great record is, it's a Spanish only punk cash -in that is a session musician created replica of the aforementioned "Bollocks", but fronted by what sounds like the first bloke they could find on the streets of Madrid who had heard of Rock'n'Roll; played the Pistols album to him once, then said "Ok, lets do a take", with the poor witless fool trying his best to remember the lyrics. There's lots of Rottenesque cackling laughter, and mucho misheard versions of Lydon's art-foundation course scribblings of yore. My favourite being the almost Burroughsian version of "Seventeen" ('s) chorus ("I'm a lazy Sod"), which is gloriously transformed into the dadaesque "I'm a Lazy Seven"!!!?? And there's plenty more where that came from, but I won't spoil the fun,I'll leave it to you digital plunderers to discover for yourselves. Musically, the sessionista faux-punk bland out was only ever bettered by the backing tracks from the magnificent second album by the immortal Adverts; ie "A Cast of Thousands"(1979); which I hope was a deliberate act on the part of TV Smith and co, and a unmatched middle finger to the cast of thousands of Travis Bickles in denim and levver! This is fucking GREAT!, and don't you just love that cover; its as if the designer had done his research on Punk Rockers by reading Kays Catalogue (cheapo and probably now defunct UK shopping catalogue from the 70's/80's).  

A1 Holidays In The Sun 3:31
A2 Bodies 3:09
A3 No Feelings 3:00
A4 Liar 4:23
A5 God Save The Queen 3:23
A6 Problems 4:23
B1 Seventeen 2:00
B2 Anarchy In The U.K. 3:26
B3 Submission 4:11
B4 Pretty Vacant 3:18
B5 New York 3:06
B6 E.M.I. 3:09  

DOWNLOAD this bollocks HERE!

F.U.2 - "Depressions / Punk Rock" (Beat Records ‎– BEA 7094) 1977

Australian Edition

French edition

Italian Edition

Spanish edition

As mentioned in the previous post about the Vacants; The Downliners Sect helped out, then took over the rest of the recording deal with RCA, and made this second Punksploitation miesterwerk, also called "Punk Rock in several european countries, but NOT in Australia! Australia being one of the world capitals of untrendy punk groups, like the fantastic Saints, the marvellous Victims, and The Thought Criminals. This record is a "Punked" up version of the Sects own tunes, high on garage punk electricity; the best Downliners Sect record, and it doesn't even bear their moniker! They even churned out an LP for the legendary Raw Records, called "Showbiz", but that sounded insipid in comparison to this pub punk monolith. Some would call it "Fake Punk", an accusation that cannot be levelled at one of the originators of the ,so-called, "Punk" attitude, The Downliners Sect. Record companies are so fucking stupid,that even when they are trying to do something deliberately fake, they fail, and make something intrinsically opposed to what they wanted. And this , along with the magisterial Vacants disc, is the very opposite of Fake. This is high octane 100% Punk Rock and Roll.

 Track Listing:

A1 Playing My Guitar
A2 Tax Exile
A3 Manic Depression
A4 Mean Evil Child
A5 Come On Strong
A6 You Don't Love Me
B1 Star In The Streets
B2 Sniffin' Glue
B3 Move Around
B4 Rock Club (Down The Roxy)
B5 Out Of School
B6 F.U.2  


The Vacants - "Worthless Trash" (Australian Edition Beat Records– BEA 7095) 1977

Australian Edition
Aussie Rear

Italian edition

French Edition

French edition (Rear)

Spanish edition

German Edition

The extremely RARE Canadian 8-Track edition!?
Punksploitation masterpiece, variously entitled either the very imaginative "Punk Rock", or "Worthless Trash",and released virtually everywhere except the homelands of Punk Rock,the UK and USA. It happens to be one of my own personal favourite '77 punk albums, and I don't think its as fake as the record companies have managed to make it look. The picture on the album cover are of four lads, who actually looked more like the kind of punter you actually saw at a Sex Pistols concert, than The Clash (who this photo is trying to emulate). One member is even wearing a very punk rock turtle neck sweater under his denim jacket; This is anti-fashion chic at its very zenith! Also, you may notice Martin Chambers, future drumming criminal of the Pretenders, very prominent in the pictures; except on the rear of the French LP cover, where mysteriously he has changed into a woman!?.....this could explain a lot! I'm sick to death of hearing about Chrissie fucking Hynde's dalliances with several punk groups,Mike Hunts Dishonourable Discharge(ha?ha?), Johnny Moped etc; when all the time it was her boring drummer who actually was in a classic band like this! The music is excellently raw garage punk of the highest order, with a Strummer influenced vocal delivery of someone who never went to a public school; unlike Mr Mellor. It sounds like very real street punk, and they looked like real punks from the streets.I hope it lost the dumbass record company (RCA apparently!) a lot of money,fucking idiots. (I think the Italian cover is the worst one by the way.)
Members of the Downliners Sect helped finish this album off, and for the follow up record, they took over and became the equally excellent FU2; which I will be posting after this.  

In Fact, I was approached last year, to contribute the liner notes to an impending Vinyl reissue of this platter. Which I did, but it was put on ice due to the effects of the financial crisis?
Therfore I see it fit to provide these notes below for your entertainment:

(April 2013):

"Welcome to this ‘so-called’, Punksploitation masterpiece. Variously entitled, the very imaginative, "Punk Rock"; or, more appropriately, "Worthless Trash". It was originally released virtually everywhere, except the homelands of Punk Rock, the UK and USA, in a myriad of, now very collectable, different sleeves.
Amongst the dole snooper avoiding pseudonyms of Dan Druff (Bass), Vincent Sharp(vocals),and Tim Nervous (Guitar); you may also notice one Martin Question. The future drumming criminal also know as, Martin Chambers of the Pretenders. He appears very prominently in the group pictures; except on the rear of the French LP cover, where mysteriously he has changed into a woman!?.....this could explain a lot! I'm sick to death of hearing about Chrissie fucking Hynde's dalliances with several punk groups; Mike Hunts’ Dishonorable Discharge(ha!ha!), Flowers of Romance, Johnny Moped etc; when all the time it was her boring drummer who actually was in a classic band like this!
Various adjectives have been applied to this classic record over the years since its rediscovery. The previously mentioned ,“Punksploitation”, and ,the not previously mentioned ,“Fake Punk” ,are prime examples; and it has been accepted  into the “Messthetics” genre with welcoming arms. None of these really apply, and are even insulting. The music is excellently raw garage punk of the highest order, with a Joe Strummer style vocal delivery of someone who never went to a public school; unlike Mr Mellor(Diplomat’s son Strummer’s real name). It sounds like very real street punk, and they looked like real punks from the streets of ’77.
 It can’t be labelled “Punksploitation” as no-one bought it! Maybe Failed Punksploitation on behalf of the idiots at their clueless record company; but wasn’t all Punk Rock released on vinyl, cd, cassette, or 8-track cartridge (like Worthless Trash/Punk Rock was) with a profit margin exploitative?
It ain’t “Fake Punk” either, as that would rule out the Clash, and we can’t have that could we?(mmmm Dunno though!). In fact rather than being ‘Fake’, the picture on the album cover, reveals four lads who actually looked more like the kind of punter you actually saw at a Sex Pistols concert. No hint of the designer clothes horses of the ClashPistols(sic) and 100% genuine “Fakes”, Generation X, can be detected. One member is even wearing a very punk rock turtle neck sweater under his denim jacket; This is anti-fashion chic at its very zenith!
It isn’t Messthetics, or UK D.I.Y., as that implies that they recorded this at home on mum’s music centre; when it was done in a ‘proper’ studio, paid for with record company cash! Also those terms suggest a certain naive charm , or a willful amateurishness , of which I do not detect. These fellows knew how to make raw primal Rock’n’Roll from the same rich tradition of Jerry Lee Lewis and Gene Vincent; and don’t forget the looming pedigree of Terry Clemson of  sixties Punk legends, The Downliner’s Sect (and of later Fake Punkers FU2), drafted in on Guitar for the recording sessions.
Of course, the “Punx” would have scoffed at this record, which is the greatest stamp of authenticity you can get. If any booted  and leather suited  Travis Bickle coiffured UK Subs follower, labelled anything “Fake Punk”, this is the best indicator to finding the direction in which to find the real thing.
This is one of the reasons it was never released in the UK, where ‘Punk’ orthodoxy had a stranglehold; defined by tabloid headlines, and cynical attempts by certain fashion guru’s, to manipulate the younger generation into buying clothes from certain Kings road boutiques. Where the only ‘No Future’ waiting for you, was not getting that well-paid job so you could buy a pair of Vivienne Westwood Bondage trousers. The Vacants had never heard of Seditionaries, or even cared. This is Honest music coming from an uncorrupted place. Capturing the raw intensity of the dark art of Rock’n’Roll magick(sic).If you want to call it Punk Rock or Fake Punk, you’re missing the point. This record, however unwittingly, encapsulates ultimately what Punk Rock was all about at its most basic level; before the confused philosophizing and confusing over analysis. Punk Rock was about the rediscovery of cathartic Rock’n’Roll, championing the Id over intellect, primal scream therapy for the underclass.  So stop intellectualizing, listen to some Worthless Trash, and let your inner animal breathe."

(Jonny Zchivago, Die or DIY?)

Track Listing:
A1 Pushin' Too Hard
A2 Beat On The Brat
A3 Louie Louie
A4 Dead Girl
A5 Half Man Woman
A6 Television Viewer
 B1 Misuse Of Love
B2 B.A.D.
B3 Good Guy's Don't Wear
B4 Worthless Trash
B5 I'm Allrite
B6 What Happened To You  

DOWNLOAD this worthless trash HERE!

Skrewdriver - "All Skrewed Up" + three singles (Chiswick CH3 1977) + (DJM 1979)

A Antisocial
B 19th (Nervous) Breakdown

A1 You're So Dumb
B1 Better Off Crazy

A1 Built Up, Knocked Down
B1 A Case Of Pride
B2 Breakout

It's been some time now since I've been accused of being a Fascist, so I will remind these simpletons by posting this retrospectively controversial Pub Rock combo's excellent 1977/9 output on Chiswick records.
But, hang on, these records contain no racism, no peons to uncle Adolf, lots of simple working class politics, and lots of raw grinding Street Punk. Aren't Skrewdriver those nasty neo-nazi skinheads that invented Hate Rock?
No you fuck wits, that was Skrewdriver mark 2 from 1984, the majority of this band (which included,on Drums, BBC Radio 1's very own Mark Radcliffe!?) were not national front supporting scumbags, they weren't even real Skinheads (a marketing idea from some lame brain in the Chiswick offices was that they should become skinheads to cash in on the skinhead revival of 1977!).They broke up in 1979, after the Lynard Skynard-a-like single, "Built up,Knocked Down".
Ian stuart would be the sole remaining member from the original band, to resurrect the Skrewdriver corpse in 1984, but this time with the infamous racist agenda.
Check out the covers to "Anti Social" and "You're So Dumb" to see what they really looked like before the hair clippers were donned so tragically.
These records were classic no-nonsense street punk inspired pub rock,
So I am waiting for the standard hail of abusive comments from the usual dim-witted thought police out there.......the 'we're not racist,...honest' crowd. Ever vigilant to show the world that they aren't part of the problem........altogether now...."You'!"
Try listening to Skrewdriver mark one, before you leap in please.

DOWNLOAD this Skrew Up HERE!

Slaughter and the Dogs - "Live Slaughter/ Rabid Dogs" (live bootleg 1977)

My favourite 'Punk' band was/is the gloriously Stupid Slaughter and the Dogs. These yobs were like the real people I knew, and they wore scarves! Not a jot of Kings Road finery to be seen, and absolutely no pseudo-situationist bollocks to be heard.
This is Slaughter's version of 'Spunk', a fairly awful live performance, but that's its charm.
Punk rock could have gone all the way if all the groups by-passed the record labels and put out bootlegs for the fans, and ignored the charts completely. A missed opportunity.


You're A Bore
Mystery Girls

Johny T

Where Have All The Boot Boys Gone

We Don't Care

Waiting For The Man

Victims Of The Vampire

Boston Babies

I'm Mad

We Don't Care (Reprise)
DOWNLOAD these Rabid Dogs HERE!

Thursday, 17 April 2014

Johnny Moped - " The Johnny Moped Bootleg Tapes Volumes I And II " (Damaged Goods DAMGOOD 271 LP) 2007 + "Live at the Roxy" (Bootleg) 1977

A BIG FUNKY MUNDANE BAND!!! Looking for a local way-out rock group for some work!!!? Johnny Moped is looking for a way-out funky bass guitarist into moronic rock’n‘roll & pip-squeak progressive stints (male or female) sex not import, must have own bass guitar & sound system. Strictly amateur band. Interesting Phone Dave – 01-684-1931

So read the advert Dave Berk put in the paper, to find a replacement for the newly departed Ray Burns(captain Sensible) in 1976, to which two applicants replied,one Slimey Toad,and someone unknown called Chrissie Hynde.Now they could take their much under-rehearsed repatoire on the road......(see the rare Live at the Roxy 1977 download below,which is the complete double set they played for the "Live at the Roxy" album,for which they contributed the classic 'Hard Lovin' Man')

'Basically',life would have been different if the original scene punk rocker types released their own records........the Sex Pistols "Spunk", for example, could have sold in the 100's of thousands,and they could have kept all the money, and made the beast they had helped to create in to an unstoppable monster. The same goes for the Clash, they never even tried, straight on the fast lane to rock stardom.
Yes, 'Tomcats!'....Johnny Moped used to sell the music contained on these brightly coloured discs on "The Original Johnny Moped Bootleg" cassette at their gigs. Containing all the drunken insanity of their bedroom sessions, from their earliest recordings from 1974 to some studio out-takes from '77.
The personnel on this madness, included Dave Berk (Damned,Henry Badowski,and King), Captain Sensible (Damned,King), Xerxes, Fred Berk, Slimey Toad,Johnny's infamous 'Bird' Brenda,but there's no appearance of the mythical Chrissie Hynde, who apparently left and became world famous in some group called The Pretenders or something!
In true DIY tradition, the good Captain is often utilised on suitcase to provide the percussive elements.
This is the real sound of the streets from 1974-76, no designer clothing involved here, and definitely no hippies involved. And further evidence that real basic rock'n'roll existed before the Ramones 1st LP,and there were many other similar groups all over the UK.
Johnny Moped gigs were infamous: Slimey Toad specialised in ridiculous outfits & PA stack climbing – & you never knew what was going to come out of Johnny’s mouth at any given moment (diatribes, abuse, surreal episodes). They often played with totally the wrong type of groups – got caught up in the Punk v Metal wars – & toured with Motorhead! They even once played the Hammersmith Odeon – & got booed ON – only to leave the stage to 2,000 people chanting: “Shit! Shit! Shit! Shit!”

This is Proto-DIY!!


1) Johnny's Intro
2) Groovy Ruby
3) Little Queenie
4) Starting A Moped
5) Hard Lovin' Man
6) The Wolf And Dracula/Was That Good?
7) Thanks For Making It To Side 2/3-D Time
8) Somethin' Else
9) These Students
10) Hellrazor
11) You Out There ...
12) Hi Tomcats, Phone
13) Hi Tomcats, Studio
14) I Wanna Die
15) I Believed Her Lies/Musical Bore
16) I. A Zombie
17) Moped
18) Wee Wee
19) Radio Leeds Interview
20) Little Queenie
21) Cut Across Shorty
22) Ruby Don't Take Your Love To The Vibrators/Boogie City
23) Save The Baby Seals
24) Johnny's Underpants
25) Incendiary Device
26) New Rose

Download The Johnny Moped Bootleg Tapes HERE!

plus....Johnny Moped live at the Roxy 1977:

set one
01. Groovy Ruby
02. Wild Breed
03. Little Queenie
04. Hell Razor
05. 3D Time
06. Incendiary Device
07. Something Else
08. No One
09. Hard Lovin' Man

set two
10. Groovy Ruby
11. Wild Breed
12. Little Queenie
13. Hell Razor
14. 3D Time
15. Incendiary Device
16. Something Else
17. No One
18. Hard Lovin' Man

and DOWNLOAD Johnny Moped Live at the ROxy 1977 HERE!!!!!!Its the whole set not just one track!