Wednesday, 10 August 2016

Elvis Costello and the Attractions - "Land of Hope and Anchor (Live at the Hope and Anchor 14/05/1980)" (Bootleg)

Elvis goes back to his roots in 1980, minus Steve Nieve who got injured in a car accident,so here he's replaced by the guitarist from The Rumour and Ducks Deluxe (Martin Belmont) to up the Pub Rock credentials.
So this is a rare chance to hear The Attractions with a double guitar does sound like there's something missing however,but a ferocious performance nonetheless.


01. Temptation (3:11)
02. Help Me (3:00)
03. I Stand Accused (2:43)
04. One More Heartache (2:47)
05. Secondary Modern (2:20)
06. Little Sister (3:10)
07. High Fidelity (2:37)
08. Lipstick Vogue (3:46)
09. Waiting For The End Of The World (3:07)
10. Don't Look Back (4:21)
11. Girls Talk (2:00)
12. Watching The Detectives (6:16)
13. You Belong To Me (3:03)
14. Oliver's Army (3:16)
15. Pump It Up (4:58)

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Tuesday, 9 August 2016

Elvis Costello - "The Stiff Demos Jan 1977" (Bootleg)

More Elvis......this time Solo Elvis, probably before Stiff renamed him, so, solo Declan.
These recordings emphasize  how important The Attractions were to make him a more, uhumm, Attractive proposition. With them these tunes became rocking classics, without them they are just rather annoying. Its the voice more than anything that gets on ones proverbial 'Tits'. The sneery karaoke americanisms tend to grate somewhat.....but the potential was there to be noted, especially lyrically. From here to 'This Years Model' was a gigantic leap.Full marks to the Stiff Records staff for inventing the new wave Elvis .
Recorded in January 1977.

Track Listing:

1 Welcome to the Working week
2 Blue Miracle
3 Miracle man
4 Waiting for the End of The world
5 Call On Me
6 Red Shoes
7 I Don't Wanna Go Home
8 I Hear a Melody

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Saturday, 6 August 2016

Elvis Costello and The Attractions - "Peel Sessions 1977-1980"

Prime Costello as recorded for the John Peel show between the golden years of 77-80. Even the tracks from the first album sound great here.Of course there are a couple of those horrendous Ballads that Elvis insisted on doing to back up his 'Songwriter' credentials,but they just make "Chelsea" and "Pump It Up" sound even better. Luckily he also chose to do the four best songs from "Get Happy" for the 1980 session.

ps..aren't the video's to "Pump It Up" and "I Can't Stand Up For Falling Down" the greatest dancing white boy videos EVER?

PEEL SESSION #1 25th July 1977

1 Red Shoes
2 Mystery Dance
3 Blame It On Cain
4 Less Than Zero

PEEL SESSION #2 13th March 1978

5 You Belong To Me
6 Pump It Up
7 Chelsea
8 The Beat

PEEL SESSION #3 23rd October 1978

9 Stranger In The House
10 I Just Don't Know What To Do With Myself
11 Really Mystified
12 Radio Radio

PEEL SESSION #4 25th February 1980

13 Beaten To The Punch
14 Possession
15 B Movie
16 Hi-Fidelity

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Thursday, 4 August 2016

Elvis Costello - "Rusty Demos 1973" (Bootleg)

Delving deeper into the dark past of Pub Rock success story Elvis Costello, even before Flip City, and the R Whites TV commercial ,he was in a folksy duo called "Rusty", with chum Alan Mayes.
Liverpool was not in California in 1973, but there's a lorra lorra Laurel Canyon influences on this charming demo tape. Its probably better than most of Declan's post-1980 career, and a good part of his pre-1977 outings too.

Track Listing:

1-Are You Afraid Of Your Children
2-Love Is Like Everything
3-Warm House
4-Separate Ways
5-Hemlock Tree
6-Silver Minute

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Wednesday, 3 August 2016

Flip City - "Flip City Demo's and Live at The Hope and Anchor 1974-5" (Bootleg)

As Pub Rock Legends go, Declan MacManus is up there as one of thee most successful, alongside the extremely dire, Dire Straits, and AC/DC, as Elvis Costello.
Here we have him as Declan MacManus in his Pub Rock group Flip City, as captured in the Hope and Anchor and in the BBC studios.
Its pretty dire (Straits), laid back limp-wristed country tinged american soft rock.Quite similar to the stuff he plays now. Light years away from the majesty of "This Years Model", even though there are very early versions of "Radio Radio" ,"Miracle Man" and "Alison" (Radio Soul, Baseball Heroes, and Imagination). He sings like a fan of blando americana who's spent years singing along to Hank Williams and picked up the whiny intonations....something that blights his voice to this very day.
I received "My Aim is True" as a surprise gift for Xmas 1977, and mildly hated it....."this ain't Punk!" thought my 13 year old brain, it was 'punk' for that generation too old for punk rock and too young for Hippie;but i persevered and still didn't dig it, then heard "(I Don't Want To Go To)Chelsea", which was great.So I bought "This Years Model", which was from another universe, full of intensity and anger, backed up by an electrified band of superbly rocking musicians. This, and most of "Armed Forces", is the totality of Elvis Costello's career. All the rest of his back catalogue is basically Declan MacManus. He was just pretending to get on the tele it seems; but it worked, and now he's a global superstar churning out spades of crud like this, which back in the day would have more likely won favor with 'Whispering 'Bob Harris of the Old Grey Whistle Test (which in 74-75 was full of stuff like this), rather than impressing John Peel BR(Before the Ramones).
To his credit, Elvis, or Declan, had the open ears to pick up on the changing vibe and beefed up the image and the music, to catch the rising surf of the New Wave. I rather think Stiff Records had a lot to do with this also however?
Nevertheless, he made one of the greatest records in R'n'R history, and not many people can say that can they?


BBC's Maida Vale Studios, 1974:
1. Exile's Road
2. Baseball Heroes
3. Radio Soul

Hope and Anchor Pub,early 1975:
4. Imagination (is a powerful deceiver)
5. Pay it Back
6. Radio Soul (2)

Hope and Anchor Pub, 1975:
7. Third Rate Romance (Russell Smith)
8. Knockin' on Heaven's' Door (Bob Dylan)
9. Packin' Up (Chris Kenner)
10. Please Mister, Don't Stop the Band
11. Exile's Road
12. Wreck on the Slide
13. On the Road (Steve Hazlehurst)
14. You Win Again (Hank Williams)
15. Sweet Revival

Monday, 1 August 2016

The Stranglers ‎– "Live At The Hope And Anchor Front Row Festival Nov 22nd 1977"

The Stranglers,hmmmmm, not too popular with the pinko's at Rough Trade, but seemed quite accepted by the punters of the Hope and Anchor. Undeterred by songs inquiring about the size of a certain females Tits ('Tits') and making love to a young lady until she bleeds ("Choozy Suzy"), among other embarrassingly sex-issst misogynous melodies.Joe public took a shine to these aging doors-esque pub rockers,and propelled them into the poptastic hit parade, where they no doubt crossed paths with Jimmy Savile,who could have donated some of these lyrics from his secret diaries.
Despite this unsavory misogyny and the amateur dramatic  hard man act, the Stranglers had a very definite talent for penning a satisfying melody or two ,backed up by a barely disguised musical ability.
Above all, J.J. Burnel had a lead bass style and sound that would launch a thousand imitators, not least Peter Hook of Joy Division. This urbane purveyor of a spot of the old ultraviolence, could probably even have a strong shout at being thee most influential bass twanger of all time. He was also the Hardest mofo in the Punk era, famously wiping the floor with Paul Simoneon at the Ramones UK debut gig at the Roundhouse, whom The Stranglers had supported that very same jolly evening (nice one).
In all, a very well rehearsed set, faultlessly delivered, complete with 70's time capsule sexism, and some classic tunes. 

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Sunday, 31 July 2016

The Saints - "This Perfect Day - Live at the Hope and Anchor Front Row Festival Nov 26th 1977" (Unofficial Bootleg)

The  best track on The Hope and Anchor Front Row Festival album is ,arguably, 'Demolition Girl'? So if you wondered what the whole set sounded it is. Complete with moronic audience ambiance including, a typical intervention from some grubby malcontent who asks the audience "what (they) fink of Jim Callaghan, what (they) fink o'the bloody National Frunt and Margaret Fatcher and 'er boys?". Pretty reminiscent of the open mike session in the opening track of Alternative TV's first album, and very typical of the uninspired politics of the punk masses; plenty of questions but offering no solutions.
This is where The Saints get plenty of 'Punk' brownie points with ladles full of genuine nihilism; backed up with some of the most dense and forceful balls to the wall Rock'n'Roll ever committed to vinyl.
This went unnoticed by the identikit 'punks' of course. Where was the spikey hair, leather bikers jacket, kings road t-shirts, spikes and chains? How dare these antipodean interlopers be individuals!?
They were around before Punk Rock, so they can sit comfortably in the same category as The Ramones, and Richard Hell.......yep thats right 'Proto-Punk' would we understand all this mess without pigeon holes one suggests......maybe we shouldn't try and understand it at all? This group were fantastic, its as simple as that sometimes.


A1 Do The Robot
A2 Lost And Found
A3 Lipstick On Your Collar
A4 River Deep Mountain High
A5 Memories Passed
A6 Run Down
A7 This Perfect Day
B1 Messin' With The Kid
B2 Orstralia
B3 Nights In Venice
B4 I'm (Stranded)
B5 Demolition Girl
B6 One Way Street
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Saturday, 30 July 2016

Various Artists ‎– "The London R & B Sessions (Live At The Hope And Anchor)" (Albion Records ‎– DAI 2) 1980

Let's have some R&B action? Preferably the brand of R&B that doesn't involve Beyoncé jiggling her fat arse in yer face. Well i suppose I'd prefer her arse in my face to Wilko Johnson's, but*(*in both senses of the word), gimmie The Solid Senders sublimly intense version of 'The Whammy', to a whole galaxy full of 'Urban' R&B NWO propaganda any day in a thousand light years of interstellar space.
You'll find no Stars in this crumbling corner of the Rock'n'Roll Galaxy, just a few rapidly collapsing dwarf stars of various hues, their orbiting planetoids and captured space junk.
By 1980 Pub Rock had overcome the initial acceleration from the explosion of the early to mid-seventies singularity,and had succumbed to the gravitational collapse inflicted by the punk rock era, firmly back to where they came from......'the Pub'.
If needs be told, this stuff never really suited medium to large sized concert halls.It's the sound of a small, crowded, grimy smoke filled room, framed with the stinking perfume of stale ale.

This is the 'punk-free' sister disc to "The Front Row Festival" double album, showcasing a more pure later-Pub Rock sound, recorded at the Hope and Anchor between November and December 1979.
Amid the faithful recreations of 60's Rhythm and Blues, and impressions of yer actual electric blues; we have the more spikey, amphetamine fueled, blues of Lew Lewis and Wilko Johnson. Which are full of adrenaline and intensity. The Pirates, are as always themselves; a genuine slice of early sixties meek-era UK rock'n'roll, backed up by The Bishops aggressive take on the same thing.
There's some soul-y stuff as well, which I can't abide!....reminds me of the Soul wankers on my estate (that's 'council' Estate, not the land that surrounds my posh Manor house), who were into the depressing 'Northern Soul' scene. they always took great delight in kicking the local freaks heads in, like me; and they smashed my Devo record....cunts!


1-Lew Lewis Reformer-You'd Better Watch Yourself
2-Lew Lewis Reformer-Shake And Finger Pop
3-The Bogey Boys-Madison Blues
4-Red Beans And Rice-Finger In My Eye
5-Wilko Johnson's Solid Senders-The Whammy
6-The Untouchables-I Can't Be Satisfied
7-The Bogey Boys-You Can't Catch Me
8-The Cannibals-Just For Fun
9-The Pirates-Tear It Up
10-Hope & Anchor House Band-Just A Little Bit
11-Red Beans And Rice-Pucker Up Buttercup
12-The American Blues Legends-Why Do Everything Happen To Me
13-Little Roosters-Roostering With Intent
14-The Blues Band-Death Letter
15-The Bishops-Taste And Try
16-The Pirates-All In It Together

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Various Artists‎– "Hope & Anchor Front Row Festival" ( Warner Bros. Records ‎– K 66077) 1978

A natural place to start our exploration of UK Pub Rock would be in a Pub I suppose. One of the principle Pub Rock venues was the Hope and Anchor in Islington,where the Front Row Festival was held between November 22nd and December 15th 1977. A very accurate document of live music in the year 'Punk Rock Exploded' we see, as in the charts and record shops, Punk Rock was largely notable for its absence. Most of the acts on this compilation would have sat confusingly in the Punk and New Wave section of my local record store. A mixture of what we now call Proto-Punk, Power Pop, Pub Punk, and Pub Rock were all slotted into the New Wave shoebox by confused demin clad staff who listened to Little Feat and had beards; today we'd call them 'Hipsters'.
There's some bandwagon punk on here of course like the lamentable Suburban Studs, and the admittedly excellent 999;Aussie Pub Rock by the fantastic Saints,the proto-post punk pop of XTC, and trendy Kings Road 'Punkers' X-Ray Spex.
Quite a mixed bag, but anything with Wilko Johnson on it has to be worth the entry fee; counterbalanced by an appearance by maybe the biggest Pub Rock band ever(except maybe AC/DC?), the inexcusably toe curlingly bad, Dire Straits!!?
The stand out tracks are ,obviously, The Saints and ,somewhat less obviously, The Steve Gibbons Band's 'Speed Kills'.
Like the swinging '60s' ; in 1977 Punk Rock was largely confined to a few streets in London,the tabloids, and the Music Press. This is a more accurate document of the music scene in '77, where Flares still ruled, beards ,long hair, beer rather than speed as the drug of choice, and not a single garment from Seditionaries or Boy to be seen.Pub legends ,The Sex Pistols, were unavailable; but this lot were,in a small venue near you. And everyone was signed to a major label;well,at least until the end of 1978 that is.


1–Wilko Johnson Band-Dr. Feelgood 2:43
2–The Stranglers-Straighten Out 2:58
3–Tyla Gang-Styrofoam 2:04
4–The Pirates-Don't München It 3:2
5–Steve Gibbons Band-Speed Kills 3:30
6–XTC-I'm Bugged 4:22
7–Suburban Studs-I Hate School 2:37
8–The Pleasers-Billy 1:59
9–XTC-Science Friction 2:45
10–Dire Straits-Eastbound Train 3:25
11–Burlesque -Bizz Fizz 5:00
12–X-Ray-Spex -Let's Submerge 3:02
13–999-Crazy 3:18
14–The Saints-Demolition Girl 3:45
15–999-Quite Disappointing 2:00
16–The Only Ones-Creatures Of Doom 3:18
17–The Pirates-Gibson Martin Fender 3:26
18–Steel Pulse-Sound Check 3:41
19–Roogalator-Zero Hero 3:43
20–Philip Rambow-Underground Romance 5:45
21–The Pleasers-Rock & Roll Radio 2:29
22–Tyla Gang-On The Street 3:00
23–Steve Gibbons Band-Johnny Cool 3:29
24–Wilko Johnson Band-Twenty Yards Behind 2:03
25–The Stranglers-Hanging Around 4:16

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Tuesday, 26 July 2016

The Stukas - "Singles 1977-78" (Chiswick/Sonet)

What does one do when the musical world is full of music that doesn't speak for you, as in the the modern world now....the answer is in the title of this here Blog......'Do It Yourself'!
DIY didn't start in the immediate Punk/Punk punk era. Often, prog folk outsiders did it in the seventies, smellie hippies did it in the sixties,incredibly strange freaks did it in the fifties, and Hillbilly rednecks did it in the twenties and thirties.
This didn't always entail making and producing your own recordings. It often manifested itself in playing the music you wanted to hear live yourself, because no fucker else was gonna do it.
No scene manifested this as much as the 'Pub Rock' era in the UK.
Between 1971 and 1976, the only way one could escape the more unattractive end of Progressive Rock was to play 'proper Rock'n'Roll yourself; a kind of Regressive Rock, or Regg Rock.Based on Johnny Kidd and the Pirates rather than Mozart and Brahms. Exploring the eternal pleasures of the Chuck Berry Riff rather than double keyboard arpeggios.
Myself, being a pre-teen into Gary Glitter and T-Rex, this lack of rock'roll never bothered me, because, as far as I can see, Glitter and Bolan played a more progressive form of original Rock'n'Roll ; the Pub Rockers were very stuck in 1961, which I didn't understand until after the Pistols combined the two for the kids. Bowie plays Johnny Kidd I did understand, especially when combined with anger and energy.
Dr. Feelgood and Eddie and the Hot Rods became more comprehensible to the 13 year old, and I adore those two groups. The other lot took a longer time to appreciate.
One of these crossover groups who looked Punk but sounded weedily retro in a Pub Rock stylee, were the contrarily named 'Stukas'. Expecting some hard driving punk, and seeing their advert in Sounds, I bought their single 'I Like Sport' and hated it! It sounded nothing like a screaming Nazi dive bomber, but more like a spluttering microlight dropping liberal party leaflets over Surbiton* (*leafy suburb of London famed as the setting for anemic BBC sit-com 'The Good Life').
Over the years, one has come to appreciate most of the rocky side of the Pub Scene.....although That Brinsley Schwartz, country and Western stuff still leaves me nauseous.
I suppose it was all definitely Punk before Punk,and I especially admire their reluctance to go to the metal end of rock, unlike the Punks. Then the punks who didn't go 'Metal' went Post-Punk of course; which was nothing more than Nu-Prog.
As the Pub Rockers knew nothing about Prog, again unlike the Punks, who were mostly all Proggers; they stuck to playing the music they loved, which is unpretentious, unfiltered, post Elvis pre-beatles rock'n'roll …..and why not?

Die or DIY? Presents for you , the complete vinyl discography of the feebly un-macho pub-punk pop of the Stuka's …...I like 'I like Sport' now.

(PS, anyone got the Peel Session?)

Track Listing:

"Klean Livin Kids" (Chiswick 1977)

1- Klean Livin Kids
2- Oh Little Girl

"I Like Sport" (Sonet 1977)

1- I Like Sport
2- I'll Send You A Postcard"
3- Dead Lazy

"Washing Machine Boogie" (Sonet 1978)

1- Washing Machine Boogie
2- Motorbike

Tuesday, 19 July 2016

Suicide ‎– "1/2 Alive" (ROIR (Reachout International Records) ‎– A 103) 1981

Tragically, there's now only half of Suicide left alive!? So, appropriately, here's the classic live/studio retrospective ROIR cassette, "Half Alive" from 1981 to remind us of of the empirical genius of the world's second synth duo (after the Silver Apples of course!).
The first 'pop' singer I ever saw in the flesh was Alan Vega, briefly anyway, before Suicide were forced off the stage by a barrage of various missiles hurled by  the so-called punk fans who'd come to 'rock-out' to the Clash. Suicide were at least a decade and a half ahead of of everyone else. This brief exposure to a darker kind of music,forbidden even by my peers, was the start of my rocky road into the deeper tunnels of the pop world. A group/duo that was so roundly hated was fascinating for me. There are few acts that have drawn complaints from both my parents and my own generation than Vega and Rev;up there alongside Whitehouse for sheer confrontation and visceral out-thereness.
The Lester bangs notes to this cassette sum it all up very nicely, so i'll respectfully shut the fuck up.

RIP ALAN VEGA/SUICIDE......and thank you.


A1 Harlem II 3:57
A2 Goin' To Las Vegas 4:56
A3 Love You 2:45
A4 Cool As Ice 3:17
A5 All Night Long 4:06
B1 Sister Ray Says 4:25
B2 Johnny Dance 3:01
B3 Space Blue 1:44
B4 Long Talk 1:26
B5 Speed Queen 2:26
B6 Chezazze 3:24
B7 Dreams 2:11


13 All Night Long
14 Sweetheart
15 Scream and Shout

DOWNLOAD in memory of Alan Vega HERE!

Tuesday, 21 June 2016

ZOG - "Thee First Commandment Of ZOG" (Year Zero records YEAR038) 2016

Free improvised Jazz/Noise Rock from deepest France. Featuring former Electric Buttocks anchorman, Christophe Medina on drums and vocals, Blind Man Walking Phil Allison on Tenor Saxophone, erstwhile 'Outsider' Nadine Aleman, knob twiddling on the Korg MS10, and Sampler, with Jon Zchivago clawing his own raw path on,what can only be described as a, Bass Guitar.
All music is improvised in one take,with no rehearsals or discussion beforehand,and only the minimum of editing afterwards. Like a Dogma 95 for music.
ZOG channels every dead or dying musician's soul from the last 60 years of popular music, as if remote viewed from one of the plusher corners of purgatory. If this doesn't excite you, you're dead already.
For terrestrial references, think Archie Shepp fronting Can's better half of Suzuki and Liebezeit , with a dash of Hawkwind, and Jean Jacques Burnel gene spliced with Bootsy Collins; a sort of funkier version of John Zorn's Painkiller without the boring dub bits. 

PS...ZOG is avaiable for gigs,festivals,bar mitzvah's and children's partys. Leave any possible leads in the comments section.

Track Listing:

1 - The Smell of ZOG
2 - ZOG brings World Peace
3 - Kneel Before ZOG!
4 - Horses In Love
5 - Faster ZOG, Kill, Kill!
6 - O'Dowd's Spunk Bucket Hostage
7 - Sexyback by Timberlake
8 - Man Bites ZOG
9 - Raining In My Brain
10- ZOG 3:16

ZOG commands you to DOWNLOAD it HERE!

Tuesday, 3 May 2016

"Dilly Ding Dilly Dong: No-one Listened To Our Songs (a Die or DIY tribute to Leicester City FC) " - (a DIE or DIY? mixtape No.9)

An achievement that was ten times more unlikely than the discovery of the Loch Ness Monster has happened! The People's Champions have been crowned.Leicester City strike a blow for the common man, and raise a rigid middle finger to the Murdoch controlled Football mafia.
Where,exactly, is Leicester (pronounced less-ter, or Less-toh in the slovenly local dialect)? 
Its located in the geographical center of jolly old England,at junction 21 of the M1 motorway,40 miles east of Birmingham,and 20 miles south of Nottingham.Home town of such luminaries as Englebert Humperdinck,David Icke,Dickie and David Attenborough,joking Joe Merrick aka 'The Elephant Man', and Roy from Coronation Street.Not forgeting that Richard the Third was buried in a car park there until recently; who's rediscovery and subsequent re-internment  seemed to be a catalyst for a change in the City's international profile.Culminating in 2016's unlikely Premier League triumph for the Local Football team,Leicester City FC;aka 'The Foxes',formerly 'The Filberts' after previous home ground Filbert street got demolished.
As a Foxes supporter of nigh on forty years,the unlikely story of my favourite Footy team winning association Football's most coverted trophy has stirred some deeply buried emotions over the past year or so. Yes, i've made inexplicable journeys to Middlesborough on a tuesday evening to join 500 other sad adults watch our lads get beat 2-0 at Ayresome park; one of the planets worst sporting cess pits.Or endure the six hour round trip to Newcastle to see us lose 7-1,while being 'entertained'(?) by Lindisfarne celebrating their promotion.
If you've ever been 'coined' by the human animals of Millwall at Cold Blow lane, as I have, on a freezing boxing day; while your team loses 2-0 again? Then maybe you will understand,and allow me a tear or two, as my torturer's actually win something 'important'....and with comparative ease to boot!?
I'm old enough to remember when Football (Soccer to our American readers), was a working class pastime rather than a Plutocrats playground. It was an era when any club could win the championship purely by teamwork, tactics, and developing young talent. It wasn't dictated by how many stolen billions some half interested Oligarch ploughed into his new boy toy. Clubs from the arseholes of the UK got to win the main prize quite often, like Derby County (Boo!), Nottingham F*#@+t (Boooo!), and Ipswich Town.
No longer do the little people of the slave classes get to have any simple joy, as the slave owners have bought all their places,and replaced the terraces with soundproofed (?) executive suites,for Champagne business lunches during the games.
The teams too are populated by strutting millionaire preening peacocks; the lowest paid of whom earn more in a week than the excluded underclasses can earn in five,or more, years.
The clubs themselves determine their own success by how many millions they spend on these narcissistic intellectual minnows. Thus crushing the ,so-called, smaller clubs ambitions to merely hoping for survival.
Leicester City FC once tried to compete with the upper echelons by splashing the cash that they didn't have; prompted by then Manager Martin O'Neil, who moaned constantly about New Stadiums, and increased wages.The club provided everything he had asked for, only for the cunt to fuck off to Glasgow Celtic?????....why?) Frequently heard from the supporters was the beyond dumb inquisitory grunt of "Where's the Muneh(local accent for the word Money) gone?"; there was even a 'fanzine' called "Where's the Money Gone?".
Where did the money go? 
Into the pockets of the increasingly swaggering Leicester City first Team squad, and the bank accounts of the Construction companies naturally.The 'fans' could never understand why Pele,Best,and Cryuff never played for Leicester City.This pressure,of course led to bankruptcy and administration, only to be saved by grinning local Leicester footy superstar and legend, Gary Lineker, with support from Serbian 'businessman' Milan Mandaric. 
I suppose we did win a couple of minor trophies in the early noughties (League cup x2),but nearly Lost our football team in the process.
Then in walked our saviours, the Duty-Free kings of Thailand; listen carefully, I shall say this only once: the Srivaddhanaprabha family;inflictors of the horrendous 'King Power' brand name.
Swiftly they brought in Buddhist monks to pray for success, paid off all debts,and bought back the 'Walkers Stadium', then promptly renamed it the, gulp, 'King Power Stadium'.
From here began an unprecedented run of success, rising from the third tier back into the premier league as relegation favourites in 2014/15.
Oh how the bloated cheats of the 'Big' clubs smugly smirked as we(LCFC) propped up the table for two thirds of the season. Then, apparently doomed, we started to win ALL of our games, and survived to struggle another day......except we didn't struggle, we continued to win all of our games in the following(this) season; including highlights such as destroying the most bloated billionaire club of them all,the Shiek's plaything Manchester City, at their own ground.The very club who were the template of 'How to Buy Success',what a bunch of wankers they are!? (just to wind up the geezer who writes the 'Bleak Bliss' blog).
Then amidst all this enduring success we've had to endure the patronising verbal vomit of football 'Pundits', who, for the last year and a half have predicted Leicester's impending collapse,in between sickening references to 'Football Fairytales'. This is no 'Fairytale',they won the premier league trophy because they were the best team, no Fairydust,or cash, required. A carefully balanced formula, of solid defense, lightening fast counter-attacking,played by an organised team of motivated journeymen and bargain buys that moulded into this well-oiled machine.
This, admittedly, may not have any great longevity however. I can sense ,PFA Footballer of the Year, Rihyad Mahrez has thoughts of that big money move to Barcelona written all over his performances,as he virtually disappeared from the game for the last five matches;designer Chav and top scorer, Jamie Vardy, has developed the beginnings of a swagger that could lead to his ruination.Also, that fearless brand of pacey counter-attacking football has turned into dour Italian style defense,grinding out cleansheets.
But so what? Leicester City winning the League Crown just once, is worth all the titles those big money boys have ever bought, all put together in one shiny dustbin.Yes i'm bitter,but who cares,Fuck 'em!
As the unlikely,and loveable, Genius that is ,team manager, Claudio Ranieri put it so succinctly:
"Dilly Ding Dilly Dong! We're in the Champions League Man! What's wrong with you?"

The Raison d'etre of this diatribe is to celebrate my birthplace's moment in the spotlight by remembering some of the missing pop groups who populated the Leicester music scene's seedy underbelly.
Better Known for annoying faux-cool fodder like Kasabian, Cornershop, Gaye Bykers On Acid,and grebo crud like Crazyhead(Nearly included a Family track, but they were Hippies weren't they?).Forget that nonsense,they are the Martin O'Neil era equivalent of Pop. What we want is the Brian Little era clumsy losers of noise. Making the sonic doppelgangers of the Leicester v Derby 1994 Play-off final, where the foxes put three centre halves in attack beating a slick and skilfull Derby team with brute force and ignorance. I can still see human donkey Gary Coatsworth's 50 yard diagonal ball, into Derby's penalty box,smeared over the goal line by a brutal Steve Walsh to score. Gary Coatsworth really was worth his body weight in coats. He never played another game.......just like many of the bands featured on this compilation.Beautiful losers with a route one musical approach that ultimately works.(I must apologise to Derby Fans for 1994,probably thee worst football Leicester ever played)


1/ The 1974 LEICESTER CITY SQUAD -"This is the Season For Leicester"

A very appropriate single released in 1974 in the vane hope that we went on to win our FA Cup semi-final against Shankly's Liverpool....we lost. A single literally 42 years ahead of its time!

2/ The SINATRAS - "Happy Feeling"

Peel touted post punk indie on the uber-trendy Dining Out Records from 1980. Very accurate vibe.

3/ STANDARD ISSUE - "Living in Leicester" (Live at Scamps 1980)

An autobiographical number by Atonal DIY post punk combo Standard Issue. The Charlotte crew mentioned would be the usual suspect who hung out at Leicesters premier muso-pub the Princess Charlotte.You can find the Hind (sans Crew) opposite the railway station if you are so inclined....unless its been demolished that is.

4/ DRAGON OR EMPEROR - "Your Success"

Avant-Rock collaboration from Aaron Moore(Volcano the Bear) and that bloke from Black Carrot who sounds like that bloke from Pere Ubu. Had to think twice about this as Aaron inexplicably supports West Ham????? The title says it all for the lads.

5/ FARMLIFE - "Susie's Party"

Another one from Dining Out Records by Farmlife, better known as The Bomb Party in years to come. It's the nearest tune I could get to Jamie Vardy's Party.

6/ DISCO ZOMBIES - "Top Of The Pops"

The legendary Disco Zombies are hear to remind everyone who's Top of The Football Pops, with a hefty slice of punky power pop.

7/ MC PITMAN - "Witness The Pitness"

Although officially from Coalville,which has the unfortunate affliction to be near 'The North', so has imported the yorkshire slang word 'Mi'Sen', meaning myself. Otherwise spoiling a near perfect example of the Leicester accent as presented here by Rapping Coal miner MC Pitman.

8/ YEAH YEAH NOH - "Cottage Industry"

John Peel favourites and poor man's Smiths, Yeah Yeah Noh, epitomise the cheapness of everything Leicester.

9/ METAL DOUGHNUT BAND - "Laura Norder"

Some horrific n-n-n-n-nineteen style sampling on this one.
The Maggie Thatcher sample "We will never compromise with Violence", makes this a perfect theme tune for Robert Huth (uncompromising Leiceter center-Half). The Doughnuts were a danceable version of the early to mid eighties fad for junk metal percussion, who like to perform naked......tut tut tut.

10/ DEEP FREEZE MICE - "A Ten Legged Beast (Or an eight legged beast with feelers)"

Prolific proto-indie DIY tunesmiths Deep Freeze Mice almost describe LCFC. Maybe 22 legged beast is more appropriate....or 21 legged beast as Mahrez only has one foot.

11/ MIDNIGHT CIRCUS - "Survivors"

DIY Cassette leg-ends pay tribute to last seasons great escape from almost certain relegation.

12/ BARRON BALLS - "Stoke"

Early eighties bedroom combo Barron Balls and some unhinged nonsense about Stoke, who did the foxes no favors when they shouldered arms against Spurs a few weeks ago! Twats!

13/ BARRON BALLS on WFMU radio.

......from Leechester says the DJ.Ah Bless.
Various Barron Ballers at Wembly lost!

14/ MODERN LIVING - "Drink Is A Drug"

Wobbly post punk incompetence about the dangers of too much booze.

15/ THE AMBER SQUAD - "It's a Replay "

No Replays for the big four in the league i'm happy to inform them!
Power Pop from the mean streets of downtown Oakham.

16/ KEVIN HEWICK - "Plenty"

Yeah, that bloke who hung out with the Factory Records lot.Once touted as the potential Ian Curtis replacement after said singer topped himself.

17/ VOLCANO THE BEAR - "Planetary Bethlehem"

The Residents of the east mids. Dada-esque combo with members who were once in a hardcore band called 'Scalpt' with a 'T'. Artistic types, with Painter in Painter and Decorator.
I suppose the KP Stadium is a kind of Bethlehem equivalent for us fans of the Filberts.


The opposite end of the intellectual scale, either at the top or the bottom, depends on which way you want to see it; are The Rockin' Bastards. Upon revisiting this magnum opus, vocaliser Butch Clarke said "(it)sounds like people being murdered with angle grinders in a Victorian lunatic asylum."......I can't disagree....but murdered in a good way.......a bit like this song?
A Rockin' Bastard  Guitarist (Toffo) at Wembley 96

19/ PROLAPSE - "Every Night I'm Mentally Crucified (7000 Times)"

Featuring Leicester's only professional Scotsman.
The title is evocative of many wasted 90 minutes i've spent watching Leicester all seems so worth it now.

20/ SCOUTS OF UZBEKISTAN - "The Dilly Ding Dilly Dong Song"

Specially remixed, and unreleased track from Scouts Of Uzbekistan,in praise of Claudio, from their forthcoming ,and long awaited LP, "Hate Is Our Religion" on Year Zero Records.

21/ DJ tells us about the Scouts.


Impossibly obscure weirdo's pay tribute to Leicester Legend Keith Weller when he played on a cocktail of Alcohol and 'shrooms.That must have been the game he wore the famous tights?

23/ FUTURE TOYS - "R.C.U."

Doon't no nuffink baht these Fookahs.....Future Toys....just like the footy clubs who haven't yet been taken over by foreign capitalist gangsters....y'know, The 'Sleeping Giants', like Wolves for example?

24/ NEW AGE - "Livin' For Now"

Another Dining Out band, who quickly slid down the New Romantic helter skelter to hell.
I'm Livin' for Now, because I probably won't ever see my footy club win another bean.

25/ THE BANGERS - "Blue Army Blues"

I have horrific memories of this tune echoing in my addled brain in the coach to Wembley in '94, when i had a hangover by half time.....oh the pain. A gentle reggae tinged run through the sink estates of Leicestershire, sung by some awful career Hooligan,who thankfully I don't remember the name of. Probably got knifed up shortly after this.

26/ SHOWADDYWADDY - "Blue Moon"

No Leicester compilation is complete without these celebrated chocolate box Teds. One of their sons actually played for the Foxes, Scott Oakes I believe.......New Faces had a lot to answer for, not only these anti-matter rockers, but Lenny Henry as well. These crimes easily puts the Third Reich in the shade.
Zchivago(Front Right) and Van Hellman of the Barron Balls(Front Left) with Super Steve Claridge , and unknown strangers after he shinned the winner at Wembley against Crystal Palace in 1996.
But, the only Leicester Band ever to be re-imagined as Leicester City players on an album sleeve was Family, with this charming depiction which adorned "The Best Of Family" album in about 1973
Great cover, boys,sorry you didn't make it on the Compilation. The "Weavers Answer" is a great tune anyway.
Back in the (Eyres)Monsell, where I wuz brung up.There was a couple of hippies living in a grotty council flat,one in a wheel chair and cowboy boots; wheeled around by an hippie in a cowboy hat and an eyepatch. Turned out the one in the whell chair was the one and only Ric Grech of Family,Traffic and Blind Faith! Ravaged with drink and drugs and broke,he was reduced to living in the council estate that he came from, to die. Let that be a cautionary tale to you kids who are flirting with the rock'n'roll myth. Don't do drugs and Alcohol or you'll end up in Eyres Monsell with renal failure!!!


Friday, 8 April 2016

Robert Lawrence ‎– "Soundstorms" (Quick Stab ‎– Prod 14) 1982

Got a bit bored of blogging leading to a notable lack of posts.....i'm only human allegedly.Tell that to my ex-birds, who think I am an emotional Android......sshhhhh....I am an emotional android and proud of it.One of 'em used to call me Spock; who wasn't an Android by the way, but a highly efficient Vulcan/Human hybrid, often let down by his human side.....I'd like to think that's me, but I'm fucking shit at da maffs innit?!
So here's a popular one to break the silence; the prolific bedroom synthesist Rob Lawrence from the west country south wales area of that sceptered isle which once owned the world,lost the world, then owned the world of modern music and popular culture in general. At least we've got something to be proud of in this cesspit of shame.
On a topical note,Cameron/Putin shouldn't have wasted their money on offshore investments in the Virgin Isles; they should have bought a pile of UK DIY tapes, because these Objects D'Art have risen in value incrementally by nigh on one thousand percentage points since they were virtually given away back in the day. An onshore investment worthy of any working class tax avoider worth his or her salt.
Those familiar with the veritable wine-lake of work by Rob Lawrence will know what to expect. Beaucoup de musique electronique of a Lo-fidelity flavour;lo-budget, but Hi-quality. "Soundstorms" is erring on the experimental Krautrock influenced edge of the sonic pizza, crispy but with under cooked toppings,light on cheese with extra Anchovy's. 


A1 Soundstorm One
A2 Telephonemuzak
B1 Beach Head
B2 House Work
B3 Demagnetised
B4 Soundstorm Two

DOWNLOAD a storm of sound HERE! 

Wednesday, 23 March 2016

Damião Experiença ‎– "Planeta Lamma" (Self-Released ‎– 19939000) 1971

Every country has their own Jandek don't they?......if not, then they should.
To keep with our short Brazilian theme, here's Brazil's Jandek ; Damião Ferreira Da Cruz aka Damião Experiença.
He's a sort of Rasta Moondog, crossed with Father Yod, Harry Smith's Anthology of American Folk, and, of course, Jandek.
Except, whereas the famed Corwood representative sounds mentally disturbed, Mr Damião Ferreira Da Cruz just, in a joyful way. The kind of mentalist that gave the psychiatric Hospital the jolly moniker "The Happy House".
The actual reality is that all psychiatric units are full of 'Jandeks' and not happy rasta types.
Naturally, like the aforementioned musical references, this stuff is an acquired taste, and i must admit running through this thing to edit it, I almost gave up breathing just to free myself from it. This is always a recommendation, because most of my favourite artists had the same effect on me the first time I heard them.
To give this a label is an insult, but i'll try to use something other than 'Other'; so lets go for Outsider Psychedelic Folk?

Zchivago's Challenge:

Who was/is your country's Jandek?

(I'm going for Edward Barton for the UK, or maybe James Blunt?)


A1 1308 Registrou Gravou Rose Oliria Experiença
A2 Que Dor Eu Sinto
A3 A Vida É Sempre Assim
A4 Linguagem Do Povo Do Infinito Ao Universo De Rose De 1999
A5 Loucura Total 1999 A Damião Experiença
A6 Amente Astrologica 1999
A7 Planeta Lamma
B1 Minha Dor
B2 Som Planeta Lamma
B3 Planeta Bicho
B4 Mundo No Espaço
B5 Meu Passado? Meu Presente
B6 Linguagem Do Planeta Lamma Musica Do Planeta Lamma

DOWNLOAD from planeta lamma HERE!