Monday, 16 July 2018

Jandek ‎– "I Woke Up" (Corwood Industries ‎– Corwood 0764) 1997

It's the conspiracy theory that is 'Jandek Monday' again.
I used to like a nice conspiracy Theory but now "I Woke Up".
Of course, "Wake Up" is a favourite phrase of those suffering with the latest God replacement therapy  of Global Conspiracy Theories ,which has many sects....such as...... Chem Trails, Anti-Vacc, the approach of Planet X/Niburu, Flat earthers, 9/11 Troothers, alien abductees,......the list goes on.
Like the inmates of organised Religions, they have an inpenetrable talent for dismissing facts and evidence  harmful to their delusions as Lies from the secret government, and that anyone who believes the 'Official' line is either brainwashed or a government 'Shill'....whatever a 'Shill' is?
Its a special kind of madness to which Jandek is the perfect soundtrack for. All are products of the modern information age, where nothing can be truly believable,except that which cannot be disproved, Jesus-style......even when faced with overwhelming evidence to the contrary, they can argue that the evidence isn't in itself proveable, which is correct.Nothing based on imagination and superstition can be disproven,or proven 100%. The best I can do on the existence of Planet Niburu is say that according to current scientific evidence Planet Niburu almost certainly is not coming towards the earth and so far there is little evidence that such a planet exists in our solar system.
The Flat-Earthers are the best ones for this. The simple mountains of evidence that the Earth is spherical,is literally undeniable......but they still deny it. Its all a cover-up isn't it? And we need to "WAKE UP"! Well I woke up anyway, and have no need to fill the empty void inside myself with either a God or silly theories about how we're being controlled.......of course we're being controlled, there's no news there,it just depends on how to cope with this fact......and it ain't nothing to do with Planet Fucking Niburu either!!!!!We do it it to ourselves.
Maybe a Jandek LP can get them to "WAKE UP" but its doubtful?
Anyway, this record will either wake you up with its startling anti-musicality, or send you deeper to sleep with Jandek's moaning croons about hopelessness and loneliness.


1 First Awake Moment 2:26
2 Alone On That Mountain 3:53
3 I Can Not 4:03
4 Get Back Inside 3:00
5 Long Long 3:47
6 Joab 2:40
7 Equaled In Life 2:16
8 Star Of Zenith 3:55
9 Take It Easy 2:09
10 Just Die 3:53
11 Pending Doom 1:15
12 Sleepless Night 2:22
13 Today 1:26

Sunday, 15 July 2018

The Apostles ‎– "The 1st. Demo!" (Scum Tapes ‎– SCUM ONE) 1981

Although previously described in these pages as the 'Worst' Anarcho-punk band, that was meant as no criticism. If all Anacho/Peacepunk bands sounded as awful and grungey (not as in Nirvana!) as this lot, then I'd probably listen to more of it. Also they don't seem to adhere 100% to the Anarcho-template, with a wide variety of toe-curlingly bad styles. Of course, the lyrical content covers the same subjects as Crass, as if we didn't know what they were.
Their DIY aesthetics were unreproachable, releasing many homemade cassettes, only relasing a few singles later in their tenure.
Respect is due however, as they seemed to actually notice that the Anarcho-Punk movement was becoming nothing more than an army of conformists dressed in fading black uniforms,ridgily adhearing to a distorted interpretation of what 'Anarchy' really was, Not a grubby perversion of Communism, but about Autonomy ,libitarianism and personal freedom. They also dared to habor varied musical tastes, as opposed to the conformist tendancies of their contemporaries stuck in the Zounds/Crass straitjacket.
Unsurpisingly,however, the address on the insert is very much a classic Anarcho-punker's one....Julian of Hampstead.Scum tapes from the cruel leafy lanes of semi-detatched north London.


A1 Erics Detachables
A2 Some Men Are Born To Rule
A3 Killing For Peace
A4 Solidaridad Proletaria
A5 New Crimes
A6 Unknown
A7 Proletarian Autonomy
A8 The New Subhumans
A9 Hyde Park
A10 Time Bomb
A11 Indian Thing
A12 Drop The Bomb
A13 No Clear Future
B1 Absolution Of Guilt
B2 Anti-Christ
B3 Pete The Plectrum
B4 Hyde Park
B5 A Social Disease
B6 The Stoke Newington Eight
B7 N.W.3
B8 Unknown
B9 The Uniform
B10 God Is Dead

Saturday, 14 July 2018

This Bitter Lesson ‎– "Value Of Defiance" (96 Tapes ‎– 96#1) 1982

Wouldn't you have loved to know these geezers when you were 18? What a barrel of laughs they must have been? My mate's an 'Anarcho-Poet' you could proudly boast......or alternatively keep that one very quiet.
Where I live in France, its quiet common to meet someone at soirees of all social groups who declare themselves a 'Poet', or a 'Philosopher', when you know they really work on the check-out at the Super-U (French supermarket chain), 'Je suis une Artiste' they announce, and all the french in the room go glassy eyed in admiration.
In the UK, its, 'I'm an Actor', or yeah cool, i'm a DJ, or i'm in a Band......ain't we fucking all......but you don't do it for a living do you? Its a Hobby......if they actually do anything at all, and its not a pure fantasy.
"I'm writing a Novel' the bloke with a beard says with a thinly disguised look of disdain......."Yup, neither am I!?" one replies.
As odius and revealing as Pretentiousness is, you just gotta love it as well. It provides endless hours of entertainment, listening or watching someone denying that they are just 'Ordinary' ,with nothing in particular to offer the world. 
As Claire recites a soliloquy about people in a night club having fun instead of thinking about how nasty the world is outside......."Poison gas flows as she pulls another pint.Yes, this is the laughing time" she  informs us.....but we already know it is Claire!
There was always a 'poet' on the bill back in the eighties, or a 'Ranter', as they renamed themselves, to avoid the 'Poet' tag. Some smartarse rhyming couplets of the most uninspired and obvious politics, like an unwashed Pam Ayres on PlaySchool, was not what one wanted to endure after paying a quid fifty to see some anarcho-punk band telling us the exact same shite, but with over-distorted guitars instead of the restless murmuring of the 27 punters and a dog that made up the 'crowd'.......but, i'd kinda want to see one of them again?....what special kind of madness is this?
Yes, I love this pretentious pile of crap immensely.Its so bad, its kinda good. This is right up there with Jimmy Pursey (late of proto-Oi band Sham 69) doing contemporary dance on the artsy-fartsy  'Riverside' programme on BBC2 in the early eighties....check that out HERE!
I love the track titles too......"In The Eyes Of A child"!!!' couldn't make it up could you?.......haha....I just saw "Living.....?"....its der question mark what done it!LOL!


Side One
1 In The Eyes Of A Child
2 Untitled
3 Japanese Girl
4 Ode To A Trendy Nite Club 

Side Two
5 Your Legal Slaughter
6 Poison Policy
7 Living...?

Friday, 13 July 2018

Various Artists ‎– "New Criminals Volume 2" (New Crimes Tapes ‎– NC6) 1982

It's New Criminals Volume Two and its jam packed with unmusicianly joy.
The Apostles are probably the worst Anarcho-Punk band ever...which is a good thing by the way.
Attrition, are as DIY sounding as Industrial electronica can get.....speaking of 'Get'.......
We have 'The Get', which includes at least one Stripey Zebra,who are almost as wonderfully dysfunctional as the Zebras themselves.
Train Fares,apart from the great band name, are the blue-green Algae of the Indie primeaval soup, which evolved eventually emerging as mudskippers,or stuff like Talulah Gosh.
Terminal Disater, avert the total disater of the anarcho-punk carbon copyist mass grave, by being totally incompetent at replicating said generic dead end.
Cold War,are badly recorded Rema-Rema wannabes.If they had Martin Hannett producing they could have been as big as The Danse Society.
Twelve Cubic Feet, were almost the very first fully functional 'Indie' band....well, it was either them or the TV Personalities, Subway Sect,or Dolly Mixture?
This Bitter Lesson, are usually fine exponents of the pubescent art of anarchist poetry, which is normally hilarious.....but the two tracks on here don't reach those laughable heights of uber-seriousness. This can be found on their highly recommended 'Value Of Defiance' tape....coming soon to these cyber pages.

A fine compilation charting the shifting waters of the 1982 music scene,and the first glimmerings of the 'Indie' curse.

DOWNLOAD this perfect crime HERE!

Thursday, 12 July 2018

APF Brigade ‎– "Live Brigade" (Self-Released Cassette) 1980

Charming is not normally an adjective I would use in relation to any Anarcho-Punk recording or Band,but, The APF are really rather sweet and, yes, charming.
Their teenage soap boxing is almost adorable, like Lena Zavoroni was on 'Opportunity Knocks'.Then she grew up and became a haunted shell of a woman who starved herself to death.(See 'grown up' Lena singing 'Going Nowhere HERE!)
I'm not sure this is what happened to Andi Export and his mate from the inner city hell-hole of Peterborough Cambridgeshire......did any Anarcho-Punk bands actually come out of areas where life was actually really as terrible as the music????
Ah Bless, Andy's adolescent Didactic* (*thanks Laurence) charm, patronises us with info about those same subjects these rather self-righteous groups bang on about ALL the time, hunting Nuclear War etc....all are admittedly relevant, but....change the record for fucks sake!
At least ADF Brigade pre-emmpted the latest fad on single use plastic waste 38 years before Sky News.
The music is a melange of UK DIY and less shouty Crass, a drum machine replacing Penny Rimbaud is an added bonus. Andi Export's voice does have a nassaly middle aged quality about it, that belies the naivety of the music.
Whats also impressive, is that all tracks recorded live specially for each copy, therefore every tape is unique and has different sequencing of songs. All the tapes sent in to the band were recorded in this way, so the tapes themselves were all different in order of tracks and the quality of the ‘performance’. Of course this made each tape completely individual. I suppose this was before they could afford a dubbing cassette deck. As far as I know this is quite unique in cassette culture...except maybe  Organum's Pulp cassette?
Andi, himself, actually went on to be 'Man's Hate' and produce the renowned "International Sound Communication" or ISC cassette series. 
The first Man's Hate cassette can be found HERE, thanks to that nice Mr Burton of Ferric Archaeology fame.

(*Didactic: designed or intended to teach people something
  • —used to describe someone or something that tries to teach something (such as proper or moral behavior) in a way that is annoying or unwanted)......if that doesn't sum Anarcho-pop up I dunno what does?
Track Listing:

01 Anarchist attack-plastic crap-religious dictator
02 The professional
03 Ban The Bomb
04 No Effect
05 Disease
06 Truth
07 I'll have the last war with you
08 Revolt
09 Waste Away
10 Syndrome
11 Bloody mad
12 We're not your Tools.

DOWNLOAD an-achy ear achy HERE!

Wednesday, 11 July 2018

Jandek ‎– "Follow Your Footsteps" (Corwood Industries ‎– Corwood 0751) 1986

Yeah Yeah Yeah, I know!....I forgot to do Jandek Monday!
Well, it'll have to be Jandek Wednesday instead won't it?
Anyone got a problem with that?
Got carried away with the world cup didn't I?
As much as I want England to win the fucking thing, I dread the waves of Jingoistic 'Pride', washing away the reality of what a fucking mess my motherland is in...especially politically.
All the lazy,thick, racist 'little englander' scumbags, will be racing down the streets in their mobility scooters, singing 'Footballs Coming Home' alongside chants of  'we've got our country back'; despite the fact that the government is reducing this poxy grey island to the status of a vassel state off the coast of the largest trading bloc in the world. 
Those feckless fat cunts at least won't have to worry about foreigners taking the jobs they don't want, because the jobs will have moved to where those foreigners came from originally. I've never been so ashamed to be English, even if England do the unlikely achievement of winning the World Cup against the old enemy.....France. Somehow it was be fitting that England lost 2-1 (aet) to Croatia;very gratefully part of that huge trading bloc thank you very much. Part one of Brexit has happened, as in the Exit of England from the world cup....they'll be crying in their chips.

Oh Yeah.....Jandeks "Follow Your Footsteps" is a strange one from classic period Jandek.
The guitar appears to be tuned to a standard blues tunage, and played as such!?
There appears to be two 'other' singers involved also....maybe the 'Eddie' from "Blue Corpse", and a lone female interjection on "What Do You Want To Sing?"(Probably the mysterious Nancy,from the other contemporaneous albums around '86). The Drums are also pounded by someone with the percussive ability of a toddler.
Because of the conventional guitarwork, this is probably listed as 'very accessable' in the vast Jandek catalogue.


A1 Honey 3:13
A2 What Do You Want To Sing 2:11
A3 Jaws Of Murmur 4:50
A4 Preacher 3:50
A5 Didn’t Ask Why 4:10
A6 Leave All You Have 3:48
B1 I Know You Well 3:13
B2 Dearly Need Some Words 4:16
B3 Straight Thirty Seconds 3:00
B4 Bring On Fatima 2:40
B5 For Today 3:49
B6 Collection 3:41
B7 We’re All Through 1:19

Subhumans ‎– "Demolition War Parts I-III" (Bluurg Tapes ‎– BLUURG 7) 1981

Straight outta the pastoral countryside of darkest Wiltshire,where life is jolly difficult, came The Subhumans. They were angry about War, Animal Rights, and Politicians. Fair enough, but after twenty -odd songs about these subjects one ends up craving for a bloody Love Song.
At least a quieter moment,or some space.
Sound wise they inhabit that hinterland between Zounds and Crass.Fuzzier than Zounds, but more melodic than Crass.
I Like some of the song titles anyway, like "It's Gonna Get Worse" and it's not ironic that "Mickey Mouse is Dead" preceeds a peon to "Sid".Yes that 'Sid, the one whose face launched a thousand leather Jackets.


A1 All Gone Dead
A2 Germ
A3 Zyklon-B-Movie
A4 Big Brother
A5 Human Error
A6 Parasites
A7 It's Gonna Get Worse
A8 Drugs Of Youth
A9 So Much Money
A10 New Age
A11 First Aid
A12 Animal
A13 Nothing I Can Do
A14 Killing
A15 Trowbridge Park
B1 Animal
B2 Society
B3 Minority
B4 Mickey Mouse Is Dead
B5 Sid
B6 Peroxide
B7 New Age
B8 Song No. 35
B9 Pisshead

Tuesday, 10 July 2018

Stupid Humans ‎– "Demo Jan 80" (Bluurg Tapes ‎– BLUURG 12) 1981

As I said before, The Mental's Dick Lucas, joined the majority of The Stupid Humans to form Anarcho-Punk legends The Subhumans...who are still banging 'em out today!
The Stupid Humans are representative of the different directions punk rockers went in, post-pistols. The Johnny Rottens dumped all the three chord thrash and adolescent politics, whereas the Sid Vicious's reduced it all to one song repeated over and over again and a leather Jacket.Either a classic example of reductionism or just plain stoopid?
Anarcho-Punk was kind of a bastard child of the Rottens and The Vicious's, using a distorted version of the more intelligent politics of Rotten/Maclaren but maintaining the musical corner that hardcore punk had painted themselves in. Literally every  song is exactly the same is it not?
All the lyrics repeat the same obvious stuff over and over again. But at least they didn't become The Exploited?
A few of the songs on this demo have an acc-sid-ental surreal quality 37 years later ('Try' could easily be the backing track to a Sleaford Mods Track?),but back then it was what the throng were into instead of 'Grime' today one supposes? A Very similar dead end, both musically and style-wise.


A1 Society
A2 Get Out Of My Way
A3 Ashtray Dirt
A4 Try
A5 Killing
A6 All Gone Dead
A7 New Age
A8 Why D' You Wanna Fight?
A9 Sid
A10 First Aid
A11 The Fuzz

Monday, 9 July 2018

The Mental ‎– "Mental Breakdown" (Bluurg Tapes ‎– BLUURG 3) 1981

The Mental were the very teenage punk group of Dick Lucas, future leader of The Subhumans (UK),and founder of 'Bluurg Tapes'.
Its a kind of fuzzy/shouty Anarcho-punk hybrid of Crass and Zounds.The hard rural sound of  Melksham in the punk infested greenfields of Wiltshire. Which I suppose is the traditional homeland of Anarcho-punk.....y'know, Stone'Enge and all that? 
The cassette is a compilation of two early Demo's and the vinyl EP they released in 1980; before Dick joined forces with 'The Stupid Humans' to become The Subhumans.
Not a very politically right-on group name though wazzit Dick?


A1 God For A Day
A2 18
A3 Kill The Bill
A4 Off The Rails
A5 Party Political Bullshit
A6 1985
A7 Paranoia Syndrome
A8 Paper World
A9 Oi
A10 Party Political Bullshit
A11 Oy! [Fried Tomatoes]
A12 Fun In Camden
A13 Attack

Sunday, 8 July 2018

The Snails ‎– "Shitting Bricks" (New Crimes Tapes) 1981

New Crimes Tapes liked their Anarcho-Punk-a-likes-a-lot. Here's The Snails, who could easily be mistaken for Zounds.The vocalist has that trademark 'I Know Something You Don't Know' quality that the singer of Zounds had in bucketsfulls.
The Snails could have been big if they'd released a vinyl LP like their sound-a-like compatriots.
There's no lyric sheet, but somehow I know everything they're ranting about.....the usual stuff....Vivisection, Fox Hunting, Thatcher, The Nuclear Menace,Factory Enslavement, Religion know.Preaching to the converted was an Anarcho-Punk speciality.Either you agreed with it all or you don't....nothing was gonna change;only for the worse.
Looking back, the Nuclear Threat produced a great era of creativity. Thatcher was a socialist compared to even Corbins labour party today; thanks to her financial support of myself, on both the dole, and Enterprise allowance schemes i've never had to work in a factory,or have a job, in my life.....especially as she had them all shut down, and liberated thousands of slaves from the mines. If anything, Thatcher was the Punk Politician. She wanted the same things as the Punks; more money, a future(ie a job and fuck the rest of you).This is the victorian version of Anarchy, as personal freedom rather than some weird form of communism that Crass promoted.....and everyone doing it for themselves.....think about it. Even Johnny Rotten became a property Baron millionaire, and I shudder to think what ancestoral homes those trust-fund hippies in Crass inherited.
Yep its worse now, but at least Fox Hunting is banned eh?

A1 Think Tank
A2 Factory
A3 Comment
A4 From Foxhunts To Oblivion
B1 Thatcher's Victims
B2 Cocktail Version / Army Manoeuvers
B3 Church

Saturday, 7 July 2018

Autumn Poison ‎– "Songs Of Anger, Songs Of Hope" (New Crimes Tapes ‎– NC8) 1983

Who would have thought that the magnificent Stripey Zebras would become a joyless Anarcho-Punk band, banging on about Fox Hunting and war in place of the far more subversive subjects of Donny and Marie Osmond, Greta Garbo, and Disco's.
These chaps wanna lighten up a bit!?
On a topical note they do mention Govt chemical weapons facility 'Porton Down', just down the road from Anarcho-Punk homeland, Stone 'Enge........WARNING*! Spinal Tappisms could follow!?
Autumn Poison indeed,This week those filthy Russians have poisoned two of our finest British piss heads in near-by Sailsbury, with some discarded Novichok Nerve Agent.Conspiracy Theorists will draw sweeping conclusions about the coincidence that this facility is so close to these 'attacks', and that its in the middle of the World Cup.....whatever basically. But i am not unaware that the roots of this modern conspiracy syndrome madness that led directly to the election of leaders that make their nemesis 'Thatcher' look like Mahatma Ghandi; had their roots in the very same Anarcho-Punk culture that bangs on relentlessly about leaders such as Trump.Oh the Irony!?....what would the lickle children of Stone 'enge have said? (told ya*).


A1 Hiroshima
A2 War Crimes (Afghanistan, El Salvador)
A3 Fox Hunting
A4 Uranium
A5 Worship The Bomb
A6 The Power And The Glory
A7 Smokescreen
A8 Swords Into Ploughshares
B1 Animals Are Not Ours To Eat, Wear Or Experiment On
B2 Who Would Rape Mother Earth?
B3 Contributory Negligence
B4 Dirty Business
B5 Porton Down
B6 The Sun Says
B7 Sense Your Own Strength

Friday, 6 July 2018

The Stripey Zebras - "Live in Burnett's Bedroom" (New Crimes Tapes NC1) 1980

Basically,..... very basically,....this tape is a classic.
It's up there on a podium of pure cardboard alongside anything by such UK DIY  treasures as Danny and the Dressmakers, The Midnight Circus, Instant Automatons,Door and the Window, The Jubilets,The Barron Balls or even The Prats!?
Favourites on the Southend gig circuit,they had buckets for drums, a singer who sounds like an Essex version of Snagglepuss,or maybe Jinx the cat, on glue, and made an album in the drummers bedroom. Burnett was promoted to real drums at their live gigs, which was the first time he'd ever been behind a that's punk rock purity.
Then as with everything 'beautiful and pure', it becomes contaminated by the outside world. Eventually they decended into making more 'sophisticated' music, got better at their instruments, and wrote about 'serious' issues....yawn!
The evil virus of Anarcho-Punk penetrated this perfection, and various members formed various Crass style groups.....tut tut tut?
Graham Burnett, went on to create the fanzine and cassette label 'New Crimes', and form more 'serious' groups 'Enola Death' and 'Autumn Poison'.
Sadly the sub-genius that was Martin Fulton,the singer, died around the turn of this century i am informed! Why his fizzog doesn't adorn thousands of t-shirts worn by tormented adolescents the world over, and Kurt Cobain IS quite frankly, a mystery of Marie Celeste-like proportions. Dave Mcullough ,late of 'sounds', should have re-edited his extremely daft obiturary for Ian Curtis, and replaced the lead subject matter with Martin Fulton....'He died for you'?

Track listing:

1 Monsters On TV
2 Disco Disco
3 Sgt.Bilko Plays Pop
4 Donny & Marie
5 Greta Garbo Goes Shopping
6 Carry On
7 Wild Thing
8 Fanzine Junky
9 Sheena (Easton) Is a Punk Rocker
10 Steptoe & His Dad
11 Sore Eyes Party
12 Walking Home
13 Skelington Flat
14 Seance Disco

Thursday, 5 July 2018

Various Artists ‎– "New Criminals Volume 1" (New Crimes Tapes ‎– NC2) 1981

From The Thought Criminals to "New Criminals" Volume 1 on New Crimes Tapes, An Anarcho-Punk leaning fanzine label from Southend-On-Sea.

Despite appearences from The Subhumans and Flux of Pink Indians, there are some UK DIY classics on this.Especially from the DIY myth that is Stripey Zebras, and 86:Mix...which is a new one on me.


A1 –Sinyx - Animal
A2 –Sinyx - Suicide
A3 –Sinyx - Fight
A4 –The Subhumans - Parasites
A5 –The Subhumans - It's Gonna Get Worse
A6 –The Subhumans - Drugs Of Youth
A7 –86:Mix - Describe Yourself
A8 –86:Mix - My Desert Is A City
A9 –86:Mix - The Party
B1 –Stripey Zebras - Sgt. Bilko Plays Pop
B2 –Stripey Zebras - Greta Garbo Goes Shopping
B3 –Stripey Zebras - Monsters On T.V.
B4 –APF Brigade - The Profesionals
B5 –APF Brigade - Ban The Bomb
B6 –APF Brigade - No Effect
B7 –Flux Of Pink Indians - Left Me To Die
B8 –Flux Of Pink Indians - Is There Anybody There?
B9 –Flux Of Pink Indians - Life After Death
B10 –Enola Death - Fox Hunting
B11 –Enola Death - The Sun Says

Tracks A1 to A3 recorded live at Dave's practice room 10.05.81.
Tracks A4 to A6 from the 3 part cassette "Demolition War".
Tracks A7 to A9 recorded live at Southend Rascals 09.04.81
Tracks B1 to B3 recorded live at Rochford Zero 6 01.12.80
Tracks B4 to B6 from APF Brigade's live cassette.
Tracks B7 to B9 from the FOPI demo tape.
Tracks B10 to B11 recorded in Wayne Kermode's garden shed, May 1980. Enola Death formed in March 1980 and split up in June 1980 in a wet field near Stonehenge.

Wednesday, 4 July 2018

The Thought Criminals ‎– "Chrono-Logical (1978-81)" (Doublethink ‎– DT1984) 2005

Staying in Sydney, We have the creators of one of thee DIY outsider Punk anthems, namely, "I Won't Pay (For Punk Records)" by the Thought Criminals.
They cleverly noticed that to provide a product to buy seemed to contradict the whole message that Punk rock put forward. Naturally they suggest that we 'punks' should boycott any product that should appear in traditional channels.
I was aware of their first two classic DIY singles, but one had no idea that they recorded skip loads of material.
They looked quite good too...:

LP 1
I Won't Pay (for Punk Records)
More Suicides Please
Hilton Bomber
Fuck The Neighbours
Cut Out Man
So All The Superheroes
The Innocent
Winston Smith
Lonely Ones
Stolen Air
The Orphan 

LP 2
We Promise You
OK 767
Edge Of Time
My Mind Ain't So Open
Land Of The Living Room
Victims Of Today
Sound Of Changing Places
Take Another Look
La Mer (Live)

Tuesday, 3 July 2018

Systematics - "Pulp Baby7" EP" + "Rural 12"EP" + Rural Side 3 Cassette" (M Squared/Doublethink) 1979/80

"Pulp Baby 7" EP (Doublethink) 1979


Pulp Baby
Nuts To You

"Rural 12" EP" (M Squared) 1980


A1 Numbers In General
A2 245T
A3 When I'm Older
A4 Flowers On The Wall
B1 Vanessa Teratology
B2 Dinner's On The Table
B3 Stuh Echipidah
B4 Mmmm

"Rural - side 3" Cassette (M Squared) 1980


A1 Livewire in the Bathroom
A2 Stringbag Of Death
A3 Living in a Blue Light
A4 Bride of Surface
A5 Amniotic

Sydney based Minimal Wave combo who made introspective electronic tunes with that classic bedroom ambience we all crave....don't we?
The "Pulp Baby" single could qualify as the Southern Cross area's version of Thomas Leer's DIY electronic classic "Private Plane" seven incher;but with pretentions to be The Normal's "Warm Leatherette". Obviously recorded whilst Mum and Dad were asleep in the next room.The vocals are as quiet and unobtrusive as possible so as not to wake the parents....or girlfriend, as was the case with Mr Leer.Just in case someone found out what they awere doing.
It gives the recordings an intimate sound, as if we are privileged to eavesdrop on the process.
For the Rural Cassette, they get a bit more experimental and droney, and why not?

Monday, 2 July 2018

Jandek ‎– "New Town" (Corwood Industries ‎– Corwood 0765) 1998

'Monday Monday'.....the Mamas and Papas sang in the swinging sixties....well,swinging has different connotations in the 21st century, so here's an antidote to that flowery harmony group of incestuous Hippies.....Its Jandek Monday Monday.
The famous drum kit pictured on the sleeve does actually make an appearence on the tenth track, "Time Will Come", like its being played by a toddler with ADHD. The rest is just voice and ,largely, plucked guitar, as if played by the same toddler, but on a heavy dose of Mogadon.
You know those Sun Ra organ solo's, where it sounds like he was just moving his fingers on the keyboard, and it turned out that he had actually notated it all and written it down? Well, Jandek isn't doing the same on the Guitar. He really is making it up in real ,slow motion,time,and probably, really IS falling asleep into a sedative induced stupor.Barely in control of his limbs as his fingers bounce ofF the detuned strings. A kind of automatic music, channeling a long dead mental patients music therapy class from beyond the crematorium.We've heard of the 'Chemical Cosh', well, here we have a musical cosh to remove all reason for living.
Don't mess with the after life kids, or you could be meeting the wrong demons at the crossroads. For every Robert Johnson theres a thousand Jandeks receiving buggar-all from Lucifer in return for their souls........yeah yeah I know......there's loads of Robert Johnsons and only ONE Jandek.But, for every Jandek there's a million Eric that truly is a terrifying gift from hell, and another reason why we are almost certainly,already living in a Hell of our own making! Jandek is just reflecting that back at thanks Jandek!??


1 New Town 4:14
2 Steal Away Home 4:31
3 Street Walk 3:45
4 You Standing There 3:27
5 Desert Voice 4:36
6 Let Me Hear The Words You Say 3:24
7 The Real You 2:27
8 It Would Only Be Action 4:10
9 Look At It 3:36
10 Time Will Come 2:50
11 What You Are

Sunday, 1 July 2018

Essendon Airport ‎– "Palimpsest" + "Sonic Investigations (Of The Trivial) EP" (Innocent Records) 1980/81

"Palimpsest" (1981)


Correct Pitch?
No Quarter
I Feel A Song Coming On
Like Young
Trad Jazz
Science Of Sound
What Is This Thing Called Funk?
Rhythm Method
Entrance Of The Gladiators
Happy Ending

"Sonic Investigations (Of The Trivial)" (1980)

Take Off
A1 Runway Rock 3:27
A2 How Low Can You Go... (?) 3:26

Touch Down
B1 Wallpaper Music 5:38
B2 3 Against 4 1:47

Well you know that '→ ↑ →' and 'Asphixiation' involved the members of Essendon Airport right?
Well here's Essendon Airports early records featuring no less than those very same members of Essendon Airport!
Blatantly the music of educated university graduates, this electronic version of Muzak suggests there must be an underlying theme to all this? Something we are too dumb to understand.There is a track title here, called "Wallpaper Music",which I suggest nakedly reveals the artists intention.
Its minimalism and non-rock uncommerciality is in itself admirable to behold;but there's again something rather sterile about it......nothing wrong with that however,just an observation.
I know this is good, but it just feels disposable,like the Elevator music it parodies.A world where humans are optional, except as consumers.....which you aren't if you download this file without the vulgar process of exchanging tokens of credit for it.That would just ruin everything!

Saturday, 30 June 2018

Asphixiation ‎– "What Is This Thing Called 'Disco'?" (Innocent ‎– ONO-001) 1981

This is basically an conceptual satire of the Disco cult by → ↑ →  and Essendon Airport, as a fictional group called 'Asphixiation'.
The LP was made as a backing track for the group members to mime to during a few performances at the George Paton Gallery in july 1980, where they pranced and mimed, badly, to an openly displayed reel-to-reel tape machine.

As it says on the official promo blurb from Innocent Records: 
"Ten arse-kicking tracks that encompass the wide dissemination of the most recent and prolific enigma yet to seduce the mass-market and tickle the art-cult: DISCO." 
It was quite popular around 1980 to do a tongue in cheek version of Disco by the more serious minded among the experimental pop community, of which there are many examples; notably The Residents disco version of their critically acclaimed album 'Eskimo', as 'Diskomo'.
This satirical experiment predates a lot of the 'Mutant Disco' stuff from downtown Manhatten in the early 80's, but this usurps all that by being a strictly one-off joke on both the Disco and Art worlds.
The provocative cover of an under-endowed male augmented with lit cigarette only serves to emphasise the subversivness of penetrating the ordinary home with subjects real Disco kept hidden behind the scenes.The music had the ability to lure children away from their parents like a piped piper to a taboo world of decadence and sexual discovery.Ohhhh La Laaa!!?
A similar swindle was attempted by Throbbing Gristle with their "20 Jazz Funk Greats" album. The idea being that any unsuspecting member of the public, when leafing through the record racks in Woolworths would happen upon this fake Jazz-Funk compilation,take it home and play it, but instead of the smooth danceable sounds of Level 42, they had Genesis P-Orridge groaning about 'Persuasion' and other dodgy sadistic topics. However on that album there did appear a couple of psuedo-disco tracks that did indeed presage House music by almost a decade......shame on you TG!!!!
Asphixiation, also touched on these same taboo's(I mean look at the cover and the groups S&M moniker?),but with far more humour involved than the largely humourless Throbbing Gristle.
Well....I could almost dance to this and think it was proper Disco.....dunno about you?


Long Player Album:

A1 The Beat Aesthetic
A2 Feelings
A3 Asphixiation
A4 Blurred Movement
A5 Hunger-Food-Nausea
B1 Innocent Rhythms
B2 Aural Risk
B3 Traditional Europe
B4 Self Denial (Is A Beautiful Thing)
B5 African Disco Queen 

Twelve Inch Single (for A.M. Radio)
A L'Acrostique D'Amour

Twelve Inch Single (for Discotheques)
B The Crush

Friday, 29 June 2018

→ ↑ → ‎– "Spaces(1981)" + "3 EP's (1979-80) (Innocent ‎Records) 1979-81

Yes another 'request', but an admirable one, as I like any group that is unclassifiable alpahbetically. This is why '→ ↑ →'(Philip Brophy & Essendon Airport basically) are often referred to as 'Tsk Tsk Tsk'. So the anal record store worker could file their output under 'T'.....ahhhhh the relief.
Another important bi-product of being unclassifiable in any filing system is 'No Sales!'.The casual browser would not find it easy to stumble upon a '→ ↑ →' record in any record store,which is how I managed to find most of my favourite LP's back in the day, just by looking at the cover art, and reading the track titles on the back (yes I can read!).
The music on this mini-lp and subsequent EP's (all on Brophy's Innocent records), is a kind of sterile art gallery bound variety of passionless brass enhanced electronica.Very 'Downtown', for people who boast of degrees and of reading books.Bereft of the important factor in human music.

Spaces Tracklist:

A1 Video Space
A2 Color Space
A3 Synthetic Space
B1 Total Space
B2 Flat Space
B3 Expressive Space

Venitian Rendezvous EP (1979)


A1 Lampadina
A2 Pallini
B1 Sportelio
B2 Canzona Di Una Notta

Nice Noise EP (1979)


A1 Nice Noise Theme
A2 Rock Song
B1 Doing Very Little
B2 One Note Song

"Caprice EP" (1980)


Born Again (Christian Revival Medley)
AC/DC Current
Lunar Medley
Midnight Serenade
Moon River

Thursday, 28 June 2018

Primitive Calculators ‎– "Primitive Calculators" + "I Can't Stop It " (Self-Released) 1979/1982

Down in the classier part of Australia, we find the Synth Punk stylings of the Primitive Calculators of Melbourne. Home of The Birthday Party, formerly The Boys Next Door, whom The Calculators supported the night this live LP was recorded in 1979.
Of course The Boys Next Door contained one gothic crooning bore, Nicholas Cave, and we will hold that against them.
As the years have slipped by, we now know that The Primitive Calculators were,and are, vastly superior to any of Cave's future combo's.One reason why being decended from convicts is not as bad as its made out to be,as long as one leaves that curse of the inferiority complex behind with the other rubbish.
No studio LP was preserved for use in evidence,so we are left with a single and this live magnum opus to argue the case that they were the worlds largest islands equivalent of The Screamers......who needs recording studios anyway?
Like memories are the best photographs,sometimes things should be just left in the moment to burn brightly and then die.....which, ironically, the Calculators weren't allowed to do, as they resurrected themselve in the late eighties,and recently released a new LP??? for fucks sake!......yeah lets fuck up our legend like every fucker else is doing these days.
A lot's to be said for early deaths in the pop world. Jimi Hendrix was just beginning to suck real bad when he choked on vomit, and a lot lesser lights would have been thought of far more fondly if the reaper called just before that difficult second album.......Bono excepted of course;that particular gnome was beyond redemption as soon as he sported his mullet and placed a pixie boot on the monitors for the first time.A fine advert for abortion.


A1 I Can Tell
A2 Do The Icepick
A3 Signals
A4 Stains
A5 Mud In My Eye
A6 Beat Goes On

B1 Lullaby
B2 Do That Dance
B3 I Can't Stop It
B4 Bake In The Sun
B5 Shout

"I Can't Stop It" 7" (1979)

A - "I can't Stop It"
B - "Do That Dance"

Wednesday, 27 June 2018

Negative Reaction ‎– "Negative Reaction" (Terse Tapes ‎– trs012) 1980

Australia did a good line in Dark Industrial, and Negative reaction are a fine example of the lesser known part of the thriving early 80's Aussie Industrial sub-culture.
What have Australians got to moan about one may ask? Sunshine,large open spaces,high standard of
Well, for one, its a country full of loudmouthed 'Jocks',whose overcompetitiveness tends to annoy somewhat. So no wonder the pale young boys of Australia seeked solace in the dark pleasures of Industrial culture. Eternal sunshine can be a real downer also,not to mention the heat of the long antipodean summers.Overexposure to such a climatic strait-jacket can lead to a longing for the grey skies of the mother country, The UK, and the cleansing properties of rainfall.


Jubilee 3:25
Frustrate Flats 1:13
The Desert 8:04
Mass Culture 5:03
Street Paranoia 3:29
Dead 2:44
Theme 1 6:10
Vietnam 10:58

Live at I.C.E

Tuesday, 26 June 2018

Slugfuckers ‎– "Transformational Salt" (Dogfood Production System ‎– Dogmat#2) 1981

With a name like 'Slugfuckers' you certainly ain't lookin' fer chart action, and with an LP like this, you definitely ain't!
There aren't too many looser combo's than this from the land down under. Falling apart abstract punk funk played by pale white boys from the Sydney suburbs who'd heard The Pop Group.
Thankfully, unlike The Pop Group, Slugfuckers don't resort to pounding the listeners skull with endless political soapboxing.
The lyrics, delivered in a half-assed quasi-conversational style, are suitably vague and abstract enough as to compliment the collapsing syncopation of the music. This is the kind of stuff I like to relax to of an evening, protected by a ring of salt.


A1 Wail
A2 Mr. Insanity
A3 Tricked You
A4 Poem
A5 Obbligato Necroplasm
A6 Skizo Disko
B1 Corkscream
B2 Dolphins Aren't Fish
B3 Tell Me Who You Are
B4 Movie
B5 Artificial Slits
B6 Germange

Monday, 25 June 2018

Jandek ‎– "Dublin Friday" (Corwood Industries ‎– CORWOOD 0820) 2016

Its Jandek Monday, and this is "Dublin Friday", for the simple reason that someone asked for this because they were 'there'!
This is my equivalent of 'playing for the kids'. That brown nosed gesture a lot of performers do to please the crowd by playing their greatest hits or, as in this case, requests.
 As i write, Jandek in Dublin is playing, and he just exhaled the line, 'The Cacophony Of Gesture', which i think places brackets rather cosily around my sycophancy.
Something Jandek never does, but of late he does ,unintentionally ,occassionaly, gives them what they want.
Live at The Douglas Hyde Gallery, Dublin,  June 13, 2008, the representative gives the 'kids' classic old school Jandek; without any hanger-on avant garde musicians to ruin the beauty. Meandering detuned ascoutic guitar, and stream of consciousness vocals under the working title of "He Said Nothing";of which there are eight long parts.
'He's just making this up as he goes along', they say....well......yes, thats usually how the creative process occurs. For me, as well as our esteemed Corwood representative.
There's some polite applause, art gallery style, from the audience in between each part. One can only imagine the modest crowd sitting in silence for each 8 minute part, staring passively at the spectacle in front of them;some feigning an intellectual connection with the ginger one (Check out the keen applauder who clapped the longest after part eight!...Lol!). Mostly waiting patiently for,an end, thee end,any end. Trying not to check their wrist-watches,or be seen to leave early........a bit like life?......very Jandekian.


He Said Nothing
1 Part One 8:47
2 Part Two 7:18
3 Part Three 8:36
4 Part Four 8:17
5 Part Five 8:10
6 Part Six 7:18
7 Part Seven 5:42
8 Part Eight 8:24

Sunday, 24 June 2018

Various Artists ‎– "A Selection" ( M Squared ‎– M2010) 1981

A broad local band compilation from Sydney Australia  in 1981.
Featuring future Industrial legends as SPK and Severed Heads.
There's also plenty of local Sydney underground heroes like Slugfuckers (can't see them getting very far with a name like marks), and Negative Reaction.
Terrible artwork, but full of gems.


A1 –Wild West - Pelican
A2 –The Dead Travel Fast - Urchin
A3 –Negative Reaction - Land Of Surrender
A4 –The Limp - Pony Club
A5 –Severed Heads - Eat Roland
A6 –Slugfuckers - Reggae
B1 –Tame O'Mearas - Curl Curl
B2 –Splendid Mess - Nasa Secret Anzac
B3 –Pel Mel - Click Click
B4 –Systematics - Die For My House
B5 –Scattered Order - I'm Not Whole
B6 –Solipsik (SPK) - Zombod
B7 –Aural Indifference - Baby Love