Saturday, 21 January 2017

Rudimentary Peni ‎– "Rudimentary Peni EP" (Outer Himalayan Records ‎– BOOBOO1) 1981

As much as I cant stand 'Anarcho Punk', Rudimentary Peni stand out like a shiny diamond amongst the washed out black clad white rasta trust fund hippy smear that populated /populate this fine extrapolation of the human 'Hive Mind'. 
True, they seem to follow the standard political line as set out by the king of the Anarchists, Crass; anti-war,anti meat, use the word 'Fuck' a lot, and seem to believe in the oxymoron of 'organised Anarchy'?
Despite this,RP seemed to to stand out sartorially (ie no black uniform and greasy dreads), musically, and most importantly, artistically. Mainly thanks to singer/guitarist Nick Blinko's dark twisted visions of existence.
Dark lyrics aside, his unique art does have a certain 'drawn in a psychiatric unit' quality about it(as mentioned previously Blinko is indeed a diagnosed Schizophrenic). A cross between Hieronymus Bosch and schoolboy doodling. It certainly stands out as pretty unique, and Blinko's drawings can fetch quite a few quid if you're lucky enough to own one.
Musically, there's something rather gothic about the otherwise standard Anarcho-punk fuzzy thrash. A demented darkness that brings to mind one of the Bible's three descriptions of Hell, 'a wailing and a gnashing of teeth' (the other two by the way are, 'the Fiery Lake of burning Sulfur'; and 'the blazing furnace'). As Blinko wrote a rant against 'religion' in the booklet that accompanied this EP, I don't think promoting the word of the 'good' book was on his agenda.
(Download the booklet here!)


A1 Media Person
A2 Him Hymn
A3 Blind Dogs
A4 B-Ward
A5 Crazy Chain
A6 The Gardener
B1 Teenage Time Killer
B2 Hearse
B3 Dead Living
B4 Black President
B5 Tower Of Strength
B6 Play

Friday, 20 January 2017

The Magits ‎– "Fully Coherent" (Outer Himalayan Records ‎– SRTS/79/CUS 401) 1979

What better way to mark the inauguration of anti-intellectual philistine Donald J. Trump as leader of the western world than to intellectualize the art of the very short avant-pop tune and outsider art?
This 'entartete kunst' (nazi for 'degenerate art') ,would be instantly labelled as 'Garbage' in the black and white world of Trump and yer average Brexiteer (Entartete Kuntz anyone?)......just like Hitler's chums did back in the thirties.
Nick Blinko's first release was with Martin Cooper on vocals/words, in a minimal synth duo called The Magits.
The four songs,if we can call them songs(?), are so short they seem to only exist as long as sub-atomic particle in the hadron collider. They have a lot in common with the 40 one minute tunes on The Residents' "Commercial Album"; like a collection of intro's, unfinished ditties,and songs cut in half. The song titles seem to describe the music very well, fragmented, disconnected, disjointed, and detached. Probably how Blinko felt within himself,as he is now a prescribed schizophrenic.
The short song was an anti-establishment statement following the progressive rock era from 1976 onwards. So the shorter the song the more punk kudos one received,until it became the art form first displayed by art-punkers Wire on the monolithic "Pink Flag" album, and taken to its logical conclusion by Napalm Death with the one second long "You Suffer" from the jaw dropping "Scum" album.
Blinko's rather good anarcho-punk group Rudimentary Peni, stuck largely to the short burst template,at least until the mid-eighties,when lengthier tunes started their comeback,for the same reasons the sub-minute songs appeared in 1977.
Blinko is now referred to,patronisingly, as a much sought after "Outsider Artist", (who isn't?) mainly due to the fact he makes interesting Hieronymus Bosch like drawings and is a Schizophrenic. He has to stop taking his medication in order to create his art,and dream believe it or not? Therefore he has to risk his mental stability to satisfy his desire to make his pictures; this really is art on the edge.
Both Magits and Rudimentary Peni's releases were works of art rather than one person's expression of their 'angry years'; they were just pure,untutored, expressions of the need to create.
In fact the first couple of hundred copies of this EP came with a small photocopied 3-page folded & stapled "Magitzine" which features collages, a small essay and lyrics. Some of these initial copies also came with a hand-made paper "magit" - a small and fragile hand-cut and glued representation of the creature image used on the front sleeve (referred to as a "Magit") - basically an egg-shaped face with a tail stuck on.

A1 Fragmented 0:55
A2 Disconnected 0:48
B1 Disjointed 1:24
B2 Detached 0:55

Thursday, 19 January 2017

The S-Haters ‎– "Stories As Cold As The Irish Sea" (Outer Himalayan Records ‎– OHR 005) 1982

Dunno about being cold, but the Irish sea is certainly radioactive thanks to the British nuclear reprocessing plant in Cumbria on the site of the world's first nuclear power station at Windscale/sellafield.
A slightly less amateurish follow up to 'Death of a Vampire',with a half decent, and dancable(?), sing-a-long opening number on side B; followed by the obligatory Joy Division experimental tune,as in "I Remember Nothing" or "Auto-suggestion".....but obviously, not as good.
The A-side, could easily be a first album Modern English out-take. Sounding rather like a proto-goth crowd pleaser to these malfunctioning ears.


A -The Deepest Of Reds
B1- Drift
B2-Industry & Nature

Wednesday, 18 January 2017

The S-Haters ‎– "Death Of A Vampire" (Outer Himalayan Records ‎– OHR 002) 1981

Ooooooo,scarey!?...did someone say Vampire?
Here's some amateurish proto-goth from 1981 on Rudimetary Peni's label. 
They so wanted to be Bauhaus, but at least they got in there before The Sisters of Mercy.(possibly?)
Goth! Another British export to apologize for!?


A - Death Of A Vampire
B - Research

Sunday, 15 January 2017

The Soft Drinks ‎– "Popstars In Their Pyjamas" (Outer Himalayan Records ‎– OH 004) 1982

Were The Soft Drinks the UK's equivalent to 'The Screamers'
The Greville brothers(Jon,- future Rudimentry Peni member - and Lee) and a mate(Cliff Silver of Sad overs and Giants!), had synth had drum kit, then made a record......bizarrely on Nick Blinko of Rudimentary Peni fame's Outer Himalayan Records.
They normally liked to sing about various beverages, as heard previously on "The Thing From The Crypt" compilation.
This time they stick mainly to just one song about that Cinzano Bianco series of adverts with Joan Collins; and the a-side about 'Pop Stars in their Pyjamas" (although Cocoa is mentioned)!.....Now you wouldn't find the 'Screamers' singing about that subject matter. They liked to rock out,albeit very artily; whereas the Soft Drinks liked to have a laugh and dilute any rock to the minimum.This seems to be a common difference between Americans and Brits. Americans like to travel in one direction getting more hardcore as they crash into a wall and stay there; where their former colonial master's like to turn left or right,quite often off the edge of a cliff. These tunes are a definite turn to the left off the rock'n'roll highway, maybe even an exit, as they disappeared after this jolly single entered the bargain bins.
Quaint Synth pop ditties made with the tongue firmly in the cheek,by persons who knew how silly Pop music really is.


A Popstars In Their Pyjamas
B Cinzano Wet Dream

Friday, 13 January 2017

PHILIP JOHNSON - "Ellis is Poofyman" (Year Zero Records YEAR035) 2015

As Twelve Cubic feet and Exhibit A main man Paul Platypus was in Doof with the legendary Philip Johnson;it is about time I plugged the last release on Year Zero records;- the excellent "Ellis Is Poofyman", EP? Mini album?....i dunno, but its rather good.
All together now...."I've Been farting On The Moon!"
I dunno how he does it? Another sing-a-long classic from a world reflected in a fairground mirror in an underwater House of Fun. More synthetic voice phrases assembled and rearranged to reveal the true meaning of language. Backed up with all the aural abstract expressionism of a DIY Willem de Kooning;.... before he developed Alzheimers!
You should know by now NOT to be disappointed by any Philip Johnson recording,and this definitely is no exception.
Made,originally, in the much maligned 3" CD format to further limit his audience.

DOWNLOAD ellis here you poofyman!

Thursday, 12 January 2017

Exhibit A ‎– "Distance EP" ~(Irrelevant Wombat Records ‎– DAMP 2) 1980

Exhibit A, your honor, is the groups pièce de résistance, the "Distance EP" from 1980; where our teenage chums go synth pop, like an even wimpier Depeche Mode. 
The stand out track is the wobbly minimal synth Indie crossover classic, "Platform 6", which gives a strong indication as to the direction Matthew Matrices /Vosburgh would take Solid Space.
The title track is a kind of melodic Indie space pop, and it all ends with a charming peon to the uses and benefits of 'Bollards'; I've always thought Bollards have had rough press over the years.
An absolute classic, flowing with charm and innocence from the cusp of adulthood.....with cheapo synthesisers.
Although, where a few 15-16 year olds got the money to buy a couple of synths and release a vinyl record from I have no idea?....a paper round?..... selling drugs?.....or bourgeois parents(i'm picking this one)?
I'm the same age as these boys and the best my teenage band could muster, until we got on the dole, was a few plastic buckets for drums, a knackered acoustic guitar with two strings, and a mono cassette deck.
It was the same with the 'punk' groups, they were all supposed to be skint, but had brand name electric guitars, drum kits, amplifiers, expensive biker jackets, and the odd designer t-shirt. Us real people still wore high waisted flares, flowery shirts and v-neck jumpers.....with NO instruments.As it said in 'Sniffin' Glue'....Here's three chords, now go and form a Band. Which we all promptly did, but with no instruments,and consequently zero chords. This is a primary reason for the appearance of lots of Industrial acts, where having no instruments was a positive advantage.


A Distance
B1 Platform 6
B2 Bollards

Wednesday, 11 January 2017

Exhibit A ‎– "No Elephants This Side Of Watford Gap EP" (Irrelevant Wombat Records ‎– DAMP 1) 1979

Exhibit 'A' formed in late 1978 when four 14-year-olds discovered a shared interest in John Peel's late night radio shows — whilst avoiding sporting activities together during school breaks. They produced three issues of a fanzine, Wombat Weekly, and recorded their first EP, No Elephants this Side of Watford Gap at a central London youth club in 1979. At age 15 and 16 they were one of the youngest bands to release their own record independently. Guitarist and indie idealist Paul Platypus also played with the excellent Reflections (with Mark Perry and Nag from the Door & the Window), Doof with Phillip Johnson, and Twelve Cubic Feet (joined by former Exhibits drummer Andrew Lunchbox-good stagename- and bassist Matthew Matrices among others), and founded Namedrop Records. Matthew went on to release one of thee classic DIY tapes ever with Solid Space's "Space Museum" (1982).In fact everything the members of Exhibit A had to do with was rather marvelous indeed.
This lot deserve their place in the pantheon of real boy(and girl, as in Honey Bane*) Bands, alongside The Prats, The Fatal Microbes*, and half of Eater.
But above that they were one of the earliest indicators of what would become the 'Indie' template, and the de-rocking of Pop music; before fey shoegazing and the inordinately floppy fringe became more important than the attitude.Then, even worse, before major labels started to set up their own 'Fake Indie' labels and shoved Jesus and Mary Chain clones down our throats into the proper charts,and eventually became rebranded as 'Brit Pop'?????(ugh!).The Subway Sect and the TV Personalities would have turned in their graves....although they both still exist as Zombie Indie cash-in acts to this very day!?


A1 In The Night 2:55
A2 Fame And Fortune 2:08
B1 Digital Age 1:38
B2 Maniac Garden 4:36

Tuesday, 10 January 2017

Various Artists ‎– "The Thing From The Crypt" (The Thing From The Crypt ‎– TTFTC 001) 1981

Another classic Street Level compilation of UK DIY ,with shades of Proto-Indie, is "The Thing From The Crypt". A shared album for acts on Dead Hedgehog and Nick Blinko's (of Rudimentary Peni!?) Outer Himalayan Records.
No Anarcho Punk on here, thank fuck,despite Blinko's connection,- he always sounded a step apart from that washed out black clad clique-; but it has much to point towards the vague watershed between UK DIY and the early 'Indie' sound.
There's some quaintly amateurish Goth by S-Haters, but I don't mind a bit of that, as long as its as badly played as these two tracks.
And we have 'Sad Lovers and Giants', who are just too conventionally good in a New Wave sense, and amazingly still exist today!!?
The stand out band are obviously teenage tearaways 'Exhibit A', featuring future' Twelve Cubic Feet'-ers and 'Solid Space' members.
Altogether an album full of that uncertain amateurish charm we all love in this digitally padded cell; yet is soooo absent from today's boringly 'clued up' society. 
'They', whatever 'they' may mean(?), are so clued up they are in fact very,very, Clueless.


A1 –Exhibit A - Rain
A2 –Sad Lovers & Giants - Take Me Inside
A3 –Mex  - Evil Creatures
A4 –Gambit Of Shame - Dancing With The Turks
A5 –Flying Beechcraft - Bugger Off
A6 –Image In Ruin - Tank
A7 –Soft Drinks - Squash
A8 –S-Haters - Necromancer
B1 –Soft Drinks - Pepsi Cola
B2 –Flying Beechcraft - Frog Girl
B3 –Image In Ruin - Bottle
B4 –S-Haters - Canal
B5 –Exhibit A - Echoes
B6 –Sad Lovers & Giants - Clint
B7 –Mex - Functioning Fripp Girls
B8 –Gambit Of Shame - She Lawn

Sunday, 8 January 2017

Blue Midnight / The Hamburger All-Stars ‎– "One Million Hamburgers EP" (Fuck Off Records ‎– FEP 003) 1982

Well...This is a catchy tune!
Round about 1982 the dreaded 'Musician' started to creep out from his priest hole and started to re-impose himself on the public who had begun to tire of doing it themselves and wanted to be entertained again.
This deadly affliction even infected Fuck Off Records, presaging the New Pop anathema which justified itself by corrupting from the inside.....but never did once the spondoolicks started rolling in.
There were some artists who, of course, emplyed this tactic correctly, like ATV, The Fire Engines,and, best of all,The Associates,
The title track of this EP is another fine example of making listenable Pop music with morals.
This Street Level super group, including Mark Perry and Grant Showbiz among others, have forged a real toe tapping slice of mellow, dubby and funky post punk .
Blue Midnight make their third appearance on a Fuck Off record, but the excellent Funky Blue Midnight from 'Love Not Devotion' are regrettably absent;replaced by some blues jamming post pub muso's.....a definite B-Side. 


A –The All-Stars - One Million Hamburgers

B1 –Blue Midnight - Dream
B2 –Blue Midnight - Tribute (To Don Drummond)

Friday, 6 January 2017

Various Artists ‎– Love Not Devotion" (Deleted Records ‎– DELP 001/Fuck Off Records ‎– FLP 002) 1982

This is a re-post of a re-ripped Fuck Off/Deleted Records shared album from 1982(at 320k,for those who care); featuring The Instant Automatons, Britpunkfunk combo Blue Midnight, and Street Level super groop The Hambirger All-Stars, featuring various members of Here and Now and Alternative TV, among others.
Blue Midnight are particularly fine, with their brand of punky brass led DIY funk.Like a cross between Pig Bag and early Dexy's sans the awful Kevin Rowland.
The Hambirger All-Stars are also, very fashionably for 1982, Dubbed up, Funky and Punky. A sooper groop of sorts, with 'Here and Now' street hippies Steffy and Grant Showbiz;
Anno, Mark and Dennis from Alternative TV;alomg with someone called Justin Adams from Impossible Dreamers.

Then we have, the late great, Protag and Mark automaton with 6 tracks of Instant Automatons' skewed DIY pop songs on behalf of Deleted Records.Including the classic "Short Haired Man (In a Long Haired Town)".
How can you argue against a line up like that?

Wot a great,and very lost, record!?


A1 –Blue Midnight -Quarter To Blue 2:23
A2 –Blue Midnight -Fireplace 2:37
A3 –Blue Midnight -Joy! 2:21
A4 –Blue Midnight -Crazy 3:51
A5 –Blue Midnight -Hot And Cold 2:26
A6 –Hamburger All-Stars -I Woke Up 2:52
A7 –Hamburger All-Stars -Swinging London, Pt. 1 2:00
A8 –Hamburger All-Stars -Studded Leather Jacket 2:58
B1 –Hamburger All-Stars -My Life Is A Mess 1:37
B2 –Hamburger All-Stars -Swinging London, Pt. 2 5:15
B3 –The Instant Automatons -Worcester Avenue 2:38
B4 –The Instant Automatons -Catacomb 1:57
B5 –The Instant Automatons -Too Big! 1:59
B6 –The Instant Automatons -Violence 2:42
B7 –The Instant Automatons -Drunk In Woolwich 3:01
B8 –The Instant Automatons -Short Haired Man 2:31

Tuesday, 3 January 2017

Animals & Men ‎– "Revel In The Static- A collection of demos and singles, 1979-83" (Hyped2Death ‎– Messthetics #201) 2005

The Terraplanes, also known as Animals & Men after an Adam and the Ants(Mk1) track, are another beyond great Post-Punk group to slip through the net. This is up there with Kleenex/Liliput for shambolic amateurishness; but no LP's on Rough Trade for Terraplanes!? They were left inexplicably on the shelf until Hyped2Death resurrected their corpse. The result is this cd-r compilation from 2003/5.
One definite kiss of death for pop groups is changing your tempting as that may are guaranteeing sub-cult status immediately. The Spizz Energi syndrome,who admirably changed their name every year to garner anti-commercial kudos, and eventually desperately back to Spizz Energi 2, to remind the public that they had had a hit single as Spizz Energi 1.
Of course, these hallowed pages are the first to applaud such an ambition-less display of  commercial suicide. The result of which are these 25 tracks of unspoilt suburban nature, now undeniably extinct.
If i could extract a sample of DIY DNA from these tunes and clone a duplicate of this group and der zeitgeist, it would fail disastrously in the modern 'everything you want now' hell we find ourselves imprisoned amongst.
To make music like this, we need freedom from choice, lack of opportunity, freedom from information , and denial of the trappings of success , dangled as a very distant carrot, just enough to keep an unattainable dream in intensive care.
The Mystery and the Dream are both now beyond resuscitation, like pop culture in general. Everyone can easily have their empty 15 minutes, if they so desire, in a world where the fatuously attainable is yours for the taking. Unless its owned by the Rothchild mafia naturally.The American Non-Dream......
If ever there was a moment for some William S. Burroughs quotes, this is it:

"The way to kill a man or a nation is to cut off his dreams"
"Communication must become total and conscious before we can stop it."
"Modern man has lost the option of silence"
"The...merchant doesn't sell his product to the consumer, he sells the consumer to his product. He does not improve and simplify his merchandise. He degrades and simplifies the client."
"America is not so much a nightmare as a non-dream. The American non-dream is precisely a move to wipe the dream out of existence. The dream is a spontaneous happening and therefore dangerous to a control system set up by the non-dreamers."

Ahhhhh....that feels better.(feel free to contribute more)

Sunday, 1 January 2017

Various Artists ‎– "No Platform For Heels" (Tender Hooks Records ‎– HOOK 001) 1982

As its another new year's day, it's an opportunity to post some of the few things I have left from the original inspiration for this blog,from what is now termed, UK DIY.
One of the last great UK DIY compilations featuring some of the stalwarts of that brief period, Mark Automaton, Digital Dinosaurs,and Missing Persons.
The Missing Persons are ,as usual, a bit dodgy in the 'we're all Hippies' department; whipping out the acoustic guitar for a sing-a-long around the travellers camp communal fire, as they all invariably await their trust-funds to start paying for their future Docklands apartments,and inherit their place on the board of the Bank of England. That's proto-anarcho punk for y'all!
The other Hippies on this disc are The Digital Dinosaurs, but they were genuine, working class hippies who just happened to write fantastic pop songs.One classic of which is 'Sheena Easton'; which one can adapt for todays crop of plastic pop stars by simply replacing her name with any talent show winner of your choice, and Esther Rantzen with Simon Cowell.....if you know any of these wankers, because I don't!
Mark Automaton,does his usual Mark E. Smith without an ego versions of zero-budget pop, and sounds like the Instant Automatons, but is called, on this occasion, The Stan Tomato Band.
There is lots more of ambition-less, anti-pop charm to make up the rest of the tracks on this nicely understated compilation, from a time when life was, in retrospect, not quite so shit.

A1 –Missing Persons - Claire 2:44
A2 –Missing Persons  - The Pioneer Spirit 1:55
A3 –The Stan Tomato Band -  InterCity 125 1:59
A4 –The Stan Tomato Band - Ignorance Is Bliss 2:08
A5 –The Victims Of Romance - All There Is 3:23
A6 –The Digital Dinosaurs Music - For The Teeth 2:30
A7 –The Digital Dinosaurs - Sheena Easton 2:23
A8 –Lurch  - High Steppin' Momma 4:32
B1 –Polish August - Desperate Romance 2:32
B2 –Polish August - Ten Tips For Beautiful Nails 2:17
B3 –Kill Your Sons - Obsession 4:11
B4 –Len Liggins - Womb With A View 1:17
B5 –Len Liggins - Sandwiches 1:35
B6 –Len Liggins - All The Dead Men 1:30
B7 –Product Of Reason - Execution Time 2:50
B8 –Left At The Lights - Dead At The Wheel 3:33

Saturday, 31 December 2016

Zwoek ‎– "Zwoek" (Kaisettes ‎– Kaisettes 03) 1982

Interesting foggy and dark minimal electronic weirdness from some unknown Dutch geezers. Some parts are like a recording of an early Residents backing track from below in the basement. Other parts are like sitting in an East German car listening to a malfunctioning 8-track tape player, while it fills up with exhaust fumes in the rain. You get the picture, even if you are looking and listening through several layers of damp smog.
Just the music to play as you have an early night on New Years Eve to avoid all that enforced jollity. I don't see anything to celebrate. We should be wearing black arm bands in mourning the passing of another murderous year , another year with no steps forward and two steps backwards.
Enough pessimism; at least 2017 will bring us reality TV star, and three time bankrupt xeno-misogynist Donald Trump, as leader of the western world while it enters its death throes. The end of this toxic system may actually be something to celebrate? At least we may possibly extend the planets life span by a few decades if we drag China with us(they'll have no mugs to sell stuff to)?......Happy New Year!?


A1 Untitled
A2 Untitled
A3 Untitled
A4 Untitled
A5 Untitled
B1 Untitled
B2 Untitled
B3 Untitled
B4 Untitled

Friday, 30 December 2016

Nails Øv Christ ‎– "Punishment Is Correction" (Sound Of Pig ‎– SOP 58) 1987

Some more dark industrial ambient, with a healthy splash of power electronics, from Grey Wolves stalwarts Trevor Ward and David Padbury. 
Their second release on Al Margolis' prolific Sound Of Pig label.
Its standard Zoviet France/ Lustmord style Dark and fuzzy Ambient gloom, but naturally, not as good as either of those two originators of this brand of Industrial music.Its like being lost in the smog around the Industrial zone near where Mary's parents live in Eraserhead.


1 Thou Art My God
2 Float Under Ice
3 Onward!
4 Slavery Once Again

Thursday, 29 December 2016

Nails Øv Christ ‎– "Dark Night Of The Soul" (Sound Of Pig ‎– SOP 20) 1985

From the dark satanic mills of Amesbury in Wiltshire, who's principle point of interest is that its slap bang next to Stonehenge.
This rural idyll is hardly the place you'd expect a dark Industrial ambient recording artist to produce his work. With its rolling countryside, picturesque cottages, and ancient monuments. Should be called something like Agricultural Noir or Dark Rural; but, I suppose, going by the name of this project, the main emphasis is on the unknown,and imagined, forces of nature and the supernatural. What better place to be to tune into these ley lines of dark energy, than that amplified by the edifices of that Victorian creation, Stonehenge or,......i'm trying desperately not to make any Spinal Tap references here......Stone 'enge......(whoops!).
Trevor, makes much more power electronic flavoured stuff with The Grey Wolves, where standard Industrial subject matter forces its way back to the fore (eg Nazi's,Racism, Nazi's and more Nazi's).
Where the fingernails of Christ are dragged down a blackboard and amplified.
This dark Ambient side of the great Trevor is a much more interesting experience.

Track Listing:

Side A (15:31)
Side B (15:07)

DOWNLOAD christs' holy toenail clippings HERE!

Tuesday, 27 December 2016

Con-Dom / Nails Of Christ With AMK ‎– "Have Faith" (Broken Flag ‎– BF 63) 1987

Con-Dom and friends (if he has any friends that is?) from The Grey Wolves, and American Industrialist AMK, with a shared outing on Broken Flag.
The Familiar themes of religious faith as a mental illness are explored here in extreme lo-fidelity.
The Con-Dom tracks are the vicious power electronic sensual assaults, and Grey Wolves main man Trevor ward (they have such ordinary names don't they?) as Nails Ov Christ, handles the more ambient Industrial side of this merry occasion.
An ideal tape to purge yourself of that awful Christmas and new year depression with a bit of aural violence,and the sound of someone having a crapper time than you did.


1 –Introduction (0.52)

2 –Con-Dom -Kneel '87 (7:35)
3 –Con-Dom -Get Right With God I (9:16)
4 –Con-Dom -Get Right With God II (3:52)
5 –Con-Dom -Jesus Penis (10:55)
6 –Nails Ov Christ With AMK -Cross Cut (14:56)

7 -Nails Ov Christ with AMK - Cross Continents (10:28)
8 -Endpiece (2.21)

Sunday, 25 December 2016

Die or DIY?'s "Festered Fifty - No's 26 to 01" (a DIE or DIY? mixtape No.10) 2016

I was intending to string this out a bit, to create a bit of mystery as to what was number one, like with the actual 'Festive Fifty's' themselves......but I couldn't be arsed.
So yes, obviously Sudden Sway's "Relationships" gets the number one spot,as could anything from their two sessions for the Peel Show. The closest attempt at originality to that was probably by Wire, and their "Crazy About Love" session (Which closed part one of this xmas feast).
The greatest sessions taken as a whole, in my humble opinion, were Sudden sway, The Diagram Brothers,The Prats, Jackdaw With Crowbar (a genuine 'What the Fuck Was That!?' moment), This Heat's first, Sonic Youth's superb Fall covers session, and the best of the lot must be The Slit's first session; recorded when they were still 'The Slits' and not some awful Reggae-lite session band.The Slits and The Prats, kinda sum up the John Peel show for me.Like field recordings of lost tribal music in the amazon rainforest;these feral and raw moments in nature preserved in analogue and digital formaldehyde for future generations to marvel at.When the age of the machine really comes into fruition, those cyborgs will mourn the day the smart phone started this slippery slope to eradicate the human factor; if not so much the actual Human beings.

Track Listing:

Peel Intro......
24. The Dodgems - "Lord Lucan Is Missing"(17/09/1979)
23. Elti-Fits - "Letter Box"(04/09/1979)
22. Gang Of Four - "I Found That Essence Rare"(18/01/1979)
21. King - "Baby Sign Here With Me"(11/07/1978)
20. X-Ray Spex - "Germ Free Adolescents"(06/11/1978)
19. Alternative TV - "The Good Missionary"(17/07/1978)
18. bIG fLAME - "Xpqwrtz (pronounced Tshh!)"(04/05/1986)
17. The Prefects - "Faults"(08/01/1979)
16. The Nightingales - "One Mistake"(06/07/1981)
15. Public Image Ltd. - "Poptones"(10/12/1979)
14. The Lurkers - "Be My Prisoner"(18/10/1977)
13. The Prats - "Poxy Pop Groups"(13/09/1979)
12. The Petticoats - "Paranoia"(15/10/1980)
Pirahnas Intro.......
11. The Pirahnas - "Boyfriend"(17/07/1979)
10. I'm So Hollow - "Dreams To Fill The Vacuum"(13/08/1980)
09. Diagram Brothers - "Bricks"(17/03/1980)
08. Altered Images - "Dead Pop Stars"(07/10/1980)
07. Jackdaw With Crowbar - "Sailor Sole Survivor"(04/10/1987)
06. This Heat - "Rimp Ramp Romp"(26/10/1977)
05. Young Marble Giants - "Final Day"(18/08/1980)
04. Swell Maps - "Harmony In Your Bathroom"(16/10/1978)
03. Sonic Youth - "Psycho Mafia" (11/10/1988)
02. The Slits - "Vindictive"(19/09/1977)
01. Sudden Sway - "Relationships"(16/11/1983)

DOWNLOAD with no christmas turkey's HERE!

Saturday, 24 December 2016

Die or DIY?'s "Festered Fifty - No's 50 to 25" (a DIE or DIY? mixtape No.10) 2016

Late lamented disc jockey John Peel, may have boasted about having sex with underage girls in his biography,and frequently on air; but he was a figure who loomed large in many a young person's early exposure to the more obscure side of pop music.
Practically, the only place a DIY single could or would be broadcast, the show usually featured an exclusively recorded session from an invited artist from the pop hinterland.
Also there was the annual Christmas airing of the "Festive Fifty", made up of the listeners favourite records of 'All Time', which was later changed to the public's fav releases of the year, after "Anarchy in The UK" was perennially at number one every year after 1977 for some strange reason!?
So to revive that traditional show, Zchivago has selected his top fifty Peel Session tracks, and called it, rather wittily, "The Festered Fifty", for something to play while the Turkey is being carved.

(*)made a John Peel style cock up, as this XTC track was a Kid Jenson session,but its a classic so its staying)

Track Listing:

    [Intro by Andy Partidge]
50. XTC - "Making Plans For Nigel" (31/05/1979)*
49. Sham 69 - "What Have We Got?"(28/11/1977)
48. Basement 5 - "The Last White Christmas"(21/04/1980)
47. The Cravats - "Precinct" (09/08/1979)
46. Laibach - "Life is Life"(07/04/1987)
45. Slab! - "Bride of Sloth"(21/02/1988)
44. Josef K - "Heart Of Song"(15/06/1981)
43. Bardo Pond - "The Word" (25/03/2004)
42. The Models - "Brainwashed"(04/07/1977)
41. Delta 5 - "Make Up"(04/02/1980)
40. The Fall - " No Xmas For John Quays"(27/11/1978)
39. Fire Engines - "Fascist Groove Thing"(23/02/1981)
38. Bogshed - "Packed Lunch To School"(27/10/1985)
37. Desperate Bicycles - "Smokescreen"(04/071978)
36. Tanz Der Youth - "Delay"(02/08/1978)
35. Prag Vec - "Toast" (29/01/1979)
34. Joy Division - "The Sound Of Music"(26/11/1979)
33. Out On Blue Six - "Boys Will Be Boys"(17/06/1981)
32. Walking Seeds - "Transmaniacan MC"(22/09/1987)
31. Patrik Fitzgerald - "Suicidal Wreck"(10/04/1979)
30. Television Personalities - "Silly Girl"(20/08/1980)
29. Monochrome Set - "Noise"(14/02/1979)
28. Yeah Yeah Noh - "The Super Imposed man"(19/01/1986)
27. A Witness - "O'Grady's Dream"(15/12/1985)
26. Birthday Party - "Rowland Around In That Stuff"(21/04/1981)
25. Wire - "Crazy About Love"(11/09/1979)

DOWNLOAD the first half of the Festered Fifty HERE!

Wednesday, 21 December 2016

This Heat - " Live at the Clarendon Hotel London 01/08/1980" (Bootleg)

Sadly, this is the last This Heat live boot I have. Its an audience recording of the first half of the set from that seething hotbed of avant garde rock, The Clarendon Hotel in London, from arguably Rocks' greatest year 1980? says its from the Clarendon anyway, although I can hear only decidedly non-english voices chit-chatting in between the songs......but good stuff anyway, although a tad heavy on the 'Hiss';but alas..."you can't record Avant-Rock in Dobly" (David St. Hubbins' wife, Spinal Tap out-take 1982)

Track Listing:

1 Horizontal Hold
2 Paper hats
3 The Fall of Saigon
5 Triumph
6 Improvisation

DOWNLOAD the last heat of the winter HERE!

Tuesday, 20 December 2016

THis Heat - "Live at the Collegiate Theatre, London 30/06/1978" (Bootleg)

A rare glimpse at early This Heat captured in the raw acoustics of the Collegiate Theatre, supporting The Pop Group I gather.
Sounds like a very sparse audience hiding amongst the tape hiss, but you get a glimpse of the more experimental side of early This Heat, before the more song based material crept in. A very early flowering of the progressive side of the Post-Punk era.
While the record shop racks were full of lp's by The Vibrators, The Drones, and other similar second wave new wave punkers. The real new wave were surfacing in places like this; and they weren't playing Rock music either.

Track Listing:

1 Horizontal Hold
2 Twilight Furniture
3 Water/ Not waving
4 Improvisation
5 The Fall of Saigon
6 Music Like Escaping Gas

DOWNLOAD some proto-post punk in action HERE!

Monday, 19 December 2016

This Heat - "Live at SO 36,Berlin, 26/04/1980" (Bootleg)

This Heat live in West Berlin, in a superb sound quality audience recording that's as good as a soundboard feed; all the classics are here,interspersed with a light dose of German chit chat............what more can one say??? and play it during your christmas dinner,wear your Paper Hat and bring some perspective on this shallow occasion.

Track Listing:

1 Horizontal Hold
2 Paper Hats
3 The Fall of Saigon
5 Triumph
6 Improvisation
7 Makeshift Swahili
8 Music Like Escaping Gas/ A New Kind Of Water
9 Twilight Furniture
10 Health and Efficiency

DOWNLOAD a concert that's soooo 36 years old HERE!

Sunday, 18 December 2016

This Heat - "Live at King's College, London 28th May 1982" (Bootleg)

What would you like for Christmas boys and girls?.......well, I know what I would like, MORE LIVE THIS HEAT! please Santa!?
So here we have a rather good quality soundboard recording from the final This Heat gig, at King's College London.(ps, that isn't the boys from the group on the cover by the way!)
This one ranks up with the best recordings of the many other live This Heat bootlegs we have on this HERE to find the other live recordings nestling among the studio albums.
Charles Hayward: "Always find this version of the band difficult to listen to, the quartet lost the thread, and we basically fell apart as soon as we started playing the month of gigs. Death in June were horrible but we didn’t know that until we played the gig."
I have ran out of superlatives on how fantastic This Heat were, and still are. The remaining members played a few shows as "This is Not This Heat" earlier this year,which I gather were rather well received.
For me the album "Deceit" is by far the greatest Cold War album ever made, and a great sing-a-long to boot.

Track Listing:

1 Greenfingers
3 Working Night
4 Makeshift Swahili
5 Twilight Furniture
6 Cenotaph
7 Health and Efficiency
8 Music Like Escaping Gas/Improvisation

DOWNLOAD the king's of avant rock goes to college HERE! 

Saturday, 17 December 2016

Throbbing Gristle ‎– "A Souvenir Of Camber Sands - Live December 3rd 2004" (Industrial Records ‎– TG CS 1) 2004

From Death Camps to Holiday Camps, is not a transition that is too common in the Industrial world;but TG can chalk up another first because that's what they did in 2004.
If this performance was "Live at Auschwitz" we'd have probably all yawned, but no, it was at the Camber Sands branch of the Pontins Holiday camp chain.
"Book Early" was Fred Pontin's catch phrase, delivered to camera with a thumbs up, like a drunk refugee from a carry-on movie. (Check the 1977 Pontins advert HERE).
The sexual abuse that invariably went on at these 'Holiday' camps in the 70's, would have sat well with TG's common themes. So, Pontins isn't too far removed from Auschwitz one supposes; maybe more a Belsen-on-sea type of place where they had Blue coats instead of Brown Shirts.At least Belsen had a swimming pool, and a hostage section for trade-offs with the allies. A bit like the Kids who went to these depressing places, after the Clowns and Blue-coats got their skin crawlingly creepy mitts on them.
So, all-in-all one has established that "All Tomorrows Parties Festival" at Camber Sands Holiday Camp was an ideal place for Throbbing Gristle to end their 23 year silence.
If Pontins had the line-up that ATP 2004 had for entertainment I would have definitely booked early every year.....but I may have had to go to the bar a lot during TG's lengthy set. popping back occasionally to see them do "Hamburger Lady", "Convincing People" and , their touching tribute to the recently dead John Balance, "What a Day". The newer stuff doesn't quite have the same impact, or, at the very least, doesn't have that nostaglic magick for us middle aged former misery laden adolescents.
I am being harsh of course.......there's nothing worse than constantly heaping praise on artists who have already proven that they are one of the greatest and most influential groups of all time. They could do a duet with Britney Spears and still wouldn't tarnish their long shadow of influence.
Actually, I really wouldn't mind hearing a TG and Spears collaboration; a bit like that classic 'Dorothy' single they released in 1980, which featured Max from Rema-Rema as Dorothy.
Here's another Pontins advert from 1979. I especially like the bit where they say "If you choose to leave the Kids, there's always someone to look after them"; then we see little Debbie in the clutches of a creepy clown with a pervy expression.....hilarious! HERE!

Track Listing:

Disc 1: 
1. P-A D 
2. What A Day 
3. Greasy Spoon 
4. Live-Ray 
5. Hamburger Lady 
6. Almost Like This  
7. Splitting Sky 
8. Convincing People 
9. Fed Up / Wall Of Sound 

DOWNLOAD a souvenir of that horrific holiday at camber sands HERE!

Friday, 16 December 2016

Throbbing Gristle ‎– "TG Now" (Industrial Records ‎– RETG1) 2004

Twenty three years after their original mission was terminated, TG returned after the untimely death of Coil frontman John Balance. And this comeback session sounds just like Coil, post-mortem.
Coil's music depended heavily on John Balance's human factor, especially latter-day Coil recordings.
Genesis P. Orridge is a poor substitute lyrically and vocally.
"TG Now", or TG then, as its over 12 years old at the time of writing; is an incredibly boring record. Like comparing reformed Roxy Music's "Manifesto" to Brian Eno's Roxy albums.
"Splitting sky" is OK, except for the silly 'gristlized' vocals, that blatantly strain to sound 'evil'; but its about 8 minutes too long.
Original TG was perfect in its imperfection. New TG is imperfect in its perfection.
Why do these groups do this?..........oh sorry, I

A1 X-Ray (Edit)
A2 Splitting Sky
B1 Almost Like This
B2 How Do You Deal? (Edit)

Thursday, 15 December 2016

Throbbing Gristle ‎– "The Third Mind Movements"(Industrial Records ‎– IR 2009/4) 2009

I shuddered at the news that Throbbing Gristle were 'reforming' back in 2003!
The track record of such reformations is shaky to say the least.The worst being, obviously, The Sex Pistols. Which in one act of greed, marked as irrelevant, a whole swathe of modern pop culture.
'Please don't do this TG', I would have cried out if I gave a shit.
The reality of seeing a bunch of middle aged pre-op Transsexuals and bourgeois former hippies dressed like Chumbawumba  reviving themselves as "Wreckers of Civilisation"(or the wreckers of Industrial Culture?) was not quite as bad as the Pistols; because they had some new material that wasn't too bad......mainly because it sounded like Coil.
The influence of the late 'Sleazy' Christopherson is very evident, as he was the only TG member not to lose it artistically during the previous 25 years.
The little old lady of the group, no not Cosey, is the Gen-der reassigned Genesis P. Orridge. Who still manages to speak projecting an Oscar Wilde at customs-like impression, that we, and he/she, are listening to a undeniable genius.
The music of TG from 1975-1981 was as close as you can find to totally original and undeniable genius-like in its conception and delivery. A rare, and genuine reflection of the world in which we lived in; and bizarrely, is probably more relevant today that back in the day it was made.
In a way, the new(-ish) TG recordings are also a reflection of the sick abortion that is contemporary society. Represented here by the crystal clear digital blocks of over processed electronic sounds, almost devoid of Human Beings.
Yep, the music on this album is a very antiseptic version of Coil with Guests Genesis P., and Cosey Fanni Tutti on that fucking awful guitar she tends to muck about with every now and again.
I suppose it brings in a bit of cash, so why not?....but don't pretend its anything more than going to work at the office to bring home the bacon.
Industrial Records, aka Chris and Cosey, managed to write me a nasty legal e-mail once threatening legal action, or aktion(?) act up there with the Pistols' "Filthy Lucre" tour for making a previous career totally irrelevant. Did they ever listen to their records?


1 The Man From Nowhere 7:20
2 PreMature 8:36
3 Secluded 7:08
4 Perception Is The Only Reality 9:51
5 Not That I Am 4:33
The Third Mind
6 First Movement 8:00
7 Second Movement 7:07
8 Third Movement 7:29

Wednesday, 14 December 2016

Caroline K ‎– "Now Wait For Last Year" (Earthly Delights ‎– EARTH 001) 1987

The Sister-in-Law of the group for Nocturnal Emissions was Caroline K. Yes, she was Married to Nigel Ayers (Mr Nocturnal) brother. Whether this qualified her for the group, or she was already in before the nuptials is up for conjecture, but she did manage a solo album before her early death.
Don't expect an Industrial classic here, because she was obviously a German Kosmische fan.You know, those Electronic albums from the 1970's which basically involved huge banks of modular synthesisers, and a long haired West German to rest his hands on the keys and jiggle his chunky fingers about a bit.Taking note of this albums Phillip K. dick-ensian title;think Vangelis' Phillip K. Dick movie soundtrack and you ain't far off what we have served up here.Lots of reverb laden synth pads and slow chord changes, and a slow tempo drum box marking 4/4 time with a string of dull thuds.
It reminds me more of those post '77 German electronic albums, done when no-one was interested anymore, and synthesisers had been made more user friendly. She ain't no Cosey Fanni Tutti clone that's for sure.

A The Happening World 20:18
B1 Animal Lattice 4:49
B2 Chearth 5:56
B3 Tracking With Close-Ups 4:39
B4 Leaving