Saturday, 20 December 2014

Störung ‎– "The Art Of Combining" ( CoMBINAToR Records ‎– 00 ABC) 1983

Unofficial bootleg cassette featuring live stuff from Dutch minimalist duo Störung. Very 1983 minimal synth indeed.


A1 Empire SX 4:04
A2 Nooduitgang 2 3:07
A3 Modern Fetch 3:59
A4 Drums Keep Thundering 3:17
A5 Europe Calls 3:19
B1 Radio Lines 3:20
B2 Onweer 3:15
B3 This Is Future 3:20
B4 Siberia 4:28
B5 Don't Want To Know 4:24
B6 Warschau Pact 3:12

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Thursday, 18 December 2014

Störung ‎– "This Is Future" (Clogsontronics ‎– SG 002) 1982

In the distant past,lets say, the nineties,this music was thought of as passé, quaint and unsophisticated. They played their synths manually,and probably didn't even use a computer at all! From the age before the Digital disaster,and MIDI,before everyone tried to make a keyboard sound like a trumpet,instead of using, Fucking hell it got real crap post 1985.
Now we are in the future,we realize that what we thought was crap in the really crap nineties, was in fact great,and more in line with a future that we desire once more. A combination of human error and machine,representative of the next phase of human evolution, the cyborg.+-
Holland, famous in the nineties for producing electronic duo, 2unlimited; in fact had produced a far superior and less embarrassing electronic duo, Störung, in the pre-MIDI era, who released a classic minimal synth album,called, "This is Future". This still sounds like the future,even in the future present, whereas Howard Jones and the Art of Noise sound like a past that will never be revisited. Just like when early rock'n'roll turned into Yes and ELP, and had to be be reborn as Punk Rock; so the same course has been taken by its  electronic equivalent.Through experience we now know that music under full emotionless control with no room for error is utter meaningless shite. Thats when we get atrocities like Jean Michel Jarre.


A1 Verspilling 4:38
A2 Dreadful Dance 3:31
A3 Dimensie 4 4:46
A4 Radio Lines 3:08
A5 Modern Fetch 3:51
B1 Nooduitgang 2 3:16
B2 Kortsluiting 4:30
B3 Arabische Nächte 4:53
B4 Two Miles 3:08
B5 This Is Future 3:34

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Wednesday, 17 December 2014

The Klingons – "Beamed Down By Starship Enterprise" (Synthetic Tapes ‎– SYN 3) 1980

Now this is the stuff, real hand played DIY analogue heaven from Scotlands' Klingons; as previously seen here on Die or DIY? with their tape “Analog-Digital”,released after this,and maybe inferior, depending on taste,but still great.
This C-30 from the golden year of 1980 has all the hall marks of electronic Gold, nothing synced out to boredom levels by unfeeling computers, real non-binary emulated analog synths, and  submerged to the point of non-existence hand played drum sounds.
This reminds one of The Sea Of wires,as I could swear they used the exact same synthesisers;this isn't surprising as the choice of budget synths in 1980 wasn't massive,and maybe even included the famous Maplins kit synth?

Track Listing:


B2Wake Me Up For World War 3

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Philippe Laurent ‎– "Système Clair" (Fraction Studio ‎– fs24) 1984

Another C10 cassingle from Philippe "Hot Bip" Laurent,that still mentions the hit on the insert again! This is mucho the same-o, with classic phat analogisms and a groove that even Frenchmen can dance to. Nuff said.

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Tuesday, 16 December 2014

Philippe Laurent - "Hot Bip" (Fraction Studio ‎– Fr 002) 1983

So here's the tune that will haunt Philippe Laurent to his grave. Very toe tappy minimal wave classic that you can secretly dance like in the disco scene from 'Desperately Seeking Susan' to. I suppose it keeps food on the table in the Laurent household,so he is probably grateful for small mercies. Top tune though.

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Philippe Laurent ‎– "Kunstausstellung" (DTW ‎– DTW 010) 1985

France also gave us the synth-pop dancefloor filler "Hot Bip" by Philippe 'Hot Bip' Laurent. Was it a hit? Because it seems to hound him wherever he goes. Its not even on this cassette but its emblazened on the insert as if thats the only track on the whole album.
As popular as "Hot Bip" was, and still is in the 'hip' parts of Brooklyn, he had to go to a German label to put out his album; the far more German sounding "Kunstausstellung". It still has plenty of huggable synth riffs for the dancefloor,but wrapped up in suffocating duvet of electronic fog.Almost Cluster, as remixed by Trevor Horn on Mogadon. Typically French, however, is the inclusion of "Ideology" in the list of contributive factors from the 'Artiste' himself. Every Frenchman sees himself as some bar-room philosopher, and Philippe is no exception.At least he just lets the machines do the talking;an example which unfortunately not many of his fellow citizens follow. I once went to a party here in France, where a French party goer demanded silence and lectured everybody about universal consciousness;which he was studying at Montpellier University!!!!!?....and they wonder why they have an enormous budget defict the size of a common agricultural policy wine lake!.....naturally this pretentious twat was ridiculed into silence,as the majority were non-french,and drunk.My other dead friend, Uli,lightened the mood with some German philosophy, by falling into the fire(this was not how he died!).
Another thing every French record has on it is the word,singular or plural, 'Oiseu' or 'Oiseux' (Bird or Birds). Who knows why? A common rhyming word perhaps ? Nevertheless,it always crops up,and does so on this tape;but it still fails to dim the fuzzy analogue cuteness of this marvellous cassette.


A1 Exposition 5 7:55
A2 Danse 4 3:00
A3 L'Oiseu Euphorique 8:52
A4 Exposition 6 4:55
B1 Danse 3 5:10
B2 Exposition 3 7:45
B3 Danse 2 2:45
B4 Exposition 1 7:58

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Monday, 15 December 2014

Ptôse Production ‎– "Early Recordings 79-83" (Vinyl-on-demand ‎– VOD 34) 2006

Yes, France has produced some truly awful Rock based combo's,and don't even mention Punk Rock or Post Punk.....abysmal stuff.
But, give a Frenchman a synthesiser and a few knobs to twiddle,and they ain't half bad. Although they are definitely overshadowed by the butt of their dreadfully unfunny jokes, the Belgians, when it comes to Minimal Electronica. According to the French, Belgians are Stupid,when it is obviously the other way around. Think of a famous French musician and he is almost certainly Belgian; a bit like famous American musicians are nearly always Canadian.
So, another example of why all music in France isn't shit, is Ptôse Productions, who farted out many a good minimal synth classic, like an solid state Le Pétomane , from 1979 to 1983.They range from the bedroom DIY electronique from side one of this collection,to the accomplished skewed synth pop of side four,which includes the bona fide classic “Boule(viens ici)”. Yes, Ptôse are good, but this still doesn't alter the fact that French Bars are the worst places on the planet to get drunk. An unforgivable crime against humanity that is up there alongside all-seater Football stadia.


Tracks From PPP K003 and PPP K005 (1979-180) 23:31
A1 Interlude 2:44
A2 The Baby's Song 3:52
A3 Ouch! 1:46
A4 Fernsehapparat / TV 3:37
A5 Here Comes The Spotnics 3:32
A6 +Bonus 1:04
A7 Effritt 3:35
A8 Wise And Busy 3:20

Tracks From PPP K006 (1980) 21:12
B9 Voyelles 2:51
B10 Apparition 3:10
B11 Ritual 2:11
B12 Epoche 2:45
B13 Dance 1:50
B14 La Grande Epreuve 1:46
B15 Ignobles Limaces 1:30
B16 Le Mort Qui Fuit 2:49
B17 Part La Fenêtre 2:21

Tracks From PPP K009 and SS45001 7" (1981) 25:45
C18 Proteus Mirabilis 2:22
C19 Fractions Ribosomales 3:33
C20 Corazon 5:15
C21 Le Jardin Inconnu 2:37
C22 Légère Altération 2:57
C23 J'ai Mal Au Coeur! 2:24
C24 Ecrasez La Vermine! 1:57
C25 Women In The Moon 4:40

Tracks From PPP K015 and PPP K019 (1982-1983) 20:50
D26 Eat Your Fish 2:34
D27 Boule (Viens Ici!) 2:35
D28 Waiting For My Soul 3:31
D29 Our Only Food 2:32
D30 Night Of The Reptiles 2 2:46
D31 In Your Bush 1:18
D32 The Bogyman 2:29
D33 La Nuit Des Sauriens 3:05

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Friday, 12 December 2014

DDAA ‎– "La Famille Des Saltimbanques" (ADN ‎– ADN TAPES 06) 1984

Another from the desirable category of “Other”, or in this case “Autre”, are French weirdo's, DDAA(Déficit Des Années Antérieures - or in English; A Debt to the the past?). A Gallic Residents and/or amphibian cousins of Renaldo and the Loaf .Around since1979,when the Residents were good.This cassette was released just as their Louisiana born cousins(which is the French bit of the USA),The actual Residents, were turning shit; and even Renaldo's loaves were becoming stale. Thankfully, no Emulators harm the bizarre tunes on this tape;the instrument that did for the Residents,would definitely not be available in France until a few years after everywhere else. I'm not a great fan of France or French music(as you may have guessed from a previous post here), post 1956, but there are exceptions to most rules,and DDAA are one of these. Fine music made with very little equipment, where technology is replaced and superseded by inventiveness and a ladle full of obtuse weirdness.


A1 Le Cratère Central
A2 The R. Standards
A3 Les 25 Pièces
A4 Psychedelic Song
A5 Courir Vers Le Bois
A6 Les Yeux Fermés
A7 Ne Plus Rien Voir
A8 Le Cargo Du Soir
B1 Loin Dans Le Froid
B2 Baltique
B3 La Ferovia


Thursday, 11 December 2014

Big City Orchestra & Deathranch ‎– "Massacre Of The Innocents" (Sound Of Pig ‎– SOP 39) 1985

Is this BCO's first appearance? And one might have guessed it would be on the home of "Other" music, Al Margolis's Sound of Pig label. More noisier old skool industrial version of otherness on this tape,but just as 'out there' as 'normal',with lots of unexpected non linear invention from outside the shoebox.
These guys must have been rich, or in some well paid jobs or something, 'cus they seem to own at least one Emulator, which in 1984/5 cost a packet! This marks them down one point as i'm a from the 'Politics of Envy' side of the spectrum, as the 'Daily Mail' would label it; but they get a bonus point as money usually destroys creativity,and I see no lack of creativity here.Maybe they were honest and poor after all,and lived in squats to invest their begging money in Emu Systems latest tech? Who cares, its a great tape.


A1 Blue Note, Blue Noise
A2 Tu Pa Pa Au
A3 Cannibals
A4 Iron Works
A5 Cerebral Edema
A6 Blind Bat
A7 Warsaw
B1 Burial
B2 Norwahl
B3 Whatever You Want
B4 Relax
B5 YAMC (Yet Another Madonna Clone)
B6 For We Love No One
B7 Womyns Muzik
B8 Education
B9 Biting Through

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