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The Good Missionaries - "Fire From Heaven" (Deptford Fun City DLP04) 1979

mmmmm......Punk Rock........that's a funny one.
Don't wanna get on my High Horse,but, one has opinions,and i'm gonna air them.
Am I wrong,or was 'Punk Rock' about rejecting the old order,and to strive for creative and personal freedom?
This 'personal freedom' may include having a Travis Bickle haircut, wearing expensive leather trousers,biker jackets with 'UK Subs' painted on the back,and generally to be in Discharge; but,this,to me, seems like an intellectual dead end.
Alternatively,one could try to sound and look as little like the Sex Pistols as possible. This route represents an honest attempt to follow the original concept of the movement,and that is, not to follow movements, turn at right angles to the flow, do the opposite of expectations.
"Action,Time,Vision."; ...good '77 style punk rocker anthem right? What do normal celebrity seeking pop groups do?....Yes,"Action,Time,Vision,part deux",then trois etc.....then you're a star.
If You wanna be a rock'n'roll star, endlessly repeating yourself,almost guarantees stardom. This despicable route is well trodden,and has most effectively een used by the uber-despicable U fucking desperately awful 2.
We could have all been wearing ATV t-shirts by now,but no,they decided not to do what 99% of punk rockers tried to do,and go in a totally non-rock direction.
De-constructed versions of ATV classics sit side by side with free-form versions of the already free-form tunes on "Vibing Up The senile Man" .
Beef this up with the odd improvisation,as the band swapped instruments to keep the technique rudimentary, to avoid being accused of the terrible sin of 'Musicianship'.
Coupled with a sartorial dress sense that made the Subway Sect look like Spandau Ballet, and you've got yourself a genuine forward looking 'Punk' group; although in the true sense of it all, no 'Punk' group would ever call themselves a 'Punk' group!
This recording represents an artist at the very peak of its near-misanthropic capabilities of alienation; which exposed the psychotic,needy, nature of 'Fans', who seem to think that the artist owes them something; and should only deliver the 'popular' tunes; which is as unhealthy in pop music as it is in politics.
"Fire From Heaven" is an obvious reference to Mark Perry's interest at the time in the free jazz of the sixties,like Archie Shepp, who's album "Fire Music" explains how these 60's New wave Jazzers attempted to channel music from a higher place, by intuition rather than intellect.This concept is definately achieved effortlessly by Mark Perry's post-punk era collective; fire from Heaven indeed!
Among the many sonic highlights on the god-like disc,we are treated to a shambolic version of the Pop Group classic,"Thief of Fire", with the one and only Mark Stewart guesting on vocals.LinkAs headlining act on this tour (the Animal Instincts Tour 1979),The Pop Group were very used to disembowelling their own work; so to do it with the very unpopular support act, wins them the highest possible Die or DIY inspiration award.


Another Coke / The Body
The Force Is Blind
Thief Of Fire
The Radio Story / Strange Looks
Fire From Heaven
Release The Natives
Fellow Sufferer In Dub
Bugger The Cat

Download Fire From Heaven Here!

The Good Missionaries - "Deranged in Hastings" (Unnormality Records NORM002) 1981

Recorded at Street Level under the auspices of the one and only Grant Showbiz, this single has the hallmark sound of the other side of Fuck Off records bands, like the "Hamburger All-Stars" etc. ,as featured on the "Love, Not Devotion" album.
Mark Perry sounds nearly competent on the drums,so much so that I mistook his style for that of Kif Kif le Batteur!
Not a standard Good Missionaries release this, as it has tunes,and real songs,but it is not unpleasant; fact it should have been a hit in any sane alternative reality
  • Bass – Norman D. Ferries
  • Drums – Mark Perry (tracks: B), Nick Poulson (tracks: A)
  • Engineer – Grant Showbiz
  • Guitar, Written-By, Producer – Spikely B. Deranged

Track Listing:
Keep Going Backwards

Download Deranged in Hastings Here!

The The Good Missionaries ‎– "Vibing Up The Senile World...... (Unnormality Records NORM001) 1980

Basically, there is no better group than The Good Missionaries.There are no truer punks than The Good Missionaries, and thirdly, there is no better group than the Good I make myself clear?

Its not everyone’s cup of tea; comments like, "They can't play their instruments"(said in a girly voice), or "They don't have any songs"(said in an even girlier voice) for example, are common place amongst the brainwashed throng that calls itself the record buying public. This is 'Free' music, in the tradition of Albert Ayler and ESP records. This is true 'Punk' spirit. Something that was not recognised by the mohican army of 1980, who couldn't understand why ATV don't play "Action,Time and Vision" anymore. This fact made them violent towards said group, due to their small world being challenged when all they wanted to do was pogo to some rock toon.

"Vibing up the Senile Man" album, is probably joint first place 'Attitude' record alongside 'Pil's "First Issue" and Lou Reed's "Metal Machine Music". Listen to these records kids to learn how to do it......not shit like Nir(yaaawwwwn)vana and their Rock Bore relations(snooze).

(Useless info: Recorded live on the infamous Animal Instincts Tour 1979.)
Track Listing:
The Good Missionary - Part 1

The Good Missionary - Part 2

Kif Kif's Free Freak Out

Download This Senile World Here!

Alternative TV - "The Radio Sessions" (1977-81)

How great were ATV?......the answer can be found in the form of their peel session from 1978.
Ignore the last track from Bangkok radio (uh?)...which sort of wipes out any progress Mark P made up to 81, a boring return to normal rock and roll.
Tracks 5-11 are what prog rock should have evolved into if they sacked off the public school boys.The outer limits of "Good" is what this is.
Remember......the "punks" wanted to hurt mark for making this music......he did this for YOU!

Tracks 1-4 is from Peel Session, December 1977, tracks 5-8 from Peel Session, July 1978, tracks 9-11 from Street Level Radio 1981 and track 12 is from Bangkok Radio?????? 1986.

Track Listing:

1- Love Lies Limp
2 - Action Time Vision
3- Still Life
4 - Life after life
5 - The Good Missionary
6 - Release the natives
7 - going round in circles
8 - Nasty little lonely
9 - Cold rain
10- There goes my date with Doug.
11 - Communicate
12 - Straighten up

DOWNLOAD the atv radio sessions HERE!

Alternative TV - "The Industrial Sessions 1977" - (Overground Records OVER49CD) 1996

A criminally out of print,and rare, compact disc of the sessions an early version of Alternative TV did with the chaps from Throbbing Gristle HQ. I say compact disc but it sounds like its a cassette tape, which is ok by me. The tunes archived within the binary codes of this disc are rudimentary to say the least,and make the Door and The Window sound like Rick Wakeman's Yes.(a slight exaggeration,and not the insult that it usually is). There are also a few numbers that never made it beyond some early ATV performances, like "British Kids" and "Never Saw The Blitzkrieg".
Also intriguing is how crap was this recording at TG's Death Factory was! Oversaw by Chris Carter and Genesis,was this really the same 8-track recorder that recorded "The Bridge" by Rental and Leer,and "20 Jazz Funk Greats"?...or is it the Revox that did 2nd Annual report,which is more likely.......but it sounds so tinny compared to that magnum opus! Who cares anyway,this is how a DIY punk band should sound, like a field recording of some barely formed wild animals, as they crawl from their lair. Great Stuff.

Track Listing:

1 Love Lies Limp
2 Love Lies Limp (2)
3 "...Fuck Up..."
4 British Kids
5 "...Is She Awake Yet?"
6 Industrial Porridge
7 Life
8 Life (2)
9 Life (3)
10 Life (4)
11 Tremble The Dog
12 "...I Was Hitting Him, Like..."
13 "...A Lot Of Gaps On This Tape..."
14 Alternatives To NATO
15 More Porridge
16 Guardian, Times And Observer
17 East Acton Action
18 Never Saw The Blitzkrieg
19 Street Fighter
20 British Kids (2)
21 Love Lies Limp (3)
22 Ten Commandments
23 Street Fighter (2)
24 Still Life

Mark Perry - Vocals, Drums
Alex Fergusson - Guitar
Genesis P-Orridge - Drums, Bass

Recorded at Industrial Studios by Genesis P-Orridge &
Chris Carter in April 1977

except track 24 recorded live at the Rat Club, London in September 1977


Alternative TV - "Vibing Up The Senile Man (part one)" (Deptford Fun City DLP3) 1979

OOOOOOO this caused a lot of trouble.Made people angry this did. Especially those open minded chaps.....the "Punks". In fact it exposed so-called "punks" as probably some of the most closed minded fools that there ever were!
The safety net of rock was ejected totally for an semi-improvised live sound,where band members played instruments they were unfamiliar with, at live gigs they even drew lots to see who played what. Of course this caused riots,and Mark Perry was in fact knocked unconscious on a couple of occasions by missiles threw from the crowd. This led to a change of name to "The Good Missionaries" on the Animal instinct tour with the Pop Group.
This is confrontational music, challenging and uncompromising. This is a different group to the one that recorded Action Time and Vision,and other punk anthems.Love It!

A1 Release The Natives
A2 Serpentine Gallery
A3 Poor Association
A4 The Radio Story
A5 Facing Up To The Facts
B1 The Good Missionary
B2 Graves Of Deluxe Green
B3 Smile In The Day

DOWNLOAD a senile man HERE!

Sprung Aus Den Wolken - "Sprung Aus Den Wolken" (Das Cassetten Combinat) 1981

Jump from the clouds is Sprung Aus Den Wolken in translation. Fine experimental minimal wave/ post punk, with occassional hints of DAF and Gorilla Aktiv. Part of the "Geniale Dilletanten" along with Die Tödliche Doris, Einstürzende Neubauten,etc, and included future EN member ,Aleckander Hacke.
(There are more tracks on the download than were included on the cassette,including the classic "Rock'n'Roll is Dead,from their 'Debu Cassette' which you can download here,in the worst lo-fidelity you can imagine!)



Junge Menschen 2:05

Willst Du Mich Verstehen 2:35

Jeder Tag 2:16

Auf Dem Boden Stampfen 2:31

Durch Die Nacht 1:53

Es Wird Noch Mal 2:45

Komm Her Sing Mit 1:48

Lust Last Liebe 3:21

Schür Die Glut 3:10

Stampfen Tanzen Laufen 2:40

DOWNLOAD from the clouds HERE

Sentimentale Jugend ‎– "S.J. / Borsig-Werke" (Das Cassetten Combinat ‎– 810111) 1982

 Alexander Von Borsig and Christiane F were Sentimentale Jugend. A minimal electronic duo in the classic Deutsche style. Beautiful Lo-fi electronics, again, recorded in that same large shoe box somewhere in West Berlin. What a seething creative cauldron was that isolated island of western capitalism? One of the better mistakes of world dumb-ass politics.....then they let the east in, which ended it.It always happens to all inspired art movements.Like a dog ripping up its favourite toy, the 90%ers come with envious eyes and want what you've got, then fuck it up for everyone!


A1 Tote Kammer
A2 Maschinen
A3 10.5.
A4 Hiroshima
B1 Pour Mon Bibi
B2 Angst
B3 Ghetto

DOWNLOAD some youthful sentimentality HERE!

Meisterwerk ‎– "Meisterwerk" (Das Cassetten Combinat ‎– OUT 81028) 1981

This is a collaboration between Das Cassetten Combinat labelmates Borsig Werke, Aus Lauter Liebe, and Sprung Aus Den Wolken.
Experimental minimal wave German Post-Punk Funk melange,by the West Berlin post punk underground glitterati (breath in). Quite interesting meeting of many diverse influences, rather like the Allies meeting the Soviets on the banks of the Elbe? (sorry, I had to get a WW2 reference in, but its sadly relevant to emphasise to isolation of West Berlin,leading to anything goes stuff like this.)


A1 Akcam La
A2 Que Pas
A3 Noch Lange Nicht
A4 Längst Fällig
B1 Aber Hallo
B2 Urlaub Für Ganz Berlin
B3 Gong A Minute

B4 Akcam La(demo)

DOWNLOAD this meisterwerk HERE!

Leben Und Arbeiten ‎– "Leben Und Arbeiten" (Das Cassetten Combinat ‎– 81026) 1981

Also sharing the superb German cassette label ,"Das Cassetten Combinat", with Die Todliche Doris, was German Post-Punkers 'Leben Und Arbeiten' (Live and Work). Who made a brand of harsh Joy Div/Gang of Four/Wire type Post Punk, that sounds nicely recorded in a steel shoe box; just how we like it. Good accessible avant rock for your entertainment.


A1 Meine Enkel 2:55
A2 Ein Mann Und Eine Frau 1:54
A3 Kein Auge Riskieren 2:31
B1 Annourita 2:02
B2 Hundebesitzer 2:19
B3 Gefühl Nicht Gut 2:17

DOWNLOAD und arbeiten HERE!

Die Tödliche Doris ‎– "Liveplaybacks" (Reinhard Wilhelmi ‎– 008) 1986

Can't be arsed to write anymore about Doris, so i've cut'n'pasted the sleeve notes to explain the rather novel (again!) concept behind this jolly good LP:
"Live meets Playback: The group played every title live only once. For the following concerts, The Deadly Doris used the recordings as a playback tape, to which she only pretended to play. From this a new recording emerged, in which the old Playback combines the applause and sound of the live audience. The method was repeated again and again, so that one can discern by the last title the sound of seven auditoriums at the same time. The actual music exists only as a crazy and blurry noise. "


A1 Ein Hölzchen - Vier Schnürchen Live In New York
A2 Über-Mutti Live In Paris Live Played Back In Bonn
A3 Zwei Herzen Live In Hamburg Live Played Back In Bonn Live Played Back In Berlin
A4 7 Tödliche Unfälle Im Haushalt Live In Berlin Live Played Back In Bonn Live Played Back In Berlin Live Played Back In Budapest
B1 Schuld-Struktur Live In Wien Live Played Back In Bonn Live Played Back In Berlin Live Played Back In Budapest Live Played Back In Bruxelles
B2 Fliegt Schnell Laut Summend Live In Frankfurt Live Played Back In Bonn Live Played Back In Berlin Live Played Back In Bruxelles Live Played Back In Helsinki Live Played Back In Amsterdam
B3 Kavaliere Live In Villingen-Schwenningen Live Played Back In Bonn Live Played Back In Berlin Live Played Back In Bruxelles Live Played Back In S'Hertogenbosch Live Played Back In München Live Played Back In Bordeaux

DOWNLOAD once then play it back HERE!

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Die Tödliche Doris ‎– "Die Über-Doris" (Die Tödliche Doris ‎– DTD 003) 1985

For you Doris completists here's a Nietzschean  monologue/poem/narration with minimal backing, about the fictional Doris; in English(with a slight american accent),and,of course, German. Another bizarre release from the group who always refers to itself in the third person. Normally this is seen as a sign of arrogance; but in this case I assume it is an attempt to separate the art from the artists.

Track Listing:

01. A. Die Über-Doris (in deutscher Sprache)
02. B. The Super-Doris (in englischer Sprache)

DOWNLOAD an Über monologue HERE!

Saturday, 12 April 2014

Die Tödliche Doris ‎– "Sechs" (Ata Tak ‎– WR 35) 1986

Just a quick catch up on the story so far:
This is the second part of "Die 9. Unsichtbare LP". The first part is the LP "Unser Debut". Both LPs have all tracks the same length and were recorded at the same time. If you play both records at the same time you will hear "Die 9. Unsichtbare LP" ("The 9. Invisible LP").

So now you can make your own Invisible LP, yes?
This actually sounds like half an LP,whereas "Unser Debut" didn't? Did it?
Like one of those sample CD's that we bought to lazily make our Drum'N'Bass records in the nineties. Very sparse and minimal, filled with short bursts of funny noises.
Ooooo those zany Germans?

You can download a version of "Die 9. Unsichtbare LP" below if you can't be bothered to make your own.


A1 Windstille
A2 Grünland In Der Grenzschlade
A3 Eine Frau Zur Selben Zeit An Einem Anderen Ort
A4 Wir Begrüßen Den Neuen Tag
A5 Beim Rechtsanwalt a) Zopf
B1 Not True !
B2 Ortsgespräch 1986
B3 Im Tief
B4 Finale Der Plattenseite B


DOWNLOAD a version of  Die 9. Unsichtbare LP HERE!

Friday, 11 April 2014

Die Tödliche Doris ‎– "Unser Debut" (Ata Tak ‎– WR 33) 1984

Another zany avant garde-ish concept from these Teutonic nutters ?
This is intended as part of an 'Invisible' album, which exists only when one plays "Unser Debut"(our debut) alongside the later LP "Sechs".
Both LPs have tracks the same length and were recorded at the same time.
If you play both records at the same time you will hear "Die 9. Unsichtbare LP" ("The 9. Invisible LP"). You sit between two turntables and then this invisible work materializes? Each Lp sounds good enough in its own right,but when played simultaneously,the invisible  album does actually take on an identity of its own.
"Sechs" will be posted next,so you can have fun splicing them together. I have a version of  "Die 9. Unsichtbare LP" already spliced if you can't be bothered, which will be included in the next post.
What does it sound like you ask? Tödliche Doris; but not as good!?
If you are new to the wonders of Doris, think minimal industrial tinged primitive avant-pop, overlaid with harsh German vocalisation, some screamed, some spoken. Mmmmmm nice?


A1 Südwestwind - The Sound Of Bells 4:45
A2 Ungerechtigkeit (Hinter Glas Oder Folie) 3:09
A3 Noch 14 Vorstellungen 4:29
A4 Nachdenken, Gedächtnis Und Gesang 6:44
A5 Auf Dem Lande b) Tatsachen 2:31
B1 Unser Debut / Dtsch.-Engl. 7:51
B2 Ungerechtigkeit II (20 Pfennig Finderlohn) 3:02
B3 Lieblingslied / Verunglückt (5) 3:25
B4 Weltkonferenz Hochalpen 7:42

DOWNLOAD Ihr Debüt(their debut) HERE!

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Die Tödliche Doris ‎– "Chöre & Soli" (Pure Freude ‎– PF 34 GM) 1983

Never ones to shy away from a conceptual art statement; Doris produced this box set which contained 1 book, 8 miniphon records and 1 battery driven device to play them on. Each disc contains two short tracks;which are very short acappella songs, the German texts of which are printed in the booklet, where they are also parts of a story illustrated with photographs.
The songs have the quality of some long lost childrens programme from 1950's DDR. Producer of such kiddies classics as "The Singing Ringing Tree", which used to haunt my childhood. I still think of that German speaking dwarf with dread!
The device included in this box was exactly the same pink contraption that was in those 'laughing bags' that also haunted my childhood. I still know every note of that horrific laughing sequence! This thing used these same little miniphon records to replay the laughing, and its this playback quality that gives these spooky little recording their weird nostalgic vibe.
Not something you'd want to play over and over again, but really a beautiful piece of conceptual art.


A1 Untitled
A2 Untitled
B1 Untitled
B2 Untitled
C1 Untitled
C2 Untitled
D1 Untitled
D2 Untitled
E1 Untitled
E2 Untitled
F1 Untitled
F2 Untitled
G1 Untitled
G2 Untitled
H1 Untitled
H2 Untitled


Believe it or not;there was also a live performance of these works:

Die Tödliche Doris ‎– "Chöre & Soli Live Im Delphi-Palast" (1984) 

Lengthier versions of the tracks are performed in front of an obviously amused audience,with some sparse accompaniment.These versions have titles,which, if you are really sad, can match up with the original versions?  


A1 You See We Come As Friends
A2 Mädchenherzen
A3 Die Luft
A4 Die Sonne
A5 2 Witwen
A6 Graue Augen
B1 Denk An Mich
B2 Rosette
B3 Kühn, Tapfer, Mutig, Rebellisch
B4 Kavaliere
B5 Holda's Heiße Tränen
B6 Maria


Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Die Tödliche Doris ‎– "Live Im SO36 Berlin 19.11.1982" (Self-released ‎– DTD 005) 1982

Doris naked and raw,preaching to the converted im SO36. Here she reveals her harsh Industrial roots in the grizzly acoustics of the SO36 club. Noisy versions of Doris classics are spewed forth into a hall that could easily double as setting 'Large Hall 4', on a pre-set budget digital reverb from the mid 1980's.
This is probably her most conventional,and almost universally accessible 'Rock' recording in her flawless back catalogue.
A fine pounding, scraping, and screaming performance from the masters of the Avant-Industrial.


A1 Stümmel 3:30
A2 Der Tod Ist Ein Skandal (Kavaliere) 6:35
A3 Über-Mutti 2:15
B1 Rhytmus Im Blut 6:12
B2 7 Tödliche Unfälle Im Haushalt 4:32

DOWNLOAD live deadly doris HERE!