Thursday, 21 June 2018

Alien Brains ‎– "It's All History Now 1979-1985" (VOD 2014)

It's always handy to whip out an extra brain or two when needed,so,here's that Alien Brains box set on VOD.
Alien Brains were a sort of Avant-DIY supergroup based around Nigel Jacklin, for those who don't know or care, in which case what are you reading this for?
Its got the usual unattainable stuff thats been chopped up and edited and shuffled about with; all in a lovely presentation pack with a hefty price tag. DIY music is no longer the cheap option it seems? "Menial disorders" cost me a blank C-90 and two way postage from Deleted Records in 1980, and now you have to pay £100 quid plus for Alien Brains product.Thats Market forces I suppose?
Its got a cleaned up version of the Menial Disorders tape, but edited, and some stuff chopped out altogether.
Of course the unedited versions of "Menial Disorders" and "Alien Brains IV" are available on this blog in 320k Mp3.Quality.


Menial Disorders
There Is Going To Be A Riot Soon 0:30
Menial Disorder A1 3:51
Menial Disorder A4 10:48
Menial Disorder A8 1:17
Menial Disorder A10 4:10
Menial Disorder B3 6:24
Menial Disorder B4 1:57
Menial Disorder B5 4:58
Menial Disorder B6 1:54
Menial Disorder B7 5:34
Menial Disorder B9 2:10
Menial Disorder B11 5:23
Menial Disorder B12 1:07
Menial Disorder B13 1:09
Menial Disorder B2 3:32

Der Blaunk Teps / Aberdeen Arts Centre
Der Blaunk Teps A1 3:41
Der Blaunk Teps A3 2:54
Der Blaunk Teps A4 4:27
Der Blaunk Teps A5 10:24
Der Blaunk Teps B2 3:09
Der Blaunk Teps B4 3:05
Der Blaunk Teps A6 3:05
Der Blaunk Teps B1 4:25
Der Blaunk Teps B3 5:01
Aberdeen Arts Centre 14:00
Live Last Chance Centre / WI Hut
Live Last Chance Centre 18.11.1983 London 11:55
WI HUT- Recording (Broomhill) 13:22
USE (Unusual Social Embraces) - So Quiet 4:00

Blatantly Nihilist / British Interiors / Alien Brains IV / Ultras
Blatantly Nihilist A1 3:32
Blatantly Nihilist B1 5:07
British Interiors A1 2:00
British Interiors A2 0:51
British Interiors B4 1:10
Alien Brains IV B2 7:14
Alien Brains IV B4 2:01
Nigel Jacklin - Solo Recording Live At Ultras 4:41

School Art Room / Water Tower
School Art Room A2 7:00
School Art Room B1 4:06
School Art Room A2 9:04
School Art Room A3 3:36
Tower (Morwick) B1 4:07

Verdenskang A1 8:03
Verdenskang A2 4:17
Verdenskang A3 9:09
Verdenskang B1 2:17
Verdenskang B2 4:34
Verdenskang B3 1:37

Compilation Contributions
Extracts 3:21
Boule 3:47
Untitled 1:55
Untitled Live 4:40

Wednesday, 20 June 2018

Alien Brains ‎– "Live At The Basement 14/02/82" (Aeon ‎ Tapes) 1982

Nigel Jacklin is joined by Richard and Phillip Rupenus, of New Blockaders (anti-)fame, in the basement, Newcastle on Valentines day in 1982, to make a very New Blockaders version of Alien Brains.
The 'make do and mend' amateurishness of Alien Brains earlier tapes, has been replaced with competant avant-industrial professionalism.
Its a quite impressive dark ambient rumble, but the Brains have lost their charm in the happens to us all eventually....even me!?


A Untitled 47:15
B Untitled 38:20

Tuesday, 19 June 2018

Alien Brains ‎– "Menial Disorders" (Deleted Records ‎– DEC 005) 1980

The Alien Brains were on the recently featured "Fire On Boat" compilation, so here's a C-90 of theirs that I haven't posted yet, on legendary UK cassette label Deleted records.
Its a confused lo-fi mash-up of noisy messing about with crap electronics,tapes, and whatever items Nigel Jacklin and chums could find lying around their living room.
To add further confusion,the tape opens with a segment by L. Voag, aka Jim Whelton of The Homosexuals.Followed by a live performance by an unknown group called 'The Activity Toys',butchering a sixties classic in front of a rather hostile audience.....i'm sure I heard a section of the crowd calling out for Sham 69 near the start,then the unknown singer observes;"there's gonna be a Riot soon!"?......brave boys.
The rest is by Alien Brains, a collective based around Nigel Jacklin,which included most of the luminaries of the early UK DIY cassette scene, eg Bendle, The New Blockaders, Storm Bugs etc.
Then Mark Automatons '391' project donates a tape recording of some bloke asking what makes people behave violently?...what exactly differentiates a '391' track from an Alien Brains track I dunno?
Be prepared for a classically messy and fuzzy lo-fi experience from the depths of early DIY history.

DOWNLOAD in an orderly fashion HERE!

Monday, 18 June 2018

Jandek ‎– "The Rocks Crumble" (Corwood Industries ‎– Corwood 0746) 1983

Its fucking Monday again, and time to fuck off back to classic electric period Jandek, with one of my top fab five Jandek albums; the self-describing "The Rocks Crumble" LP from back in '83.
It is pretty much a portrayal of not only the rocks of existence crumbling, but, Rock and Roll crumbling before our very ears!
Deconstructed Rock at its most unpretentious.
we are treated to three more consecutive versions of "European Jewel"!? The number 613 is appended to the title of track three.......does this mean there are over 600 recorded versions of this 'tune'? Maybe a posthumous box set will spring into our reality one of this crazy ol' years?...The complete  European those Miles Davis complete 'On The Corner Session' box sets?
Betcha never thought Miles davis and Jandek would be mentioned in the same confused grammar-free sentence did ya?


A1 Faceless 2:47
A2 Birthday 2:45
A3 European Jewel 613 5:00
A4 European Jewel II 3:36
A5 European Jewel 501 5:02
B1 Message To The Clerk (Part 1) 2:59
B2 Message To The Clerk (Part 2) 4:37
B3 Branded On A Telephone 3:32
B4 Breathtaker 4:27
B5 Lonesome Company 2:53
B6 Same Road 2:53

Sunday, 17 June 2018

Various Artists ‎– "Mysterious Kitchens" ( Terse Tapes ‎– TRS004) 1980

Another Terse Tapes cassette compilation, this time featuring a load of impossibly obscure Australian DIY bands; the better known of which would be The Wet Taxis.
It's a mixture of classic bedroom DIY, minimal synth, and aussie Industrial.
as normal with Terse tapes, its all good.

A1 –In Church - Saving Souls
A2 –Pissy Relay Switches - Diskettes
A3 –Pissy Relay Switches - The Snack Chip
A4 –Pissy Relay Switches - Good Times
A5 –Pissy Relay Switches - Good Times Too
A6 –Holiday Funn - Each Tick
A7 –Holiday Funn - Sounds Familiar
A8 –Holiday Funn - Schplatt!
A9 –Headless Corpses - Axe Murderers
A10 –Lamington Lady - Untitled
A11 –The Nobodies - Introducing
A12 –The Nobodies - Play It Again
A13 –The Nobodies - Carry My Books
A14 –The Nobodies - Nothing Like It
A15 –The Nobodies - I Don't Care
A16 –The Nobodies - Lassie Come Home
A17 –2 Man Submarine - Machines That Walk
A18 –2 Man Submarine - Being Boiled 

B1 –Mr And Mrs No Smoking Sign - Come Home And Have Your Tea
B2 –Wet Taxis - Feel The Carat
B3 –Wet Taxis - Inflate Your Baby
B4 –Wet Taxis - Harmonix One
B5 –Wet Taxis - Joy Of Life
B6 –Wet Taxis - Dare You?
B7 –Wet Taxis - Make Cake
B8 –Rhino Rhino RH+ - Mr. Hat
B9 –Rhino Rhino RH+ - RFMOD
B10 –Rhino Rhino RH+ - In The Soup
B11 –Rhino Rhino RH+ - My Mother The Car
B12 –Rhino Rhino RH+ - Utensil
B13 –Japanese Gene Kelly - How I Lost My Drumstick But Went To The Shops And Bought Some Soap And It Was Real Exciting
B14 –Burt Blanka - Ya Ya Twist Electronics
B15 –Mindless Delta Children - All Clones Look The Same To Me

Saturday, 16 June 2018

Various Artists ‎– "Fire On Boat" (Terse Tapes ‎– TRS006c) 1980

A C90 compilations from Terse Tapes (ran by Tom Ellard of Severed Heads) featuring UK DIY bands/Artists from the midlands compiled with Mark from....poor lad....Coventry.
This is why we find bands from Northampton,Nuneaton, Coventry and beyond on an Australian cassette label.
There are brief, but very worthwhile forays into the north via Liverpool with the Legendary Phillip Johnson,and Edinburgh with Josef K frontman Paul Haig,doing a very raw version of Josef K tune 'Pictures'.Not forgetting south Humbersiders,and DIY foundation stone layers, Instant Automatons, and chums, Alien Brains!
Not to mention some pre-fame Eyeless In Gaza stuff.
We also have something from DIY legend Gary Ramon in his WeR7 incarnation, and fellow Color Tapes stablemates 'Lives Of Angels',appearing here as the Body Electric.
Its ALL enrobed in that classic DIY small room ambiance,lashings of  fuzz and hiss; played on the cheapest equipment possible.
A classic compilation on a classic DIY Label.


A1 –Rota Rhythms - The Age Of The Fun Cassette
A2 –PR5 - Private Armies
A3 –Dave Carson - Crashing And Gasping
A4 –Paul Haig - Pictures
A5 –Philip Johnson - Nothing
A6 –Philip Johnson - Holiday Train
A7 –Paul Reekie - Drugs At School
A8 –A.D.H. - Ruins/Drive
A9 –Ron Crowcroft Lock/Unlock
A10 –WeR7 - Disquiet Music 2
A11 –The Ordinary - Fight The Good Fight 

B1 –Religious Overdose - 25 Minutes
B2 –Body Electric - Red Suit
B3 –Martyn Bates - Engine Failing
B4 –Douglas Barrie & Stuart Wright - March
B5 –Kevin Harrison - The Boy Was Dead (Ambulance Song)
B6 –Alien Brains - 2 Minutes Of Alien Brains
B7 –The Instant Automatons - Brains Under Glass
B8 –Eyeless In Gaza - By Proxy
B9 –Disintegrators - Disintegration (Excerpt)
B10 –Tony Clough - Isolation 1
B11 –Excitement Pathetix - Fun Cassette

Friday, 15 June 2018

Various Artists ‎– "Rumponia-An Answer Within" (Rumpo Records ‎– RUMP LP 01) 1982

Yep, another compilation featuring the same  bands from The Northampton Musicians Collective.
Its got the excellent 'Workshop' on here, along with lots of terrible singers, and plenty proto-indie types.
Its a bit scratchy, but there are no cassette versions or CD versions, so we're stuck with it.....but who cares? Its a window with an interesting view into the dark world of the local post-punk world of Northampton?!

DOWNLOAD and reveal the answer within HERE!

Where's Lisse? ‎– "Talk Takes Too Long" & "Tutorial EP" (Glass Records GLASS 08+014) 1981/82


A Talk Takes Too Long
B You Stole My Gun


A1 Tutorial
A2 Red Light
B1 I'll Think Of Something
B2 Call It That!

More Northamptonshire born Cold Wave, again like a poor mans' Modern English, which ain't no bad thing. Not much else to add apart from that I like it!

Thursday, 14 June 2018

Religious Overdose ‎– "Glass Hymnbook (1980-1982)" (Glass Records) 2017

Religious Overdose released three singles on Glass Records between 1980 and 1982, which have been kindly compiled and remastered by Richard Formby, for your ingestion, on this posthumous cd on a reborn Glass label.
Cold Wave is a dish best served; and this is suitably so. It ain't Joy Division, but it is nearly as good as first album Modern English,but with rougher edges.


1 Hazaal 2:46
2 Control Addicts 4:04
3 25 Minutes 5:16
4 Concentrate 2:08
5 I Said Go 2:10
6 Alien To You 4:28
7 Talk Talk 4:55
8 In This Century 7:16
9 The Girl With The Disappearing Head 7:22
10 Blow The Back Off It 1:49
11 In This Century (Demo) 10:01

Wednesday, 13 June 2018

Religious Overdose ‎– "Live" (Adventures In Reality Recordings ‎– ARR004) 1983

Northampton based Post Punk combo who sounded like most other decent bands of that ilk....everywhere had a cult musician called 'kevin' and everywhere had their own 'Rema-Rema's'......which can only be good.I've listened to 'Wheel In the Roses" far too many times, so here's a chance to hear some material they might have recorded before they changed their name to 'Mass'....a bit like the garage -psych bands on those 'nuggets' compilations; but instead of giving the generations of the future diferent versions of the Stones and The kinks, we are now discovering bands who give us different versions of the post Punk bands of our youth eg) rema-rema, Modern English, and their like.......we've had the 'Rubble' series for UK Psych, and Nuggets for US Psych, so how about "Grey Clouds" or "Raincoats" for a UK Post Punk compilation series?
Recorded live at The Black Lion, Northampton, England May 1982.


A1 In This Century
A2 Push The Key
A3 I Said Go
A4 Control Addicts
B1 The Tower
B2 The Girl With The Disappearing Head
B3 Wild Cat

Tuesday, 12 June 2018

Various Artists ‎– "The Nite The Pub Caught Fire" (Northampton Musicians Collective ‎– NMC 2) 1982

The Northampton Musicians Collective, as captured Live on numerous evenings at the belly button of Northampton's vibrant alternative music scene in 1982, the Black Lion public house.
We've got a variety of musical genres to wade through, from the Faux-Siouxsie goth of 'Antibodies', to the bog-standard 'Punk' of 'Social Disease.
'Workshop' appear to be rather excellent,with some improvised free-jazz freakout influenced type of UK DIY.
As are 'White Furry rabbits' with a DIY type of proto-Indie sound.
In all, a very high quality showcase from the town that gave the world goth poseurs,'Bauhaus'....nobody's perfect?


A1 –White Furry Rabbits - Attack
A2 –Antibodies - Blind
A3 –Directorix- Psycho Operaters
A4 –Bullets For Silver- Is He On Drugs
A5 –The Syndromes - Ward 23
A6 –Workshop - Elephant Man Blues
A7 –Where's Lisse? - Talk Takes To Long
A8 –Social Disease - Communication Breakdown
B1 –White Furry Rabbits - Life Through The Glass
B2 –Antibodies - Instrumental
B3 –Directorix- Silence
B4 –Bullets For Silver - The One After The Last One
B5 –The Syndromes - All This Waiting
B6 –Workshop - And From Heaven They Came
B7 –Where's Lisse? - Aluminium
B8 –Social Disease - Lost

Sunday, 10 June 2018

Jandek ‎– "Helsinki Saturday" (Corwood Industries ‎– CORWOOD 0796) 2009

All hands on Jandek, its monday, so......
let's listen to our hero improvising on piano with unamed harpist (Iro Haarla), while the crowd chatter constantly throughout the whole hour.
Yet another unexpected turn in the Jandek discography.I don't think there's been any recording artist in history who has managed to dumfound everyone during the whole of a forty year career.If anything he's getting more unpredictable.
Again, this is one for your pretentious friends to chin-stoke to, or to impress the pseudo-intellectual in your life.
As outsider-garde goes,its a pretty good one to play in the bathroom with scented candles chucking out lavender enfused gas to lull you into a deep sleep as you sink below the surface of your dirty bathwater. Like most Jandek records, he's never too far away from making soundtracks for loners with suicidal tendancies, and this one is no exception;just slightly more stealthy in its effect. The fact that it has an audience, kinda makes this a type of 'reality music', like they're peripheral spectators of a suicide as entertainment.
What better place to perform such a show than one of the world capitals for suicide, Finland?

Recorded Live: Gloria Kulttuuriareena Helsinki Finland November 19, 2005.


1 Sleeping In The Dawn 1:03:32

Saturday, 9 June 2018

Various Artists ‎– "Northampton Under Glass" (Glass Records ‎– Glass 011) 1981

Lets go south from Solihull along the M6/M1 to the sleepy east midlands town of Northampton.
A place whose major contribution to worldwide youth culture was the Dr Marten Boot.
Northampton's other dubious claims to fame are Gothic granddaddies 'Bauhaus',and to a (much)lesser extent 'The Northampton Musicians Union',who were behind this local compilation in conjunction with Glass Records....hence the title.
The music is a mixture of various Post-punk stylings, from the Siouxsie copyists , Antibodies, to the proto-indie of The Russians.
(theres a couple of bonus tracks also from the CD-r version....just like xmas eh?)

A1 –Antibodies - Mindwalking
A2 –White Rabbit - Childhood Heroes
A3 –Social Disease- Lost
A4 –The Russians - Shoplifter
B1 –Where's Lisse? Call It That
B2 –Directorix- Funk In B#
B3 –Religious Overdose - 25 Minutes
B4 –The Syndromes - Temporary Feeling

Thursday, 7 June 2018

021 ‎– "All Was Nothing!" (Paisley Archive ‎– PA038) 2015

Its got Pop Art cover art, and the tunes are a diiferent kind of pop art, as in the art of pop music. Not the melodic kind, but the rudimentary kind of barely competant two chord thrash that manifested itself everywhere after 1977. Apparently, as Solihulls 021 wore Fred Perrys and Harringtons, they are now thought of as a 'Mod'group.
They also boasted the rarity of having a black singer in a very white world. Luckily, he seemed to have very little soul, or, sense of rhythm which is both, a slightly racist generalisation but also, another rarity.
This album pieces together their non-"Mell Square Music"  recorded legacy into one handy package.


1 Images
2 Whatever Happened To You
3 Heaven & Hell
4 Coming Of Age
5 Hitting Town Tonight
6 Twist N Shout (Live)
7 A Girl Like You
8 Beast Of Burden
9 Simple Minds
10 Must Be Love
11 Class Of 78
12 The Pop Song
13 Aversion
14 New Age Of Pop (Live)
15 Girls Go Out (Live)

Wednesday, 6 June 2018

Various Artists ‎– "Mell Square Musick: The Album (Unreleased Recordings 1979-82)" (Only Fit For The Bin Records ‎– OFFTB007) 2010

In a way the original "Mell square Musick" ep, was thee perfect DIY imagine if it was a double album full of the same raw incompetence?
Well now it is,but shockingly, on some of the tracks The Accused seem to have employed a proper drummer?! Like when Budgie replaced Palmolive in the Slits....not good!
That aside, there's plenty of rough as old arseholes DIY punk rock.

Paul Panic, the singer of The Accused, has even written a rather excellent book about it can buy it here:


1-1 –John Peel Radio Show (12-09-'79)
1-2 –The Accused - Solihull Revisted
1-3 –The Accused - Police State (Live Star Club '79)
1-4 –The Accused  - Photo-Copy Views
1-5 –The Accused - Bride Just Died
1-6 –The Accused - She'd Gone Punk/Hellhole
1-7 –The Accused - W.M.P.T.E.
1-8 –The Accused - Don't Wanna Be In 021
1-9 –The Accused - London
1-10 –The Accused - We're Crap
1-11 –Cracked Actors - Disco
1-12 –Cracked Actors - Statues
1-13 –Cracked Actors - Calling For Time
1-14 –Cracked Actors - Rock'n'Roll Fantasy
1-15 –Cracked Actors - Subway
1-16 –Cracked Actors - On The Line
2-1 –021 - The Pop Song
2-2 –021 - Aversion (Demo)
2-3 –021 - Class Of '78
2-4 –021 - Secret Love
2-5 –021 - Hitting Town Tonite
2-6 –021 - Words To The Wise
2-7 –The Undertakers - I Just Wanna... (Make Love To You!)
2-8 –The Undertakers - Monotony
2-9 –The Undertakers - Sadistic Lady
2-10 –The Undertakers - Overload
2-11 –The Undertakers - English Nation
2-12 –The Undertakers - Three Coffins In My Head

Tuesday, 5 June 2018

Various Artists ‎– Mell Square Musick (No Rip Off ‎– YAW-1) 1980

The word 'Classic' is used as often as 'Genius', but I think at least one of those adjectives apply here.
This is classic UK DIY at its very worst/best; touching on a certain genius that lies within everyone if they had enough insight to find it.
This is music made by real people, for real people.It goes against all the accepted norms of Rock music.This just doesn't get taught at those Rock'n'Pop schools that are springing up everywhere. This would score zero's marks in the end of term exams at the despicable 'BRIT' school.
As you may have noticed, we have now moved geographically and socially back into the rougher parts of Solihull area on the outskirts of Birmingham, away from the smarter parts where Swell Maps came from.
As previously mentioned in the Swell Maps posts, the Maps were obviously middle class, to put it politely.
The Accussed ,however, were equally obviously NOT middle class,but they were indeed also from Solihull!They even made their dislike of Solihull in the charming ditty "Solihull"......"I thought Solihull was for Snobs but these punks think different" says the intro.....then its swiftly downhill from there!
The Accused, have the distinction of being probably thee most incompetant combo of the so-called 'punk rock' era....and that's saying something! They appear to have no sense of melody, timing,or expertise on their instruments.
There was a famous quote to describe the music of Jandek which applies almost perfectly for The Accused....I've just replaced the word jandek with said brummie Punk combo.
"How to describe the music of The Accused (Jandek)? Like most amateur rock critics, start by comparing (them) to the Beatles. Then strip away melody, catchy hooks, rhythm, and harmony. Next toss out vocal and instrumental ability, along with any trace of human feeling . Aside from these deficiencies, (they're) exactly like the Fab Four."......a bit harsh on the Human feeling bit, but on the whole, accurate.
The Fab Four of DIY.....a new kind of anti-genius.
The rest of the groups aren't much better, but thank any one of those fictional religious entities that they scraped together the three and a half hundred quid to make this e.p.
The Cracked Actors were obviously school age Teens, like a Brummie version of the Prats.
The Undertakers don't sound much older however.
The 021,named after the Birmingham dialing code, make an excellent de-rocked version of this Punk Rock music fad. They could have been the Clash if the singers dad had been a diplomat. In fact they sound not unlike some of The Clash's early tunes,like that one about not understanding flys?!I heard a Clash bootleg from a 1976 gig at Birmingham Barbarella's, and they sounded exactly like The 021...but then they sold out....unlike The 021...(not to be confused with Kif Kif's equally excellent group The 012)


A1 –The Accused - Generation Gap
A2 –The Accused - Solihull
A3 –Cracked Actors - Disco?
B1 –021-(Don't Wanna Be) A Robot
B2 –The Accused - Arrested
B3 –The Undertakers - Illusions

Monday, 4 June 2018

Jandek ‎– "Where Do You Go From Here?" (Corwood Industries ‎– Corwood 0805) 2011

This Monday Jandek goes Outsider-Garde?!
If this was the first and only Jandek record that you had heard, you would think that Jandek was some kind of avant-garde improvised music genius.Its bordering on the very good.Pop this on the stereo when someone you want to impress comes round for canapés and cognac, you little intellectual you.A soundtrack for discussing the merits of Satre,Nietzche, and bunch of pretentious Kants you.
The illusion will only break down if one of the Poets, Architects, and performance artists, that you invited, asks what the music was? reply, uncomfortably.Luckily, these types will not be aware of our favourite Texan nutjob, and will think its some Avant-Garde composer that had by-passed their enthusiastic/desperate revision the night before.They had heard that you were one of thee foremost experts on the Avant Garde in Dalston. Desperate not to be outed as the fraud they undoubtedly are.
This is definitely NOT "Ready For The House" part 2.
I could easily imagine this at the South Bank in London, being absorbed by joyless chin-stroking pseudo intellectuals from the London art set.....otherwise know as 'Twats'.
This is the musical equivalent of that exhibition of paintings made by a chimp which garnered good reviews in those fanciful art rags that lie festooned on pretentious coffee tables all over the world.
I suggest this is majorly the work of the two mainstays of Jandek's live act;stalwarts of the Uk avant garde scene, pseudo muso's,Alex Neilson, and Richard Youngs.
Me being a Pseudo intellectual twat, with his feet firmmly under the ground, I can proudly announce I think this record is fucking brilliant!......but don't expect your normal Jandek with detuned guitar and a load of whining about all things negative here....this is a very positive and musical experience.....commence chin-stroking .......NOW!


1 Part 1 3:09
2 Part 2 3:45
3 Part 3 5:23
4 Part 4 4:39
5 Part 5 2:50
6 Part 6 1:42
7 Part 7 4:34
8 Part 8 3:49
9 Part 9 4:35
10 Part 10 2:30
11 Part 11 1:28
12 Part 12 14:19

Sunday, 3 June 2018

The Shapes ‎– "Songs For Sensible People" (Overground Records ‎– OVER 81CD)

The Shapes never got to make a proper LP, but there was the obligatory CD compilation churned out in the nineties.
There's alt versions, demo's, outtakes, studio chit-chat, but nothing 'Live'.
Apart from two versions of Sexist classics, "Wots For Tea Mum?" and "College Girls,there's a quaint tune that makes light hearted ,and very seventies, fun of paedophilia.Also included is the Punk  standard,as in the tune that slags off ones home this case the posh Warwickshire town of Royal Leamington Spa.


1 Interview 0:26
2 Kid's Stuff 2:40
3 Wot's For Lunch Mum? (Not Beans Again!) 1:49
4 Leamington 2:35
5 College Girls 2:42
6 Wot's For Lunch Mum? (Not Beans Again!) 1:31
7 College Girls 2:31
8 (I Saw) Batman (In The Launderette) 2:38
9 Chatterbox 2:08
10 Bedtime Stories 1:48
11 Alien Love 2:01
12 Airline Disaster 2:51
13 Business Calls 2:48
14 Leamington 2:27
15 Let's Go To Planet Skaro 2:31
16 My House Is A Satellite 2:31
17 Jennifer The Conifer 2:47
18 Blast Off! 4:20
19 Interview 1:48

Tracks 2 to 5 - 1978, 1, 6 to 14, 18, 19 - 1979, 15 to 17 -1980.

The Shapes ‎– "Blast Off!" (Sofa Records ‎– SEAT 002) 1980

On a break from their political science studies among the dreaming spires of Oxford, The Shapes went into WRMS studio's in the mean streets of Royal Leamington Spa(lifes hard there!?), to record their farewell single.Good as it is ,it doesn't quite reach the novelty record heights of their first ep.
After these two jaunty energetic power pop numbers that get every Nerds foot tapping.... they disappeared into the civil service to make feasibility studies on how Brexit won't work.....hopefully.....they should have stuck at pop music, for at least one album anyway?


That A : Airline Disaster
This A : Blast Off

Saturday, 2 June 2018

The Shapes ‎– "Wot's For Lunch Mum? EP" (Sofa Records ‎– SEAT 1) 1979

It wasn't only Swell Maps and The Cult Figures who utilised the facilities of  WMRS studios in, rather posh, Royal Leamington Spa in the nicest bit of the west midlands countryside. To continue the stream of middle class power pop classics, we had the obscure Swell Map-a-likes, The Shapes. Churning out some innocently sexist two minute new wave classics.
Their contact phone number on the sleeve was actually a Leamington Spa number, so they were a local band.Therefore I doubt they had beans for lunch, or a Mum to cook it for them. Probably had a nanny, who served up smoked salmon and quails eggs at one O'Clock (Coq au vin is mentioned!); but that wouldn't fit snugly into the jolly prose proferred forth in the very fine opening track.
Pity there wasn't an LP? Probably had no time once they all started their Art History and Political Science courses at Oxford.


A1 Wot's For Lunch Mum? (Not Beans Again!)
A2 College Girls
B1 (I Saw) Batman (In The Launderette)
B2 Chatterboks

Friday, 1 June 2018

Cult Figures ‎– "Live At The Cedar Club 1980" plus Singles" (1979-80)

Cult Figures were,fashionably ,for 1979,and without family names: Martin - bass, Jon - gtr & vocs, Jock - drms & vocs, Gary - vocs & gtr.
Although sometimes assumed to be Swell Maps under a different name, in fact Cult Figures were a separate entity. The fact that they sounded a bit like the Maps, had various Maps playing on their records, were on the same label as the Maps and often played on the same bills as the Maps (where you could actually see that they were not Swell Maps!?), probably led to the confusion - but they obviously weren't the Swell Maps!......but then again?.....Nah!

Here's their complete discography up to 1980, so make up your own mind.


"Live At The Cedar Club 1980":

1 Silent Majority
2 Clambake
3 Painting By Numbers
4 24 Hour TV
5 Reactions Nil
6 Submerged Cutlery
7 War On Fun
8 Battleship Grey
9 I Remember
10 Martin's Holiday
11 The Religion
12 Zip Nolan

"Zip Nolan 7"" (Rather Records ‎– gear four, Rough Trade ‎– RT 020) 1979:


A Zip Nolan
B1 P.W.T.
B2 Zip Dub

"In Love" (7")  (Rather Records ‎– gear eight) 1980:


I Remember 2:52
Laura Kate 2:12
Almost A Love Song 1:40

Thursday, 31 May 2018

Steve Treatment ‎– "25 "A" Sides + Your Friends Are In The News" (Hyped To Death ‎– Messthetics #202-203) 2003

One of the shiniest failures from East Midlands also-ran City, Derby (pronounced Darby for you americans!),was the legend in his own lunchtime himself, Steve Treatment.More famed as playing Amyl Nitrate in Derek Jarmans' artsy fartsy 'Punk' movie, "Jubilee". 
Every shit town has someone who struts around as if they were a 'star', in this case Steve strutted around Derby thinking he was Marc Bolan. Ironically his career started the year Marc's ended as his Mini slammed into a tree and killed our curly topped chum instantly.
Maybe his soul transported itself into young Steven?
Not shy at donning some glossy lipstick and a cape, Steve ran away to London, buddied up with fellow midlands refugees, Swell Maps, and started to churn out lots of DIY Glam pop songs to a very disinterested capital city.
Steve said that all of his songs were 'A'-sides. He wasn't far off in that claim, they were at least B-side material, maybe even 'C'-side standard. As it turned out most of his recordings never got the chance to be on any side of a record, never mind the 'A' or 'B' side of anything.
He managed to produce three chirpy 7" singles, one on Swell Maps' 'Rather Records', who played back-up on his early recordings.
Lots of chung-a-chung-a guitar work, meandering echo-laden  council estate T-Rex-isms a plenty, but, there is a certain charm about the late Mr Treatment's fortitude in his belief that he was obviously a star, no matter what anybody else the great beast  Aliester Crowley once said...."Every Man Every woman Is a Star".....I can't argue with that.

140+ minutes of unglamorous  DIY'n'roll including all of Steve's singles (1977-1979), plus later highlights of his incredibly colorful career, including almost all of the songs that were headed for Steve's never to be released LP. 



25 "A" Sides

1-1 Danger Zone 1:41
1-2 Taste Your Own Medicine 2:27
1-3 Negative Nights 2:19
1-4 The Hippie Posed Engrossment 1:37
1-5 Hooked On A Trend 1:27
1-6 Step Inside A Worn-Out Shoe 3:21
1-7 Heaven Knows (Juvenile Wrecks) 2:11
1-8 Change Of Plan 2:35
1-9 Head Of A Raven 2:23
1-10 Chosen To Go 1:46
1-11 Tempest Fashion Baby 2:00
1-12 Cry In Alphabet Sharp 2:17
1-13 Carve My Name Upon My Back 7:15
1-14 Temperature Change (The World Is A Slag) 4:29
1-15 Ingrowing Toenail 2:48
1-16 You're Going To Receive Treatment 2:52
1-17 Disillusioned Writer On The Basement Floor Of Love 6:08
1-18 New Youth Society Generator 5:58
1-19 Yeah Yeah 2:23
1-20 Boy Of 14 0:47
1-21 The Hippie Posed Engrossment II 1:41
1-22 Hooked On A Trend II 1:19
1-23 Negative Nights II 2:10
1-24 Danger Zone II 2:13
1-25 All Dressed For Tomorrow 3:09

Your Friends Are In The News

2-26 Wild And Sparkle 4:05
2-27 Ignorant Eyes 3:24
2-28 New Youth Society Generator 3:27
2-29 Your Friends Are In The News 2:09
2-30 Hangman 4:35
2-31 All Dressed For Tomorrow 6:06
2-32 It Was Good While It Lasted 7:09
2-33 Pavement Stones 93 3:57
2-34 Carve My Name Upon Your Back 3:20
2-35 Cabinet Of Disciples 8:30
2-36 Calendar Karmi 4:35
2-37 The World Is Blue 5:03
2-38 Seven Day Psalm 1:56
2-39 It Was Good While It Lasted 7:08
2-40 I Hate Reunions 3:23
2-41 Echo In The Backstreet 4:14
2-42 Sparkle Introduction

Wednesday, 30 May 2018

Swell Maps - "Outtakes, Rehearsals, and Lots of Live Stuff" (1977-1980)

Now that we've scraped a large hole in the bottom of the barrel of the Swell Maps home recordings ré's more?
Here we've got another version of 'Harmony In Your Bathroom',some early rehearsal tapes, some farting about in WRMS studios during the Marineville sessions,a complete live set from a gig in Aylesbury and the obligatory bedroom recording.

Track Listing:

1. 14th Floor (2:43)
2. Forest Fire (2:59)
3. Harmony In Your Bathroom (Alt Take) (3:47)
4. Live In Aylesbury Sept 1979 (40:16)
5. Marineville Outtakes 1 (5:14)
6. Marineville Outtakes 2 (6:32)
7. Marineville Outtakes 3 (3:55)
8. Marineville Outtakes 4 (8:58)
9. Rehearsal  July 1977  (14:55)

DOWNLOAD before the barrel is emptied HERE!

Also for the sake of complete and utter overkill, here's a couple of Swell Maps gigs from back in the day.....what more do you want?

Live in Italy June 1980

Live Aklam Hall,London 20/10/1978


Tuesday, 29 May 2018

Swell Maps ‎– "Train Out Of It" (Antar ‎– ANTAR 4) 1987

The growing cult of Swell Maps in America required the Godfrey brothers (Epic and Nikki), to go back into the Maps archives and produce another album of out-takes, demo's and alternative takes.
They won't be doing this again because they are both dead!?....fucking hell is no-one excluded from this mortal paradox?....what?....I'm gonna die too????'re having a laugh aren't you?.....SHIT!
I suppose this is a rock'n'roll version of Schrödinger's cat?
In the world of Rock'n'Roll Quantum mechanics they're both alive while dead at the same time; as long as you don't look. So listen to this, and we're all gonna live for ever.Even when we're long as nobody checks.
Even better, in the quantum world it will always be both 1979 and 2018 at the same time,depending on no-one being stupid enough to tell us it isn't.
Another problem is that 1979 and 2018 are the musical equivalent of Matter and Anti-matter;so if they ever came in contact with each other they would annihilate themselves!!? be careful upon exposing the primordial brilliance that is/was/will be Swell Maps to the polluted air of the modern world, where even the slightest exposure to modern pop music could cause a very real and actual death of your brain......annihilation

Track 1: recorded at W.M.R.S. - June 1979.
Track 2: recorded at W.M.R.S. - April 1979.
Track 3: recorded at Spaceward - December 1977.
Track 4: recorded at W.M.R.S. - December 1978.
Track 5: recorded at W.M.R.S. - June 1979.
Track 6: recorded at W.S.R.S. - August 1984.
Track 7: recorded at home - June 1981.
Track 8: recorded at W.S.R.S. - December 1981.
Track 9: recorded at W.M.R.S. - July 1981.
Track 10: recorded at W.S.R.S. - August 1984.
Track 11: recorded at Alvic Sound Studio - May 1981.
Track 12: recorded at home - July 1977.
Track 13: recorded at home - March 1980/June 1981.
Track 14: recorded at home - 1973-1984.
Track 15: recorded at W.M.R.S. - Dec. 1978/June 1980.
Track 16: recorded at W.M.R.S. - December 1978.
Track 17: recorded at Spaceward - September 1977.
Track 18: recorded at W.M.R.S. - December 1978.
Track 19: recorded at home - February 1975.
Track 20: recorded at home - July 1977.
Track 21: recorded at W.S.R.S. - August 1984/May 1986.
Track 22: recorded at home - September 1975/March 1980.
Track 23: recorded at W.S.R.S. - October 1981.
Track 24: recorded at home/Alvic Sound Studio Aug 1980/May 1981.
Track 25: recorded at W.S.R.S. - September 1981.
Track 26: recorded at home/W.S.R.S. - June/September 1981.


01 Let's Build A Car 2:58
02 Real Shocks 2:16
03 Read About Seymour 1:27
04 Full Moon 1:18
05 Big Maz In The Country 3:30
06 St. Saviour's Road 1:30
07 Doomette 1:00
08 The Graveyard Shift 3:40
09 ...Then Poland (Pts. 1 & 2) 1:05
10 Blues No. 2: Beatle Bonfire 1:46
11 A Three Acre Floor 3:00
12 C.R.S. 5:04
13 Clear The Floor 2:15
14 The Cave Dwellers 0:48
15 Dresden Style 2:20
16 Ammunition Train 3:29
17 Black Velvet 1:57
18 Doctor At C. 2:06
19 Elephant Flowers 0:58
20 Stitch 2:35
21 Rundown Tube 2:50
22 Texas 1:45
23 Blues No. 1: Garden Of Medals 1:35
24 Pop In Packets 1:43
25 Tokyo Airport 2:07
26 Bridge/Ghost Train 8:10

Monday, 28 May 2018

Swell Maps - "Wastrels And Whippersnappers" - (Overground Records ‎– OVER108VPCD) 2006

What did young men do in their bedrooms in the pre-punk seventies?
No X-Box back then, no free internet porn, and there was only one TV in the house, in the lounge, with three channels only.
The answer lies right here, on this posthumous scraping of the seemingly bottomless barrel of archive Swell Maps recordings.
I can't hear enough versions of "Harmony In Your Bathroom" can you?
But where the hell is Dorridge?.....just googled it....I knew they were posh!It's virtually in the Cotswolds. Was always suspicious of their lack of a Brummie accent, and easy access to recording equipment, drum kits,amps and electric guitars.They were even heard referring to the 'Barth-room' rather than 'bathroom' like us normal midlanders did.There was one kid in my school who ecspectorated  the rounded vowel sounds of 'Grahss' for 'Grass', and 'Barth' for 'bath', and he went on to become a Tory candidate for the House of Fools (commons);which I'm almost certain Swell Maps never stooped to.

"All tracks recorded at various garages, bedrooms and lounges in Solihull and Dorridge, West Midlands, between 1974-1977." 


Intro / Sweet And Sour Part 2 0:12
Dresden Style 2:18
Pets' Corner 2:20
Shubunkin 1:07
Sahara 2:09
Full Moon-Blam-Full Moon 4:16
Instronaut 2:00
Televisions 2:52
Wireless 4:00
Harmony In Your Bathroom 4:21
Camoflage Attack 2:17
Gramofonica 1:40
Harvist 1:28
Johnny Seven 1:27
Sweet And Sour (Parts 2, 3 & 4) 3:24
Sheep Police / Septipede 3:34
Improv Number One 1:53
Platinum Blind 1:00
God Save The Queen 0:30
Ratbag And Goblin ('Batman' Theme) 1:28
Vertical Slumber (Prototype Take 1) 1:42
Below Number One 3:37
Organism 1:25

Jandek ‎– "What Was Out There Disappeared" (Corwood Industries ‎– Corwood 0799) 2009

It's that must mean......????
Yup, Jandek wants to fuck you up.
On this selection, the pied-piper of negativity leads our children into a world of permanent autumn, or is that autism?
If Jandek isn't on the Asperger side of the Autistic spectrum, I'll eat my record collection.
There's something in Jandek, I think, that most of us,who can bare to listen for more than 30 seconds, can identify with. I too have had my long periods of voluntary isolation.Awkwardness in the public arena.Expressing oneself through the medium of sound,whilst being so obscure ,its pointless making any product,......but whats that got to do with you lot? How dare you read this?......basically who gives a flying one?
In this episode of moaning and howling over a never-tuned guitar, playing ,seemingly, completely random notes; our Aspergers-chic troubadour, complains about going to 'Edinboro' ,and I don't blame him. Then threatens to stop taking photographs of fact, most of those hundreds of album cover photo's have obviously been taken by a third party.Did he ever tell us he was actually a loner, or am I reading between the lines?There was the mysterious chanteuse called Nancy who appeared on a few lp's in the 1980's after all? Is this an 'Outsider Rock'n'Roll swindle'?......not too keen to learn the truth, as I always prefer the myth to the bland reality. I don't wanna know who the Residents are! I don't wanna read about behind the scenes in the Trout Mask replica house! Or who 'Banksy' is!?....but the fucking Internet will make sure you find out. What is it about the Human character that craves turning everything colourful into magnolia woodchip wall paper,like a dog who rips its favourite ball to pieces. Who really would give a fuck if we ever found out what happened to the Marie Celeste's crew? Unsolvable mysteries are a human right that is being snatched away from us, along with everything else that makes life magical.
Jandek is one of those enigma's.
Yes,even after he started appearing in concert too.


1 Going To Edinburgh 8:14
2 Girls Wore Gowns 5:13
3 Will There Be No More Photos 14:30
4 Your Eyes 6:18
5 Broken Leaves 5:54
6 Jumping Off 5:23
7 Painstakingly Critical 4:39
8 Lucky Cat 7:03

Sunday, 27 May 2018

Swell Maps ‎– "Whatever Happens Next..." (Rough Trade ‎– ROUGH 21, Rather Records ‎– ROUGH 21) 1981

We've been to Nuneaton, then Coventry, so logic dictates the next destination must be Birmingham. Once compared to an empty rugby players bath.....nothing in the centre with a ring of scum around the outside.
Rather harsh,but was once very true. Britains second city was an example of urban planning gone wrong. A nightmarish vision of damp concrete built on a minuscule budget.Skirted by the crumbling M6 motorway,and home to the silliest highway interchange in europe, nick-named 'Spaghetti Junction'.
Basically it was shit.
Despite this depressing environment, Birmingham is responsible for some of the most influential names in classic rock, namely Black Sabbath,Judas Priest,Napalm Death and most of Led Zeppelin. Not to mention such greats as Slade, The Move, Moody Blues, ELO, The Nightingales,....erm....Duran Duran!??.....and Swell Maps.
Swell Maps were DIY before DIY,with cassette recordings stretching back to 1974. So after their premature demise in 1980, it was inevitable that Rough Trade would release some of them , which they prompotly did on this double album from 1981.
If, by some chance you have lived in a closet for the last 40 years, you can hear Swell Maps official releases and peel sessions by clicking this handy link HERE!

"The majority of these recordings were made on various (mono & stereo) cassette machines at home. They are all in their original forms, apart from some editing, except 'Midget Submarines (Sd. 1) on which we added some piano and extra voices."

A1, A2 rec. April 77
A3 rec. April 75
A4, A5 rec. June 77
A6 rec. Dec 78
A7 rec. Jan 79
A8 rec. live at the Titan Club, Rome in March 1980
B1 rec. July 77
B2 to B4 rec. August 77
C1 rec. Dec 75 / June 77
C2 rec. May 77
C3 rec. June 74
C4 rec. July 77 / Dec 77
D1 rec. April 74
D2 rec. at the start of sessions for 'Jane From Occupied Europe' at WMRS, Leamington Spa., June 79
D3 to D7 rec. at Swell Maps' 2nd John Peel Session, May 79


A1 Read About Seymour
A2 Fashion Cult
A3 Armadillo
A4 (I Am) The Greatest Plumming! / Radio Ten
A5 Here's The Cupboard (Thrash)
A6 Terribly Insect
A7 Midget Submarines
A8 Whatever Happens Next...
B1 Clearasil Record (Stuck)
B3 Down With Tractors
B4 Amphibious Landing Craft
C1 Paul's Dead (click here for this missing track from the file!)
C2 Sheep Dip
C3 Havoc All Ended
C4 The Himalayas
D1 You & The Night & The Music
D2 The Stairs Are Like An Avalanche
D3 Vertical Slum
D4 Forest Fire
D5 Midget Submarines (II)
D6 Armadillo (II)
D7 Bandits One Five

Saturday, 26 May 2018

Digital Dinosaurs ‎– "Extinction: 1979-82" (Hyped 2 Death ‎– Messthetics #207) 2003

Up the road a bit from Nuneaton, at the scene of Hitlers greatest atrocity of bombing Coventry flat and unleashing a wave of evil British Modernist architects on the survivors; we find UK DIY's version of the Kinks. Among the concrete flyovers,tower blocks and empty office spaces, somehow a group of young hippies spent their empty evenings writing dozens of underground pop songs and releasing them on cassettes. After-all, Coventry was famously the subject of The Specials number one hit "Ghostown", so patently there wasn't much else to do. The architects had conveniently forgot about people when they made their technical drawings.
Music from Coventry seemed to be a form of escape rather than reflecting their unfortunate urban situation,unlike in Manchester. They had to make their own entertainment and alternative reality, so we got the Two Tone thing (yuk), and The Digital Dinosaurs (Hooray). Even their football team were reflective of a a pointless struggle, constantly finishing a season one point away from relegation for thirty years in a row!......thankfully they were finally relegated,and are to this day languishing in the lower leagues.
The Digital Dinosaurs were always in the lower leagues of musical sucess, but are now slowly gaining recognition as fine exponents of the lost art of British Melodic Pop .
This collection cherry picks tracks from their early cassettes, and there's a couple of previously unreleased ones for good measure.(get more Dinosaurs HERE)


1 Red Fire Engine 1:33
2 Fingers & Thumbs II 4:07
3 Dinosaurs And Giants (Too Many Tigers) 2:37
4 The Oldest Girl 3:08
5 The Sideways Man 2:23
6 Dessert Island Risks 4:50
7 Eyes Front 3:31
8 Have You Seen The Saucers? 3:21
9 Lost In Stars 2:50
10 Mars Telephone 3:12
11 Who'd Be A Turkey 3:31
12 Mesmerelda 2:35
13 Screaming Old Woman (On A Bicycle) 4:11

DOWNLOAD to save from extinction HERE!