Saturday, 14 April 2018

Metabolist - "Live at Actionspace, London, 20/07/1978" (Bootleg)

As fate would have it, a group who were contempories of and trod on similar territory as This Heat, were also recorded at Actionspace in 1978.
Metabolist were unashamedly influenced by Krautrock,and Zeuhl ,but absorbed just enough 'Punk' not to be dismissed as a prog-hangover......although nothing wrong with that in my book.
Although labelled as "A Poor Mans This Heat" by some sections of the UK music press,their album "Hansten Klork" is now widely regarded as a post-punk classic;which indeed it certainly is.

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1. Curly Wall
2. Pinstripe
3. Rainy Day Sunshine Girl
4. Slaves
5. (I Can't) Identify (part 1)
6. (I Can't) Identify (part 2)
7. Unknown
8. Eulam's Beat
9. I Don't Want To
10. The Big One.

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Anonymous said...

Bloody hell:amazing! Thank you for this.

Robert Gomez said...

This is better than D. Trump going to jail! Thanks so much.

Magnus said...

Metabolist playing Faust. I must be dreaming.