Wednesday, 4 April 2018

R. Stevie Moore ‎– "Next" (R. Stevie Moore Cassette Club ‎– Nt10) 1974

Erstwhile chum of Jad Fair and cohorts, R.Stevie is one of those great American eccentrics that I once thought the USA was full of......sadly this is very untrue.Unless one calls those Religious nuts in the liable belt 'Eccentric', which, in a way, they Charles Manson was eccentric.
Thats 'R.' on the cover, and I imagine it took some guts to prance around Nashville looking like that in 1974?
Our, R. Stevie, was doing DIY cassettes since the late sixties, and he's still at it today.
The music ranges from bizarre ballads, to proto-new wave rockers, to dysfunctional Adult Orientated Rock.At times sounding like Paul MaCartney and Wings if they we formed by out-patients at a psychiatric day-center, and other times like some US FM radio group....not an expert in this area so i'm struggling for comparisons! Steely Dan(???).......on Mogadon.Well at least Neil Young coming up off tranquilizers? 
All, of course, done with a dry sense of humour and the absurd.
I'm quite confident in saying that, there was sweet fuck all like this doing the rounds in 1974, everyone in America wanted to be Led Zeppelin or Jethro Tull, no-one knew there was something else.Now, we do, so you can finally delete 'Physical Graffiti' and 'Thick as a Brick' from your hard drives to make room for the 100 plus R.Stevie Moore albums that are crying out to annoy the fuck out of your sophisticated friends.


A1 Adult Tree 4:20
A2 Wonderful. Wonderful 4:14
A3 World's Fair 4:21
A4 Topic Of Same 4:54
A5 Europe 4:18
A6 Stool Pigeons And School Teachers 3:28
A7 Hot Bloose 5:47
A8 Ballad Of Ethos 7:12
A9 Kookie Coma 2:47
A10 I Still Chase The Women 2:44
A11 Danny Newberry 3:05
B1 A Thirst 3:01
B2 Pop Music 3:24
B3 Mighty Short Piece 2:52
B4 Moons 6:00
B5 New Yorkus 5:18
B6 I Not Listening 3:33
B7 Rockets By Two 6:08
B8 Quarter Peep Show 3:07
B9 I Love All The Girls 3:39
B10 The Fight 5:01
B11 I Need Your Love 4:49

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Anonymous said...

Not "next". "First".

And as it happens, the very term "outsider" was coined by a friend/collaborator/sometime publicist of his.

Though having said both of those things - he really has fuck-all to do with the type of people that generally get lumped under that term. He is R. Stevie Moore. A genre unto himself.