Saturday, 28 April 2018

Die Trip Computer Die - "Shorter Circuits Vol.1" (Self-Released CD-r) 2001

More plundered madness from underneath the underground,and beyond beyond obscurity.Probably recorded 'Live' around 2001,there is little or no information available on these non-releases.
This is another of these privately distributed CD-r's, by noise decomposer/ video artist Lepke Buchwater (Milk from Cheltenham) with Xentos 'Fray' Bentos (also known as L. Voag, Pete the Drummer, Dr. Shagnasty and 'Bubbles' in the Beyoncé fan club, formerly of The Homosexuals) and Ted Barrow. inventor of various ur-instruments, most notably 'The Baxtertron' which was an electronic 'black box' constructed inside a recently vacated Ferrero Rocher box.
Thrill to the turgid layers of circuit bending overlaying blatantly ripped off music loopage processed to appeal to the unsuspecting post-clubber in the chill-out room, to worm its way into the befuddled brane of Mr and Mrs Henry normal,and other tattooed Chavs and chavettes.
This abstract reorganisation of popular culture into something deeply unpopular, is subversion of the highest quality, by persons who seem to have zero interest in the cult of personality, or an ego.This is to be roundly applauded......not that they'd be interested in receiving applause;one would guess they would view that as failure. 


1. Summer Evilings
2. Party Rally Anthem
3. Bloodmilch
4. the Rusting Of Techno Cop
5. Anti-Fugue(Theme of the Horn Rimmed Ones)
6. The Samantha Cycle Part IV
7. Ants...
8. Buchwater-Agnet of F.E.A.R.

DOWNLOAD some fried circuits HERE!

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