Tuesday, 3 April 2018

Jad Fair & R. Stevie Moore ‎– "FairMoore" (Old Gold) 2002

Everyone and their granny,in the known experimental pop universe, has done an 'ENO' collaboration it seems?
Running our Brian a close second in the 'Collaborations' ranking table is one, Mr Jad Fair, outsider rockist extraordinaire. 
It only seems right that he should do one with original DIY outsider rocker R. Stevie Moore; who, as chance may have it, also guested on Strobe Talbot's 'Lets Born To Rock' album.
Musically, its firmly on the Outsider side of the Outsider Rock continuum, sounding like a Wesley Willis backing track as played by a Nashville cabaret band on a legal high kick. Jad Fair is on his usual form vocally and lyrically, streaming the consciousness of a child with no interest in attaining the trappings of maturity,at times approaching the logic of dreams. 


1 Stationary 2:11
2 That That Is This 2:00
3 Cotton Candy 2:57
4 Evil Eyes 2:24
5 Good Sign 1:58
6 Protected 2:33
7 Caramel Kisses 1:00
8 Cinnamon Roll 1:26
9 Leaders Of Yes 3:28
10 Opposite Of None 0:57
11 Supreme Beings 1:16
12 The Most 2:46
13 Two Of Us 2:21
14 Yeah, You Betcha 3:42
15 Your Theory 1:35
16 Lemon And Lime 3:11
17 Pow Pow 1:28
18 Beep The Horn Of Plenty 1:46
19 Red & Yellow Soda Cans 3:50
20 The Absence Of Trouble 2:24
21 We Are The Enhancers 2:43


Paulo X said...

Sendspace decided that the record should be bought...

rev.b said...

R Stevie Moore is good for the neighborhood.

Jonny Zchivago said...

Paulo X...I think you mean Mediafire do you not?.....if you are persistent it will let you through normally. It hasn't been flagged in my account...any more problems i'll up it to google drive.

Paulo X said...

Yeah... Mediafire... Thanks for the Google drive link!