Friday, 13 April 2018

This Heat - "Live at Actionspace London 17/07/1981" (Bootleg)

A rather tinny recording of pre or post(?) Gareth williams This Heat in action at Actionspace in 1981.The audience noise is conspicuously silent,except for the occasional distant shout in the murk where all the bass frequencies were exiled to.

Loads more live This Heat can be found by clicking HERE!


1. Horizontal Hold
2. Paper hats
4. Cenotaph
5. Makeshift Swahili
6. A New Kind Of Water
7. Greenfingers
8. Health and efficiency
9. Twilight Furniture

DOWNLOAD some heat action HERE!
DOWNLOAD the speed corrected version + HERE!


Anonymous said...

I have always liked This Heat - but thanks to all of the live shows you've provided (and I've downloaded and listened to them all) I truly appreciate how incredible they are! Kudos

Anonymous said...

Thank you!!

parmalee said...

Wow--more This Heat AND Camberwell Now! Still downloading, can hardly wait. Re: Gareth: my guess is that he's still on this one. I think he left at the very end of '81.

Jonny Zchivago said...

Well thinking about it, the sound definitely is this heat with Williams. So you're right Gareth is indeed present on this tape.