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Die Trip Computer Die - "All Shag Ringo" (Self-released CD-r) 2004

In the grand tradition of Die Computer Trip Die,I've plundered a recycled review of this great ,very privately released record in a language I can't understand, by a member of the public on some forgotten web-site., somewhere out there; and Die Trip Computer Die are certainly very 'out there'; as deliberately obscurely as anybody has ever sell-out a little, i can reveal that this is distantly Homosexuals related, so you now know that its very good indeed......if a trifle smart-arse,but the 'Good' kind of smart-arse.
Take it away Fabio R.......:

"Enigmatica, intricata, colossale trilogia sperimentale di mai immessa in commercio quella di Die Trip Computer Die, in tre torrenziali satelliti ‘stream of consciousness’:All Shag Ringo, ottenuti tessendo con pazienza, perizia, intrigo ed estro casalingo, un’infinità di suoni e visioni, forme dinamiche e scarti di lavorazione.
Si ottiene un ‘monstre’ collage D.I.Y. in assoluta libertà strutturale, tra samplers, improvvisazioni, immersioni ambientali, decolli e frastorni psichedelici, rotte spaziali con onnipresenti lattiginosi filamenti di tastiera a tessere e palesare reami metafisici e visioni celesti. Tutto ciò è fatto ‘reagire’ con brandelli di suoni, sfigurate e terrificanti emissioni media, alieni-quotidiani dal richiamo mnemonico e d’effetto spiazzante. Si genera un rapporto conturbante e alquanto inaudito tra elementi sì disposti, dalle giunture truccate, di suggestive e arcane forme richiamate.
Incerta rimane la data di realizzazione, mancando qualsiasi menzione ad essa. Qualcuno menziona il 2002, ma questi montaggi potrebbero calarsi negli anni ’90, stanti indubbie comunanze con The Orb atterrati nella California dell’assurdo di LAFMS, o l’abilità collagista, fedeltà e immaginario, ardire e ardore tipici delle recenti, smaliziate generazioni di artisti elettronici." (Fabio R.)

I couldn't agree more did you say again?


1. All Shag Ringo
2. Untitled
3. I Was A Prisoner Of The Feedback king
4. Untitled
5. Loyal telly
6. Untitled
7. You Will Forget pain
8. Untitled
9. The Psilent Ones

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Horselover Fat said...

I think he means:

"Enigmatic, intricate, colossal experimental trilogy of ever put on the market that of Die Trip Computer Die, in three torrential satellites 'stream of consciousness': All Shag Ringo, obtained by weaving with patience, skill, intrigue and household flair, an infinite number of sounds and visions, dynamic forms and processing waste.
You get a ‘monster’ collage D.I.Y. in absolute structural freedom, including samplers, improvisations, environmental immersions, psychedelic takeoffs and bewilderments, spatial routes with ubiquitous milky filaments of keyboard to weave and reveal metaphysical realms and celestial visions. All this is done ‘reacting’ with shreds of sounds, disfigured and terrifying average emissions, alien-daily with a mnemonic and unsettling effect. A disturbing and somewhat unheard-of relationship is generated between elements arranged, with rigged joints, of evocative and arcane forms recalled.
The date of realization remains uncertain, lacking any mention of it. Someone mentions 2002, but these montages may have descended into the 90s, despite undoubted commonalities with The Orb landed in the California of the absurd of LAFMS, or the collagistic ability, loyalty and imagination, daring and ardor typical of the recent, shrewd generations of electronic artists."

That's what Google Translate says.

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