Monday 2 April 2018

Strobe Talbot ‎– "Funland" (Moone Records ‎– MR032) 2017

I've got a headache from a weekend of excess and too much spring sun,but what did I find in my inbox this morning?.....only the most recent LP from Strobe Talbot!
Headphones on,headache gone.
Jad,Mick,Benb,and notable chums return after a short gap of 14 years as if time didn't exist.
Jad Fair continues to speak in a kind of tongues that bypasses the strait-jacket of adulthood ,ably backed up by the ever inventive Mick Hobbs, and the tumbling stickwork of Benb Gallaher.
There ain't many records from 2017 i'd happily post on this blog, but there are obvious exceptions, this being one,and anything I'm on of course (New ZOG and Scouts of Uzbekistan coming up in 2018).
Whats more is that this fine record was released in a strictly limited edition of 100, pressed on very attractive (is that marbled?) blue vinyl, and allegedly is the first LP to be pressed with a 'Morphing Hollogram'?....see this phenomenon in action HERE!

The news is that a second edition of 300(!) is now ready to relieve you all of the contents of your piggy banks,for only 25 bucks plus shipping from Moone Records. A beautiful thing it is too.
I suppose this is an advert?....but its for a worthy cause I guess?


A1 On The Go
A2 Forever
A3 Superstar
A4 Werewolf Of The Timberland
A5 The Awakening
A6 All At Once
A7 Made That Way
A8 Alien Dead
A9 With Sprinkles
A10 1-Letter Alphabet
A11 Hunger
A12 Evil Of Frankenstein
A13 I Don't Know
A14 I Love You
B1 Poetic Heart
B2 Blame It On...
B3 The Token Waltz
B4 A New Day
B5 Pretty Flowers

Usually i'd offer it up for free downloading, but I guess they wanna sell 'em to break even,so............Place your order HERE!

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rev.b said...

Man, that last one was such a blast, I can't wait to hear this. LBTR was the most fun I've had it a while.