Wednesday, 25 April 2018

Various Artists ‎– "Domestic Sampler UMYU" (Umyu ‎– UmyuI-1138) 198/2

Well, while England were being knocked out of the World Cup in Spain without actually losing a single match and only conceding one goal; due to a ridiculous system now kicked to the kerb.
The Barcelona underground were strutting their stuff on this 'seminal' sampler, which also included rare tracks from Jim Whelton and Lepke Buchwater, aka Milk From Cheltenham ,Amos & Superslicks, and The Hostiapaths.These were recorded at the same session that produced the "Psst-Wanna Buy A Tape" and Bing Selfish records.
Although,most of the groups sound as if this could have been one of those fake compilations that Jim and the Homosexuals were so keen to foist on the general public.They are in fact the real Spanish deal,despite Whelton being the main reason why I have posted this album, there is a lot more of interest in the Spanish input than one would have thought.Its great stuff.

I Haven't had a bitter Rant for ages,and as i mentioned the '82 World Cup fiasco one goes..........
Who wants to win the fucking World Fucking Cup anyway when you've got music like this to remind you that unbridled capitalistic gain has its alternatives.Such is the state of Modern Football, populated by millionaire players from countries you've never heard of, playing for clubs owned by billionaires from countries you've never heard of......a playground for the super rich, attended by the Nouveaux Riche in place of the working class who made the sport up in the first place! They've stolen our sport, like the fuckers have stolen our music, fashion, and culture. Boycott the world cup in gangster state Russia for a start (England are shit anyway so who cares?); then comes the world cup in the desert in that Football homeland of Qatar(won by bribing officials by the way...proven).With air conditioned stadia built by slave laborers, a lot of whom died so the bourgeois can watch football in comfort, before returning to their six star hotel to argue which player deserved a 100% pay rise.
Fuck that shit! this record instead, and remember the days when fun was free, and the Footballers who represented your home town actually came from a street near you. 


1–El Grito Acusador - Somos Punks 1:55
2–The Hostiapaths - Tchang Kai Chek 1:30
3–El Grito Acusador - James Bond No Lo Hacía Por Dinero 1:10
4–Entr'Acte - No Es Deixi Vestir Per Una Màquina 3:29
5–Milk From Cheltenham - The Unloved 1:35
6–Error Genético - Tumor En La Frente 3:00
7–Detra's Band - 10 En El Horno 1:31
8–Tres - I Doubt 3:00
9–Amos & Superslicks - Blue Pink Suits 1:08
10–Klamm - Eish Anta 6:50
11–Boris - La Banda De Doris 1:30
12–Entr'Acte - L'Altre Escàndol De L'Extranya Dona 2:45
13–Logotipo - Teoría De Contacto 3:15
14–Secreto Metro - Esparadrapo 5:01
15–Mimi Piner - Perfect Lunch 3:40


Henk Madrotter said...

Yay!!! Great rant!!! Never watch football only the World and European Cup but since Holland is out I'm not watching anyway... Most of my personal football experience comes from growing weed in greenhouses back in the 90's with some of the inner-core hard-core Feyenoord Hooligans, they were truly crazy, but once you get to know them... they are truly crazy!

Jonny Zchivago said...

In...fucking...deed Henk!....I was often mistaken for one of Leicester City's thug unit, 'The Baby Squad'...they were the same as the Feyenoord lot....until they met the heavily armed hooligans/armed militia of Red Star Belgrade,fresh from the civil war. In the words of the late/assassinated leader of the Tigers, Arkan...."They ran away like little girls" would anyone faced with grenades rocket launchers and AK-47's....they weren't that crazy after all?
MODERN FOOTBALL IS SHIT!.....there is no argument against that as far as I can see?

expramtraveller said...

Hear, hear! Watch the snooker world championships instead.

Jonny Zchivago said...

Yeah, I never miss a Televised snooker tournament....but the shine goes off an event for me when Selby gets knocked out. I'm a Leicester anything fan.

Henk Madrotter said...

I watch UFC but they stopped showing it in Indonesia, the bastards, won't start about the whole McGregor/Mayweather fight which was sheit and for which they got paid amounts of money that would even put a football player to shame, so now I only watch Bellator which has plenty crazy Ruskies....

Back in the 90's I was working in Cafe The Rhythm in Rotterdam, cleaning tables, keeping the fridges full, selling weed and handle the druggies and the drunks. Craziest but coolest place in Rotterdam, very much an open door policy, anybody could come in, and if some English team were playing in Rotterdam we were the only place that didn't either close down or had all the windows covered with steel plates and such.... Always English and Dutch hooligans in the place, all off their heads and all very brotherly, never a fight, the damnedest thing :)

Franz Nopcsa von Felső-Szilvás said...

Recently reissued by Discos Transgénero. Sound obtained from original master tapes and inserts made by Bing Selfish, Víctor Nubla and Jim Welton.

A very very special thing: