Tuesday, 24 April 2018

Bing Selfish ‎– "Selfish Works" (El Frenzy Productions ‎– NM008) 1983

Another tenuous Homosexuals connection is this debut 12incher from Comedian Bing Selfish,which includes a large input from Amos (Jim Whelton),Lepke Buchwater (Milk From Cheltenham,Die Trip Computer Die!) and from the Murphy Foundation (which i may post some of.....although not a fan).
Recorded in Barcelona with free studio-time during a session for the 'Domestic Sampler' compilation (up next),this fits in stylistically with Whelton's other skewed poppy work very nicely.
the rest of the tracks they recorded cropped up on the "Psst- Wanna Buy A Tape' compilation a few years later.
Bing continues to release records today.....not heard them though, so one shouldn't comment, one supposes?


A1 Spanish Dictators
A2 Australia
B1 Rekjavic
B2 He Knows
B3 The Crush


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Kzka said...

My god...MORE weirdness from this guy? Next you'll tell us Jim Whelton and Mick Hobbs collaborated on some bootleg concept album

Kzka said...

weirdness = awesomeness, imho, btw