Monday, 23 April 2018

Jandek - "This Narrow Road" (Corwood Industries 0768) 2001

HOORAH!It's that time of the week's Monday....and its time to start off the worst day of the week with a real downer.....It's JANDEK MONDAY!

Nearly didn't make it because of bloodvessel busting computer problems.I tried doing it on my old skool iPhone 4, but that sent me even further into the ballistic bracket! It Dun my brane in!
Alas, all is fixed now, after five hours of expletive soaked work.Now, Jandek sounds like the sweet music of Angels.....well at least like that of some haunting ginger Siren, luring happy balanced individuals onto the jagg-ed rocks of misery.

Today's choice is inspired by a kind Jandek Obsessive pointing out that this was actually Jandek's 'second' spoken word album,in the very under-used comments section of the "Worthless recluse" post; in which i had erroneously stated was actually his second, when, silly me, it was in fact his third!?.....won't make that error again, especially as i will probably never mention this album ever again in my life.
Its not as good a title as "Worthless Recluse" anyway.

Of all of the landfill site filling quantities of Jandek albums, probably the most disturbing and soporific volumes, are indeed, the 'Spoken Word'or 'Unaccompanied Singing' episodes.They sound like the tapes sent to the Police from nuts claiming to be The Zodiac Killer or Jack the Ripper's representative on earth.Or the rantings of one of those perv's with a sealed apartment in their basement, filled with missing women who were snatched as children existing alongside his and their malnourished progeny.
The untuned guitar work is sorely missed, as that was the only thing that kept one awake during the Corwood Representative's duller moments.
I dunno, maybe I'm still pissed off at my 'tech' problems?
It still scores a big '10' for creepiness, and there's nothing quite like it out there;and....its got a song/poem called 'Killer Cats In The Caribbean'!!!!.....if you don't dig that ,then you better stick to Phil Collins for your entertainment.


1 One Last Chance 29:21
2 Killer Cats In The Caribbean 3:05
3 Yes You Are 2:44
4 The Name I Had 3:30
5 I Need To Be 2:03
6 Pieces Of Place 3:29
7 Never Never Never 1:05
8 Just Like The Floor 2:20
9 Ten O’Clock Shadows 2:48
10 Come Over Here 1:06
11 Frosted Field 1:02
12 I Knew About Them 3:34

DOWNLOAD via the narrow road that is the information superhighway HERE!

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Anonymous said...

One Last Chance has been up on YouTube since forever.