Friday, 20 April 2018

George Harrasment ‎– "Masai Sleep Walking" (Black Noise ‎– BN 6) 1980

George Harrasment (see what he did there?), was basically Bruno Wizard of the Homosexuals,aided a bit by various Homosexuals, L Voag being one of the pseudonyms of Jim Whelton aka Amos, aka Xantos Fray Bentos goes on.
What we've got here are 26 stripped down,mostly instrumental, song sketchs by the most pop orientated Homosexual, Bruno. Recorded in very lo, lo-fi, one can feel the squat ambience very nicely indeed.
Not the best starting point on your gaydar to uncover all the alias's of the Homosexuals. there are better versions on the  "Astral Glamour" triple CD-r on 'Hyped 2 Death'....i'll be posting that don't don't go and bloody buy it!

A1 Vision Expanding
A2 Charlie Watts
A3 High And Low
A4 Black Noise
A5 Yoghurt
A6 Ants On Safari
A7 In My Age
A8 One Minute
A9 Victoria Falls
A10 Calvary
A11 Funeral
A12 Gimme Gimme
A13 Two Horizons
A14 Another Step
A15 Symponic Thais
A16 Making Eyes
B1 Collapsible You
B2 Across Continents
B3 Eclipse Of The Moon
B4 To-To Rello
B5 Especially To You
B6 Re Entry
B7 Symbols I Love
B8 Cheetah!
B9 Early Developments
B10 Final Distance


Bass – L. Voag (tracks: B1, B6)
Featuring – The Homosexuals
Performer – Bruno(tracks: All), Vida S. (tracks: A7)
Voice – Zoe (tracks: A1, A5, A10)

All tracks were recorded at home. Some on 2 track Revo + some on Mono Portable cheapo cassette machine. All tracks mastered on cassette machine. Tracks: 10. on Side One + 1. 6. on Side Two Rough Mixes from Sloppy Sound Studios - Surrey. The first song on Side Two is sung by lovely 'Michelle' of Battersea. Love to the twins and L Voag for bass on Tracks 1. and 6. of Side Two and much inspiration on the rest. This album was cut at Pye Cutting Studios and consequently sounds terrible.
Part collaboration: Unsound Engineer at Free Range Studios, London: Andrew Bailey