Thursday, 12 April 2018

This Heat - "Live at the Prince Of Wales Conference Centre,London, 20/101979" (Bootleg)

Continuing the theme of post-punk-avant-prog, brings forth the kings of said made-up sub-genre;....That's right, more live This Heat, with a decent quality bootleg recording of a gig sometime in 1979, including a rare capturing of obscure Heat number ., "The Rough and the Smooth".....worth it for that alone.Despite some irreverent audience members chit-chatting in the presence of art history, its a rather good recording for 1979.
No doubt that the truly awful Prince Of Wales would think its all a pile of totale shite.
Apart from that I have nothing more to add....its 'This Heat' innit?

1. Triumph
2. Testcard
3. paper hats
4. Twilight Furniture
5. Rough and The Smooth
6. Makeshift Swahili

DOWNLOAD with prince charles' disapproval HERE!


Unknown said... seems to suggest the gig was 20th October 1979, though I suppose they could have played more than once that year at the same venue.

Bodhi Amol said...

Wow,you dug out 2 more concerts of This Heat.My present connection is not fit to download and hear them,but this will come later with the University facilities.
Thanks in advance...

Jonny Zchivago said...

Good to see that Universities are good for something at least?
There have been rumours of a concert from Stockholm that is awaiting digitisation.....i will wait to see if that ever happens,then there will be another Live Heat post.