Monday, 30 April 2018

Jandek ‎– "The Humility Of Pain" (Corwood Industries ‎– Corwood 0771) 2002

Jandek Monday beckons us yet again!
'Pain' is french for bread, and modern English for JANDEK!
Bread is a humble food, so the Humility of Pain (Bread) is very appropriate as Jandek forces the same response by the shear torture of his music.I humbly beg this jandek torture to please stop.
And so it does for short 6 day periods of tranquility, only to return to make the torture seem more intense.
Another Classic window into a mind, imagined or otherwise, of emotional turmoil and raw honest,human,suffering is what is on offer here. Filling the gaps between the notes with adequate reminders that we probably are already living in Hell.
The cover photograph,looks not unlike what the entrance to a 'real' Hell would look like in a Nightmare.Full of shadowy corners,with distant dark moanings filling the stale,dank, air;never quite seeing what monstrosity awaits past the bend in the narrow road,a visual analogy for life and the fear of its end?In fact there are a few corners of my village that look like that!?
What a great way to start another fruitless week on this rock?

1 The Humility Of Pain 7:21
2 Work Of Art 4:46
3 I Stepped Out Of It 5:33
4 I Want To Look In 6:38
5 I Can’t Leave A Clue 4:43
6 Share My Life 6:45
7 You Know You Need 5:38


Anonymous said...

Agreed - it is a strangely great way to start the week, so please cobntinue with the Jandek Mondays!

godm said...

yes please do. the posts make me laugh