Monday, 9 April 2018

Jandek ‎– "Khartoum Variations" (Corwood Industries ‎– Corwood 0782) 2006


Another sneaky snapshot into Jandek's mysterious existence......apparently he had a life?! Pictured here in front of an edited version of Dublin castle.
In his earlier career, I had this image of our favourite ginger whinger stuck in his house, never venturing further than his front and back yard. But later albums see him touring Europe?!
Was he cured from the sad hermit-like imprisonment of his youth,or was he just making it all up? Was he 'Normal' after all?
The songs on here say otherwise. This kind of tortured despair can't be faked, especially the tortured despair the listener feels after listening to an hour of this.......and whats more, these songs are all repeated versions from the "Khartoum" album of the year previous in 2005.
For some strange reason he never re-did "Fork in the Road"?
These 'variations' are murkier than the brighter/harsher versions on "Khartoum".....(which you can hear/read about HERE!")
Its the kind of cynical repromotion trick that large record companies do every 5 year anniversary of a mildly successful album from pops past....the 'Bonus Disc',and laughably, 'The Deluxe Edition'.......can't imagine anything about Jandek is 'Deluxe'? Where are they going to go next in their endless quest to squeeze out every last penny from us, selling the same product to us over and over again!?....No 'deluxe editions' in the world of Jandek. Just mountains of unlimited editions of his seemingly endless stream of albums.Even after he dies, i expect it to continue posthumously ,like it has with 'Muslimgauze'.
The only thing that Jandek can actually repeat,or sell us time and time again, are the bleak lyrics, along with a general vibe of hopelessness. Musically,however,its a different album,as the guitar scraping is as random and tuneless as ever. Jandek on top, miserable,dysfunctional form. 


1 You Wanted To Leave 9:15
2 Fragmentation 6:16
3 I Shot Myself 6:42
4 New Dimension 5:10
5 Khartoum 8:14
6 In A Chair I Stare 5:27
7 Move From The Mountain 8:13


Anonymous said...

Keep 'em coming! Don't know if I'll ever come to any critical conclusion but I'm going to try anyway... thanks very much!

Avant Garbles said...

Jandek and Muslimgauze are two people I don't really understand but have tried to get into anyways. I like the cult of personality they embuke I suppose. Also strange enough I have been told on different occasions by different people that my music reminded them of both of these dead artists. Jandek's dead I'm pretty sure before you tell me different. One I'm pretty sure was intended as a jab but I didn't get it until later. Either way I don't think I do or CCC does. Someone once told me I sounded like Bob Dylan too! ☻ Anyways I'll give old Jandek another try if for nothing else to pay my respects. Cheers Captain J ♥

Ian said...

Hearty thanks for the Jandek. I'm rarely in the mood for what he does (whatever it is), but when I am it's an interesting experience.

@Captain J:
I was that way with the Fall (RIP MES) for years. Being American I can never really understand what the Fall were about, but MES's words always drew me to keep trying to get into it. In exasperation I approached it as spoken word with musical accompaniment. That did it. I don't suppose I listened to it again that way again, but that opened the door to my love for MES and the Fall. At least from my American perspective. Someone from Manchester or more rightly Prestwich would be able to explain it more for me. Best.