Sunday, 15 April 2018

Camberwell Now - "Live Basel, Kulturwerkstatt Kaserne 16/06/1984" (Bootleg)

A great, crystal clear, radio performance recording from Basel in Switzerland, in front of a small but ,eventually, enthusiastic audience. Lots of amusing stage banter, and a great set from this ignored This Heat spin off; has been said, its more of a Matching Mole/Soft Machine relationship to their former band, than an actual continuation. There's also an interesting interview tacked on, which gives a overview of Stephen Rickard's 'Machine', which was basically a cassette version of the Mellotron,and a precursor to the sampler.

Kulturwerkstatt Kaserne
16 June 1984

Charles Hayward - voice, drums, keyboards etc.
Trefor Goronway - voice, bass, percussion etc.
Stephan Rickard - recordings, tapes etc.

1-9 (aud.) with sony TCS-310 Walkman/built-in microphone
10 from FM radio


1. Tuning
2. Working Nights
3. Daddy Needs A Throne
4. Speculative fiction
5. Sitcom
6. Wheat Futures
7. Green Lantern
8. The Ghost trade
9. The End
10 Interview Radio DRS III june 1984.

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Anonymous said...

Thank you!!

heavy_dubby said...

thank you! camberwell now were a great band.. as far as i remember mr. rickard was also the producer of "ossification" (officer!).

parmalee said...

Thanks again. Someone needs to remind Scanner about that '82 recording he's got--my guess (another one) would be that C. Bullen still played with them at that time.

parmalee said...


Some pics and an essay (originally in ReR Quarterly) on S. Rickard's tape switchboard:

(with a pic of Chris Cutler, who hated Metabolist for no apparent reason, at top)