Saturday, 21 April 2018

Various ‎– "PSST - Wanna Buy A Tape?" (El Frenzy Productions) 1986

Another faux-compilation over which Jim Whelton (L Voag,Amos,Xentos) looms large.All the groups, are figments of his fertile imagination and endless sense of the absurd, and contains some of his silliest band names.Hardly a bad track on here.
This was also the start of Bing Selfish's music career.Tracks A2, A4 + B4 are from 1982 Barcelona sessions that led to Bing Selfish 'Selfish Works' 12"........coming up next.


Esta Cara:

Intro side A 1:00
A1 –Lenin Lads - Fantasma De La Vida 2:45
A2 –El Narciso - Pass The Buck 2:09
A3 –Lenin Lads - What's For Brechtfast 1:19
A4 –The Employees -  The Boss Came Back From The Dead 2:56
A5 –Lenin Lads - Tribute To Moira Tan 3:11
A6 –Lepke Buckwalter - Evil Harry 3:37
A7 –Bing Selfish With Mari Lou, El Narciso + Toth - Senora Tokyo 3:21
A8 –Appel Singh Bankboy's Five O' Clock Train - Sex Shop International 3:28
A9 –Lenin Lads - Party Faithful 4:04

La Otra Cara:

Intro side B 0:58
B1 –Lenin Lads - Beach Boys 2:11
B2 –The Tennis Ball's Bigger Than The Golf Ball - My Blue Moon Turned To Black 2:15
B3 –The Murphy Challengers - Party Pranks 3:39
B4 –Los Delectantes - Lulu Said..... 1:43
B5 –Bing Selfish And The Sycopants - No Puedo Dejar De Pensar En Ti... 2:48
B6 –Lenin Lads - Dunlop 1:55
B7 –D.J. Taj And The New Language - First Prize, A Trip To India 3:38
B8 –Bing Selfish And The Sycopants - Petrograd Brother 2:16
B9 –Lenin Lads - Moira 2:59
B10 –Lenin Lads - Hostile Lounge 1:53


Ed Pinsent said...

Excellent. Thanks for making this available. I was given a viynl edition of this tape in 2016 - my attempt to review it is at

Since then I've longed to hear the original tape. Now I can, thanks to you! - Ed

Anonymous said...

incredible album, how did you get to know this music? no information elsewhere