Saturday, 30 July 2016

Various Artists ‎– "The London R & B Sessions (Live At The Hope And Anchor)" (Albion Records ‎– DAI 2) 1980

Let's have some R&B action? Preferably the brand of R&B that doesn't involve Beyoncé jiggling her fat arse in yer face. Well i suppose I'd prefer her arse in my face to Wilko Johnson's, but*(*in both senses of the word), gimmie The Solid Senders sublimly intense version of 'The Whammy', to a whole galaxy full of 'Urban' R&B NWO propaganda any day in a thousand light years of interstellar space.
You'll find no Stars in this crumbling corner of the Rock'n'Roll Galaxy, just a few rapidly collapsing dwarf stars of various hues, their orbiting planetoids and captured space junk.
By 1980 Pub Rock had overcome the initial acceleration from the explosion of the early to mid-seventies singularity,and had succumbed to the gravitational collapse inflicted by the punk rock era, firmly back to where they came from......'the Pub'.
If needs be told, this stuff never really suited medium to large sized concert halls.It's the sound of a small, crowded, grimy smoke filled room, framed with the stinking perfume of stale ale.

This is the 'punk-free' sister disc to "The Front Row Festival" double album, showcasing a more pure later-Pub Rock sound, recorded at the Hope and Anchor between November and December 1979.
Amid the faithful recreations of 60's Rhythm and Blues, and impressions of yer actual electric blues; we have the more spikey, amphetamine fueled, blues of Lew Lewis and Wilko Johnson. Which are full of adrenaline and intensity. The Pirates, are as always themselves; a genuine slice of early sixties meek-era UK rock'n'roll, backed up by The Bishops aggressive take on the same thing.
There's some soul-y stuff as well, which I can't abide!....reminds me of the Soul wankers on my estate (that's 'council' Estate, not the land that surrounds my posh Manor house), who were into the depressing 'Northern Soul' scene. they always took great delight in kicking the local freaks heads in, like me; and they smashed my Devo record....cunts!


1-Lew Lewis Reformer-You'd Better Watch Yourself
2-Lew Lewis Reformer-Shake And Finger Pop
3-The Bogey Boys-Madison Blues
4-Red Beans And Rice-Finger In My Eye
5-Wilko Johnson's Solid Senders-The Whammy
6-The Untouchables-I Can't Be Satisfied
7-The Bogey Boys-You Can't Catch Me
8-The Cannibals-Just For Fun
9-The Pirates-Tear It Up
10-Hope & Anchor House Band-Just A Little Bit
11-Red Beans And Rice-Pucker Up Buttercup
12-The American Blues Legends-Why Do Everything Happen To Me
13-Little Roosters-Roostering With Intent
14-The Blues Band-Death Letter
15-The Bishops-Taste And Try
16-The Pirates-All In It Together

DOWNLOAD some classic punky R&B that doesn't involve twerking HERE!


Dragonhead said...


Great blog, and thanks for this Hope & Anchor album, which I never even knew existed. Unfortunately track 14 (Blues Band - Death Letter) doesn't seem to be included in the file, and tracks 15 and 16 are numbered 14 and 15.
Any chance, if it's not too much of a pain, to add this track? Death Letter is one of my favourite songs



Jonny Zchivago said...

bloody hell, this is always'll be filed somewhere weird on my hard drive....i'll have a look.

paolo blackoak said...

Hi...... did you check?

Alex Impressions said...

Just spent a couple of hours 'archiving' my lp with a usb turntable and come on the interweb to find the artwork ...
nice job great tunes.

Dragonhead said...

Hi Alex

(A fellow SAHB fan I'm guessing?)

Is there any chance you could email me your mp3 of the Blues Band Death Letter from this album? It's missing from the original post and would be much appreciated