Friday, 14 August 2020

Throbbing Gristle : "Live In SO36 Berlin 08-11-80) (Bootleg LTM 017) 1980

A cheap holiday in other peoples misery, a great chance to pose for photographs at Hitlers Bunker and the Olympic stadium, and get to do a couple of gig's for West Berlin's art poseurs as well. This is what being in a group is all about.
This is the longer and superior second set from the evening after the first set.Again there's a version of greatest hit 'Discipline' tacked on at the end for the kids to dance to,but no encore.....I bet they wanted to really, but it wouldn't fit in with the pose.That's Alternative Pop Stardom for ya.Ja?


1. Side 1 (30:37)
2. Side 2 (44:25)


Anonymous said...

Had a drink with Porridge once and what I remember was his favorite tipple was Heineken and he thought Deep Purple were funny.


Gristle Steaks 25cents said...

Listened to the previous Throbber late last night while unpacking downloads and I thought it was great.
I haven't listened to the early releases besides the ones posted here so there is that.
Looking forward to this one. T.Y.

fresh finds said...

Mr. P said...

Those 24 Hours cassettes are not 320 kbps as the site states, but rather 168-192 kbps like the ones that were already posted here.

Jonny Zchivago said...

Well spotted Mr P.....they're the same files being sold back to me/us by an unscrupuous blogger.