Tuesday 4 August 2020

The Peter Brötzmann Sextet / Quartet ‎– "Nipples" (Calig ‎– CAL 30 604) 1969

See, I told you that Brötzmann did an album called "Nipples",but that's the only thing that's changed. Pete does his usual short but manic bursts of moving his fingers on a Saxophone and blowing hard enough to bust a gusset. There is, I assume, a degree of imteraction between the players in this type of non-music,but as far as I can see they could be in different rooms with no means of monitoring the other members of either 'The Sextet' or the 'Quartet'......but that's not the point is it? Personally I like the idea of four or six seperate entities doing their thing independently but ending up on the same record.....not that this was the concept of course. This is about freedom of self-expression and the rejection of rules, the straight jacket of 'notes' rather than the liberty to roam with the tone. Its subversive in it's rejection of what is normal, the taboo's of abstract art. This is basically a room clearer that divides the human population selectively along the lines of followers and free spirits, trump supporters and hope. The small percentage (2/3%) who understand this music...and it IS music ....already see the futility in voting for the fools who would run for Office, including even the clueless Kanye West, bi-polar or not.So what is the point?..... The point is, this wild ecstatic noise delivers hope that the Human race isn't doomed to be eaten by itself. Maybe the co-vid Virus is a natural cleanser,freeing 'us' from the prison created by the immoral majority, the 98% who are frightened of being handed the key......what key? What career? What life? Freedom comes from within....if you have a 'within' of course. Suck on these 'Nipples' for nourishment, or don't, it really is up to you.


1. Nipples (17:54)
2. Tell A Green Man (15:32)


rev.b said...

Ha, nips...
For some reason, it seems logical that 'meat' should follow next.

Anonymous said...

More please, I beg you!!!! More Peter Brötzmann!!!

Zaphod Beeblebrox said...

But thinking outside of the hive hurts my head.
I need a hermetically sealed bubble and you must place condoms on your thought clouds or I will report to esteemed party member comrade kommissarina Karen.
This freethink is very dangerous and apparatchiks are keeping an eye on it.
Nothing is better than this world. Buy more now be happy.
Keep up, mow the lawn, update your apps comrade, forward.

Jonny Zchivago said...

You have described my life Zaphod;but it's part of my bubble membrane limited existence that I think its someone else's.