Friday 7 August 2020

Last Exit ‎– "Cassette Recordings 87" (Enemy Records ‎– EMY 105) 1987

Oh Jesus! How shit is this new Blogger thing wot they've paid some 'expert' to re-jig!? Fucking Hell!
Remember MySpace? This is going the same way. I start a new post with a childlike excitement, then quickly give up in a childlike strop after trying to select labels for my new and wait technology......But, I won't let the 'Man' get to me with his power games...oooooh no! So here's a transitional Peter Brotzmann work, recorded on the humble cassetten,yet never released on a humble cassetten. Yup, it's Jazz Metal soopergroop , 'Last Exit' innit?
Do I hear a Groan?....unfortunately,yes, Bill Laswell does makes a traditional appearence with anything to do with downtown jazzy types.He's the Thurston Moore of Jazz,although I think Thruston Moore reckons that his-self is in fact the Thurston Moore of Jazz too? What is it with these serial collaborators? They crop up like a bad smell in a toilet,and usually contribute nothing......the jury's out on Eno however,'cus i'm a bit of a fan of our Brian Peter George St John le Baptiste de la Salle Eno.....but.....with a name like that he is obviously rather Posh,which gave him full Progressive rock qualifications above and beyond the call of duty. Never trust anyone with more than two christian names. A case in point is the beyond awful posh bloke whose childhood ambition was to become Prime Minister of Britain,and worse still, actually did!?......Alexander Boris de Pfeffel Johnson......which is code for 'Bastard'.
Who the fuck has a realistic childhood fantasy of being a country's leader other than that priviliged line of human aliens with the reptilian DNA? Little undernourished Tommy Atkins from the council estate with the abusive parents' greatest ambition was to learn to read, not study Greek History with a bunch of Oxbridge cronies,and future leaders,and, do it all with a smirk on his face!? Why didn't someone slap those smug jowels at kindergarten and nip this horror in the bud? It might not be too late?
Yes, anyone can become a leader, except the Kings won't let it happen.
So, here we have a group, proudly displaying moustaches and beards when it was patently 'Unhip' to do so, wearing clothes that would impress only Michael Bolton's wardrobe assistant. Their debut sooper pooper groop eponymous debut was rather good in its musical napalm tendancies. This outing is less so,with rather too much of Sonny Sharrocks metally guitar work,and his even worse singing, but it has its moments.Brotzmann's sax is, for once, well mixed,and not stage front.Peter's other main contibution is likely to have been the very Brotzamannesque song titles of "Sore Titties" and the terribly rude, but laughable, "My Balls/Your Chin"!!!?
Recorded at the North Sea Jazz Festival in Copenhagen to cassette,so it has that nice saturated cassette sound that's so hard to reproduce in any other medium.We like cassettes here......sorry about the Laswell though.


1. Line Of Fire
2. Big Boss Man
3. Sore Titties
4. Ulli Bulli Fooli
5. Ma Rainey
6. My Balls / Your Chin


Alan Burns said...

Oh yeah, the new Blogger layout is a nightmare. Didn't they say in the beta stage that 'legacy blogger' will continue to be available, and that's turned into just a couple more weeks? C'mon blogger, I'm middle aged now,learning new things isn't where it's at.

Luca said...

I was surprised by the new blogger layout,it's annoying, and not wanted, why ruin a good thing that's been working for years?

Out of the "very" limited output available, this was the lesser Last Exit album I enjoyed, really dug their first and Koln. Out of these abrasive jazz groups I always preferred Painkiller or Borbetomagus.

Icky said...

Thank you for the Last Exit - they have been on my search list this week, actually, & I did not have this.

As for the "New Blogger", it blows herpetic whale cocks!

Blogger was smoother 7-8 years ago. Now, it is not intuitive at all, it formats drunkenly, & it affects how I want to post these days.
"I dumb it down" for Blogger, because I don't want to spend more time (poorly) coding than I do trying to write (poorly).

If it ain't broke, don't fix it is the old saying, right?

Or have some engineers who actually write / journalism instead of just some designer ass-clown kid marking stuff up (poorly).

Keep up the good work!

Non-bloggist said...

Childlike Strop. Now there's an album title.

Jim Bob Ricky Cletus said...

Sleaford Mods has a funny a bloody strop on mate.
Usually listen to heavy metal thunder or Punky Brewsters but I like that there jazzy improv stuff goin down on the ol' blogster.
Glad some people keep on keepin on with music hosting. I gave up after the great purge of 2012 but now is catch up on downloading time.
There are only a couple of evil browser company pages worth viewing and this is one of them.

ejh said...

I was hoping after thursting Brotzmann's Balls and Nipples on us you might show us his "Guts" with Joe McPhee.

Philip Johnson said...

For a minute I thought you'd dug up some recordings by Sting's band pre-Police....

How about the Revolutionary Ensemble's "Vietnam"?

Jonny Zchivago said...

Funny you should mention that Philip.....Gordon Sumner in Last Exit coming up.

Jonny Zchivago said...

dear jim, bob, ricky, and cletus....some of us didn't give up after the purge. I too was purged,but started again the next day,hence the first four years of this blog got deleted.Luckily, it was all backed up....courtesy of blogger.
Enjoy catching up.

Colin Larkin's Left Testicle said...

jim, bob, ricky, and Cletus - aka, The Wandering Fuckbillies