Tuesday, 3 July 2018

Systematics - "Pulp Baby7" EP" + "Rural 12"EP" + Rural Side 3 Cassette" (M Squared/Doublethink) 1979/80

"Pulp Baby 7" EP (Doublethink) 1979


Pulp Baby
Nuts To You

"Rural 12" EP" (M Squared) 1980


A1 Numbers In General
A2 245T
A3 When I'm Older
A4 Flowers On The Wall
B1 Vanessa Teratology
B2 Dinner's On The Table
B3 Stuh Echipidah
B4 Mmmm

"Rural - side 3" Cassette (M Squared) 1980


A1 Livewire in the Bathroom
A2 Stringbag Of Death
A3 Living in a Blue Light
A4 Bride of Surface
A5 Amniotic

Sydney based Minimal Wave combo who made introspective electronic tunes with that classic bedroom ambience we all crave....don't we?
The "Pulp Baby" single could qualify as the Southern Cross area's version of Thomas Leer's DIY electronic classic "Private Plane" seven incher;but with pretentions to be The Normal's "Warm Leatherette". Obviously recorded whilst Mum and Dad were asleep in the next room.The vocals are as quiet and unobtrusive as possible so as not to wake the parents....or girlfriend, as was the case with Mr Leer.Just in case someone found out what they awere doing.
It gives the recordings an intimate sound, as if we are privileged to eavesdrop on the process.
For the Rural Cassette, they get a bit more experimental and droney, and why not?

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Anonymous said...

Hello, I'll chime in from the SCA again, even though I have these. Thanks for the move back up to Sydney. I always found the M Squared crowd much more obviously funnier than the CHCMC crowd. Though in retrospect the latter did also have their own humour. It's just that when you listen to the lyrics of almost anything by the Systematics it's a hoot. Example:

Vanessa Teratology
My little monstrosity
Your little deformities
Do the wildest things for me

What's not to like?

As for Pulp Baby, my recollection it was actually recorded by the what was then only local public "alternative" radio station 2JJ. Rural Side 3 was apparently recorded in a bedroom, however. And I'm pretty sure the girlfriend was a co-writer / co-performer on that.